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00:04:20 <ekcs> : hi all. as usual, topics are kept here. feel free to add & comment. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-meeting-topics
00:06:01 <masahito> hi all. sorry, late the meeting.
00:06:14 <ekcs> np! hi masahito
00:06:41 <ekcs> topics at usual place. I don’t have many special topics for today. https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-meeting-topics
00:06:47 <ekcs> let’s get started then.
00:06:58 <ekcs> #topic pike-2
00:07:25 <ekcs> pike-2 is due the week of June 05.
00:08:33 <ekcs> anything we’re hoping to merge before then?
00:08:38 <ekcs> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/congress
00:08:43 <ekcs> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/congress-dashboard
00:08:52 <ekcs> we’re expecting to do the first congress-dashboard release.
00:09:17 <ekcs> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/python-congressclient
00:10:55 <ekcs> We can probably merge all the open patches in there right now.
00:13:01 <thinrichs> All the patches in dashboard and client?
00:13:51 <thinrichs> +1 that those look ready
00:15:05 <thinrichs> Just saw this patch about java.  Do we still use java somewhere?
00:15:05 <thinrichs> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/467622/1/devstack/plugin.sh
00:15:06 <patchbot> patch 467622 - congress - Extend devstack support to Red Hat-based distros
00:15:35 <thinrichs> I think that was a holdover from when the Python code was generated after install by java
00:15:47 <thinrichs> Or do we need it somewhere else?
00:16:35 <ekcs> hmmm a litte complicated. I think standalone install still uses java. but devstack install doesn’t. we should probably unify that.
00:16:59 <thinrichs> What's java for?
00:17:34 <ekcs> and when we unify, we should probably use java in both cases to generate the parsing code from grammar, because the packaging folks won’t package generated code.
00:18:53 <ekcs> correction. I think I took java out of the standalone install too.
00:19:15 <thinrichs> I see, so we can't just check in generated code since packaging doesn't like it.  (Though how do they know?)
00:19:20 <ekcs> but at some point we will likely put it back in and do generation. to work well with packaging.
00:19:42 <ekcs> we can delay acting on this particular patch though.
00:19:49 <thinrichs> Makes sense.  Then yeah, all the recent patches in dashboard, client, congress look ready
00:20:36 <ekcs> the way I envision doing it is to checkin generated code, but make it clear to packagers they can delete that code in packaging. and make sure everything still works (will re-generate) without the generated code included.
00:20:52 <ekcs> and they know because they pay attention to this stuff =)
00:21:03 <ekcs> debian packager especially.
00:21:36 <ekcs> also one thing to note for pike-2, ramineni_ ’s been hard at work setting things up for congress-dashboard project, and we’ve merged the patch that switches devstack to use the dashboard project for horizon.
00:21:47 <thinrichs> Was just curious if they kept up to date with the project, or whether there were tools that helped, or something else.
00:22:17 <ekcs> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453474/
00:22:18 <patchbot> patch 453474 - congress - Update devstack plugin to use new repo (MERGED)
00:22:40 <ekcs> So be aware of that if you’re doing any devstack-based testing going forward.
00:23:16 <ekcs> I really only know one particular case, and in that case it seems it’s a matter of looking carefully at the code each time it’s packaged.
00:23:51 <ekcs> anything else about pike-2?
00:24:55 <thinrichs> Not from me
00:25:24 <ramineni_> no
00:26:01 <ekcs> ok let’s move on then.
00:26:11 <masahito> nothing from my side
00:26:30 <ekcs> #topic policy library
00:26:47 <ekcs> Thanks for all the comments on this spec. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/457880/
00:26:48 <patchbot> patch 457880 - congress-specs - policy library spec
00:27:27 <ekcs> Thanks for all the commetns and reviews.
00:27:37 <ekcs> any more thoughts on the spec?
00:28:28 <ekcs> I wanted to have organized tasks on launchpad earlier, but I expect to have it this week and I’ll let people know on ML when it’s there.
00:28:59 <thinrichs> One thought, just looking at comments.
