21:05:55 <sdake> #startmeeting containers
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21:06:01 <sdake> #topic rollcall
21:06:10 <sdake> yay [\o/]
21:07:17 <sdake> anyone around?
21:07:26 <sdake> dims diga yuanying?
21:07:47 <devkulkarni> which meeting is happening in this channel?
21:07:53 <sdake> container meeting
21:08:06 <muralia> is the containers meeting now? I thought this slot was for the solum meeting.
21:08:07 <devkulkarni> oh okay.. I thought this was time for solum team meeting
21:08:18 <sdake> hmm maybe I am off a week
21:08:29 <sdake> since nobody is around, I'll guess I'll end the meeting
21:08:38 <sdake> apologies for the overlap (end of year chaos)
21:08:44 <devkulkarni> sdake: okay.. no worries
21:08:46 <sdake> #endmeeting