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16:00:14 <thingee> hello everyone
16:00:14 <asselin> o/
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16:00:20 <tbarron> hi
16:00:23 <Swanson> hello
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16:00:36 <rhe00_> hi
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16:00:45 <thingee> agenda for today:
16:00:47 <thingee> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CinderMeetings
16:00:55 <avishay> hi
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16:01:00 <thingee> lets get started!
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16:01:11 <thingee> #topic Kilo Third Party CI Deadline Confusion
16:01:16 <DuncanT> Hey
16:01:17 <jungleboyj> o/
16:01:22 <thingee> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-January/054101.html
16:01:23 <akerr> o/
16:01:26 <vbala> Hi
16:01:44 <scottda> hi
16:01:48 <thingee> so this thread started by erlon, is presenting some confusion with deadlines we talked about
16:01:55 <thingee> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/cinder/2014/cinder.2014-11-19-16.00.html
16:02:23 <thingee> back in november 19th according to the summary, we would set the k-2 for old drivers and k-3 for new
16:02:26 <thangp> o/
16:02:38 <DuncanT> So immediately after that meeting there was a big discussion in the channel
16:02:41 <thingee> I wanted communication for both openstack-dev mailing list and individual maintainers
16:02:58 <DuncanT> About whether CI was ready/easy enough/reliable enough for us to set a requirement for
16:03:19 <DuncanT> Which didn't come to a conclusion
16:04:21 <thingee> ok, regardless, we set a deadline. DuncanT you initially updated this in the wiki https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/tested-3rdParty-drivers#Deadlines
16:04:43 <thingee> so now we have confusion coming from maintainers that have had drivers before K dev
16:05:39 <thingee> DuncanT: did you email maintainers as given in action item from the nov 19th?
16:06:19 <DuncanT> No, because the discussion after was that that deadline was unreasonable and we should include better instructions first
16:07:07 <jungleboyj> I don't know why there is confusion.  We came out of the working session on Friday at the Summit with the direction in the Wiki set in place.
16:07:28 <thingee> jungleboyj: not all maintainers were there.
16:08:01 <jungleboyj> thingee: Fair enough.
16:08:03 <thingee> if we email maintainers with the given address were suppose to reach a vendor at and exhausted the mailing list as erlon pointed out, there would be really no excuse
16:08:22 <thingee> there is no mention of the deadline on the mailing list
16:08:50 <thingee> the wiki still stated the deadline regardless of this convo that took place in #openstack-cinder. My point is communication on this was horrible
16:08:52 <jungleboyj> thingee: So, we missed communication to the mailing list.  Sounds like we can't fix that.  What is the remediation plan then?
16:10:02 <jungleboyj> thingee: Can we take it to the mailing list now, note the mistake in communication and make the deadline K-3 ?
16:10:21 <thingee> so here's my proposal. is 17 weeks enough time for maintainers with drivers before K to get a CI up
16:10:24 <thingee> ?
16:10:42 <thingee> not proposal, question
16:10:54 <thingee> if so, my proposal would be new and old maintainers have until k-3
16:10:59 <jungleboyj> thingee: I hope so.  I have gotten my teams to get systems set up between the Summit and Christmas.
16:11:02 <DuncanT> I'd say so, yes, but then I keep being told I'm wrong about that
16:11:07 <smcginnis> I think so. Especially since we were pushin in Juno that they had to have them.
16:11:08 * eikke has been working on setting up CI the last couple of days. It's non-trivial, at least
16:11:18 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: +1
16:11:26 <flip214> thingee: to be honest, I spent most of the last 2 days trying to get my devstack instances updated.
16:11:29 <AlkaD> +1
16:11:32 <deepakcs> eikke, +1, we have been working on the new devstack plugin model and its been non-trivial as well
16:11:46 <flip214> things like oslo.concurrency and some other problem can waste a lot of time.
16:12:14 <deepakcs> creating a new stackforge project, understanding how to get it done, creating new job are very time consuming (atleast for the 1st time folks)
16:12:14 <flip214> having CI would be "easy" (as in "requires only a bit of glue") if devstack would reliably work...
16:12:33 <jgriffith> flip214: that's a BS statement
16:12:34 <thingee> ok so when in k-3 is the cut off? When do we deprecate the driver if there is no CI?
