16:20:12 <jgriffith> #startmeeting cinder
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16:20:18 <jgriffith> YAYYY for fungi !!!
16:20:35 <jgriffith> #topic J3 status
16:20:43 <jgriffith> ok... now we're official again
16:20:54 <jungleboyj> \o/
16:20:59 <jgriffith> Note bot was toast so we're 20 minutes in without topic
16:21:13 <jgriffith> flip214: is my understanding correct?
16:21:40 <Arkady_Kanevsky> What should we do for driver cert till CI is working? Create a bug and submit cert results?
16:21:44 <flip214> jgriffith: well, I'm not sure. with some luck DRBDmanage should have snapshots by September ...
16:21:56 <jgriffith> Arkady_Kanevsky: we have to rally and fix issues :)
16:22:05 <jgriffith> flip214: yeah, that's too late :(
16:22:06 <flip214> but for integration/testing/debugging that's a bit late, I know.
16:22:19 <jgriffith> flip214: it'll be item 1 in Kilo
16:22:31 <jgriffith> let's talk about third party ci
16:22:36 <flip214> any chance of a maintenance release at the end of year?
16:22:37 <joa> oh.
16:22:37 <jgriffith> #topic third-party-ci status
16:23:02 <jgriffith> flip214: not for drivers... but we push to master and people can pull that
16:23:11 <jgriffith> flip214: we can talk in cinder channel after if you like?
16:23:25 <jgriffith> flip214: we do maintenance releases for bugs
16:23:31 <jgriffith> no new features or drivers though
16:23:42 <jgriffith> ok... third party CI
16:23:50 <flip214> jgriffith: it's okay, thanks. At least the uncertainty has vanished!
16:24:06 <jgriffith> some folks have mentioned that things seem to be a bit ..... *unstable* as of late
16:24:24 <jgriffith> particularly rigs that were passing are not passing any longer
16:24:26 <jgriffith> couple of things:
16:24:28 <e0ne> looks like we've got some issue with tempest and/or devstack. not sure that all of them are bugs in sinder
16:24:44 <jgriffith> Check tempest and devstack git history, see if you can figure out when/what went wrong
16:24:57 <xyang1> This tempest bug is still not merged: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/112535/
16:25:41 <xyang1> about test_volume_boot_pattern
16:26:00 <jgriffith> xyang1: is that believe to *fix* the issues?
16:26:12 <asselin> jgriffith, one issue we ran into was that we were using the old openstack pypi mirrors, which didn't have the new requirements...hence lots of failures.
16:26:25 <jgriffith> ok... let's all back up a second
16:26:41 <xyang1> jgriffith: that's supposed to fix some issues related to test_volume_boot_pattern that we run into
16:26:54 <jgriffith> so, it seems some people are having issues with CI that aren't necessarily driver related
16:27:04 <xyang1> jgriffith: not sure if it will fix all issues
16:27:12 <jgriffith> The most common ones I've heard are test_volume_boot_pattern
16:27:34 <jgriffith> I've also personally noticed a lot of flakiness in attaching of volumes created with encryption types
16:27:42 <e0ne> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/116290/ - this fixes some issue with tempest and rbd backend (about 5 tests)
16:27:53 <jgriffith> everything else seems to run *ok* and consistently
16:28:20 <jgriffith> e0ne: that's Ceph specific
16:28:31 <e0ne> jgriffith: yep
16:28:48 <jgriffith> e0ne: I'm really only concerned with issues people are having with running that *are not* related to their driver
16:28:57 <e0ne> sorry:(
16:28:59 <jgriffith> or don't appear to be related to their driver
16:29:02 <jgriffith> e0ne: no worries
16:29:24 <smcginnis> jgriffith: Just testing running tempest following setup from Jay Pipes instructions fails. Nothing related to specific driver.
16:29:51 <jgriffith> smcginnis: ok, so are you saying the actual setup of the systems?  Or the tests?
16:30:15 <smcginnis> jgriffith: Some issues with the setup. Seem to have resolved them, now it's just down to running the tests.
16:30:23 <jgriffith> What I'd like to see people do if possible is log bugs with a "third-party-ci-fail" tag
16:30:26 <smcginnis> jgriffith: Haven't even gotten to trying to test our driver.
