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16:00:40 <avishay> hello
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16:00:46 <jgriffith> Hi asselin
16:00:49 <jgriffith> Hey everyone
16:01:00 <jungleboyj> hello!
16:01:02 <eharney> hi
16:01:07 <xyang1> hi
16:01:20 <asselin> hi
16:01:53 <jgriffith> Still missing a few folks
16:02:01 <jgriffith> give them a moment....
16:02:04 <jgriffith> then we'll get started
16:02:18 <navneet> hi jgriffith, guys
16:02:23 <mberlin> Hi guys.
16:02:29 <jungleboyj> asselin: Thanks for adding notes to the 3rd party testing etherpad.  That looked helpful.
16:02:37 <jgriffith> Well, we've got everyobdy that has an agenda item at least ;)
16:02:50 <jgriffith> let's roll with what we've got
16:03:00 <jgriffith> #topic Consistency Groups
16:03:02 <asselin> jungleboyj, you're welcome
16:03:04 <jgriffith> xyang1: you're up
16:03:17 <xyang1> sure, thanks
16:03:18 <xyang1> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-cinder-cinder-consistency-groups
16:03:48 <xyang1> so some people have concerns about the restriction of having only one volume type per CG
16:03:53 <xyang1> Avishay's comments on etherpad: Why only one type in a CG? This limitation seems very restrictive. For example, I can have a database volume and a separate volume for the log, which are related but may have different QoS settings. I understand where this limitation is coming from (scheduling issues), but maybe we can get around it? For example, when creating the CG, the user specifies which volume types they want to allow
16:03:54 <asselin> jungleboyj, hopefully we can get it working without the manual workaround...
16:04:53 <xyang1> when creating the CG, the user specifies which volume types they want to allow within the CG. Then the scheduler tries to find a backend that can handle those types. If such a backend exists, the CG creation succeeds, and all volumes placed in that CG are placed on that backend. If the requested volume types are incompatible, the CG creation fails.
16:05:12 <xyang1> I think this is a good suggestion
16:05:36 <xyang1> what do you think?  we need to make some changes  in the scheduler for this to happen
16:05:56 <avishay> i think it's a terrible idea ;)
16:06:12 <xyang1> :)
16:06:14 <eharney> Since we ruled out modifying CG membership in Juno, would that mean you can't modify the list of volume types allowed as well?
16:06:23 <jgriffith> xyang1: it's a good idea but I think it would be simpler and more robust if the admin just set this up
16:06:49 <avishay> eharney: what does that mean that you can't modify CG membership?
16:06:50 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: +1  Thank we need to start simple as discussed in the session.
16:06:55 <xyang1> jgriffith: what do you mean?  only allow one volume type per CG?
16:06:57 <jgriffith> xyang1: In other words, the type encompasses the consistency group and you're done
16:07:08 <eharney> avishay: Adding/subtracting volumes from a CG
16:07:18 <jgriffith> xyang1: most likely
16:07:34 <xyang1> adding/removing volumes from CG is not in the first pass
16:07:38 <jgriffith> xyang1: as long as we have volume-types representing backends this seems like it adds a lot of room for error
16:07:48 <avishay> i don't understand how that's possible
16:07:58 <jgriffith> avishay: which?
16:08:04 <avishay> oh..."create a CG with volumes 1, 2, and 3?"
16:08:31 <xyang1> jgriffith: still one CG can be on one backend, just one backend can support more than 1 type
16:08:51 <avishay> xyang1: that's right
16:08:53 <bswartz> I'm here (sorry I'm late)
16:08:55 <jungleboyj> xyang1: Did we talk about that.
16:08:58 <thingee> hey all, got lost in the lvm stuff discussion
16:09:20 <jgriffith> xyang1: sure, but how do you enforce that?  What I'm saying is we need another construct for that to work efficiently
16:09:26 <xyang1> jungleboyj: the decision at the summit is to have only one type per CG
16:09:28 <xyang1> so that seems too restrictive
16:09:31 <jungleboyj> xyang1: If you have a backend that can do thick and thin provisioned volumes then you would have two types with two different CGs.
