15:02:00 <scottda> #startmeeting cinder_testing
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15:02:06 <geguileo> scottda: o/
15:02:18 <smcginnis> scottda: Yeah, good to at least be reminded. ;)
15:02:24 <xyang1> hi
15:03:10 <scottda> No agenda this week. But we never have an agenda, and still seem to talk for an hour....
15:03:51 <geguileo> lol
15:03:58 <scottda> There's all kinds of stuff in-flight on the etherpad. I could stand to update that info:
15:03:59 <scottda> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Cinder-testing
15:05:01 <scottda> I reckon we should all be testing Cinder Newton and prepping for the release. Anyone have anything specific to the upcoming release to discuss?
15:05:19 <smcginnis> Yes, please test as much as you can. :)
15:09:14 <scottda> Alright . We can leave it at that. Seems like everyone is busy ATM . Hopefully testing Cinder.
15:09:22 <cFouts> o/
15:09:26 <hemna> mornin
15:09:47 <scottda> #action Everyone will test cinder.
15:09:55 <scottda> #endmeeting