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22:01:23 <adrian_otto> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Containers#Agenda_for_2014-07-01_2200_UTC Our Agenda
22:01:33 <adrian_otto> #topic Roll Call
22:01:38 <adrian_otto> Adrian Otto
22:01:42 <dguryanov> Dmitry Guryanov
22:02:33 <adrian_otto> wow, everyone is on vacation today?
22:02:43 <PaulCzar_> o/
22:03:27 <adrian_otto> hi PaulCzar_ and dguryanov
22:03:38 <adrian_otto> I'll wait just a bit for others to join
22:04:36 <iqbalmohomed> Hello
22:04:43 <adrian_otto> hi iqbalmohomed
22:05:46 <adrian_otto> ok, let's proceed.
22:05:52 <adrian_otto> #topic Announcements
22:05:58 <erw_> o/
22:06:09 <adrian_otto> •	Notice: adrian_otto will be on vacation 2014-07-11 to 2014-07-24. Seeking interim chair for 2014-07-15 and 2014-07-22 meetings.
22:06:21 <adrian_otto> would anyone like to volunteer to chair on those dates?
22:06:40 <erw_> I do
22:06:48 <adrian_otto> thanks erw_!
22:07:05 <adrian_otto> #agreed erw_ will serve as chair for our 2014-07-15 and 2014-07-22 meetings.
22:07:16 <adrian_otto> next announcement...
22:07:35 <adrian_otto> There is a poll for selecting a mid-cycle meetup date:
22:07:36 <adrian_otto> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/039119.html
22:08:06 <adrian_otto> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/039119.html Poll for Mid-Cycle Meetup Date
22:08:41 <adrian_otto> please take a moment to consult your calendars and vote now
22:10:13 <erw_> were you intending to have a result by the EOM?
22:10:50 <adrian_otto> we can hold the poll open until we have judged that there is a critical mass around a particular date
22:13:28 <adrian_otto> ok, next on the agenda…
22:13:31 <adrian_otto> #topic Review Action Items
22:13:41 <jejb> Does it have to be SF?  We're having a containers meeting at the kernel summit in Chicago; you'd be welcome to join
22:13:57 <adrian_otto> oh!
22:14:04 <adrian_otto> no, we are not locked to SF
22:14:28 <adrian_otto> jejb: when does that happen, exactly?
22:14:54 <erw_> August 18 - 20, 2014
22:15:04 <adrian_otto> adrian_otto to send a poll to openstack-dev ML to select a date for the Mid-Cycle meetup (http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/containers/2014/containers.2014-06-24-16.02.log.html#l-76, 16:16:55) (COMPLETE)
22:15:12 <adrian_otto> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-July/039119.html
22:15:14 <jejb> adrian_otto, KS is 18-20/8 and LinuxCon is 20-22/8  We may do 20/8 as easiest, but may also steal linuxcon dates
22:15:49 <adrian_otto> oh, very interesting
22:16:03 <jejb> LinuxCon is doing a Containers track so I think there's strong Docker representation as well as LXC
22:16:52 <adrian_otto> ok, so at KS, you mentioned a containers meeting, when is that?
22:17:32 <jejb> We'll do it on the fringes, it will probably be a review with Tejun of our API progress.  We don't have dates nailed down but I suspect 20/8 since Serge is going to LinuxCon but not KS
22:17:57 <erw_> jejb: +1; doing this with ks/linuxcon will make those that sign my expense reports happy, I think.
22:18:13 <adrian_otto> ok, so maybe if we planned to meet on the 18th and 19th that might work nicely
22:18:20 <jejb> I'll have a couple of guys from Moscow, although not dguryanov
22:18:29 <jejb> no chance of getting anyone to SF in August
22:19:01 <adrian_otto> and then we can meet with kernel stakeholders on the 20th
22:19:16 <adrian_otto> am I making any sense?
