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16:00:06 <thingee> hi all!
16:00:09 <e0ne> hi
16:00:11 <tbarron> hi
16:00:12 <geguileo> hi!
16:00:12 <erlon> hi
16:00:17 <xyang1> Hi
16:00:17 <zongliang> hi
16:00:18 <abhishekk> hi o/
16:00:23 <Swanson> hello
16:00:24 <kmartin> o/
16:00:25 <asselin> o/
16:00:26 <dannywilson> hello
16:00:33 <scottda> hi
16:00:42 <thingee> #topic announcements
16:00:51 <dguryanov> hi
16:00:53 <thingee> So Liberty-1 is coming to a close
16:00:54 <thangp> o/
16:00:58 <thingee> important dates
16:01:16 <thingee> #link https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/liberty-1
16:01:35 <thingee> #info new drivers need to be merged by June 19th
16:01:51 <thingee> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-liberty-drivers
16:01:57 <thingee> those are the drivers that have a chance
16:02:09 <thingee> note, that this list unfortunately was updated again =/
16:02:13 <zongliang> I want to ask l-2 can merge update driver
16:02:18 <dulek_home> hi!
16:02:26 <hemna> thingee, I signed up for 2 of those
16:02:27 <thingee> zongliang: driver updates have nothing to do with new drivers.
16:02:47 <jungleboyj> o/
16:03:15 <smcginnis> o/
16:03:23 <thingee> for your convenience here's a list of reviews needed that are not driver related:
16:03:25 <thingee> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cinder-liberty-1-reviews
16:03:51 <thingee> drivers have priority this milestone though so once that list is done, please take a look at the blueprints and bugs for L-1
16:04:37 <thingee> #info Cinder L-1 may close 6-25 or sooner
16:05:02 <thingee> I've already taking the liberty (heh) to moving stuff to L-2 https://launchpad.net/cinder/+milestone/liberty-2 that doesn't stand a chance
16:05:15 <thingee> any questions?
16:05:52 <thingee> alright lets get started!
16:05:59 <thingee> agenda for today:
16:06:01 <thingee> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CinderMeetings#Next_meeting
16:06:20 <dulek_home> thingee: We've established the deadline for TaskFLow refactoring for L-1. Now BP is L-2, are we moving the deadline?
16:06:32 <thingee> #topic Multiattach volumes
16:06:34 <thingee> hemna: hi
16:06:36 <hemna> hey
16:06:38 <thingee> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-volume-multiattach
16:06:42 <thingee> dulek_home: lets talk later
16:06:47 <thingee> or setup an agenda item
16:06:48 <thingee> :)
16:06:50 <hemna> so the question with this one is how to report the capability
16:07:10 <hemna> I modified the 3PAR driver to report multiattach = True in the get_volume_stats
16:07:16 <hemna> and had a patch against LVM as well
16:07:35 <hemna> but there were a few objections saying that we should just silently default the capability to True
16:07:47 <thingee> hemna: can we do that for now, but have it in our best interest to that changing for the standard capability stuff?
16:07:48 <hemna> so I just wanted to iron this out here.
16:07:59 <thingee> to changing that*
16:08:01 <flip214> hemna: does multiattach mean that eg. multiple nova nodes access the same volume via iSCSI?
16:08:09 <hemna> I personally like the explicit declaration of capabilities
16:08:13 <geguileo> I am in favor of keeping it explicit, like in that patch
16:08:15 <hemna> so they aren't hidden or inferred.
16:08:24 <jungleboyj> hemna: ++
16:08:29 <e0ne> hemna: how many drivers be broken if we'll set multiattach=true?
16:08:33 <flip214> because that would mean that they need some kind of DLM etc.
16:08:39 <jungleboyj> e0ne: Was wondering that as well.
16:08:51 <hemna> flip214, it means that the driver and it's backend support attaching a single volume to more than one instance/host
16:08:56 <smcginnis> My opinion - either default it to false so those drivers that don't support it aren't impacted, or default to true and update each driver to report false.
16:09:24 <flip214> hemna: okay. what about volumes stored on multiple hosts, like Ceph or DRBD?
16:09:26 <hemna> I don't know of all of the backends and what they support or don't
16:09:36 <flip214> that means that all the Nova nodes need access to all the storage nodes.
16:09:42 <hemna> which is why I think it's safer to explicitly report the capability
16:09:42 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: That sounds like a safer approach.
16:09:50 <patrickeast> seems like the safest is to default to false, right?