16:30:31 <rhe00> how many CI systems are online and allowed to give feedback on non-sandbox cinder stuff?  I only saw two on my review??
16:30:49 <jgriffith> but make absolutely certain it's not your driver, or your CI-Rig before doing so
16:31:16 <jgriffith> rhe00: I think there's two vendors active right now HP and EMC
16:31:23 <jgriffith> rhe00: IBM should be back online shortly
16:31:24 <rhe00> ok, that's what I saw
16:31:37 <Murali> Who can help me with pylint errors? My patch is failing with "Module 'hashlib' has no 'sha256'". We may need to add this error to exception list
16:31:48 <jgriffith> I'll add mine when I figure out the attach issues/failures I'm seeing
16:31:58 <jgriffith> Murali: link to patch?
16:32:10 <Murali> pylint
16:32:18 <jgriffith> Murali: I'll take a look at it after the meeting and add comments if I can help
16:32:21 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Hope to be.
16:32:36 <jgriffith> Murali: yes... I understand pylint, which patch/review ID?
16:32:47 <Murali> https://review.openstack.org/110068
16:32:50 <rhe00> so is the plan still to boot all drivers that don't have an active vendor CI, and if so, by when?
16:33:17 <eharney> Murali: we currently have an exception like that for 'sha224'.  it's likely lintstack.py needs to be modified to generate that exception as well
16:33:23 <jgriffith> rhe00: let's focus on getting things up and running for now
16:33:30 <rhe00> ok
16:33:33 <Murali> jgriffith:thanks John
16:33:41 <jgriffith> rhe00: we can discuss things like driver removal etc later
16:33:50 <jgriffith> Murali: you're very welcome
16:34:14 <jgriffith> Ok... so here's a plan
16:34:30 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: started a g-docs spreadsheet of third-party ci status
16:34:45 <jgriffith> I propose we all update that with our current status
16:34:56 <jgriffith> and start an issues page
16:35:06 <smcginnis> jgriffith: I know I've seen it, but do you have a link?
16:35:10 <jgriffith> where issues == tempest tests that fial for you
16:35:24 <jgriffith> smcginnis: I don't, but I'll find it... was hoping DuncanT- would appear
16:35:43 <smcginnis> jgriffith: +1 on that plan
16:36:09 <joa> Personally, my CI has a few tests failing (I agree on that plan, jgriffith), I still have to check whether it's config-related or not
16:36:24 <jgriffith> smcginnis: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WCfGEm1XgK79vMMi67dxUcK_sw4FINQhzPbrQ_NRvxM/edit?usp=sharing
16:36:32 <jgriffith> ^^ link to ci status sheet
16:36:43 <smcginnis> jgriffith: Thank you much!
16:36:44 <e0ne> "You need permission" :(
16:37:02 <joa> yup, requires access.
16:37:09 <e0ne> jgriffith: could you, please, make it a bit more public?
16:37:11 <joa> Requested to DuncanT-
16:37:18 <erlon> jgriffith: who supose to access that?
16:37:25 <eharney> the one that i looked at and edited before didn't have access
16:37:29 <jungleboyj> jgriffith smcginnis https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WCfGEm1XgK79vMMi67dxUcK_sw4FINQhzPbrQ_NRvxM/edit?usp=sharing_eil
16:37:30 <eharney> restrictions*
16:37:53 <eharney> because i can't access that either
16:38:13 <eharney> and i thought it was an etherpad...
16:38:24 <AlkaD> can't access it either
16:38:27 <xyang1> I thought there was an etherpad eariler
16:38:28 <smcginnis> jgriffith: jungleboyj So we wait for DuncanT- ?
16:38:51 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: Yeah, I was supposed to have access but don't appear to.
16:38:56 <jgriffith> I'll leave access permissions to DuncanT-
16:39:06 <jgriffith> if he doesn't want to change it I'll start a new version
16:39:10 <eharney> jgriffith: so the data from the etherpad was moved here?
16:39:14 <xyang1> should we all email DuncanT- with status and ask him to update it?
16:39:17 <jgriffith> eharney: which etherpad :)
16:39:31 <eharney> jgriffith: the one that driver owners were asked to fill out with information listing all the drivers.
16:39:39 <eharney> which... i can't find now
16:39:40 <patrickeast> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-driver-maintainers ?
