16:13:17 <DuncanT-> #startmeeting Cinder
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16:13:37 <winston-d> DuncanT-: good call
16:13:44 <DuncanT-> avishay isn't here yet AFAICT
16:14:09 <DuncanT-> Is Ehud Trainin here?
16:14:17 <ehudtr> yes
16:14:21 <jgriffith> go figure
16:14:28 <DuncanT-> #topic Fencing
16:14:44 <DuncanT-> Oh, hi Jogn, all yours ;-)
16:15:02 <DuncanT-> Jogn? John even
16:15:07 <jgriffith> :)
16:15:25 <jgriffith> Looks like Ehud is hanging with Dave W
16:15:41 <DuncanT-> ehudtr: The stage is all yours....
16:15:59 <ehudtr> Following last dicussion I agree two of your comments regarding the fencing implementation
16:16:13 <ehudtr> I accept your comment fencing should take care also for detaching the volumes at the Cinder level.
16:16:28 <ehudtr> I accept your comment it is not necessary to add into Cinder a blacklist of hosts nor an unfence method.
16:17:03 <ehudtr> I do think it should be possible to fence/force-detach a host through a new method of force-detach-host, rather then trying to change the current detach-volume method to force a detachment at the storage level and use such method for each one of the volumes attached to a host.
16:17:40 <ehudtr> for several reasons
16:17:43 <ehudtr> In case of NFS it is not possible to force-detach a volume.
16:18:00 <ehudtr> In cases it is possible, there would still be a problem when shared volumes would supported by Cinder
16:18:06 <jgriffith> ehudtr: TBH in NFS we don't really ever detach to begin with :)
16:18:23 <ehudtr> It is an optimization, which may be valuable for fast recovery: send 1 request rather than N (e.g. 100) requests
16:19:37 <caitlin56> Isn't "NFS support" something the specific volume driver would be responsible for?
16:19:53 <jgriffith> I still have the same concerns I raised previously WRT the complication and potential for errant fencing to occur
16:20:11 <ehudtr> I think we would like to prevent access at the storage level
16:20:15 <caitlin56> jgriffith: +1
16:20:16 <jgriffith> My only other question is "is this a real problem"
16:20:48 <jgriffith> anybody else have any thoughts on this?
16:21:01 <guitarzan> is there a proposal written up somewhere?
16:21:02 <winston-d> live migration, maybe
16:21:04 <DuncanT-> I think it is a real problem, yes. We do something very similar to a fence in compute node startup
16:21:11 <jgriffith> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/fencing-and-unfencing
16:21:16 <guitarzan> jgriffith: thanks!
16:21:16 <ehudtr> Fencing is something standard done in HA clusters like pacemaker
16:21:32 <winston-d> someone reported such issue, when using ceph
16:21:46 <jgriffith> too bad this wouldn't apply to Ceph :)
16:22:04 <dosaboy> winston-d: did they raise a bug for that in the end, i did not see one
16:22:20 <jungleboyj> I think as OpenStack is moving to HA we need to be considering how Cinder fits into that.
16:22:21 <ehudtr> The current option in openstack to do a rebuild without first fencing is a bug in my opinion
16:22:52 <winston-d> dosaboy: no, i don't think so.
16:22:58 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: don't confuse this with HA impl
16:23:05 <jgriffith> Ok
16:23:17 <jgriffith> ehudtr: sounds like folks are in favor of moving forward on this
16:23:35 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Ah, sorry.
16:23:42 <jgriffith> ehudtr: My concerns as I stated are just how to do this cleanly and mitigating having admins shoot themselves
16:23:53 <guitarzan> as a counter example, we were looking at a way to do the exact opposite and whitelist at the ip level
16:24:13 <jgriffith> guitarzan: I thnk that's kinda how the LIO target works
16:24:43 <jgriffith> guitarzan: or how it "could" work I guess, right now we just read the connector info but it has hooks to have a white list
16:25:15 <guitarzan> jgriffith: nice, I'll have to look at that
16:25:24 <ehudtr> I think one possible way to prevent admin to press to easily on the fence botton is enabling only if a host in a failed state
16:25:41 <DuncanT-> I can see the point of the idea... waiting to see code before I have a strong opinion...