16:09:42 <thingee> xyang1: yes one type per CG
16:09:45 <jungleboyj> xyang1: Right.
16:09:46 <avishay> one type per CG doesn't help ensure that all volumes are on the same backend
16:10:05 <bswartz> avishay: +1
16:10:09 <avishay> the restriction doesn't solve anything
16:10:16 <xyang1> but one backend may support more than 1 volume types
16:10:26 <bswartz> I think CGs need to be associated with a backend/driver, not with a type
16:10:34 <jungleboyj> avishay: Yes, but isn't up to the administrator to set the system up to avoid that?
16:10:38 <avishay> bswartz: -1, don't want to expose that
16:10:43 <bswartz> NetApp knows of many use cases for a CG spanning multiple types of storage
16:11:02 <avishay> jungleboyj: no, quite the opposite - the whole point of cinder is "i want a volume like this, put it somewhere"
16:11:06 <jgriffith> xyang1: but why in the context of consistency groups would you want "different" volume types?
16:11:39 <xyang1> so volumes in a CG can belong to one application, but the application need volumes of different service level
16:11:54 <jgriffith> So this is kind of way I'm not a fan of things like replication and CG's
16:12:22 <jgriffith> it just turns in to a debate about "this is how I do it" and it creates a complex and brittle model
16:12:26 <avishay> i think the restriction should be that you have to specify the types allowed in the CG ahead of time, and only allow new volumes to be added to the CG, so we can ensure they're on the same backend
16:12:51 <bswartz> avishay: I agree
16:12:59 <jgriffith> avishay: I think that's fine and achieves the same end result I was looking for
16:13:10 <jungleboyj> avishay: I think we agree on the only new volumes part.
16:13:17 <bswartz> let the CG have more than 1 type, let the schduler enforce that the CG is tied to a single backend/driver
16:13:26 <avishay> exactly
16:13:27 <jungleboyj> How does having multiple types ensure that it goes to the same backend?
16:13:32 <jungleboyj> avishay: ^
16:13:46 <jgriffith> bswartz: avishay that's fine, but it's kind of a train wreck to implement/enforce in what we have today
16:13:49 <xyang1> jungleboyj: we need to make some changes in scheduler to achieve that
16:13:50 <avishay> jungleboyj: it doesn't - declaring the CG first and only allowing new volumes does that
16:14:00 <jgriffith> bswartz: avishay I still think we need some higher level grouping construct
16:14:24 <jungleboyj> xyang1: avishay  Ok.
16:14:34 <xyang1> avishay: we have agreed to create a CG and create volumes as part of it, but not update the CG in the first phase
16:14:42 <avishay> jgriffith: what kind of grouping construct?
16:14:50 <bswartz> There needs to be a different grouping construct for the purposes of DR/replication -- but that has totally different needs than CGs, so I'd rather discuss that separately
16:15:02 <xyang1> avishay: no allowing add/remove volume from CG after it is created
16:15:06 <jgriffith> avishay: something like a parent grouping which may be just contain backend members
16:15:27 <jgriffith> avishay: you can implement that laterally as well
16:15:59 <jgriffith> avishay: but my thought was something like a parent-group that provdes info on all types that have "soem thing" in common
16:16:14 <jgriffith> that might be backend, or even something else if there's a use case
16:16:14 <xyang1> jgriffith: that is putting cinder host in a group?
16:16:40 <jgriffith> xyang1: yes, but it's another free-form type of thing so you can use it for things besides hosts
16:16:53 <avishay> jgriffith: so make "pools", which in general are limited to one backend?
16:17:02 <jgriffith> avishay: yes, it could be used for that
16:17:12 <jgriffith> avishay: that is the most prevelant use case
16:17:25 <jgriffith> avishay: I haven't really come up with another meaningful use
16:18:03 <avishay> jgriffith: it breaks the placement model of "put this volume wherever you think", but we may not have a choice
16:18:20 <jgriffith> so then instead of duplicating all sorts of extra-specs entries across multiple types you can just inherit from teh parent grouping
16:18:31 <avishay> jgriffith: the fact is that because cinder is only on the control path, it relies on the underlying storage, which forces some grouping
16:18:40 <jgriffith> avishay: well, in this case we want to break that IMO
16:19:05 <jgriffith> avishay: what do you mean "only" the control path?
