02:30:50 <ekcs> #startmeeting congressteammeeting
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02:31:06 <ekcs> hi all!
02:31:22 <ekcs> topics are kept here as usual: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-meeting-topics
02:31:37 <ekcs> feel free to add your own!
02:33:36 <akhil_jain> Hi ekcs
02:33:46 <ekcs> hi akhil_jain
02:35:40 <ekcs> ok let’s get started then.
02:36:05 <ekcs> #topic tempest feature flags
02:36:47 <ekcs> queens was the first time we moved to a tempest plugin model, so it’s the first stable branch on that model.
02:37:09 <ekcs> so naturally we had to adapt to some new things like feature flags.
02:37:39 <ekcs> it used to be that congress carried the tempest tests in-tree. but now all branches starting from queens run against the same tempest plugin.
02:38:24 <ekcs> naturally when data source schemas change or when new features are added, the tests are updated and no longer work for old branches.
02:38:35 <ekcs> so we had to add feature flags to address the problem.
02:38:49 <ekcs> here are the ones added for rocky https://review.openstack.org/#/c/594747/
02:39:47 <ekcs> also there’s a patch for adding stable branch checks to catch breakage when the tempest plugin is updated: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/591861/
02:40:11 <ekcs> any thoughts or questions on tempest feature flags?
02:42:20 <ekcs> it should also help us catch things that break on stable branches because of changes in other project stable branches such as the nova client version bump in stable/queens.
02:48:37 <ekcs> ok moving on then.
02:49:08 <ekcs> #topic monasca webhook
02:50:22 <ekcs> akhil_jain: I see your patch on normalizing monasca webhook tables. great making more info available in the tables.
02:50:32 <ekcs> anything you’d like to discuss at this point?
02:51:43 <akhil_jain> ekcs: i have addressed all of your comment. Just one thing left. Can you please share your view on use case we need to add in that.
02:52:47 <ekcs> Got it.
02:53:50 <ekcs> So I was thinking that you guys may have some sample policies driving the desire for the webhook driver.
02:54:32 <ekcs> and looking at those policies then trying to write it using this new schema may be instructive for seeing what works well and what doesn't.
02:55:03 <akhil_jain> Actualy that is with tacker. Whole scenario will be involving tacker congress and monasca
02:55:33 <ekcs> not absolutely necessary. but colud be nice because with the policy we try to write, it may suggest a better way to set the schema for more convienent rules.
02:55:35 <ekcs> I see.
02:56:07 <akhil_jain> So thats why needed your point of view. Just for sample use case
02:57:38 <ekcs> not a necessity for this patch, but aside from it, is there any public example/info/discussion on this? i’d be helpful to understand the overall vision.
02:58:38 <ekcs> not a necessity. more just for my benefit =)
03:00:02 <akhil_jain> Yes that we can plan after tacker integration i think.
03:00:21 <ekcs> ok.
03:00:35 <ekcs> so nothing else on monasca webhook for now?
03:02:26 <akhil_jain> Also I will invite tacker PTL who worked alongside, to give more insight
03:03:54 <ekcs> awesome. any links or references I could read up on would be great too. I may be able to be more helpful when I have more context. thanks!
03:04:22 <ekcs> ok let’s move on then.
03:04:27 <ekcs> #topic meeting time
03:04:43 <ekcs> we talked a bit about meeting time last meeting.
03:05:08 <ekcs> we thought about reducing to 30 min. but another possibility is doing meeting every other week.
03:05:25 <ekcs> we’ll gather more feedback later over email. but any thoughts for now?
03:06:05 <akhil_jain> Thats fine for me.
03:06:57 <ekcs> ok. well i’ll get more feedback over email and figure that out. no change for now.
03:07:50 <ekcs> that’s all the topics I have. anything else to discuss now?
03:08:01 <akhil_jain> Not from my side
03:08:17 <ekcs> alrite then. talk next time!
03:08:22 <ekcs> have a great weekend!
03:08:50 <akhil_jain> ekcs: thanks and same to you
03:09:03 <ekcs> later akhil_jain
03:09:07 <ekcs> #endmeeting