16:25:48 <DuncanT-> How does cinder know a host is failed?
16:25:58 <jgriffith> guitarzan: https://github.com/openstack/cinder/blob/master/cinder/brick/iscsi/iscsi.py#L441
16:26:24 <ehudtr> Cinder needs not know the host is failed Nova and possibly Heat will know
16:26:33 <winston-d> DuncanT-: notified by Nova?
16:27:00 <caitlin56> I agree, cinder cannot determine this itself. It needs to come from other OpenStack components.
16:27:03 <jgriffith> so add an API call to "notify-invalid-iqn's" or something of the sort?
16:27:23 <jgriffith> and how is it cleared  :)
16:27:39 <jgriffith> nova has to then have another command to add something back in
16:27:55 <jgriffith> honestly seems like this all needs to happen in nova first
16:28:01 <caitlin56> Would't it be a one time transition. "Clear any attached volumes held by this compute instance."?
16:28:08 <jgriffith> I think there's more work there than on this side (ie failure detection etc)
16:28:32 <jgriffith> caitlin56: sure, but if you blacklist a node, what happens when it comes back up and you want to add it back in to your cluster
16:28:44 <jgriffith> You have to clear it somehow
16:29:06 <jgriffith> It's not just clear current attach if I understand ehudtr correctly
16:29:07 <caitlin56> A node is attempting to re-attach without having been in contact with nova?
16:29:22 <jgriffith> ehudtr: it's clear an attach and prevent that attach from being reconnected no?
16:29:29 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: I was assuming that this would be managed by Nova and Cinder would just provide the tools.
16:29:34 <jgriffith> thus the term "fencing"
16:29:44 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: yes, that's what I'm getting at
16:29:58 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: a good deal of nova work before getting to Cinder
16:30:09 <jgriffith> and the Cinder side might not be so tough to implement
16:30:12 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: +2
16:30:20 <jgriffith> emphasis on *might*
16:30:22 <jgriffith> :)
16:30:25 <caitlin56> I can definitely see the need for nova being able to tell Cinder "this guy is gone" but "don't talk to this guy" is something more dangerous.
16:30:28 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Just wanted to emphasize that.
16:30:45 <caitlin56> Couldn't nova use neutron to enforce that without bothering Cinder?
16:30:50 <jgriffith> caitlin56: but I think that's what we're talking about... ehudtr ?? ^^
16:30:54 <winston-d> and that's nova's problem
16:31:04 <jgriffith> caitlin56: nope
16:31:07 <ehudtr> Yes, I agree this would be managed by Nova. The fence host is needed to disconnect the host at the storage level
16:31:18 <jgriffith> I don't want Neutron mucking about with my data path
16:31:26 <DuncanT-> caitlin56: Nope, neutron doesn't get in the way of storage network usually
16:31:42 <jgriffith> ehudtr: but the question is you also want to prevent the failed node from connecting again right?
16:31:59 <jgriffith> I think this is where the debate started last week :)
16:32:17 <jungleboyj> ehudtr: The important part is that you don't have the 'failed' host's node attempting to access the storage while the new node is being brought up.
16:32:50 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: I would assume that is only if a new node has taken over.
16:32:59 <caitlin56> Such a "failed node" shouldn't be using *any* OpenStack services, right? It's not just Cinder.
16:33:04 <jgriffith> Ok, two more minutes for this topic and then I think we should move on
16:33:22 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: sure
16:33:29 <jgriffith> caitlin56: haha... probably
16:33:37 <DuncanT-> caitlin56: Some services multiple accesses don't matter... block store it does
16:33:44 <jungleboyj> caitlin56: Depends on how it fails.  In situations like this you need to cover all the bases.
16:33:46 <jgriffith> this is where I went all wonky in the last discussion :)
16:34:04 <ehudtr> Yes, this was part of the original suggestion, but last meeting you suggested that preventing the failed node attempting during a new node creation may be done in Nova. I checked it and it seems this might be done in Nova only after the attach volume would be moved from nova-compute to nova-conductor.