16:19:14 <avishay> jgriffith: i mean not data path
16:19:38 <jgriffith> avishay: well, I figured but I'm not sure what you're getting at?
16:19:38 <avishay> jgriffith: it was a bit broken before, like where a volume clone could only inherit the source's type (and maybe retype after without migrating, maybe)
16:19:54 <jgriffith> avishay: ahh... ok, I kinda see where you're going
16:20:07 <guitarzan> ooh, calling that part broken is a good sign
16:20:08 <avishay> jgriffith: i'm getting at that maybe we do need to bend the rules a bit, or live with the restrictions
16:20:19 <jgriffith> guitarzan: don't get excited :)
16:20:23 <bswartz> lol
16:20:35 <jgriffith> avishay: I say bend the rules and go with my grouping proposal :)
16:20:40 <avishay> i don't have a good suggestion, just saying what's going through my head at the moment :)
16:20:43 <jgriffith> but I'm completely unbiased here ;)
16:20:47 <xyang1> jgriffith: I think this parent group thing is different from having one backend support multiple volume types
16:20:53 <guitarzan> jgriffith: if it gets me snapshot to different type you have my vote :P
16:20:55 <avishay> jgriffith: your proposal could be great, just don't quite fully get it :)
16:21:01 <avishay> guitarzan: :)
16:21:01 <jgriffith> xyang1: how so?
16:21:14 <jgriffith> guitarzan: just run Havan and you can do that ;)
16:21:18 <jgriffith> havana
16:21:19 <avishay> haha
16:21:22 <xyang1> jgriffith: grouping cinder hosts is like groups multiple backends together?
16:21:25 <guitarzan> jgriffith: no, havana is what broke it
16:21:28 <xyang1> jgriffith: is that what you mean?
16:21:37 <jgriffith> xyang1: no, doesn't have to be
16:21:52 <jgriffith> xyang1: my use case was actually just grouping types to the same backend
16:22:00 <jgriffith> xyang1: the opposite of what you just said
16:22:13 <xyang1> jgriffith: okay, that makes sense.
16:22:43 <xyang1> jgriffith: group multiple volume types together, but they have to be on the same backend
16:22:51 <jgriffith> xyang1: yeah
16:22:56 <avishay> i think a group/pool would have some properties (i.e., supported volume types), and have the added property that all operations must work within it (i.e., clone a volume between any two supported types, make a CG, etc)
16:23:24 <jgriffith> xyang1: so when you say you want a CG using volume-types x,y,z it just makes sure it can do that and have them all in the same grouping
16:23:34 <jgriffith> avishay: exactly
16:23:52 <jgriffith> avishay: the point is to make it invisible to the end user
16:24:04 <avishay> jgriffith: i'm ok with that
16:24:06 <jgriffith> avishay: puts a bit more burden on the cloud admin, but not much
16:24:13 <avishay> jgriffith: and then the CG would be tied to a pool
16:24:17 <xyang1> jgriffith: ok.  but you are saying this grouping is not CG, but a different group construct?
16:24:19 <jgriffith> avishay: yes
16:24:32 <jgriffith> xyang1: yes, I think it has a number of uses besides CG
16:24:36 <xyang1> jgriffith: that means we need to introduce another table in db?
16:24:44 <jgriffith> xyang1: but CG becomes *easier* to manage and setup this way
16:24:54 <jgriffith> xyang1: yup
16:24:55 <avishay> xyang1: the grouping puts a restriction on placement, the CG is a subset of the group
16:25:22 <avishay> DuncanT: thingee: thoughts?
16:25:25 <jgriffith> xyang1: actually this could probably be done outside of the db if it's a big deal
16:25:31 <xyang1> avishay: ok, I'll need to think about it
16:25:53 <avishay> i think the idea must be flawed because i'm agreeing with jgriffith too quickly ;)
16:25:59 <jgriffith> avishay: LOL
16:26:08 <jgriffith> avishay: not really... I proposed this in HongKong :)
16:26:10 <xyang1> jgriffith, avishay: so the idea is this group construct can be used in other places other than CG?