16:09:51 <hemna> flip214, that's not multiattach
16:09:51 <flip214> and that means IMO that there has to be a way to *check* that
16:10:05 <thingee> jungleboyj, smcginnis the former or latter ?
16:10:16 <hemna> flip214, multiattach as supported in Cinder means a single cinder volume can be attached to more than 1 host/instance
16:10:23 <xyang__> smcginnis: I suggest default to False to be safe
16:10:31 <thingee> xyang__: +1
16:10:31 <hemna> it's up to the user to make sure it has the right filesystem on that volume to actually work.
16:10:35 <eharney> i'd also rather default to false
16:10:36 <vilobhmm> xyang__ : +1
16:10:39 <tbarron> xyang__: ++
16:10:40 <jungleboyj> thingee: To default to false and let those who support it report true.
16:10:44 <flip214> hemna: understood.
16:10:45 <geguileo> xyang__: +1
16:10:46 <smcginnis> thingee: xyang__ +1
16:10:47 <Swanson> xyang__: +1
16:10:50 <thingee> hemna: seems we have consensus
16:10:53 <hemna> ok cool.
16:10:54 <flip214> xyang__: +1
16:11:03 <erlon> xyang__: +1
16:11:05 <hemna> sounds good to me.  thanks guys.
16:11:09 <e0ne> +1 to make default as False
16:11:09 <ameade> o/
16:11:10 <thingee> hemna: take note of my earlier comment though
16:11:19 <thingee> hemna: I can take care of that though
16:11:29 <hemna> thingee, coolio
16:11:44 <jungleboyj> Good talk, good talk.  :-)
16:12:05 <thingee> with capabilities in cinder from the summit, we already agreed the manager by default would report false on capabilities, unless the driver explicitly says true
16:12:17 <hemna> ok I'll also take the LVM patch out of WIP.
16:12:25 <hemna> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/190725/
16:12:30 <hemna> that's the capability reporting for LVM
16:13:32 <hemna> I'll push up a new patch on the lvm driver that removes the 'WIP' in the commit message and clean up the message itself.
16:13:35 <hemna> thanks guys.
16:13:43 <thingee> thanks
16:13:49 <jungleboyj> hemna: ++
16:13:55 <thingee> #topic Add support to return request_id of last request (python-cinderclient)
16:14:00 <abhishekk> hi
16:14:03 <thingee> abhishekk: hi
16:14:04 <thingee> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/python-cinderclient/+spec/return-req-id
16:14:14 <thingee> blueprint ^
16:14:14 <jungleboyj> So, todo for the rest of us, if we support multi-attach to add it to our capabilities reporting.
16:14:19 <thingee> cross project spec:
16:14:21 <thingee> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/156508/8
16:14:31 <thingee> gerrit patch for cinderclient:
16:14:34 <thingee> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/173199/
16:14:37 <abhishekk> Doug hellmann suggested to use thread local storage
16:14:52 <abhishekk> for storing the last request id in client
16:15:02 <abhishekk> which will not break the comptibility
16:15:41 <abhishekk> I would like to here the opinions of community members on this approach
16:16:27 <eharney> the general idea sounds reasonable to me
16:16:32 <abhishekk> IMO this is a plus point for the end-user to know the request id of his request which will help him to understand the cause of failure
16:16:48 <ameade> sounds good to me
16:17:19 <bswartz> what can a client do with the request ID once he has it?
16:17:22 <abhishekk> I also like to complete it within liberty time frame
16:17:37 <abhishekk> it will be used for logging
16:17:48 <jungleboyj> abhishekk: Yeah, this is an idea I have been in support of.
16:17:51 <abhishekk> bswartz: ^
16:17:58 <bswartz> cinder has no client-visible logs yet though, right?
16:18:09 <abhishekk> jungleboyj: thanks
16:18:16 <hemna> bswartz, not that I know of
16:18:26 <bswartz> so this only benefits clients who are also administrators, or clients working with administrators to debug an issue
16:18:36 <vilobhmm> abhishekk, thingee: can't we get the request_id from the context
16:18:38 <vilobhmm> https://github.com/openstack/cinder/blob/master/cinder/context.py#L65
16:18:56 <geguileo> But if you report an issue to IT and you have the request ID, everyting is easier to track
16:18:59 <ameade> bswartz: it's really useful when someone calls support
16:19:05 <vilobhmm> or its not applicable in this case ?