16:34:23 <jgriffith> Ok... so my proposal:
16:34:26 <jgriffith> ehudtr:
16:34:31 <jgriffith> 1. Take a look at the nova work
16:34:38 <jgriffith> Focus on things like failure detection
16:34:48 <jgriffith> How you would generate a notification
16:35:03 <jgriffith> what would be needed from cinder (if anything versus disabling the initiator files etc)
16:35:14 <jgriffith> 2. After getting things sorted in Nova
16:35:14 <ehudtr> I know how to do failure detection with Nova
16:35:29 <jgriffith> Great, step 1 is almost done then :)
16:35:38 <guitarzan> hah
16:35:46 <jgriffith> Then put together the proposal, make sure the Nova team is good with that
16:36:00 <jgriffith> from there we can work on providing an API in Cinder to fence of initiators
16:36:09 <jgriffith> I'd like to see what the code for that looks like though
16:36:16 <jgriffith> and how to clear it
16:36:22 <jgriffith> ehudtr: sound reasonable?
16:36:27 <ehudtr> yes
16:36:38 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: guitarzan jungleboyj caitlin56 ok ^^
16:36:43 <jgriffith> winston-d:
16:36:46 <DuncanT-> Sounds sensible to me
16:36:54 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Sounds good to me.  Good summary to keep moving forward.
16:37:17 <jgriffith> winston-d: seem like that works for the error case you were thinking of?
16:37:36 <jgriffith> dosaboy: I have no idea how to make this work with Ceph but that's why you're an invaluable asset here :)
16:37:54 <jgriffith> hemna_: you'll have to figure out FC :)
16:38:10 <jgriffith> Ok...
16:38:10 <guitarzan> just go yank the cable out
16:38:18 <jgriffith> guitarzan: I'm down with that
16:38:28 <jgriffith> guitarzan: DC Monkey.. fetch me that cable!
16:38:35 <hodos> hi guys, we at Nexenta are implementing a storage-assisted volume migration; we have run into a problem: there can be multiple storage  hosts connected to a single NFS driver. So there's one-to-many mapping...
16:38:52 <winston-d> dsfasd
16:39:01 <jgriffith> #topic patches and release notes
16:39:07 <jgriffith> winston-d: what's dsfasd?
16:39:10 <dosaboy> jgriffith: it may actually be easier for ceph since it has the notion of 'watchers'
16:39:13 <guitarzan> winston-d: lagging?
16:39:17 <jgriffith> dosaboy: yeah :)
16:39:17 <winston-d> jgriffith: sorry lagging
16:39:21 <jgriffith> haha
16:39:22 <DuncanT-> hodos: Please wait until the any other business section of the meeting
16:39:23 <jgriffith> no prob
16:39:33 <jgriffith> So quick note on this topic
16:39:40 <hodos> ok, sorry )
16:39:55 <DuncanT-> #topic patches and release notes
16:40:00 <jgriffith> reviewers, I'd like for us when adding a patch that's associated with a BP or a Bug to update the doc/src/index file
16:40:14 <jgriffith> that way I don't have to go back and try to do it every milestone :)
16:40:26 <jgriffith> Same format as what's there
16:40:30 <jgriffith> simple summary, link
16:40:34 <jgriffith> sound reasonable?
16:40:50 <jgriffith> rolling release notes :)
16:41:16 * jgriffith takes silence as agreement :)
16:41:20 <winston-d> sounds good
16:41:25 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Sounds reasonable.
16:41:27 <jgriffith> or just plain lack of interest and apathy
16:41:31 <jgriffith> kk
16:41:37 <jgriffith> now to the hard stuff :)
16:41:45 <DuncanT-> Something for reviewers to catch I guess...
16:41:51 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: to catch yes
16:42:02 <winston-d> we do agree to write a cinder dev doc, right. make sure this is documented as well
16:42:10 <jgriffith> not a horribly big deal but it would be helpful IMO
16:42:11 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: So just to be clear as a newbie ...
16:42:12 <DuncanT-> Might be able to get a bot to catch simple cases after a while
16:42:14 <jgriffith> winston-d: excelelnt point
16:42:30 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: hmmm... perhaps a git hook, yes
16:42:34 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: If I approve something associated with a BP I would need to go update that file with appropriate information?