16:26:12 <thingee> avishay: I missed the part of how you figure two backends are compatible to be in the same CG
16:26:17 <jgriffith> avishay: so 6 months+ is about right :)
16:26:18 <bswartz> it's only flawwed if duncan agrees too
16:26:32 <jgriffith> bswartz: if DuncanT agrees the world is likely to end
16:26:35 <avishay> jgriffith: i must have spaced out
16:26:48 <bswartz> I would like to see the idea written down concisely though -- I'm not 100% sure I'm on the same page with yall
16:26:57 <jgriffith> avishay: I think a heated debate about somethign started at the same time
16:27:11 <avishay> jgriffith: sounds about right
16:27:15 <jgriffith> bswartz: geesh... you are sure a picky sort
16:27:18 <jungleboyj> thingee: I don't think that is possible.
16:27:40 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: it's possible
16:27:43 <thingee> jungleboyj: ok, well I thought that it was suggested multiple types could be in same CG. I'm not sure I follow then.
16:27:46 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: just probably not really smart
16:27:50 <xyang1> thingee, jungleboyj: we are still talking about volumes in one CG on the same backend
16:27:54 <bswartz> hey I just want to know what I'm agreeing/disagreeing with
16:28:01 <avishay> thingee: i think the admin would need to figure it out?  good point, probably tricky
16:28:04 <jungleboyj> xyang1: That was what I thought.
16:28:07 <avishay> bswartz: :)
16:28:15 <jgriffith> bswartz: just vote in favor of my proposals and everything will be alright
16:28:18 <thingee> avishay, jgriffith: this is why we originally said one type per CG
16:28:20 <xyang1> thingee, jungleboyj: it is just multiple volume types per backend
16:28:26 <bswartz> jgriffith: okie dokie
16:28:31 <guitarzan> it's specifying backends for volume types
16:28:38 <guitarzan> or vice versa
16:28:38 <thingee> I guess as avishay said, one type could be multiple backends
16:28:39 <avishay> thingee: it needs to be one backend for CG though, not type
16:28:39 <jungleboyj> xyang1: +1
16:28:41 <thingee> doesn't help anything
16:28:46 <thingee> avishay: +1
16:28:48 <jgriffith> bswartz: wow!  I should've tried that years ago :)
16:28:57 <jgriffith> bswartz: I'll write up a doc and share it with everyone
16:29:08 <jgriffith> thingee: what do you mean?
16:29:14 <jungleboyj> avishay: +1
16:29:33 <bswartz> jgriffith: you going to share it thru the ML or LP or something else?
16:29:38 <thingee> jgriffith: originally we said at the summit one type per CG. avishay brought up the point that a type could mean two backends
16:29:38 <avishay> jgriffith: thingee's point is a good one - the admin would need to set up the pools correctly (with knowlege of who can cooperate with who)
16:29:42 <guitarzan> thingee: its scheduler hacks to enforce that
16:29:48 <jgriffith> bswartz: LP
16:29:59 <jgriffith> or specs repo if it ever merges
16:30:25 <jgriffith> avishay: thingee that's what we've been talking about here
16:30:30 <thingee> jgriffith: I'm just worried about relying on the admin to set that up correctly.
16:30:39 <avishay> i think to be safe, we could have a hierarchy: backend > pool > volume, and only expose pools and volumes to users (admins see backends obviously)
16:30:39 <jgriffith> avishay: thingee the whole point of this is to create a grouping of types that are on the same backend
16:30:42 <jgriffith> that's the whole point
16:30:51 <thingee> jgriffith: yeah sorry, I thought people were agreeing this was the approach and I missed the solution of how all this works :)
16:31:10 <jgriffith> avishay: yeah, I think that seems like a good approach, although
16:31:25 <jgriffith> not sure about the term "pool" and what it means in an end use context etc
16:31:32 <bswartz> thingee: people get nervous if there's too much agreement -- that's why we're disagreeing
16:31:45 <jgriffith> bswartz: I disagree
16:31:54 <guitarzan> we're disagreeing on principle
16:32:01 <bswartz> seriously though I think there's a lot of agreement on the individual points and we just need to see a complete proposal
16:32:03 <avishay> guitarzan: i disagree
16:32:11 <jgriffith> Ok
16:32:21 <jgriffith> I think we should at least move forward with it
16:32:24 <avishay> guitarzan: :)
16:32:26 <guitarzan> I think the "it's impossible for operators to configure" needs to either be addressed or ignored
16:32:30 <jgriffith> I'll work on writing up the grouping proposal
16:32:49 <jgriffith> xyang1: I'll get that to you to use for the CG work
16:32:52 <jgriffith> sound like a plan?