16:40:02 <jgriffith> nahh... that's just the maintainers list
16:40:12 <jgriffith> alright...
16:40:16 <jgriffith> How's this
16:40:25 <jgriffith> I'll create a new etherpad
16:40:51 <jgriffith> unless somebody has an actual link to an existing one with this info?
16:41:38 * jungleboyj plays the crickets sound
16:41:49 <jgriffith> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-third-party-ci-status
16:42:37 <xyang1> jgriffith: where do we report issues?  on this etherpad as well?
16:42:46 <joa> should we savage-edit ? :p
16:42:54 <jgriffith> xyang1: yes, to start with
16:43:05 <xyang1> jgriffith: ok
16:43:10 <jgriffith> xyang1: and of course if you think you've identified a valid bug it should be logged in LP
16:43:24 <jgriffith> and use a tag
16:43:30 <jgriffith> I'll pu tthat info on the etherpad
16:43:37 <xyang1> jgriffith: sure.  I opened a bug for the boot pattern issue
16:44:06 <jgriffith> xyang1: awesome
16:44:11 <joa> xyang1: there is an issue about the tesT_volume_boot_pattern ? Seems to be one I encounter.
16:44:17 <jgriffith> Ok
16:44:42 <xyang1> joa: yes, patch is here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/112535/
16:44:55 <joa> Well, I have to go through my CI's log to put down which test modulesI encounter issues with
16:45:02 <joa> I suspsect configuration issues for some of them
16:45:14 <joa> should we put them all down, and then triage this later ?
16:45:15 <xyang1> joa: bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tempest/+bug/1351441
16:45:16 <uvirtbot`> Launchpad bug 1351441 in tempest "addCleanup is missing from create snapshot test" [Undecided,Fix committed]
16:45:47 <jgriffith> Ok, let's all see if we can't get some data on status on that etherpad (that now won't open for me)
16:46:00 <xyang1> joa: I'll add this info to etherpad as well
16:46:27 <DuncanT-> Gah, I was an hour out, sorry
16:46:28 <jgriffith> alrighty...
16:46:35 <jgriffith> #topic open-discussion
16:46:45 <joa> DuncanT-: yer forgiven, sir.
16:47:28 <DuncanT-> I'll try to make that spreadsheet fully public
16:47:37 <jungleboyj> DuncanT-: +2
16:47:38 <jgriffith> so for those that haven't seen....
16:47:50 <DuncanT-> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WCfGEm1XgK79vMMi67dxUcK_sw4FINQhzPbrQ_NRvxM/edit?usp=sharing
16:47:58 <DuncanT-> Hopefully now done
16:48:16 <joa> DuncanT-: right got access
16:48:17 <joa> thanks
16:48:19 <jgriffith> DuncanT-: started a "kiss" version of setting up third-party-ci https://github.com/Funcan/kiss-ci
16:48:28 <jungleboyj> DuncanT-: I am in now.
16:48:41 <DuncanT-> I still need to push John's updates
16:48:43 <jgriffith> I've taken some liberties on that, and I've also now got a version that uses ansible-playbook for everything
16:48:51 <joa> DuncanT-: How should we tell you to make some changes ?
16:48:59 <jgriffith> the point being, use what you want, but if you're hung up on jenkins etc, don't be
16:48:59 <DuncanT-> I'll do that in the next few minutes before I get pulled off onto something else again
16:49:10 <jgriffith> move on for now and get something running asap
16:49:12 <DuncanT-> joa: To teh spreadsheet? Just go ahead and edit
16:49:20 <joa> ookay, lets try :D
16:49:46 <joa> cant seem to be able to edit my companys status
16:49:52 <joa> isnt it write-locked ?
16:49:59 <eharney> it looks read-only to me too
16:50:08 <joa> okay so i'm not alone
16:50:13 * joa felt lonely one second.
16:52:02 <joa> Well, I'll update Scality's status when it will be writeable :)
16:52:16 <jgriffith> wait... hold up
16:52:24 <jgriffith> let's decide here and now
16:52:28 <jgriffith> one version of truth
16:52:35 <smcginnis> +1
16:52:36 <jgriffith> g-doc spreadsheet or etherpad
16:52:37 <joa> Could the "Build project" status URL be added into that spreadsheet ?
