04:02:11 <ekcs> #startmeeting congressteammeeting
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04:02:30 <ekcs> hello! topics kept here as usual: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/congress-meeting-topics
04:02:47 <akhil_jain> ekcs: Hello, hows everything?
04:03:18 <ekcs> hello akhil_jain ! doing ok. glad to get RC1 done. doc changes came down to the wire!
04:03:28 <ekcs> how are you?
04:04:13 <akhil_jain> Pretty much stuck. Sorry for inactivity.
04:04:43 <ekcs> oh haha what do you mean stuck?
04:04:48 <akhil_jain> Getting married this sunday
04:04:55 <ekcs> oh that’s awesome!
04:04:59 <ekcs> congratulations!
04:05:16 <ekcs> THEN you will be stuck =p
04:05:16 <akhil_jain> Haha, thanks Eric
04:06:23 <ekcs> hope everything goes smoothly with the festivities!
04:06:43 <ekcs> ok so let’s dive in I guess.
04:06:48 <akhil_jain> Thanks Eric
04:06:48 <ekcs> #topic stein release
04:07:30 <ekcs> RC1 for dashboard went out a couple days age. and RC1 for congress went out today.
04:08:10 <ekcs> we got a lot done this release with many important bug fixes and really nice features.
04:08:35 <ekcs> I submitted the cycle highlights here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/645423/1/deliverables/stein/congress.yaml
04:09:01 <ekcs> If I missed something important or there are any other changes please let me know! I think I can still submit changes.
04:11:10 <ekcs> At this point we can continue testing and fix any critical bugs if they come up. If something critical comes up, RC1 will become our release.
04:12:39 <ekcs> That’s all I have to share for now. Any thoughts or questions on stein release?
04:13:24 <akhil_jain> None from my side
04:14:07 <ekcs> cool.
04:14:10 <ekcs> #topic open discussion
04:15:02 <ekcs> summit and PTG are coming up. so I’m sure we have some planning to finalize.
04:16:04 <akhil_jain> Yes Eric my visa application is still in process. My interview is scheduled on 2nd april
04:16:31 <ekcs> oh great! hope that goes well.
04:17:55 <akhil_jain> Hm, lets see. And we can plan our session according to that.
04:18:54 <ekcs> great. lets touch base over email then.
04:19:08 <ekcs> anything else we want to talk about now?
04:20:25 <akhil_jain> That will be it then
04:21:23 <ekcs> cool. let’s end meeting then.
04:21:30 <ekcs> have a great weekend and all the best on sunday!
04:23:17 <akhil_jain> Happy weekend Eric and many thanks.
04:23:37 <ekcs> bye akhil_jain !
04:23:40 <ekcs> #endmeeting