16:33:00 <xyang1> jgriffith: sure
16:33:07 <bswartz> #action jgriffith propose a workable CG grouping construct in a launchpad BP
16:33:11 <thingee> I agree move forward, but I'm still curious how we figure how all the types in the pool are compatible. Is this just doing a comparison on extra_specs?
16:33:22 <jgriffith> thingee: nope
16:33:26 <avishay> jgriffith: so when using CGs: backend > pool/group > CG > volume, yes?
16:33:27 <guitarzan> the admin sets it up
16:33:30 <jgriffith> thingee: the flow is like this:
16:33:37 <jgriffith> admin creates a Group
16:33:52 <jgriffith> admin creates a volume-type and assigns it to that group (or doesn't)
16:34:12 <jgriffith> types asigned to a group inherit properties from the group
16:34:29 <xyang1> jgriffith: so my CG proposal will have a dependency on the grouping construct that you are going to propose?
16:34:33 <navneet> what are the properties like?
16:34:36 <jgriffith> so extra-specs keys like "backend-name" is the first candidate for inheritance
16:34:42 <jgriffith> xyang1: yes
16:35:12 <jgriffith> navneet: to start the big one is just backend-name, but you use meta like we do everywhere else to make it flexible
16:35:34 <jgriffith> navneet: I suspect there are other use cases for this
16:35:50 <xyang1> jgriffith: I'm wondering if that will affect multiple pools per backend as well?
16:35:55 <navneet> and it would be inherited as an extra-spec?
16:36:00 <jgriffith> navneet: it may mean something completely different for guitarzan for example
16:36:06 <avishay> jgriffith: ohh... i was thinking something a bit different
16:36:11 <jgriffith> avishay: do tell
16:36:35 <guitarzan> jgriffith: pools aren't very meaningful on mass quantities of small nodes I think
16:36:40 <guitarzan> jgriffith: er, groups
16:36:52 <jgriffith> guitarzan: probably true
16:36:57 <navneet> xyang1: multiple pools not limited by types
16:37:16 <avishay> actually i thought that probably backend == pool, and the scheduler could figure out what types each backend supported and report that
16:37:24 <jgriffith> guitarzan: but at least I don't have to duplicate extra-specs entries for every type
16:37:33 <jgriffith> guitarzan: in other words say I only have one backend
16:37:40 <xyang1> navneet: ok
16:37:42 <jgriffith> guitarzan: but I have 10 different types serviced by that backend
16:37:45 <guitarzan> jgriffith: yeah
16:37:49 <navneet> avishay: pools will translate to separte schedulable entities
16:37:54 <jgriffith> guitarzan: k... I'll stop :)
16:37:57 <avishay> on in the case of a driver like netapp which i believe manages multiple pools, the backend would have multiple pool constructs
16:38:01 <xyang1> avishay: we can have multiple pools on the same backend though
16:38:18 <jgriffith> avishay: xyang1 I haven't gotten to the whole pools thing
16:38:18 <avishay> navneet: yes i think i like that idea
16:38:31 <jgriffith> avishay: xyang1 I'm still unsure of that whole thing and what it means to an end user
16:38:42 <avishay> jgriffith: as am i :)
16:38:48 <jgriffith> we're supposed to make this easy for the end-user :)
16:38:57 <avishay> jgriffith: pffft
16:39:04 <jgriffith> avishay: :)
16:39:24 <guitarzan> usefulness trumps usability
16:39:26 <jgriffith> Still confused people?
