16:05:55 <juggler> #startmeeting containers
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16:06:11 <Drago1> Oh, awesome. Thanks juggler
16:06:30 <strigazi> o/
16:06:37 <Drago1> o/
16:06:39 <coreyob> o/
16:06:45 <juggler> Not at roll call yet..please wait :)
16:07:13 <juggler> Ok..roll call ready... :)
16:07:16 <juggler> o/
16:07:37 <strigazi> \o/
16:07:47 <jvgrant> Jaycen Grant
16:07:55 <coreyob> o/
16:09:03 <Drago1> Did you just want to be first, juggler?
16:09:33 <juggler> I'll just be presiding...
16:09:49 <juggler> Looks like we have 1/24 Agenda still on the wiki. We'll improvise...
16:09:51 <juggler> :)
16:10:02 <Drago1> juggler: Where's Adrian?
16:10:15 <Drago1> Or if anyone else knows
16:10:40 <juggler> Drago1 Not sure...he might be running a little late or stuck in some work..
16:10:42 <juggler> #topic Announcements
16:10:48 <juggler> Any announcement folks?
16:11:02 <strigazi> We have a 4.0.0 tag \o/
16:11:11 <Drago1> Hooray!
16:11:14 <randallburt> o/
16:11:21 <juggler> strigazi Excellent!
16:11:22 <strigazi> But I don't know when we'll cut te branch
16:11:22 <swatson_> d-(^_^)z
16:11:31 <strigazi> s/te/the
16:12:07 <juggler> strigazi Do you have an action to suggest?
16:12:38 <strigazi> ah no, Adrian is handling the release
16:12:53 <juggler> strigazi great
16:13:17 <juggler> Are there other announcements all?
16:13:47 <juggler> Alright then...
16:13:49 <juggler> #topic Review Action Items
16:14:07 <juggler> Anyone have any Action Items they'd like to discuss?
16:14:21 <strigazi> PTG session planning?
16:14:58 <Drago1> That's a good one
16:15:12 <juggler> strigazi great!
16:15:41 <strigazi> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:15:42 <juggler> strigazi offhand have there been any planning boards created for that?
16:15:49 <juggler> excellent
16:15:50 <strigazi> no
16:15:53 <juggler> ah
16:15:58 <strigazi> The above etherpad is empty
16:16:07 <strigazi> we can start I guess
16:16:44 <juggler> sounds great...let me set up a basic roadmap...
16:18:00 <randallburt> please tell me there are no "fishbowl" sessions at the PTG...
16:18:22 <juggler> there do not have to be...just putting it in there for potential ideas
16:18:31 <juggler> this is a brainstorm.
16:18:51 <randallburt> k.
16:18:56 <juggler> ok folks, browse to the link here and type in your ideas...
16:19:03 <juggler> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:19:59 <juggler> all ideas are welcome!
16:20:13 <Drago1> It's interesting watching how everyone types
16:20:23 <juggler> you have about 4m left :)
16:21:43 <juggler> for the person who suggested "lets not do fishbowls", if you could also say why not so we can consider that as well...thank you!
16:22:10 <juggler> hello dimtruck
16:22:36 <randallburt> juggler:  ok
16:23:00 <coreyob> +1s for things we agree with?
16:23:25 <juggler> we'll get to the +1s after all the ideas are in...
16:23:46 <jvgrant> coreyob: yes, that helps judge interest for priority.  Just getting ideas right now though
16:23:51 <juggler> 1m left for ideas...
16:24:10 <juggler> for those just joining us, we are putting ideas into etherpad:
16:24:11 <juggler> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:24:49 <juggler> alright..please finish up your etherpad ideas folks...
16:24:54 <adrian_otto> sorry for my late arrival
16:24:57 <juggler> lots of great ones
16:25:07 <juggler> adrian_otto no worries..welcome!
16:25:28 <juggler> for those just joining us, we are putting ideas into etherpad:
16:25:33 <juggler> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:26:32 <juggler> ok are there any other critical ideas for the etherpad?