16:42:41 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: oh.. no
16:42:50 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: so the idea is that the submitter would add it
16:43:00 <jgriffith> when core reviews it we should look for that entry
16:43:18 <jgriffith> if people hate the idea or think it's a waste that's ok
16:43:20 <jgriffith> just say so
16:43:26 <jgriffith> I don't mind doing it the way I have been
16:43:30 <caitlin56> and if you don't approve patches without that link people should learn very quickly.
16:43:37 <jgriffith> just don't complain if your change isn't listed :)
16:43:55 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Ahhh, ok ... That makes more sense.  Thanks for the clarification.
16:44:03 <DuncanT-> I'd say we try it for a couple of weeks and see how it works out
16:44:08 <jgriffith> works for me
16:44:14 <jgriffith> trial basis
16:44:18 <jgriffith> kk
16:44:29 <jgriffith> #topic summit summary
16:44:36 <jgriffith> hmmm
16:44:44 <jgriffith> #topic summit-summary
16:44:49 <jgriffith> come on meetbot
16:45:01 <DuncanT-> #topic summit-summary
16:45:08 <DuncanT-> I started the meeting
16:45:12 <jungleboyj> It knows I am also in another summit summary meeting and my head may explode.
16:45:23 <jgriffith> lol
16:45:30 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: thanks :)
16:45:33 <jgriffith> okie
16:45:37 <jungleboyj> o-)
16:45:53 <jgriffith> I threw a quick overview together: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-icehouse-summary
16:46:05 <jgriffith> of course it's handy to review the etherpads from the sessions
16:46:15 <jgriffith> but I wanted to capture the main points in one doc
16:46:36 <jgriffith> I *think* these are the items that we had moderate concensus on
16:46:54 <jgriffith> the capabilities reporting maybe not so much... but I'm still pushing to go this route
16:47:15 <jgriffith> We can always make things *harder* but I don't know that we should
16:47:24 <DuncanT-> I'd add that we seemed to agree state machine with atomic transitions was a good route to try, re taskflow
16:47:35 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: for sure
16:47:53 <jgriffith> added
16:48:10 <jgriffith> anything else glaring that I missed (that somebody will actually get to)?
16:48:26 <winston-d> jgriffith: i think most of us in this room agreed on those capabilities
16:48:32 <caitlin56> Making snapshots a first layer object.
16:48:33 <jgriffith> I left the import out intentionally for now by the way
16:48:35 <DuncanT-> My take-away from the capabilities reporting was that we couldn't agree on anything at all
16:48:45 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: I don't think that's really true
16:48:55 <jgriffith> I think one person didn't agree
16:49:05 <DuncanT-> jgriffith: I see no harm in adding it anyway
16:49:06 <jgriffith> I think most of us agreed with what i've put on the list
16:49:28 <jgriffith> winston-d: I think you may have some other ideas/adds that would be fine as well
16:49:41 <jgriffith> anyway...
16:49:51 <jgriffith> anything pressing to add or remove here?
16:49:53 <DuncanT-> jgriffith: O'll try to BP the stuff that redhat guy eventually explained, since it seemed valuable once I finally understood him
16:50:02 <DuncanT-> s/O'll/I'll/
16:50:03 <jgriffith> We need more thought/info around the ACL's I think
16:50:24 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: cool
16:50:31 <winston-d> DuncanT-: can't wait to see the BP
16:50:33 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: or work off the ehterpad for now
16:50:46 <jgriffith> whichever is faster and more effective
16:50:58 <jgriffith> if we reach concensus prior to the BP it might help :)
16:51:01 <DuncanT-> jgriffith: Etherpad might be easiest... I'll post a link when I'm done
16:51:10 <jgriffith> sounds good
16:51:24 <jgriffith> Everybody should feel free to put some notes add question to the etherpad
16:51:32 <jgriffith> but the intent is not to open debate
16:51:42 <jgriffith> just to focus on what's there and build the ideas up
16:51:54 <jgriffith> and use that info to build blueprints
16:51:57 <jgriffith> and assign :)
16:52:14 <jgriffith> anybody want to talk more on that?