16:39:29 <jgriffith> guitarzan: +1
16:39:32 <bswartz> the out of box experience should be easy but setting up complicated features can be hard
16:39:53 <bswartz> make easy things easy and hard things possible
16:39:59 <guitarzan> someone setting up 14 backends and 47 types is going to have to suffer through some pain
16:40:03 <jgriffith> bswartz: good statement
16:40:25 <avishay> i think navneet's idea of having pool == schedulable entity sounds right, and bswartz's idea of having the scheduler aware of internal pools goes well with that
16:40:34 <xyang1> jgriffith: so one group construct can have multiple CGs in it?
16:40:37 <bswartz> I think Larry Wall gets credit for that quote
16:40:47 <jgriffith> xyang1: sure
16:40:53 <guitarzan> so navneet are you arguing against your pool implementation? :D
16:41:14 <jgriffith> bswartz: he also coined "there's more than one way to do it" which isn't so hot :)
16:41:22 <bswartz> lol I know
16:41:46 <navneet> guitarzan: no...I think its agreement everywhr :)
16:42:02 <jgriffith> Ok, so there's details, we an adjust but let's get started down this path
16:42:02 <avishay> he also coined "int F=00,OO=00;main(){F_OO();printf("%1.3f\n",4.*-F/OO/OO);}F_OO()"
16:42:07 <guitarzan> navneet: I just mean this "scheduleable pool" idea seems contrary to your pool per service implementation :)
16:42:09 <jgriffith> else we discuss for another 6 months :)
16:42:21 <guitarzan> needs more regex
16:42:28 <avishay> guitarzan: haha
16:42:32 <jgriffith> I'd like to have the pools discussion as a seperate topic if we could
16:42:33 <navneet> guitarzan: no its not...each service is actually schedulable
16:42:42 <hemna> jgriffith, +1
16:43:08 <jgriffith> Shall we move on to the next topic?
16:43:12 <navneet> guitarzan: thhats the whole point of having pools as service
16:43:43 <jgriffith> arguments/objections?
16:43:45 <avishay> i think we need to solve pools before CGs...once we have pools the restrictions on CGs change
16:43:46 <guitarzan> navneet: yes, I follow
16:44:20 <bswartz> avishay: that means navneet needs to hurry up and finish the unit tests so we can turn the WIP into a mergable submission
16:44:21 <jgriffith> avishay: sighh...
16:44:34 <hemna> I don't see why we need a separate driver instance for each pool.   Specify the pool in volume types and use 1 driver instance.  report the pool stats up to the scheduler.
16:44:38 <navneet> bswartz: working on it :)
16:44:46 <xyang1> avishay: I think CG should be tied to volume types, not pools.  whether it is restricted by pools depends on driver implemenation
16:45:03 <jgriffith> hemna: navneet said it doesn't work while we were in ATL :)
16:45:12 <jgriffith> xyang1: I agree
16:45:19 <hemna> xyang1, +1
16:45:22 <jgriffith> xyang1: particularly since many of us don't have that silly concept :)
16:45:34 <navneet> jgriffith: I said it worked 2 days back...I need to check again
16:45:42 <xyang1> jgriffith:  :)
16:45:43 <hemna> I'm not sure how that doesn't work.  It works for us perfectly today.  :)
16:45:50 <avishay> i think what i proposed for CGs will work... we can think about pools in parallel, i don't think i care much
16:45:53 <jgriffith> navneet: no I mean the grouping of types you said didn't work for some reason
16:45:55 <hemna> we just don't have support for reporting the pool stats into the scheduler
16:45:57 <navneet> hemna:+1
16:46:01 <jgriffith> navneet: which I'm still a bit unclear as to why
16:46:22 <guitarzan> I don't think it was "doesn't work" I think it was "lots harder"
16:46:31 <jgriffith> guitarzan: ahh... good point
16:46:33 <guitarzan> or "lots more change"
16:46:41 <jgriffith> mor intrusive
16:46:44 <jgriffith> more even
16:46:44 <navneet> jgriffith: latest WIP ll work for all
16:47:13 <jgriffith> honestly there will probably be some overlap then in what I proposed
16:47:20 <jgriffith> meaning things may change
16:48:02 <navneet> jgriffith: idea does not change...