16:19:05 <hemna> so what do the other clients do wrt to the optional return_req_id
16:19:07 <abhishekk> vilobhmm: this is the request-id of the caller service
16:19:10 <bswartz> yeah I'm just trying to understand the use case
16:19:14 <hemna> we should be consistent with others that do this same thing.
16:19:15 <flip214> how about having cinderclient log to syslog by default? command used, and resulting req-id
16:19:15 <bswartz> it makes sense
16:19:27 <flip214> then everybody could look it up
16:19:28 <ameade> abhishekk: whatever happend to the 'transaction_id' concept?
16:19:32 <vilobhmm> abhishekk : ok
16:19:37 <flip214> and it doesn't have to be stored anywhere explicitly
16:20:08 <flip214> or, perhaps, just append to ~/.cinderclient/requests.log by default...
16:20:28 <abhishekk> flip214: the basic idea is if nova calls cinder, then it should have both request id's
16:20:30 <flip214> and if that isn't possible, put a warning to STDERR: "can't append logfile ..., last req-id is ..."
16:21:01 <flip214> abhishekk: okay. I guess I've misunderstood the issue at hand (again), so I'll just shut up.
16:21:04 <abhishekk> flip214: these request id's will be logged on same line so that it will be useful for tracing
16:21:14 <erlon> ameade: would this help/relate in the async error reporting you've working on?
16:21:35 <ameade> erlon: it would definitely be something i would want in the payload
16:21:57 <hemna> guys, fwiw, there still is no agreement on the cross project spec itself
16:21:59 <hemna> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/156508/
16:22:06 <ameade> hemna: thanks for the link!
16:22:18 <hemna> shouldn't we at least wait or comment on that first ?
16:22:31 <tbarron> +1
16:22:36 <jungleboyj> hemna: Thanks, was wondering about that.  I am surprised the contention around this.  It seems logical.
16:22:47 <abhishekk> hemna: yes, I am talking with them as well, but they suggested to talk with individual teams
16:22:52 <hemna> also, there is still the issue of the optional command line arg for cinderclient
16:23:03 <hemna> we should be consistent with what other clients do wrt this
16:23:11 <ameade> +1
16:23:27 <hemna> other than that, I think this is a good idea
16:23:36 <abhishekk> hemna: I am proposing this in all clients (neutron, glance, cinder, heat)
16:23:52 <hemna> abhishekk, so the optional arg is the same for all ?
16:24:22 <abhishekk> hemna: still working on that
16:24:56 <abhishekk> I have code ready for cinderclient and needs early feedbcak from the community members
16:25:06 <hemna> ok, that needs ironing out then IMHO
16:25:16 <abhishekk> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/173199/
16:25:58 <abhishekk> please give your opinions for the same
16:26:32 <hemna> abhishekk, ok I don't see any changes to shell.py to add the optional return id
16:26:38 <ameade> abhishekk: I will definitely review that spec, thanks for bringing this up
16:26:56 <abhishekk> ameade: thank you
16:27:08 <hemna> probably should mark that as WIP, until it's complete and have the return arg ironed out.
16:27:43 <vilobhmm> agree
16:27:44 <abhishekk> hemna: I will set WIP
16:27:58 <hemna> ok coolio.
16:28:39 <thingee> abhishekk: we'll look out for consensus on the cross project
16:28:51 <abhishekk> thingee: ok
16:28:56 <hemna> abhishekk, thanks for the work!  I think it's great fwiw
16:29:08 <abhishekk> hemna: thank you
16:29:24 <thingee> #topic open discussion
16:29:29 <abhishekk> I will update about other meetings output (glance and nova)
16:29:56 <abhishekk> thank you all
16:30:50 <hemna> sorrison, any chance I can get some other eyes on the os-brick patches ?
16:30:52 <hemna> so
16:30:54 <zongliang> I want to learn when need 3rd ci stable
16:30:54 <hemna> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/os-brick,n,z
16:31:05 <smcginnis> hemna: I'll take a look.
16:31:07 <jungleboyj> hemna: Sure.
16:31:13 <hemna> the HGST connector looks like it's good to go
16:31:26 <thingee> zongliang: for which driver?
16:31:28 <hemna> and it looks like there have been a few new ones added while I was out
16:31:42 <zongliang> Huawei driver
16:31:57 <thingee> zongliang: I haven't really figured that out yet.
16:32:05 <thingee> guess I could ask folks here.