16:12:48 <eikke> flip214: not if you take the requirement a single CI system can only put 1 comment per changeset into account, and you have multiple drivers
16:12:48 <flip214> but I had to do "rm -rf /opt/stack && ./stack.sh" after trying (and failing) for quite a few hours
16:13:09 <jgriffith> thingee: that's a good question
16:13:13 <flip214> jgriffith: sorry if you think so. I've wasted quite a lot of time with it, and not for the first time either.
16:13:32 <asselin> for those having issues, there are 3rd party mentoring meetings to help out, in addition to asking directly in the irc channels
16:13:38 <asselin> and mailing list
16:13:57 <patrickeast> asselin +1
16:13:59 <jungleboyj> asselin: Thank you for all you and the 3rd party team have been doing to help!
16:14:01 <patrickeast> they are very helpful
16:14:08 <patrickeast> and have like 3 meetings a week now
16:14:15 <asselin> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ThirdParty
16:14:17 <jgriffith> asselin: +1, and also no offense to anybody, but there's a real lack of investment IMHO regarding people actually digging into OpenStack as a whole
16:14:37 <flip214> even the documentation is outdated. the wiki still says that 2GB are enough; my VM reliably went OOM (as in killing eg. mysql) until I gave it 5GB.  (see http://docs.openstack.org/developer/devstack/guides/single-vm.html#prerequisites-cloud-image)
16:15:18 <asselin> last night in 3rd party meeting, there's discussions to get docs updated.
16:15:18 <DuncanT> flip214: Have you updated the wiki?
16:15:22 <thingee> Ok so if I don't see a CI reporting by k-3 that's 03-19, as far as I'm concerned, your driver might not work in Cinder. I honestly don't know if it's worth deprecating
16:15:42 <asselin> perhaps a mini sprint scheduled for next week, if ppl are avaiable.
16:15:45 <DuncanT> thingee: +1
16:15:46 <smcginnis> Or they get put on the naughty list.
16:15:53 <smcginnis> :)
16:16:00 <jungleboyj> thingee: +1
16:16:02 <jgriffith> thingee: I think sadly it may not be.  BUT I would argue that you better be able to at least do the old cert script
16:16:16 <smcginnis> jgriffith: +1
16:16:19 <rhe00_> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/tested-3rdParty-drivers#Deadlines states end of K-3 for new drivers. I have set my schedule after that so I would really like that to stay that way
16:16:20 <asselin> thingee, e-mails should be sent out still
16:16:28 <flip214> DuncanT: no, at least not yet, because I don't even _know_ what is right or wrong there!
16:16:28 <thingee> jgriffith: ok
16:16:29 <akerr> thingee: question about FC drivers...
16:16:36 <jgriffith> thingee: honestly... if you can't deploy devstack with your driver and run tests you have no business saying "hey my company xyz offers Cinder drivers and we're awwesome"
16:16:38 <thingee> akerr: shoot
16:16:49 <smcginnis> I do have to say, getting CI set up was a huge struggle. Things definitely need to improve. But I definitely learned a lot going through the process.
16:16:53 <thingee> jgriffith: +1
16:17:06 <akerr> thingee: FC has a lot of extra gotchas that normal IP based drivers don't that make it harder to get running CI, are they also included in this deadline>?
16:17:11 <thingee> wow my irc private messages are blowing up
16:17:15 <thingee> ;)
16:17:32 <flip214> my conclusion: ci is *good*; but march 19th is awfully close. YMMV.
16:17:34 <e0ne> jgriffith: that's why CI is needed
16:17:37 * jungleboyj hears opportunity for a new song.
16:17:39 <thingee> I think HP guys, especially asselin can help with that
16:17:41 <smcginnis> flip214: You have a new driver, right?
16:17:45 <thingee> akerr: ^
16:17:47 <flip214> smcginnis: right
16:17:51 <eikke> jgriffith: it's not setting up devstack that was hard on our side, rather integration with gerrit and such (I used the gerrit-trigger plugin of jenkins, but now it turns out that should be changed most likely because of the 1-comment rule, so zuul and job-builder and whatnot are thrown in)
16:17:57 <smcginnis> So the statement was any existing drivers. Is that correct?
16:17:59 <thingee> akerr: they had the same problems from what I understand
16:18:14 <smcginnis> New drivers have a little more time.