16:48:24 <jgriffith> Ok... 48 minutes in
16:48:25 <avishay> wow we have 2 more topics and 10 minutes
16:48:29 <jgriffith> we still have a couple topics
16:48:36 <jgriffith> #topic external ci testing
16:48:59 <jgriffith> I just wanted to get a quick pules of where people are at in terms of briging this online
16:49:09 <jgriffith> anybody working on it?  Supporting all of your drivers?
16:49:14 <jungleboyj> Done.  ;-)
16:49:19 <hemna> we are working on it...have been for about a month
16:49:20 <jgriffith> problems/concerns etc etc
16:49:23 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: really?
16:49:25 <xyang1> we'll start soon
16:49:29 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: I don't see it reporting in to Gerrit
16:49:33 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: No, I wish.
16:49:36 <bswartz> akerr: ping
16:49:40 <hemna> we had problems getting a 2nd NIC recognized by the vm to support our iSCSI network
16:49:41 <bruff> working on it (Oracle ZFSSA)
16:49:54 <jgriffith> hemna: ahhh yes, had the same problem
16:49:55 <bswartz> bah he's not here
16:49:59 <hemna> and libvirt doesn't support FC vHBA passthrough
16:50:05 <jungleboyj> We met about it yesterday and have started working with the driver owners to get the systems set up.
16:50:05 <jgriffith> hemna: so I cheated and added a bridge across my iscsi net
16:50:12 <xyang1> Is there a place where people can share tips?  Does etherpad work?
16:50:45 <hemna> I think asselin finally found a workaround for the 2nd iSCSI nic issue, we haven't tried PCI passthrough through
16:50:47 <hemna> for FC
16:50:56 <jgriffith> xyang1: there's a weekly meeting
16:51:16 <xyang1> jgriffith: time?
16:51:27 <jgriffith> hemna: share the 2nd nic solution if you have it
16:51:36 <hemna> ok, I'll have asselin post up something
16:51:39 <jgriffith> hemna: I made it work with Neutron but that's another battle in itself
16:51:46 <hemna> masochist!
16:52:21 <asselin> hi, i posted my manual workaround for 2nd eth in the same etherpad for summit discussion
16:52:28 <hemna> do we know anyone that actually works on libvirt itself?
16:52:40 <xyang1> asselin: thanks!
16:52:42 <jungleboyj> xyang1: I think asselin Already put notes in the etherpad.  Seems a good place to put stuff.
16:52:44 <jgriffith> xyang1: xyang1 https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings#Third_Party_Meeting
16:52:54 <bswartz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-cinder-3rd-party-cert-and-verification
16:53:04 <xyang1> jgriffith, bswartz: thanks!
16:53:05 <asselin> also jaypipes posted the links there too to setup the ci system. I haven't tried it yet
16:53:11 <jgriffith> hemna: there's a number of folks on the Nova team, but libvirt is open source
16:53:12 <asselin> https://github.com/jaypipes/os-ext-testing
16:53:13 <eharney> hemna: i can probably help find people that do
16:53:16 <avishay> damn i missed the first two parties *waka waka*
16:53:23 <asselin> https://github.com/jaypipes/os-ext-testing-data
16:53:43 <hemna> thanks.   I want to pick their brains and see if there is a way to get vHBA passthrough working.   That's the best long term FC solution.
16:53:51 <jgriffith> asselin: actually you should point folks to his blog
16:54:04 <jgriffith> http://www.joinfu.com/
16:54:06 <asselin> jgriffith, yes, his blog posts are there too
16:54:19 <jgriffith> Oh.. he links them off the github readme... cool
16:54:49 <jgriffith> ok, we all have a lot of work to do here
16:55:06 <hemna> multi-attach ?