16:52:38 <jgriffith> if not I believe hodos had some things to talk about
16:52:41 <jgriffith> #topic open
16:52:45 * jgriffith never learns
16:52:51 <DuncanT-> #topic open
16:52:58 <hodos> ok so it touches not only Nexenta
16:53:02 <jungleboyj> :-)
16:53:12 <jgriffith> hodos: back up... what's "it"
16:53:27 <jgriffith> afraid I ignored you earlier :)
16:53:54 <hodos> so if we want ot do storage-to-storage migration without routing data through Cinder
16:53:57 <hodos> on NFS
16:54:11 <hodos> we have 2 NFS drivers
16:54:38 <caitlin56> hodos: our bigger priority is enabling more operations on snapshots. I think the fix required for NFS is too much to tackle by icehouse.
16:55:02 <thingee> lawl, time change
16:55:06 <hodos> so how does the source driver knows what storage host to use on the dest
16:55:10 <jgriffith> thingee: :)
16:55:17 <winston-d> thingee: you made it
16:55:29 <jgriffith> hodos: scheduler could help with that
16:55:33 <caitlin56> Speaking of snapshots, I didn't hear any opposition to enabling snapshot replication. Shouldn't that be added to your list jgriffith?
16:55:34 <jgriffith> that is it's job after all
16:55:59 <hodos> yes, but when I issue a command on the source storage driver
16:56:06 <hodos> i need that info
16:56:15 <jgriffith> hodos: :)
16:56:24 <vito-ordaz> u
16:56:35 <jgriffith> hodos: frankly this is why I hate the whole "I'm going to talk to this backend directly" problem
16:56:55 <vito-ordaz> update_volume_stats for NFS driver not provide information about host
16:57:05 <jgriffith> I'm not a fan of trying to implement Cinder based replication
16:57:11 <hodos> hmm
16:57:27 * jgriffith thinks it's a bad idea
16:57:31 <thingee> why does the driver need to know which host (sorry catching up)
16:57:44 <caitlin56> jgriffith the alternative is inefficient replication
16:57:51 <jgriffith> thingee: he wants to talk directly from his backend to his *other* backend
16:58:04 <hodos> to *my* other backend
16:58:05 <jgriffith> caitlin56: actually the atlernative is cinder doesn't do replication
16:58:12 <winston-d> vito-ordaz: feel free to add any capability that you want to report,just note that scheduler can only consume some of them (basic ones)
16:58:21 <med_> maybe hodos is not a "he"
16:58:27 <hodos> i'am
16:58:29 <hodos> )
16:58:36 <jgriffith> med_: fair
16:58:43 <med_> or not.
16:58:48 <jgriffith> everyone... I aplogize for being gender specific
16:58:50 <thingee> jgriffith, hodos: what's the use case?
16:59:06 <guitarzan> thingee: migration from one backend to another
16:59:32 <guitarzan> homogeneous
16:59:33 <thingee> why does a driver have to know? shouldn't cinder just be the bridge with that knowledge?
16:59:33 <hodos> yes, say the same vendor, so these backends know how to talk
16:59:35 <vito-ordaz> problem it that NFS drivers can control many storage backend at the same time.
16:59:43 <thingee> of another backend that meets that requirement...the scheduler will figure
16:59:47 <guitarzan> thingee: so they can do it more cheaply
16:59:59 <winston-d> hodos: don't we have a shortcut in migration?
16:59:59 <guitarzan> it sounds hard to me :)
17:00:05 <thingee> so cinder says, hey you two backends, talk to each other
17:00:13 <hodos> )
17:00:20 <thingee> the other backend never initates it is my point
17:00:26 <thingee> jgriffith: that's time
17:00:28 <jgriffith> For the record, I don't think we should even implement replication in Cinder
17:00:28 <guitarzan> got it
17:00:44 <guitarzan> DuncanT- has to throw the switch today
17:00:46 <jgriffith> Let the sysadmin setup replication between devices if avaial and create a volume-type for it
17:00:57 <DuncanT-> Right, I'm afraid we need to move channels
17:01:02 <med_> yep
17:01:02 <DuncanT-> #endmeeting