14:09:28 <sheeprine> #startmeeting cloudkitty
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14:09:44 <sheeprine> Ok this meeting will be pretty short I guess.
14:10:22 <sheeprine> We'll be mostly talking about the design summit agenda
14:11:27 <sheeprine> #topic Design summit
14:12:03 <sheeprine> So, we've got two session for Tokyo design summit. A workroom and a fishbowl room.
14:12:42 <sheeprine> The workroom will be dedicated to work on the integration with gnocchi.
14:13:07 <sheeprine> I've talked with jd and he'll come say hi and work with us on this :)
14:13:28 <sheeprine> We'll need to fill the etherpad for this session at this URL
14:13:54 <sheeprine> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-cloudkitty-gnocchi
14:14:25 <sheeprine> I'll try to do my best to fill this etherpad before next meeting.
14:15:20 <sheeprine> The second session is a more general session, we'll mostly talk about how cloudkitty is working and what will be changed in this cycle.
14:16:01 <sheeprine> The goal is to discuss of the pending blueprint and find what needs to be changed and if some people are willing to contribute new features.
14:16:10 <sheeprine> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mitaka-cloudkitty-session
14:16:36 <sheeprine> If some people got ideas for this session feel free to add your ideas in this etherpad.
14:16:54 <sheeprine> BTW, the fishbowl session got rescheduled to 2:40 PM
14:18:04 <sheeprine> Do we have any questions or suggestions about the summit agenda?
14:19:34 <sheeprine> I guess it's a no... We need to find more developers, feeling alone here ;)
14:20:46 <sheeprine> I guess we'll stop there then. We'll continue on the mailing list, it will be easier for others to catch up.
14:20:54 <sheeprine> #endmeeting