16:55:06 <jgriffith> don't be surprised when someobdy says "why aren't you testing"
16:55:10 <jgriffith> I think everybody is clear
16:55:16 <jgriffith> hemna: nope
16:55:18 <hemna> k
16:55:28 <jgriffith> #topic GlusterFS
16:55:34 <jgriffith> mberlin: You're up
16:55:35 <mberlin> My turn ;)
16:55:39 <mberlin> My name is Michael Berlin and I work for the storage startup Quobyte which has its office in Berlin, Germany.
16:55:41 <jgriffith> hemna: sorry, it was on the agenda
16:55:45 <hemna> np
16:55:46 <jgriffith> multi-attach was not
16:55:51 <hemna> yah no worries.
16:55:55 <mberlin> Our storage interface for VMs is file based and therefore our Cinder driver is very similar to the NFS and GlusterFS one.
16:56:00 <asselin> from previous topic: etherpad link with links referenced above: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/juno-cinder-3rd-party-cert-and-verification
16:56:09 <mberlin> In fact, I reused the GlusterFS snapshot code for our Cinder driver. I've submitted our driver for review earlier this week.
16:56:19 <mberlin> Avishay (for good reasons) complained about the code duplication.
16:56:26 <mberlin> As a solution, I volunteer to move out the GlusterFS snapshot code into the general RemoteFS class in the NFS driver.
16:56:35 <mberlin> Eric planned to do this for Juno anyway and agrees with that.
16:56:41 <mberlin> The code duplication would be reduced and the NFS driver profits from the snapshot functionality.
16:56:41 <mberlin> Any concerns about this?
16:56:46 <jgriffith> sounds fine to me
16:57:08 <bswartz> +1
16:57:12 <eharney> i think this is a good plan and i don't forsee any issues with it -- goal is to just get all the *FS drivers that need snapshot functionality working the same way
16:57:13 <avishay> jgriffith: stop agreeing with me
16:57:18 <navneet> mberlin: we need to evaluate it on netapp nfs drivers
16:57:20 <jgriffith> eharney: +1
16:57:24 <bswartz> I have one issue/requirement
16:57:24 <jgriffith> avishay: NO
16:57:25 <jgriffith> :)
16:57:28 <avishay> :)
16:57:36 <navneet> mberlin: hopefully should be fine but ll let you know
16:57:40 <eharney> navneet: i don't think this is relevant for NFS drivers...
16:57:43 <jgriffith> bswartz: ?
16:57:45 <eharney> navneet: Netapp NFS i mean
16:58:00 <jgriffith> bswartz: issue/requirement?
16:58:02 <bswartz> whatever is pulled into the RemoteFS driver needs to be overridable in the child drivers (i.e. don't create any objects in the constructor)
16:58:06 <navneet> eharney: ok...not sure
16:58:20 <eharney> correct
16:58:28 <navneet> RemoteFs is something netapp also inherits
16:58:29 <avishay> bswartz: fo sho
16:58:30 <bswartz> just makes sure that setup work is done in methods that can be overridden
16:58:35 <jgriffith> bswartz: sure, that would kinda defeat the purpose
16:58:36 <navneet> unless things have chnaged
16:58:59 <eharney> navneet: the NetApp driver provides all its own create/delete snapshot methods though.  so as long as we don't do something silly it'll be fine
16:59:05 <avishay> mberlin: sounds good?
16:59:05 <bswartz> last time I checked the glusterFS driver did some stuff in the constructor which would make the driver very hard to subclass correctly
16:59:15 <mberlin> Sounds good to me.
16:59:31 <eharney> bswartz: it might, i know i caused some issues there at one point.  i think i cleaned it up a bit but will need to look around for issues like that again
16:59:31 <mberlin> I'll make sure that overriding is no problem.
16:59:41 <bswartz> mberlin: ty
16:59:43 <avishay> so the verdict is: move the code to remotefs, but do it cleanly so that it can be overridden
16:59:57 <bswartz> yes
16:59:58 <avishay> awesome
17:00:13 <avishay> right on time :)
17:00:21 <mberlin> Yeah :-)
17:00:25 <jungleboyj> :-)
17:00:55 <jgriffith> Okiedokie
17:00:58 <jgriffith> thanks everyone
17:01:02 <jgriffith> #endmeeting