02:31:30 <ekcs> #startmeeting congressteammeeting
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02:38:11 <ekcs> hello all. topics kept here as usual: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-meeting-topics
02:39:32 <akhil_jain> ekcs: hi
02:40:28 <ekcs> hi akhil_jain !
02:40:44 <ekcs> how’s it been?
02:41:31 <akhil_jain> everything fine. how about you?
02:42:23 <ekcs> pretty good!
02:42:56 <ekcs> I see that you got the monasca notification patch through! I was thinking it’d have to be next cycle. good stuff there!
02:44:02 <akhil_jain> Yes thats the initial version. They want keystone trust to be added.
02:44:36 <akhil_jain> But with present code congress driver is working fine
02:45:03 <ekcs> that’s awesome.
02:45:16 <ekcs> well let’s dive in to the topics then.
02:45:32 <ekcs> #topic announcements
02:45:32 <akhil_jain> ok!
02:45:48 <ekcs> #topic RC1
02:46:00 <ekcs> RC1 tagged for both congress and congress-dashboard.
02:46:51 <ekcs> we got quite a lot done this cycle. some of the main completed tasks are listed in this etherpad under the section Completed in Rocky
02:46:58 <ekcs> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-task-priority
02:48:09 <ekcs> monasca webhook, vitrage webhook, type system, and z3 engine are the big features. plus lots of helpful improvements and fixes.
02:48:57 <ekcs> if we don’t find any release blocker bugs prior to final release, RC1 will become our final release.
02:49:03 <ekcs> any questions or comments on RC1?
02:49:28 <akhil_jain> none from my side
02:49:46 <ekcs> ok!
02:49:49 <ekcs> #topic stein
02:50:22 <ekcs> #topic RC1
02:50:26 <ekcs> one more comment on that.
02:51:03 <ekcs> the stable/rocky branch has been created too. which means the master branch is again open for all changes without release restriction.
02:51:26 <ekcs> #topic stein
02:51:43 <ekcs> next cycle is stein of course. still early, but we can definitely feel free to start thinking about what we’d like to see in stein.
02:52:24 <ekcs> I’ve just put down a brain-storming etherpad here:
02:52:28 <ekcs> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-stein-brainstorm
02:53:21 <ekcs> if things come to mind feel free to jot them down in the etherpad. we can discuss and organize them in the next few weeks.
02:54:29 <ekcs> that’s all from me for today = )
03:07:41 <ekcs> ok let’s end meeting then if nothing else for today = )
03:08:09 <ekcs> have a great weekend!
03:08:41 <akhil_jain> Bye! have a great weekend.
03:09:32 <ekcs> bye!
03:09:34 <ekcs> #endmeeting