16:27:16 <adrian_otto> thanks juggler for starting the meeting. I read the transcript for the part I missed. I have more to add for announcements.
16:27:21 <adrian_otto> any objections to covering that now?
16:28:04 <strigazi> Go ahead Adrian
16:28:27 <juggler> feel free to also add your +1s to the etherpad in the background..
16:28:42 <juggler> go ahead adrian_otto
16:29:15 <juggler> #topic Announcements
16:29:38 <adrian_otto> the PTL nomination window closed over the weekend, and the PTL position was not challended, so there will not be a PTL election for Magnum for Pike. I will serve as your PTL for this cycle.
16:29:59 <Drago1> +1 adrian_otto
16:30:03 <juggler> +1
16:30:05 <randallburt> adrian_otto:  I for one welcome our previous Adrian overlord
16:30:05 <adrian_otto> any questions or concerns?
16:30:06 <ricolin> +1:)
16:30:24 <jasond> +1
16:30:26 <Drago1> I'm super concerned
16:30:32 <strigazi> +1
16:30:34 <Drago1> Just kidding
16:30:36 <chris_hultin> +1
16:30:37 <adrian_otto> Drago1: please allow to to address your concerns
16:30:42 <adrian_otto> ok, I figured as much
16:30:46 <jvgrant> +1
16:30:46 <Drago1> :)
16:30:53 <juggler> ruh roh lol
16:30:54 <swatson_> seems ok to me
16:30:58 <adrian_otto> alright, so next topic
16:31:15 <adrian_otto> we are in hard freeze this week
16:31:25 <adrian_otto> that means we will only be merging bug fixes, not features.
16:32:02 <adrian_otto> as mentioned earlier this meting, there are new release tags for magnum and python-magnumclient
16:32:23 <strigazi> Can I ask for a small one super userfull https://review.openstack.org/#/c/405374/ admission control plugins
16:32:23 <adrian_otto> any discussion about the release?
16:32:42 <strigazi> s/userfull/useful
16:33:08 <randallburt> adrian_otto:  so tags are already cut but we haven't branched yet, correct?
16:33:18 <strigazi> yes ^^
16:33:20 <adrian_otto> randallburt: yes
16:33:22 <randallburt> cool
16:34:21 <adrian_otto> so strigazi I am willing to entertain an FFE for the 405374 contribution. To consider that, I'd like you to send a message to the openstack-dev mailing list with subject tags [magnum] [release] and explain the rationale for the exception.
16:34:34 <strigazi> ok, thanks
16:35:01 <adrian_otto> if you'd like to express the reasoning here as well, we might be able to help shape that
16:35:33 <adrian_otto> we can return to it after juggler has finished guiding us through the Pike PTG planning agenda item.
16:35:34 <Drago1> One thing to note is that it doesn't affect the magnum engine, just drivers
16:35:46 <strigazi> It's more of a missing feature in k8s. It is recommended by the k8s community to use in all k8s deployments
16:36:16 <adrian_otto> Drago1: yes, that's an important detail to explain. Be sure to explain it in a way that those on the release team that are not familiar with Magnum internals can really grasp the difference and why it matters.
16:36:41 <adrian_otto> (impact to one driver, not all)
16:36:47 <strigazi> makes sense
16:36:57 <juggler> all: please append your +1s to vote for items at:
16:37:03 <juggler> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:37:05 <adrian_otto> ok, those are the announcement items I wanted to cover.
16:37:11 * adrian_otto looks at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:37:33 <Drago1> Should we give more time to collect topics?
16:37:43 <juggler> #topic Pike Planning agenda voting
16:38:10 <juggler> take about 4m now to vote please
16:40:18 <randallburt> is there a reason to finish the pike planning/voting during this meeting? May want to take the week to brainstorm and provide feedback
16:41:08 <jasond> who is light red?
16:41:40 <juggler> light red contributor, please place your name at the top of the etherpad...thank you!
