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21:02:09 <jd__> #topic Last week action: dhellmann to send email to the openstack list about the support policy
21:02:22 <jd__> #link https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg24076.html
21:02:28 <jd__> this is done :)
21:02:35 <jd__> #topic Review Havana-2 milestone
21:02:48 <jd__> #link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/havana-2
21:03:07 <jd__> I'm not worried yet, but I might be if some bp don't start soon
21:03:18 <jd__> hint hint dhellmann :]
21:03:31 <eglynn> I've cleared the decks for the next couple weeks
21:03:32 * dhellmann can take a hint
21:03:44 <jd__> eglynn: ah I like that :-)
21:03:45 <eglynn> ... nose back to the coding grindstone ...
21:05:34 <jd__> dhellmann: anyhow keep me updated if you think like you won't make some of your bp for h2
21:05:47 <dhellmann> I'll give you a heads up
21:05:56 <dhellmann> I'm not too worried at this point
21:06:24 <jd__> me neither honestly
21:06:41 <jd__> the next project status meeting is in 2 weeks from now and I'll have to update the release manager of our status
21:07:13 <jd__> he may be worried at this point in the future, but we are not there yet :)
21:07:17 <jd__> #topic Open discussion
21:07:28 <eglynn> reminder: apevec is pulling the trigger on the next stable/grizzly ceilo release tomorrow
21:07:38 <eglynn> here's what's backported so far: https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/2013.1.2
21:07:51 <eglynn> so if you've anything else you want to get in, speak now or forever hold your peace ;)
21:07:54 <jd__> looks great
21:07:59 <eglynn> cool
21:09:04 <jd__> I'm out of topic for tonight
21:09:13 <jd__> please review more code? I've too many patches waiting
21:09:19 <jd__> I don't think I missed -1 this time
21:09:39 <gordc> jd__, for console_scripts. do we want to keep bin scripts like nova/quantum
21:09:59 <llu-laptop> gordc: I've asked the same question :)
21:10:11 <gordc> :)
21:10:24 <jd__> unless we have a real reason to, I'd say no
21:10:38 <jd__> and unless I miss something :)
21:11:21 <gordc> jd__. no preference myself. it just breaks devstack the way it is right now. so we'll need to patch that too
21:11:34 <jd__> fair enough
21:11:41 <jd__> but not a blocker for me :)
21:12:08 <llu-laptop> gordc: I think it breaks devstack because we still have the bin directory. when we remove all bin/scripts, it should be ok
21:12:38 <jd__> ah also
21:12:49 <gordc> llu-laptop, oh. didn't know that. just quickly tried it this morning
21:13:12 <jd__> if someone as time to kill, feel free to make a first pass on the hardware agent support https://review.openstack.org/#/c/30700/
21:13:36 <jd__> the path is utterly big like I saw it in my prophetic nightmare, but still…
21:13:44 <gordc> 1766 lines changed...
21:13:53 <llu-laptop> is the related requirements patch got in?
21:14:10 <jd__> llu-laptop: there will always be a bin directory because I think one of the bin comes from oslo at least
21:14:37 <llu-laptop> jd__: ok, that means we have to patch devstack
21:15:14 <jd__> llu-laptop: no, dhellmann -1'ed the requirement patch for now for good reasons, but it'll go in at some point
21:15:33 <jd__> this was supposed to be merged for h1, not it's targetting h2, it'd be great we have it in h2
21:15:53 <jd__> we've a ton of other thing for h3 already, slipping this one isn't a good idea
21:16:24 * gordc will try looking at it... most likely won't understand any of it.
21:17:12 <llu-laptop> i'll try too.
21:17:45 <jd__> thanks guys
21:17:51 <jd__> anything else or should I wrap up?
21:18:10 <gordc> who's patching devstack?
21:19:43 <gordc> i guess i'll do it.
21:20:01 <jd__> ok :-)
21:20:06 <mrutkows> thanks
21:20:12 <jd__> see you soon guys!
21:20:14 <jd__> happy hacking!
21:20:16 <jd__> #endmeeting