16:12:58 <jgriffit2> #startmeeting cinder
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16:13:11 <jgriffit2> This should be short
16:13:18 <thingee> https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-cinderclient/+bug/1013417/comments/2
16:13:18 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1013417 in nova "Cinderclient Doesn't Return A Useful Error When Trying To Create A Volume Larger Than The Quota Allocation" [Medium,Confirmed]
16:13:29 <DuncanT> Sorry I'm late
16:13:35 <winston-d> hi guys
16:13:44 <DuncanT> There are a few other instances of unhelpful error messages too
16:14:14 <jgriffit2> So do we propose a v1_1 to address these?
16:14:23 <thingee> I have found that by removing this, error reporting client side is fine. I believe though by me bringing this back I should carefully audit the errors, as this was added because of sensitive info given to the user.
16:14:31 <thingee> +1
16:14:36 <thingee> ;)
16:14:56 <jgriffit2> Seems worthwhile
16:15:58 <jgriffit2> anybody have any thoughts/concerns on this?
16:16:04 * jgriffit2 does not
16:16:08 <winston-d> nope
16:16:27 <jgriffit2> See... told ya this would be short :)
16:16:51 <DuncanT> Does fixing this constitute an API chenge
16:16:58 <DuncanT> change?
16:17:00 <jgriffit2> DuncanT: Yes
16:17:07 <DuncanT> Ok, cheers
16:17:13 <jgriffit2> thus the inc to v1_1
16:17:17 <thingee> DuncanT: response change yes. Everyone is expecting 503 for everything
16:17:23 <thingee> heh
16:17:23 <DuncanT> cool
16:17:56 <jgriffit2> we'll have to go back through the details on backward compat etc etc but we should move forward with this I think.
16:18:26 <DuncanT> There's V-next API session next week isn't there?
16:18:27 <thingee> jgriffit2: do you need a spec on that blueprint. I guess I can update the description too, since it's incorrect after digging further
16:18:44 <jgriffit2> thingee: I think if you just update the description and target it that will be fine for now
16:18:54 <jgriffit2> thingee: It's pretty straight forward IMO
16:19:08 <thingee> rock on
16:19:41 <jgriffit2> thingee: cool.. DuncanT make sure you get with thingee regarding all the the chits you have stored up in your memory banks
16:20:07 <DuncanT> Aye aye
16:20:15 <jgriffit2> DuncanT: yes, there's a 2.0 session next week that this should tie in nicely with
16:21:06 <jgriffit2> So I really don't have anything this week.  I've been focusing on company business for the summit and such
16:21:32 <jgriffit2> Anybody have anything pressing they need to talk about before next week?  Or folks that won't be there next week that want something discussed?
16:22:19 <DuncanT> I'm good
16:22:19 <jgriffit2> Alright, lucky day for everyone they don't have to listen to me ramble today :)
16:22:34 <jgriffit2> Thanks for showing up, sorry I was late :)
16:22:38 <winston-d> jgriffit2, i'm wondering if you guys want me to prepare anything before discussing 'volume-type-scheduler' stuff?
16:22:54 <winston-d> in desgin summit, i mean
16:24:08 <jgriffit2> winston-d: winston-d Yeah... got ya
16:24:27 <jgriffit2> winston-d: So it's your session :)
16:24:44 <jgriffit2> winston-d: I think we've talked about this a good bit amongst ourselves here
16:25:33 <jgriffit2> winston-d: if you want something helpful would be...
16:25:39 <winston-d> if nothing particular, i'm just update the slides i sent you before.
16:25:52 <jgriffit2> winston-d: write up some summary of what you've done and send them out prior to the summit
16:25:52 <rnirmal> I think it might be good to have a draft spec for atleast what the drivers push up to the scheduler
16:26:29 <jgriffit2> winston-d: Yeah, that would be fine.  I was going to use the ones you sent initially, but if you could update that would be great
16:26:46 <winston-d> jgriffit2, ok, will do that this week.
16:26:51 <jgriffit2> rnirmal: +1
16:27:24 <jgriffit2> winston-d: I'll leave it up to you, but as rnirmal pointed out a spec would be even better
16:27:41 <jgriffit2> winston-d: same info you provided me before, just formalized and out there for the world to see
16:27:42 <bswartz> rnirmal: +1
16:27:58 <rongze> can the draft spec write in wiki ?
16:28:06 <winston-d> rnirmal, good idea, i'll write something up for backend driver status/capability reporting.
16:28:27 <rnirmal> winston-d: cool.
16:29:20 <winston-d> wiki or etherpad, i'd prefer etherpad for discussion and then when we finalize something, we can put them onto wiki.
16:29:42 <rongze> cool
16:29:44 <winston-d> if you guys have any thoughts about this (what/how), please let me know.
16:30:54 <jgriffit2> winston-d: I think there will be plenty of input during the session next week
16:31:11 <winston-d> looking forward to that. :)
16:31:18 <jgriffit2> me too :)
16:31:38 <jgriffit2> Anybody have anything else, or specific things they'd like to see in preperation for next week?
16:32:06 <winston-d> i'm good
16:32:18 <DuncanT> I'm good
16:32:29 <rongze> me too
16:32:37 <jgriffit2> alright... catch me on irc or email if something comes up
16:32:41 <jgriffit2> thanks guys!
16:32:44 <jgriffit2> #end meeting
16:32:58 <thingee> woohoo seeya guys next week!
16:33:08 <winston-d> see u then!
16:33:10 <winston-d> rongze, hi
16:33:25 <rongze> hi zhiteng
16:35:11 <winston-d> 你们的session,我会帮忙cover问题什么的(如果需要的话)
16:35:18 <winston-d> 能看到中文吗?
16:35:34 <rongze>16:36:04 <rongze> 你有gtalk吗?
16:36:16 <rongze> 我的是zrzhit@gmail.com
16:39:07 <zykes-> what the hell :p
16:39:17 <zykes-> that didn't compute :)
03:40:28 <t_> so i have been out of the loop for a while but i was wondering if anyone knows about Anonymous?
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15:01:31 <dhellmann> I guess it has to be ended by the same person?
15:01:31 <dhellmann> ma
15:01:32 <dhellmann> yb
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15:01:34 <dhellmann> s
15:01:37 <russellb> nijaba: ping #openstack-infra ...
15:01:38 <dhellmann> maybe someone in -infra can help?
15:01:43 <nijaba> jgriffith: can you end your meeting please?
15:01:44 <russellb> :)
15:02:04 <russellb> would be cool if there was a meeting timeout, heh
15:02:35 <jd__> o/
15:02:52 <dhellmann> jd__: we're not logging yet because we're in someone else's meeting still
15:03:03 <nijaba> just asked in -infra too
15:03:04 <jd__> hehe just read that
15:03:39 <jeblair> hi.  i'll work on fixing the bot.
15:03:41 <mordred> jgriffith: just so you know - the command is #endmeeting ... #end meeting doesn't end the meeting. :(
15:03:53 <nijaba> jeblair: should be coming to the rescue
15:03:58 <mordred> jeblair: was a miss-typed command
15:04:38 <jeblair> #endmeeting