16:18:24 <Swanson> 3-19 for new, I thought.
16:18:30 <jgriffith> eikke: understood, you won't hear arguments against that from me
16:18:31 <asselin> eikke, let's talk afterwards. there's likely some solutions ppl have already found.
16:18:39 <thingee> smcginnis: to make it simple, all drivers must have a ci by k-3
16:18:43 <thingee> smcginnis: new or old
16:18:45 <eikke> asselin: would like that :)
16:18:49 <thingee> that's march 19th
16:18:57 <smcginnis> OK, got it.
16:19:20 <thingee> so here's my proposal, as clear as I can make it to get a consensus here...
16:19:44 <jungleboyj> thingee: If you don't have it on 3/19 we submit patches to remove the driver?
16:20:15 <jungleboyj> thingee: No potential for fall back to running the Cert script?
16:20:49 <thingee> All Cinder *volume* drivers must have a CI by March 19th, end of k-3. If not, your driver is removed, doesn't work with the CInder in K. We will mention the removal in release notes for Cinder users. For people who are having issues with this deadline, you better be in good communcation with me.
16:20:50 <DuncanT> I think we have to say 'no fallback' or we'll be having this discussion again in the Z release
16:21:04 <thingee> does anyone oppose to that proposal ^^^
16:21:16 <DuncanT> +1 from me
16:21:19 <smcginnis> +1 with some leniency for FC drivers.
16:21:22 <jungleboyj> DuncanT: +1, just clarifying.
16:21:24 <e0ne> +1
16:21:26 <thingee> I will email all maintainers, and email the openstack dev mailing list about this as well
16:21:26 <patrickeast> so, just to make sure there isn't a grey area (and hopefully not to confuse the issue more), when we say "have a ci" this means a ci that runs and passes on every single check in? passes on 95%+ of them? I've noticed from personal experience that the ci's are not a set up once and forget kind of deal... did anyone have some kind of uptime requirement in mind?
16:21:37 <avishay> I want drivers that work, +1
16:21:43 <jungleboyj> thingee: +1 ... Want to talk about FC.
16:22:06 <thingee> patrickeast: just the tempest api.volume tests
16:22:31 <smcginnis> thingee, patrickeast: I think
16:22:32 <jgriffith> thingee: umm... one correction; 'tempest volume' tests
16:22:34 <smcginnis> "most of the time"
16:22:34 <patrickeast> thingee: right, but i guess my question is how reliably?
16:22:55 <thingee> patrickeast: well if you're not reliable, you will be removed. just like today
16:23:01 <smcginnis> Somewhat subjective, but we do miss some occasionally for various reason.
16:23:01 <jungleboyj> patrickeast: Reliably enough that Infra doesn't disable your account.
16:23:02 <thingee> your ci is false to patches.
16:23:04 <rhe00_> how many concurrent check ins do the CI system have to handle?
16:23:07 <patrickeast> ie do i need to go tell my manager we need 24/7 shift from dev opts for it?
16:23:08 <thingee> jungleboyj: +1
16:23:11 <smcginnis> jungleboyj: +1
16:23:31 <thingee> FC folks, be in good communcation with me.
16:23:35 <thingee> about progress
16:23:40 <jungleboyj> patrickeast: I don't think we have that expectation.
16:23:47 <akerr> thingee: will do
16:24:13 <thingee> ok, are we ok to move on?
16:24:16 <winston-d> jungleboyj: what is the criteria for Infra to disable a 3rd party CI account? Just curious.
16:24:23 <jungleboyj> thingee: Will do.  Need to check in with our FC people to see how things are going.
16:24:27 <patrickeast> jungleboyj: ok, i guess maybe we can discuss more offline, my understanding is that the ci accounts are disabled when *we* decide to turn them off
16:24:40 <DuncanT> winston-d: 5 or more disagreements with Jenkins in a row, without them being real issues
16:24:44 <asselin> patrickeast, ++ it's a cinder team job now
16:25:00 <DuncanT> winston-d: Is the 'guideance' criteria
16:25:00 <jungleboyj> DuncanT: That sounds right.
16:25:01 <smcginnis> Bad votes, behaving like the CloudByte CI, etc. :)
16:25:06 <thingee> #topic Fixing allocated_capacity in Cinder
16:25:10 <winston-d> DuncanT: can we disable CloudByte for now?