22:20:06 <jejb> I was more thinking that the containers presence is useful.  I doubt Tejun or some of the others has much OpenStack interest
22:20:18 <adrian_otto> I'd need to find a suitable meeting space for us thogh
22:20:23 <jejb> but it's an attractor for the rest of the containers people, which is partly why LinuxCon has a container track
22:20:41 <jejb> adrian_otto, I can get Angela of the LF to find that
22:21:09 <adrian_otto> ok, that would be great. We'll keep all options open
22:22:01 <erw_> jejb: we’ll also need to know if all attendees will also need to register for linuxcon
22:22:23 <adrian_otto> erw_: yes, good point
22:22:41 <jejb> erw_, that's complex.  but only if you want a date over linuxcon, which is 20-22/8
22:23:05 <adrian_otto> I'm happy to provide the LF with rationale that explains why this is in the interest of the LF if that's not immediately apparent
22:24:13 <adrian_otto> thanks for making that connection for us.
22:24:39 <adrian_otto> I will update the description of the poll to indicate if we hold it on those dates, it will be in Chicago (pending final arrangements)
22:24:53 <adrian_otto> #topic Host Agent Discussion
22:25:09 <erw_> adrian_otto: fwiw, “networking only” passes without conference session badges are $300/ea; if it turns out it’s necessary
22:25:43 <adrian_otto> erw_: tx!
22:26:12 <adrian_otto> recarding host agents… we touched on this a bit last week, but I wanted to give us a chance to revisit this in greater detail
22:26:24 <adrian_otto> s/recarding/regarding/
22:27:02 <adrian_otto> the question is about what software should run on the hosts that run nova-compute today
22:27:26 <adrian_otto> should it be different than nova-compute, nova-compute with a generic containers plugin?
22:28:11 <adrian_otto> I think we agreed that we preferred not to have separate virt drivers to every container tech
22:28:39 <adrian_otto> thoughts on this?
22:29:09 <PaulCzar_> I’m a bit worried about removing funtionality for specific container tech to make it fit a lowest common denominator driver
22:29:09 <adrian_otto> ok, we can follow that one on the ML
22:29:13 <jejb> The problem is that the nova API is a bit hypervisor centric.  However, we need a lot of the internals
22:29:17 <erw_> adrian_otto: so far, I’ve agreed we need to share code amongst the “virt” drivers. Such as the neutron code and whatever code we use for attaching block devices for cinder
22:29:42 <jejb> I'd propose trying a different nova-compute as a POC then seeing if there's scope for merging
22:30:05 <adrian_otto> erw_: acknowledged.
22:30:24 <erw_> adrian_otto: the idea of “separate” virt drivers is a high-level subclassing where we need to do different things for the different drivers… and I don’t see that going away unless we were to, say, communicate to libcontainer directly.
22:30:25 <adrian_otto> jejb: so maybe a fork of nova-compute to start?
22:30:45 <jejb> adrian_otto, it will be easier than trying to modify the python API within nova initially
22:30:54 <iqbalmohomed> +1 erw_
22:30:58 <adrian_otto> erw_: we talked about extending libvirt to potentially be that integration point.
22:31:51 <adrian_otto> PaulCzar_: +1
22:31:57 <jejb> libvirt is really very hypervisor specific as well
22:32:17 <jejb> PaulCzar_, the libcontainer/libct approach should support all container technology with no current loss of functionality
22:32:18 <PaulCzar_> take nova-docker … genericize it a bit and call it nova-container
22:32:20 <erw_> and even the canonical folks want to get away from libvirt for containers
22:32:24 <adrian_otto> jejb: what if it were not?
22:32:47 <jejb> adrian_otto, well then it would be reinventing the libct approach, wouldn't it?
22:32:50 <adrian_otto> erw_: where was that opinion expressed?
22:32:55 <PaulCzar_> let docker be the driver to integrate with libcontainer
22:33:05 <iqbalmohomed> Is there an API for containers documented at this point?
22:33:12 <adrian_otto> I'd like to identify a concrete reference to that
22:33:40 <dguryanov> iqbalmohomed: https://github.com/xemul/libct/blob/master/Documentation/libct.txt
22:33:52 <erw_> PaulCzar_: iqbalmohomed: there is an argument that docker is that api
22:33:54 <jejb> adrian_otto, serge can probably confirm it.  It was his statement at OpenStack Atlanta, but I don't know if it's written down
22:34:02 <iqbalmohomed> thx dguryanov, erw_
22:34:11 <adrian_otto> yes, we raised libct for discussion last week as well
22:34:33 <erw_> libct/libcontainer is the defacto low-level api, yes
22:35:09 <PaulCzar_> oh yes, I forgot about libct …  it’s a python library that will talk to libcontainer ? or a python port of libcontainer?