16:41:43 <randallburt> jasond:  me I think, tho colors may be different
16:41:49 <randallburt> oh whoops
16:42:24 <jasond> randallburt: what design session format do you prefer?
16:43:04 <randallburt> jasond:  not sure what you mean.
16:43:20 <jasond> randallburt: i only see Fishbowls, Work sessions, and Contributors meetups on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Design_Summit
16:44:02 <randallburt> jasond:  dunno if that applies to the PTG. I'm hoping the PTG is all Work Sessions and Cross Project stuff
16:44:21 <randallburt> jasond:  more like a mid-cycle
16:44:26 <juggler> do we wish to delay the vote on this for more voting? if so, please chime in now...
16:44:27 <randallburt> or like they were
16:44:49 <jasond> randallburt: oh ok, should we relabel first section "work sessions"?
16:44:49 <randallburt> juggler:  yes IMO. I think taking the week would be helpful
16:44:49 <Drago1> juggler: +1, at least give the community some time, especially if they're not at the meeting right now
16:44:59 <Drago1> Send a message out on the ML
16:45:08 <randallburt> juggler:  maybe a post on the dev ML to let people chime in?
16:45:14 <randallburt> Drago1:  jinx
16:45:56 <juggler> #action Community to brainstorm and vote on etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-pike-ptg-sessions
16:46:14 <juggler> #topic Blueprints/Bugs/Reviews/Ideas
16:46:33 <juggler> Any input on Blueprints/Bugs/Reviews/Ideas all?
16:46:47 <jasond> randallburt: BTW, the summit is the new midcycle https://www.openstack.org/ptg/#tab_faq
16:47:22 <jvgrant> New and smaller versions of node group specs are now up for review
16:47:40 <jvgrant> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/425431/
16:47:52 <jvgrant> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/425422/
16:48:01 <jvgrant> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/427060/
16:48:10 <jvgrant> a couple more will be added soon
16:48:28 <juggler> jvgrant excellent
16:48:34 <Drago1> Thanks jvgrant
16:49:05 <strigazi> I don't have some thing this week, last week was f25 week for me, sorry
16:49:31 <strigazi> but we have k8s 1.5.2
16:49:48 <strigazi> if that helps
16:49:52 <juggler> #action post on the dev ML regarding etherpad brainstorm/vote to let people provide feedback
16:50:58 <juggler> Any other discussion on Blueprints/Bugs/Reviews/Ideas?
16:51:10 <adrian_otto> can probably advance to open discussion
16:51:20 <juggler> #topic Open Discussion
16:52:06 <juggler> all: Have you any open discussion items?
16:52:35 <juggler> Feel free to provide your feedback now..
16:52:51 <jasond> i encountered a microversioning bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1659431
16:52:51 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1659431 in Magnum "Unexpected response from microversioned API" [Undecided,New]
16:53:06 <jasond> if someone could please confirm/triage it
16:53:46 <strigazi> it says bay_uuid
16:53:47 <adrian_otto> thanks jasond
16:53:52 <adrian_otto> I'll look at it
16:53:58 <juggler> ty jasond
16:54:08 <juggler> ty adrian_otto
16:54:37 <juggler> #action adrian_otto Confirm/triage potential bug 1659431
16:54:37 <openstack> bug 1659431 in Magnum "Unexpected response from microversioned API" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1659431
16:55:30 <juggler> any other open discussion items?
16:56:17 <swatson_> Migration tests are finally review-ready: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/410962/
16:56:33 <juggler> ty swatson_
16:56:37 <adrian_otto> jasond: would you like me to assign https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1659431 to you for resolution, or should we seek another contributor to address the defect?
16:56:37 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1659431 in Magnum "Unexpected response from microversioned API" [Medium,Triaged]
16:57:03 <jasond> adrian_otto: sure, i can look into it
16:57:09 <adrian_otto> ok, thanks
16:57:30 <juggler> Next meeting is scheduled for 2/7
16:57:42 <juggler> Thank you all for participating. We enjoyed your input today.
16:57:45 <juggler> #endmeeting