16:25:14 <thingee> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1408763/comments/1
16:25:16 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1408763 in cinder "allocated_capacity tracking is broken in manager" [Medium,Triaged]
16:25:23 <thingee> #https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1408763
16:25:24 * DuncanT put in a disable request for cloudbyte a few hours ago ;-)
16:25:29 <thingee> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1408763
16:25:33 <thingee> full thread ^
16:25:37 <thingee> jgriffith: here?
16:25:42 <jgriffith> :)
16:25:51 <jgriffith> Ok... so I'm going to try and summarize
16:26:20 <jgriffith> currently.... the manager code sets a allocated_capacity_gb
16:26:33 <jgriffith> this is incremented on each volume create, and decremented on each volume delete
16:26:43 <jgriffith> this number is used as our simple scheduler replacement
16:27:03 <jgriffith> and is intended to represent the CINDER allocated GB on a host
16:27:11 <jgriffith> Now....
16:27:15 <jgriffith> the problem is taskflow
16:27:37 <jgriffith> in the case of a failure, taskflow will retry
16:28:01 <avishay> jgriffith: the problem is poor error handling / rollback , not taskflow :)
16:28:05 <jgriffith> the way it works however is the retry is done in the tflow lib itself, and calls the scheduler-->manager multiple times
16:28:11 <jgriffith> avishay: no, it's not that simple
16:28:15 <jgriffith> avishay: nice try
16:28:22 <jgriffith> let me finish please
16:28:28 <DuncanT> Isn't quota reservation/commit going to have the exact same problem?
16:28:34 <jgriffith> DuncanT: yes
16:28:42 <jgriffith> so there are two problems here:
16:29:03 <jgriffith> 1. If the task fails in the driver we raise and the allocation is never incremented
16:29:14 <jgriffith> This is bad because the delete works and decrements still
16:29:25 <jgriffith> so the count is completely inaccurate
16:29:41 <jgriffith> (think error on create, we have it in DB but it's in error state)
16:29:57 <jgriffith> so.. put a finally block in the run_flow
16:30:03 <jgriffith> Nope... that doesn't work
16:30:10 <jgriffith> because you call it multiple times
16:30:27 <jgriffith> so... add a taskcompletion class in TFLOW
16:30:49 <jgriffith> Not so easy, even though everybody says "Taskflow is easy" it's not trivial to make such changes
16:30:56 <jgriffith> they're very far reaching and complex
16:30:59 <avishay> who said taskflow is easy?
16:31:09 <thingee> avishay: oh no
16:31:12 <jgriffith> someobdy in this room
16:31:13 <jgriffith> :)
16:31:17 <jgriffith> enough said LOL
16:31:19 <jgriffith> ok....
16:31:21 <thingee> jgriffith: :)
16:31:32 <jgriffith> anyway, bottom line there's all sorts of caveats, traps and gotchas
16:31:50 <flip214> to me that sounds as if the per-host value needs to be fetched from the database, where all the current volume states are known
16:31:51 <jgriffith> in the bug I proposed driver reporting which I still think is something we want, but maybe not for this bug
16:31:51 <avishay> jgriffith: why not do a DB query to get the number instead of trying to keep track of it?
16:32:06 <jgriffith> winston-d: pointed out the intent being truly just Cinder allocated space
16:32:09 <jgriffith> which makes sense
16:32:19 <jgriffith> the patch I worked up is well....
16:32:27 <avishay> I don't think the driver/storage should be keeping track of Cinder things
16:32:40 <jgriffith> after each create or delete... I get all volumes for the host out of the db
16:32:40 <jungleboyj> avishay: +1
16:32:50 <jgriffith> iterate through and tally up size for host and pool
16:32:56 <xyang1> jgriffith: did you see my comments in the bug? I added provisioned_capacity as part of the over subscription patch
16:33:06 <jgriffith> avishay: jungleboyj if you would let me finish, I said that in the next line :)
16:33:24 <avishay> jgriffith: go ahead, sorry
16:33:24 <jgriffith> xyang1: yes, and I think that's needed/good but not for this problem
16:33:36 <jgriffith> so what I'd like to prpose:
16:33:52 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: +1  :-)
16:34:11 <jgriffith> * I change that name from allocated_capacity_gb, to something more indictive: "apparant_host_allocation" or something
16:34:22 <jgriffith> and implement the db hack that I described
16:34:37 <jgriffith> I'm concerned about push back from folks on doing that iteration
16:34:49 <jgriffith> I don't think there's a big performance problem but I could be wrong
16:35:00 <avishay> Can I offer an alternative?