22:35:32 <erw_> but interfacing directly to that, we would start to reimplement Docker inside of our virt plugin… and that’s not good mojo
22:35:38 <jejb> libcontainer is a go library, libct is the c/c++/python part.  The APIs don't quite match yet but vmarmol from google is working on that
22:35:40 <adrian_otto> jejb: yes, could you help me confirm that?
22:35:44 <iqbalmohomed> +1 erw_
22:35:56 <jejb> adrian_otto, I can confirm he said it to the group of us
22:36:03 <erw_> (or reimplementing openvz, for that matter… from whatever perspective you desire)
22:36:14 <adrian_otto> I want all of us to be well informed about what's happening, but I don't want rumor to carry us away if it's not an official position, we should treat it as such.
22:36:48 <erw_> adrian_otto: it has been clearly stated by various parties that the intentions are to merge libcontainer and libct.
22:37:00 <adrian_otto> maybe we can invite serge to our next meeting for his perspective
22:37:18 <adrian_otto> erw_: ok
22:37:32 <adrian_otto> that makes sense.
22:37:34 <PaulCzar_> I’m all for using docker as the API …  but I’m not sure the openstack community in general would like that
22:37:45 <adrian_otto> PaulCzar_: why?
22:37:56 <adrian_otto> fi docker allows for any container tech to work
22:38:16 <PaulCzar_> adrian_otto: politics, language bias,  not-invented-here
22:38:18 <dguryanov> Which container techs do we have?
22:38:21 <adrian_otto> and all those bits are open source, and using compatible licenses
22:38:22 <iqbalmohomed> Curious if the existing docker virt driver in nova-docker serves as a guide in the design for containers? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Docker has a nice image of this ... basically use HTTP
22:38:29 <dguryanov> There is only one: cgroups + namespaces + caps
22:38:43 <adrian_otto> Stackers have expressed interest in OpenVZ as well
22:39:05 <adrian_otto> which is something that is used in production OpenStack clouds today
22:39:52 <adrian_otto> iscsi support is one difference that I am aware of
22:40:23 <adrian_otto> I'd like to learn more about the specifics, but apparently the iscsi connector that works in OpenVZ was not working when LXC was considered
22:40:29 <erw_> adrian_otto: there is a good point that Docker does present a fairly biased version of containers.
22:40:30 <jejb> The flavour of a container, LXC, OpenVZ, Docker is determined by how you set it up, what capabilities you give it and how its mount points work
22:40:38 <erw_> which may or may not be a good thing in the context of OpenStack
22:40:54 <jejb> libcontainer/libct interfaces to the low level building blocks, but the high level flavour isn't determined by them
22:41:03 <iqbalmohomed> dguryanov: I believe other popular containers are warden and straight up LXC
22:41:05 <adrian_otto> erw_: in my view being somewhat opinionated is healthy
22:41:47 <adrian_otto> warden is it's own thing? I thought that simply controlled LXC
22:42:18 <erw_> my approach with the docker driver has been to try and improve libcontainer directly wherever possible, to move code into libraries we can share with other container virt drivers - where possible...
22:42:29 <adrian_otto> My current understanding is that's downstream from the CF DEA component in order to produce an isolated process on the host
22:42:39 <erw_> but instead of calling to libcontainer directly, we call the docker API which manipulates libcontainer.
22:43:00 <erw_> as a matter of status-quo on the nova-docker side
22:43:40 <adrian_otto> erw_: for sake of discussion, if we had nova-compute talking directly to libcontainer, and added extensions for the missing API bits, might we get more traction with Stackers?
22:43:46 <PaulCzar_> at dockercon they announced that paralels was working on libcontainer support
22:43:51 <jejb> adrian_otto, warden was initially implemented on lxc (like docker), then it decided it wanted to do its own thing, so it has backends, like docker
22:44:05 <adrian_otto> jejb: very interesting.
22:44:57 <erw_> adrian_otto: I’m not sure that would give us further traction. It moves the story to something most people don’t know (they know lxc, openvz, docker) and I suspect presumes a much more vigorous level of effort to implement and maintain
22:45:27 <jejb> PaulCzar_, it's a bit more complex than that: libcontainer and libct have existed as separate projects for a while.  We're now trying to combine them into a single useful API
22:45:37 <jejb> PaulCzar_, with a Go/C/C++/Python binding set
22:45:44 <adrian_otto> #link http://underlap.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/warden-meets-libcontainer.html Warden to use libcontainer now
22:46:11 <adrian_otto> it seems to me that there is convergence on libcontainer, and that would be a safe approach as a first iteration.