16:32:06 <dulek_home> thingee: About TaskFlow refactoring - we've agreed on 6 week deadline. That's the beggining of L-2, so I think targeting BPs for L-2 is fine.
16:32:22 <dulek_home> s/BPs/BP
16:32:24 <e0ne> hemna, thingee: we need to add os-brick to our review dashboard
16:32:41 <hemna> e0ne, +1
16:32:45 <thingee> dulek_home: ok, also your first patch should be landing https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/cinder+topic:+bp/taskflow-refactoring,n,z
16:32:48 <zongliang> We meet some network problem for the goverment forbidden
16:32:55 <thingee> #action thingee to add os-brick to dashboard
16:33:06 <thingee> #action thingee to propose cinder dashboard
16:33:21 <thingee> alright lets discuss CI stability
16:33:26 <thingee> #topic Cinder CI stability
16:33:42 <dulek_home> thingee: Thanks, that's actually a second patch, I've did some work in scheduler flow too. Now the hardest part - manager. ;)
16:33:50 <thingee> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/third-party-announce/2015-June/thread.html
16:34:09 <thingee> I've been all over the place on here... there's a lot of CI's that need help
16:34:25 <zongliang> Yes
16:34:39 <thingee> Some CI's have not been running for 72 days... and the maintainers have been inactive.
16:34:41 <e0ne> thingee: 2c from my side: there are some CIs that reports after patch is merged
16:34:54 <hemna> doh
16:35:07 <thingee> e0ne: yeah I think that's a separate issue on being able to scale with patches coming in. SOmething we haven't touched on yet
16:35:10 <zongliang> We meet some problem for the network problem
16:35:26 <thingee> and something I don't think we can touch on yet until we can be regularly posting comments from CI
16:35:34 <hemna> e0ne, scaling is a problem for some folks.   the amount of Cinder patches that kick off CI is a non trivial thing.
16:35:58 <e0ne> hemna: agree, fair enough
16:36:00 <xyang__> hemna: scaling is a problem for us too
16:36:17 <thingee> so I think we talked about this in another meeting of how long we give CI's until we kick the driver
16:36:29 <hemna> I kinda think that 3rd party CI shouldn't kick off until after the standard check's have +1'd (jenkins)
16:36:34 <hemna> that might help some.
16:36:52 <smcginnis> hemna: That's what I do.
16:36:58 <erlon> same here, the queue is been always bigger than what our slaves can handle :/
16:37:02 <thingee> this is not going to be where we set X amount of success versus X amount of failures... I think this should be on a case by case basis
16:37:02 <akerr> hemna: +1, we do that as well
16:37:10 <xyang__> hemna: I think we already do that is a few CI's
16:37:14 <zongliang> May be help us
16:37:55 <smcginnis> thingee: Good point. I think first metric is do they run on every patch. Second metric is are they actually passing when they should.
16:38:03 <hemna> thingee, so what if a CI system isn't working w/in a release milestone then it's up for getting booted ?
16:38:13 <thingee> In the past I think we said two weeks. I mean two weeks where there is not really progress on the issue. Progress is defined as something other than "we're working on it"...
16:38:20 <hemna> I think we should have some sort of 'standard'
16:38:35 <hemna> for reporting and success, then we can point to that when someone doesn't meet it.
16:38:38 <hemna> even if the bar is low
16:38:39 <jungleboyj> hemna: Within a milestonesounds reasonable.
16:38:49 <thingee> I'm so sick of hear "we're working on it" ... it doesn't help me understand what progress is being made.
16:38:50 <smcginnis> Two week warning, four week and you're in trouble?
16:39:15 <hemna> if your stuff is broken for a milestone, then you get a warning that it needs to be fixed.  if it's not fixed in the next milestone..., revert driver patch ?
16:39:16 <hemna> dunno
16:39:22 <hemna> just throwing that out in the wind.
16:39:41 <Swanson> Are the warnings for this automated?
16:39:46 <thingee> hemna: I don't think it's that simple. I have found some where they're actively trying to resolve an issue say in Nova.... so they end up skipping some tests until
16:39:47 <flip214> well, from *my* contributor side I'd be happy to explain in detail what I've been doing, even if it would still fail...
16:39:59 <thingee> hemna: and that can take time
16:40:03 <flip214> of course, that doesn't help in the big picture, but it would be more information than "working on it"
16:40:03 <hemna> thingee, yah I think that's ok
16:40:38 <thingee> that's why I'm saying we can't set a number of passes versus failures... (also note some failures are correct) ... I think they have to be reviewed on a case by case
16:40:39 <hemna> thingee, I guess I'm thinking more of the really low bar case.  where someone it's broken and there is no contact or no work being done.