16:35:03 <smcginnis> It seems like there are two problems.
16:35:05 <jgriffith> avishay: absolutely
16:35:06 <smcginnis> If the volume is actually created on the array but the database isn't incremented then space is consumed but not reported.
16:35:09 <smcginnis> If the volume isn't actually created then it's reported that space is consumed even though it's not.
16:35:12 <smcginnis> Seems like the array (and therefore the driver) would be the source of truth.
16:35:36 <jgriffith> smcginnis: Yep, and we don't care in this case
16:35:42 <avishay> If the scheduler is the only one who needs this value, it can access the DB when it needs to.  We can write a query that counts with SQL.
16:36:01 <jgriffith> avishay: well, it's the manager that actually uses it
16:36:04 <jgriffith> but maybe
16:36:09 <xyang1> provisioned_capacity is from the array.  it what is actually created on the array
16:36:16 <winston-d> avishay: that was how Simple Scheduler did it.
16:36:22 <jgriffith> avishay: pools throws a new wrench in the works here though as well
16:36:41 <avishay> jgriffith: why does the manager need it?
16:36:50 <DuncanT> If the array is shared cinder and none-cinder, how is it supposed to know what to report?
16:36:59 <jgriffith> avishay: well, maybe it doesn't, currently that's where scheduler gets it from
16:37:09 <avishay> ideally things that we retry would be idempotent and we would properly roll back on failures, so we would never get in this mess, but that's bigger than this
16:37:27 <jgriffith> avishay: well, that's what's funny
16:37:47 <jgriffith> avishay: we're in the mess due to a lack of understanding of how taskflow responds to failures I think
16:38:05 <jgriffith> avishay: so there's no try/except in the mangaer code
16:38:08 <xyang1> DuncanT: ya, array only knows the total, cinder and non-cinder.  to get cinder only, it has to be from cinder db
16:38:21 <thingee> jgriffith: honestly I haven't read the discussions closely between you and harlowja_away, but he was not able to resolve them?
16:38:24 <jgriffith> so at first glance you think... "yeah, do this fall through this call this call etc"
16:38:59 <jgriffith> thingee: he had some ideas but they involved some changes to the library itself (taskflow library)
16:39:00 <thingee> jgriffith: you mentioned this taskcompletion class, that was just not intutitive from the docs he has on it? I assume he has docs anyways, because he writes a lot of them :)
16:39:15 <thingee> jgriffith: did he offer to them in the library?
16:39:18 <jgriffith> thingee: he has great docs
16:39:20 <thingee> himself
16:39:36 <jgriffith> I think the point is being missed regardless
16:39:53 <jgriffith> We should not have something that ONLY harlow can support, maintain and understand
16:39:57 <jgriffith> that's BAD
16:40:12 <thingee> jgriffith: all I'm trying to understand is the author of a library we depend heavily on for volume creates is trying to work with us. If you remember from the K summit, it was endangered of removal.
16:40:22 <jgriffith> we also IMO shouldn't have such a hard time trying to make such a simple change
16:40:40 <jgriffith> thingee: he is ABSOLUTELY working with me
16:40:41 <thingee> jgriffith: I agree with that statement about harlowja_away being the only one to understand it
16:40:55 <jgriffith> thingee: harlowja_away is GREAT!!! Make that clear, very responsive and helpful
16:41:30 <jgriffith> thingee: my concern is what happens when he quits and goes on tour with Just Beber!
16:41:37 <jgriffith> Justin
16:41:39 <avishay> lol
16:41:39 <jgriffith> :)
16:41:55 <thingee> jgriffith: I guess I would argue the same thing about a lot of libraries. Have you ever worked in the eventlet or paramiko? we depend on contributors in those projects...
16:41:56 <avishay> on the other hand, there is no alternative
16:41:56 <jungleboyj> oye vey.