00:29:16 <thinrichs> The re-initializing the empty library with the policy files seems good.
00:29:32 <thinrichs> Maybe use a command-line flag to control it?  Or is that already the plan?
00:30:43 <ekcs> Not mentioned right now. How do you see that being used?
00:31:00 <ekcs> a command line flag to say load or a command line flag to say don’t load?
00:31:21 <thinrichs> Not sure about the partiy.
00:31:25 <thinrichs> parity
00:31:54 <ekcs> hmm ok. what’s the case where you think the control is desired?
00:32:12 <thinrichs> I've got an empty library and want to keep it that way.
00:32:17 <ekcs> only case I can think of is when someone explicitly wants an empty library.
00:32:18 <thinrichs> But maybe that's silly, now that I think about it.
00:32:40 <thinrichs> If you don't want the library, then set up the authz policy so people can't use those APIs.
00:32:50 <thinrichs> The fact that they're in the DB shouldn't matter.
00:32:53 <thinrichs> Nevermind.
00:33:39 <thinrichs> Rest looks good.
00:33:58 <thinrichs> We're all happy delaying the template features til this gets done?
00:34:06 <thinrichs> ramineni?
00:34:26 <ekcs> ramineni_ instead.
00:35:16 <ramineni_> Yes .. sounds good
00:37:01 <ekcs> ok then. let’s go ahead and merge it then =)
00:37:49 <ekcs> anything else to discuss now on policy lib?
00:38:00 <thinrichs> ekcs: you want the honors?
00:38:13 <ekcs> haha sure.
00:38:19 <ekcs> i’ll do it after meeting.
00:39:15 <ekcs> I’m excited about getting this feature done. we may not get through all parts of the spec, but I think we can at the very least get the deploying policy from library part done, prioritized above the library policy CRUD.
00:39:56 <ekcs> well let’s move on then.
00:40:11 <thinrichs> It'd be cool to start making some good progress on that!
00:40:36 <ekcs> definitely.
00:40:40 <ekcs> #topic open discussion
00:40:58 <ekcs> I don’t have any other special topics. anything else on our minds? updates or thoughts or questions?
00:42:37 <ekcs> does anyone have experience wsgi appifying the API code?
00:43:40 <ekcs> I’ve been doing some digging and asking. and basically we need to wrap the API server code in something like this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/457283/4/nova/api/openstack/compute/wsgi.py
00:43:41 <patchbot> patch 457283 - nova - Register osapi_compute when nova-api is wsgi (MERGED)
00:47:34 <ramineni_> Do we want to get the details updated in https://www.openstack.org/software/project-navigator
00:47:42 <ramineni_> For congress
00:49:38 <ekcs> Which parts?
00:49:46 <ekcs> I need to assert stable policy tag.
00:49:54 <ekcs> That one we are ready to assert.
00:50:37 <ekcs> so they don’t show the ones we don’t satisfy any more.
00:50:39 <ramineni_> Project intro is also missing for congress I guess
00:52:01 <ekcs> Oh I see. Hard to tell what’s supposed to be there.
00:52:07 <ramineni_> Under About this project
00:52:10 <ekcs> I can look into how to update that. or do you already know?
00:53:38 <ramineni_> No idea
00:54:18 <ekcs> Ok I’ll look into that. thanks for bringing it up!
00:55:50 <ekcs> oh something else I’m working on is sketching out a policy monitoring UI on a service like this to share with everyone so we can collaborate on the design.
00:56:05 <ekcs> https://mockflow.com
00:56:34 <ekcs> People will need to sign-in though unfortunately. I’m open to alternatives if people have any suggestions =)
00:57:08 <ekcs> anything else we want to talk about? or should we end?
00:59:18 <thinrichs> Nothing from me.
00:59:56 <ekcs> alright then. well time about up anyway. more next time! have a great week(end)
01:00:07 <thinrichs> Thanks all!
01:00:12 <masahito> thanks all. bye
01:00:22 <ekcs> bye all
01:00:25 <ekcs> #endmeeting