16:52:38 <jgriffith> not both
16:52:50 <joa> +1, I find gdoc table more visual
16:52:57 <jgriffith> I personally don't care which it is as long as it's publicly available
16:53:17 <jgriffith> but I certainly don't want to have multiple versions floating around
16:53:20 <eharney> i'd vote etherpad just because it's generally easier for people to pull up and edit (in my experience anyway)
16:53:32 <AlkaD> +1
16:53:38 <jgriffith> all in favor of etherpad show +1:
16:53:46 <eharney> +1
16:53:46 <AlkaD> +1
16:53:48 <asselin> +1
16:53:50 <xyang1> +1
16:53:57 <jkremer> +1
16:53:58 <jungleboyj> +1
16:53:59 <smcginnis> DuncanT-: Since you are the keeper of the CI's, any preference?
16:54:00 <kmartin> +1
16:54:09 <DuncanT-> I don't mind
16:54:20 <flip214> +1
16:54:24 <jgriffith> ok.... all in favor of a g-doc spreadsheet show +1:
16:54:28 <joa> +1
16:54:36 * joa feels lonely :D
16:54:52 <jungleboyj> +1
16:54:56 * jungleboyj can go either way
16:54:57 <jgriffith> ok... that seems like a pretty clear win
16:54:59 <jgriffith> jungleboyj: WTF
16:55:03 <jgriffith> you can't vote for both
16:55:04 <joa> aahah
16:55:06 <eharney> lol
16:55:06 <bswartz> etherpad +1
16:55:11 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: I felt bad for joa
16:55:15 <jgriffith> haha
16:55:25 <smcginnis> 0 No score
16:55:26 <jungleboyj> etherpad is fine
16:55:28 <flip214> in etherpad it's much easier to change other people's minds.
16:55:29 <joa> :)
16:55:35 <kmartin> jungleboyj: what a nice guy
16:55:41 <jgriffith> Ok, let's try etherpad, but I'd like ot figure out if we can create a table in etherpad
16:55:42 <jungleboyj> kmartin: You know it!
16:55:47 <jgriffith> and keep things somewhat organized
16:55:55 <joa> jgriffith: that was my.. internal worry ?
16:55:57 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: +1
16:56:04 <joa> if there can be a good table I'm all for it
16:56:11 <saguchi_> +1
16:56:15 <joa> only gdoc's one is nice and visual
16:56:27 <joa> if we can have the same on etherpad, all the better
16:56:40 <DuncanT-> The spreadsheet is now editable by y'all in case that is useful
16:56:41 <Swanson> spreadsheet was prettier
16:56:55 <jgriffith> oh boy... we've completely lost control :)
16:57:02 <AlkaD> :)
16:57:05 <eharney> wiki.openstack.org is also an option to consider
16:57:16 <joa> eharney: indeed, good point
16:57:25 <jgriffith> eharney: good compromise
16:57:38 <jgriffith> eharney: I'm making an exec decision...
16:57:41 <smcginnis> eharney: I thought we were trying to make less options, not more! :)
16:57:42 <jgriffith> wiki.openstack
16:57:49 <jgriffith> I'll link it to cinder wiki page
16:57:54 <jgriffith> done
16:57:58 <eharney> it's easily editable but a little less unstable than an etherpad environment
16:58:01 <eharney> sounds good to me...
16:58:11 <joa> also, logs the changes :))
16:58:16 * DuncanT- also invites related reviews on https://review.openstack.org/116887 - I've got a few more to add but digging through emails is far harder than letting you all comment
16:58:30 <rhe00> just have to figure out concurrency so not all at once... :)
16:58:49 <eharney> joa: etherpad actually does that, it's just got a tricky UI
16:58:53 * jungleboyj can't use the ASCII table generator I just found now.
16:59:02 <joa> eharney: oh. tricky it is, then
16:59:06 <jgriffith> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/third-party-ci-status
16:59:19 <jgriffith> I'll get things flushed out (table etc)
16:59:30 <jgriffith> ok... thanks goodness we're out of time
16:59:37 <joa> DuncanT-: commented.
16:59:38 <jgriffith> please check this wiki later and update
16:59:43 <jgriffith> thanks everyone
16:59:47 <jgriffith> #endmeeting