16:42:22 <jgriffith> I've spent a good deal of time trying to come up to speed on Tflow and honestly I don't feel very competent outside of adding to the existing manger
16:42:36 <jgriffith> avishay: not true, but I'm not going there in this meeting :)
16:42:46 <avishay> jgriffith: fair enough
16:42:48 <jgriffith> all I wanted in this meeting was feedback on using the db hack
16:42:50 <jgriffith> or...
16:43:03 <jgriffith> as was pointed out maybe moving it somewhere else (back to scheduler)?
16:43:12 <thingee> jgriffith: I think we're fine with it. I'm just worried about us avoid the layers that use taskflow, because it's taskflow/
16:43:18 <jgriffith> or do we need it at all... do we rip the band-aid off and go back to driver reporting
16:43:21 <flip214> people, two more points on the agenda, only 15mins left.
16:43:28 <thingee> jgriffith: and I just haven't spent time with it to really understand the problem you're having.
16:43:32 <jgriffith> thingee: to be fair, that's not what I'm doing here
16:43:50 <jgriffith> thingee: I'm not avoiding it just because it's taskflow or difficult
16:43:51 <avishay> jgriffith: i would really not like the drivers to report this.  i think an SQL query with count should do the trick.
16:44:08 <jgriffith> thingee: I spent quite a bit of time trying various things with taskflow, but there are some gotchas
16:44:14 <thingee> jgriffith: if harlowja_away gave you a solution, this taskcompletion class, and you decide to go do this in the drivers themselves, that sounds like avoiding taskflow.
16:44:20 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: Sounds like people are ok with the SQL query.
16:44:22 <jgriffith> thingee: particularly when you try and work with member variables
16:44:52 <jgriffith> thingee: ok, I feel I'm not explaining things correctly
16:44:54 <flip214> IMO the SQL is much easier in the short term; the "right" solution would be reporting by the drivers.
16:45:18 <thingee> jgriffith: and I apologize for my lack of understanding too. I'm going off little bits of your long discussion with him.
16:45:20 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: thingee is this a good topic for the meet-up?
16:45:29 <jgriffith> winston-d: my question wrt driver reporting however... is we want this to be just Cinder info no?
16:45:42 <jgriffith> thingee: no worries
16:45:47 <DuncanT> If you code the SQL version, I will benchmark it with my million fake volumes setup if you want, that should answer the scalability / performance concerns
16:45:59 <thingee> jungleboyj: probably. also because some of the work I was expect in K to do volume deletes with task flow, doesn't seem likely to happen. Unless eharney can give an update
16:46:00 <jgriffith> DuncanT: good idea
16:46:22 <DuncanT> jgriffith: The other approach is to say 'This isn't a sensible thing to schedule on, you can't do that any more'
16:46:32 <winston-d> jgriffith: yes, what we want is just cinder info
16:46:38 <thingee> jgriffith: yeah regardless I think we need to get this fixed. I wanted to discuss other things with you this week, so maybe we can talk again about this
16:46:40 <eharney> thingee: it's still on my radar but no progress so far
16:46:51 <jgriffith> winston-d: yeah, I noticed *why* after your comment in the bug :)
16:47:11 <jgriffith> ok... I'll look at a couple proposals and get them up
16:47:19 <winston-d> but real question is, anyone actually uses AllocatedCapcityWeigher (aka Simple Scheduler)?
16:47:40 <jgriffith> winston-d: hmmmm
16:47:47 <jungleboyj> jgriffith: +1 then we can discuss it f-2-f at the meetup.
16:47:59 <thingee> jgriffith: thanks for all your time on this issue and explaining it to us.
16:48:16 <jungleboyj> thingee: +1
16:48:30 <thingee> #topic Kilo feature freeze
16:48:41 <thingee> I don't think bot is working anymore =/
16:49:11 <jungleboyj> thingee: There was a bit net split yesterday.  Wonder if that broke it.
16:49:22 <thingee> jungleboyj: yeah maintenance work on freenode
16:49:26 <thingee> they had some announcement about it
16:49:31 <thingee> ok so freeze!
16:49:37 <thingee> march 19th is k03
16:49:39 <thingee> k-3 rather
16:49:45 <thingee> so I'm going to throw a date out
16:49:48 <thingee> march 10th
16:50:11 <thingee> 9 days of bug fixing and nothing else can get merged in unless an exception is approved by consensus of core
16:50:21 <thingee> anyone object?