16:41:01 <hemna> at least there is a 'standard' that we can all point to as a community and say, see, you didn't even meet this low bar.  it's documented.
16:41:09 <jungleboyj> hemna: Yeah, that was what I was thinking.
16:41:28 <hemna> kinda a C.Y.A.
16:41:40 <jungleboyj> Obviously there are the cases where we are seeing progress and the issue is being worked .  Those are handled differently.
16:41:47 <hemna> jungleboyj, +1
16:41:51 <smcginnis> hemna: +1. If it's not working and no one has stepped up to say they are working on it then that is pretty straightforward.
16:42:01 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: ++
16:42:13 <smcginnis> If someone is working on it, then I do think that's more of a subjective evaluation.
16:42:20 <hemna> smcginnis, but at least document the rules, and we can point to it when they get the wake up call that their driver was removed.
16:42:23 <zongliang> +1
16:42:28 <smcginnis> hemna: +2
16:42:30 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: We let thingee work those out.  :-)
16:42:34 <xyang__> hemna: +1
16:42:37 <jungleboyj> hemna: ++
16:42:45 <e0ne> hemna: it must be documented
16:42:45 <smcginnis> The Enforcer. :)
16:42:48 <patrickeast> so where do we track which ones are being worked on, unmaintained, need work, etc?
16:43:05 <thingee> hemna: what do you propose on standards?
16:43:16 <xyang__> patrickeast: is jgriffith working on some chart?
16:43:19 <hemna> I mentioned it earlier
16:43:23 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: https://s.yimg.com/fz/api/res/1.2/lG9j5MlWP6mbIullhk30Wg--/YXBwaWQ9c3JjaGRkO2g9MTA4MDtxPTk1O3c9MTkyMA--/http://cf2.imgobject.com/t/p/original/tAeUxFqTZcwVGuvUJMqNUcyojGF.jpg
16:43:41 <thingee> hemna: I remember you mentioned setting a bar, but I don't know what that is
16:43:45 <hemna> basically that if your CI is borked, and you aren't fixing it/working on it, you get 1 more milestone to fix it, or revert driver patch is submitted.
16:43:47 <hemna> it's a low bar
16:43:55 <akerr> there's already a third-party ci status page
16:44:07 <akerr> we should require that stays up-to-date
16:44:13 <patrickeast> there are multiple of them iirc
16:44:15 <smcginnis> jungleboyj: Wish my gimp skills were up to putting blue hair on that. :)
16:44:15 <xyang__> akerr: the wiki?
16:44:15 <asselin> akerr, +1
16:44:24 <thingee> hemna: that's sort of going away from our previous proposal
16:44:29 <patrickeast> but doesn't help if the ci owners are not updating it
16:44:31 * jungleboyj is laughing  Nice smcginnis
16:44:34 <thingee> hemna: that we agreed on
16:44:36 <akerr> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ThirdPartySystems
16:44:40 <hemna> thingee, ok which is ?
16:44:42 <thingee> hemna: previously we said two weeks.
16:44:46 <hemna> thingee, refresh my grey matter :)
16:44:56 <xyang__> akerr: that one is up to the driver maintainer to update
16:44:58 <hemna> thingee, ok I think that's fine then as well.
16:45:11 <xyang__> I think we need some auto generated graph
16:45:11 <hemna> just as long as it's documented.
16:45:20 <hemna> and we can point to it when they bitch that their driver is gone. :)
16:45:32 <thingee> akerr: I've been finding people aren't updating that =/
16:45:34 <smcginnis> +1
16:45:36 <hemna> that's really all I wanted.
16:45:36 <akerr> xyang__: yes, and if the maintainers are active and their system is having issues this page should be up-to-date with that.  If they can't even do this then it's more weight to remove them
16:45:51 <thingee> akerr: there is one driver in particular I've already proposed for removal for this reason
16:46:05 <akerr> i just don't think "yet another" page to keep updated is the right approach
16:46:12 <jungleboyj> patrickeast: Has a start at a dashboard.  I have been using that.
16:46:27 <thingee> hemna: all my discussions are on the third party list.
16:46:35 <thingee> hemna: some are still unanswered from last week
16:46:41 <thingee> hemna: I also cc the maintainer
16:46:43 <erlon> xyang__: there are some people working in gather all CI jobs and results in one page
16:46:56 <thingee> akerr: I agree. no new page please.