22:46:49 <adrian_otto> erw_: more effort compared to what option?
22:47:51 <PaulCzar_> if we were to use docker as the API and we need features from libcontainer to support openvz etc, will we get support from docker to implement ?
22:48:28 <erw_> adrian_otto: it’s a question of how much does libcontainer not do - and how much do we lose by using it? I mean, do we start reimplementing Docker, Warden, etc at some point?
22:49:02 <adrian_otto> erw_: I'd rather not, in all honesty.
22:49:08 <erw_> and then there is the ecosystem question: if we did that, how do we manage importing/exporting docker images? Are there features we lose/miss out on?
22:49:15 <jejb> It's basically a question of where the container flavour is implemented.  If we base on libct/libcontainer, the flavour has to be in nova, hence extra work
22:49:18 <adrian_otto> but I want to help us strike a balance that we can be comfortable with
22:49:32 <PaulCzar_> given we have something working that uses docker, I think it makes a lot of sense to continue to use it until we hit something that means we can't
22:49:40 <jejb> if we place the flavour inside the actual driver (like is currently done now with libvirt), then we effectively need drivers for every container technology
22:50:32 <jejb> The thing we don't yet know is how big the flavour difference is.  I suspect it's pretty small, hence nova + flavour  driving libct/libcontainer may not be much extra effort
22:50:51 <adrian_otto> jejb: good point. it would be more efficient to pick up those modules from existing projects
22:50:51 <erw_> PaulCzar_: libcontainer is getting support from multiple vendors. parallels is working on libcontainer themselves, in a sense (again the whole c/go mismatch is being sorted)
22:51:21 <jejb> but we have yet to try it.  We're looking to rebase the vzctl (openvz toolkit) and serge is looking at the same for lxctools.  How easy that is tells us how big the flavour problem is
22:52:06 <adrian_otto> ok, so we have a few minutes remaining
22:52:17 <erw_> jejb: right. I’ve been playing devil’s advocate a bit, not because I’m strictly against a libcontainer solution, but because I feel we don’t have enough information to make an informed decision on this.
22:52:19 <adrian_otto> #topic Open Discussion
22:52:52 <adrian_otto> it's fine to continue the prior dicsussion
22:53:21 <adrian_otto> erw_ what actions can we take to get the right information?
22:53:30 <PaulCzar_> thx guys, I gotta head out
22:53:30 <erw_> adrian_otto: I forget where we left off with the cinder stuff, but the patches from funzo and slower are ready and pending review… which is still having trouble with upstream docker.
22:53:39 <adrian_otto> is this a matter of pulling in subject matter experts who are not already here?
22:54:09 <adrian_otto> erw_: are there individuals I should speak with about those?
22:54:12 <jejb> erw_, all I can tell you is what I suspect ... not what I know.  What I do know is that the future of containers is more granular than any of our current container technology easily allows so a libct/libcontainer route would future proof us, which I think is more important in the long run
22:54:47 <erw_> adrian_otto: re:cinder- I had them give a demo at Docker, Inc to grease the wheels a bit. Unfortunately, most everyone had already checked-out due to an hour-log HR presentation that preceded it
22:55:12 <adrian_otto> oh, bummer!
22:55:12 <erw_> adrian_otto: re:cinder- but I’m following up on it
22:55:34 <adrian_otto> erw_: If I can do anything to help, please let me know
22:56:35 <erw_> jejb: that much, I can agree on. What I’ve been doing is using the openstack work as a feedback loop to make Docker better where it’s lacking and speeding up that process
22:58:14 <iqbalmohomed> In the closing minutes, maybe I can ask a some what related but off topic question. Is there a regular chat or irc for nova-docker?
22:58:27 <erw_> sorry- -  I have to go.
22:58:34 <adrian_otto> #nova-docker on Freenode
22:58:44 <iqbalmohomed> thx adrian_otto
22:59:01 <adrian_otto> ok, anything else before we wrap up?
22:59:34 <adrian_otto> thanks everyone.
22:59:39 <adrian_otto> #endmeeting