16:50:47 <avishay> sounds great to me
16:50:48 <e0ne> thingee: should we have all blueprints approved or spec/code merged before feature freeze?
16:50:58 <dulek> Is there feature-proposal-freeze?
16:51:02 <jungleboyj> Sounds good.  e0ne Good question.
16:51:04 <DuncanT> +1
16:51:15 <thingee> e0ne: yes
16:51:17 <rushiagr> e0ne: merged I guess
16:51:27 <DuncanT> Merged, I'd have thought
16:51:53 <thingee> to answer dulek's question, when should we stop accepting specs for k-3
16:51:55 <e0ne> just to confirm: we've need to get merged _code_ before ff
16:52:14 <e0ne> what about specs?
16:52:15 <DuncanT> e0ne: Correct
16:52:17 <thingee> code merged by march 10
16:52:18 <jungleboyj> So, specs have to be merged, blueprints proposed and code merged before 3/10 ?
16:52:38 <e0ne> is any deadline for specs merge?
16:52:50 <thingee> spec approval by...what do people think is fair?
16:52:56 <thingee> feb 15?
16:53:20 <jungleboyj> thingee: That seems reasonable.  Gives them a month from today.  Roughly.
16:53:25 <dulek> +1
16:53:27 <e0ne> feb 15 is k-2 and one week more. sounds good to me
16:54:09 <thingee> #idea k-3 spec feature freeze, march 10th code freeze
16:54:18 <dulek> thingee: Can you confirm this decision on the ML?
16:54:26 <thingee> dulek: you bet
16:54:27 <jungleboyj> dulek: +1
16:54:38 <dulek> thanks :)
16:54:38 <thingee> ok thanks everyone
16:54:48 <thingee> #topic Sharing volume snapshots
16:54:51 <rushiagr> (feb 15 is sunday I think)
16:54:53 <thingee> rushiagr: here?
16:54:59 <rushiagr> thingee: yes
16:55:04 <thingee> rushiagr: I never stop working
16:55:06 <thingee> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cinder/+spec/snapshot-sharing
16:55:13 <e0ne> thingee: :)
16:55:40 <rushiagr> thingee: thanks for the link
16:56:01 <thingee> 4 min warning
16:56:12 <rushiagr> so I just wanted to get an idea and if people have strong objections to it
16:56:52 * DuncanT does
16:56:53 <avishay> i do :)
16:57:12 <jgriffith> unfortunately I'm not a fan of sharing at all
16:57:20 <jgriffith> volumes or snapshots, and certainly not ACL's
16:57:22 <jgriffith> :(
16:57:33 <rushiagr> I wouldn't want ACLs myself too
16:57:38 <jgriffith> rushiagr: :)
16:57:42 <avishay> rushiagr: is this a real customer need?
16:57:59 <rushiagr> avishay: well, sort of yes
16:58:12 <DuncanT> Somebody down the road /will/ want ACLs though, and pretty soon we've a reimplementation of glance sat in the cinder tree
16:58:23 <avishay> rushiagr: sort of, or yes? :)
16:58:35 <rushiagr> avishay: heh. I'll say yes :)
16:58:54 <jgriffith> DuncanT: maybe
16:58:56 <avishay> i think that implementing some sort of subset of ACLs will lead to poor APIs.  If it's a real need, then implement the whole thing properly.
16:59:16 <bswartz> I can see the use case for shapshot sharing, but it seems like it would open a can of worms. That use case can probably be addressed other ways
16:59:17 <rushiagr> DuncanT: I would say we can stop at what I'm proposing (as I too won't want ACL too)
16:59:18 <DuncanT> Or make glance faster and get this usecase for fre....
16:59:19 <dulek> Glance has public resources, isn't it solving the problem?
16:59:22 <avishay> But I also feel they are not necessary
16:59:26 <jgriffith> avishay: rushiagr DuncanT what about just doing public/private and drawing the line there
16:59:34 <dulek> I say adoption of this solution.
16:59:44 <jgriffith> dulek: +1 :)
16:59:58 <avishay> jgriffith: fine by me, but make the API uniform for volumes as well - don't see why snapshots are special
17:00:01 <thingee> rushiagr: sorry for little time on your topic, we will revisit it next week first thing, or you can submit a spec for review.
17:00:03 <thingee> #endmeeting