16:47:03 <thingee> akerr: we already don't use the existing one
16:47:05 <patrickeast> yea so there is this thing I made http://ec2-54-67-102-119.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:5000/?project=openstack%2Fcinder&user=&timeframe=24
16:47:07 <xyang__> erlon: that will be nice
16:47:33 <patrickeast> but it won't show missing systems that stopped reporting very easily
16:47:54 <hemna> thingee, can we mention the upkeep 'rules' on this https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Cinder/tested-3rdParty-drivers ?
16:47:57 <Swanson> patrickeast: that looks like a dell firewall error page.
16:48:06 <erlon> patrickeast: nice, I that would be a good place to gather info to be able to set a bar
16:48:07 <patrickeast> haha
16:48:13 <thingee> hemna: sure
16:48:14 <hemna> I don't see a discussion on what happens if your CI starts to fail after your driver is in.
16:48:31 <hemna> thingee, that's all I was trying to propose.  is that the rules, whatever they are, are documented.
16:48:44 <akerr> patrickeast: and that page isn't 100% yet.  I've noticed several instances where at least our driver is shown as having no results when it did vote, or having failures when it really was successful.  Not a dig on the page, just saying it still has work
16:49:04 <thingee> #action thingee to add CI upkeep on Cinder wiki
16:49:04 <patrickeast> yep
16:49:12 <hemna> thingee, thank you
16:49:13 <hemna> :)
16:49:41 <jungleboyj> thingee: Thanks.
16:49:42 <thingee> patrickeast: that reminds me, Microsoft needs to be looked at
16:49:48 <xyang__> thingee: document will be great.  I can just send the link to people instead writing explanations myself
16:50:14 <hemna> thingee, Also, I'll work with asselin to add a section on how to CI for os-brick connectors and why it's important.   I think that's also needed on that wiki page
16:50:17 <jungleboyj> xyang__: ++
16:50:28 <xyang__> hemna: +1
16:50:43 <e0ne> hemna: good point
16:51:02 <dguryanov> thingee: What is "third party list"?
16:51:18 <thingee> dguryanov: http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/third-party-announce
16:51:25 <smcginnis> dguryanov: http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/third-party-announce
16:51:25 <ociuhandu> thingee: the Microsoft CI is down due to a patch that merged last night
16:51:38 <dguryanov> thanks
16:51:49 <ociuhandu> the aptch is: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/182985/
16:51:51 <asselin> dguryanov, documented here: http://docs.openstack.org/infra/system-config/third_party.html#creating-a-service-account
16:51:59 <asselin> Note you should also subscribe to the third-party-announce list to keep on top of announcements there which can include account disablement notices.
16:53:05 <jungleboyj> Intoruce Guru Meditation Reports.  What a title.
16:53:16 <hemna> jungleboyj, :)
16:53:19 <ociuhandu> thingee: that patch did not include a fix for Windows that alexpilotti submitted one year ago in oslo
16:54:13 <zongliang> ?
16:54:21 <smcginnis> Man, who's slacking on our oslo support?
16:54:26 <ociuhandu> thingee: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/77596/ fixes the issue of using hardcoded SIGUSR1
16:54:28 <dguryanov> asselin: thanks!
16:54:33 <thingee> smcginnis: yeaaa, I need to talk to jungleboyj
16:54:51 <smcginnis> ;)
16:54:54 <hemna> smcginnis, does he have wifi working yet?
16:55:02 <jungleboyj> smcginnis: Thanks for throwing me under that bus.
16:55:08 <smcginnis> hemna: Ah, that must be why we were behind.
16:55:15 * smcginnis hides
16:55:35 <jungleboyj> thingee: Yeah, I am hoping to lock myself in my office and work on that.
16:55:47 <jungleboyj> thingee: Do you have specific issues at the moment?
16:56:32 <thingee> jungleboyj: https://twitter.com/bradtopol/status/601584343404785664
16:56:50 <thingee> alright anything else?
16:56:52 <jungleboyj> thingee: Really....
16:57:07 <jungleboyj> thingee: Still haven't gotten him to tell me what you two talked about.
16:57:16 <ociuhandu> thingee: jungleboyj alexpilotti just submitted https://review.openstack.org/#/c/192616/ that should add the same fix
16:57:26 <thingee> ociuhandu: thanks
16:57:33 <thingee> thanks everyone
16:57:35 <thingee> #endmeeting