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16:00:19 <adrian_otto> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Containers#Agenda_for_2017-03-14_1600_UTC Our Agenda
16:00:24 <adrian_otto> #topic Roll Call
16:00:26 <adrian_otto> Adrian Otto
16:00:32 <coreyob> Corey O'Brien
16:00:41 <lakerzhou> Bin Zhou
16:00:47 <vijendar> o/
16:00:49 <PagliaccisCloud> Treva Williams
16:00:53 <yatinkarel> Yatin Karel
16:00:54 <juggler> Perry Rivera o/
16:01:06 <adrian_otto> hello coreyob lakerzhou vijendar PagliaccisCloud yatinkarel and juggler
16:01:08 <tonanhngo> Ton Ngo
16:01:18 <PagliaccisCloud> Hi!!
16:01:29 <juggler> hello
16:01:35 <jasond> o/
16:01:35 <adrian_otto> hello tonanhngo
16:01:40 <randallburt> o/
16:01:43 <strigazi> Spyros Trigazis
16:02:13 <jvgrant_> Jaycen Grant
16:02:40 <adrian_otto> hello jasond randallburt strigazi  and jvgrant_
16:02:54 <adrian_otto> #topic Announcements
16:02:56 <adrian_otto> (none)
16:03:04 <adrian_otto> Any announcements from our team?
16:04:24 <adrian_otto> #topic Review Action Items
16:04:26 <adrian_otto> (none)
16:04:36 <adrian_otto> #topic Blueprints/Bugs/Reviews/Ideas
16:04:43 <adrian_otto> Essential Blueprints
16:04:49 <adrian_otto> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/flatten-attributes Flatten Attributes [strigazi]
16:04:54 <adrian_otto> (1/3)
16:05:31 <strigazi> So, I'm breaking out changes of _id and writing unit tests.
16:06:39 <strigazi> Functionally the patch is in good state, I'll try to push more to get to the Cluster Driver resource
16:07:10 <strigazi> I'll catch up with stephen for the db migration tests too.
16:07:25 <strigazi> That is all I have
16:07:35 <adrian_otto> thanks strigazi
16:07:45 <adrian_otto> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/nodegroups Nodegroups [Drago]
16:07:49 <adrian_otto> (2/3)
16:08:05 <jasond> adrian_otto: Drago said he had no updates
16:08:13 <adrian_otto> ok
16:08:21 <adrian_otto> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/cluster-upgrades Cluster Upgrades [strigazi]
16:08:23 <adrian_otto> (3/3)
16:08:47 <strigazi> flatten is prereq, I don't have anything in this
16:09:04 <jvgrant_> driver resource spec is up for review. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439849/ which is needed for this as weel
16:09:07 <jvgrant_> well
16:09:49 <adrian_otto> thanks strigazi and jvgrant_
16:09:55 <strigazi> I'll review tomorrow (i.e. 13 hours for me)
16:10:00 <adrian_otto> any discussion on the driver spec?
16:10:27 <adrian_otto> I will also review it tomorrow, as well
16:10:38 <jvgrant_> have some feedback already, working on a new revision that should finish it up
16:10:46 <jvgrant_> plus whatever additional feedback i get
16:11:06 <strigazi> I have a question related a bit to nodegroups
16:11:29 <strigazi> Do we have something else in the agenda? I can wait
16:12:01 <randallburt> strigazi:  drago is unvailable this am fyi
16:12:23 <strigazi> ok, I'll catch up with him
16:12:32 <adrian_otto> ok
16:12:40 <adrian_otto> Other Work Items
16:12:54 <adrian_otto> team members may raise discussion regarding any BP, review, or bug now.
16:13:24 <PagliaccisCloud> Would anyone be willing to +2 my bug patch? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445246/
16:14:37 <adrian_otto> PagliaccisCloud: I'll look at it
16:15:07 <PagliaccisCloud> Thank you adrian_otto !
16:15:57 <adrian_otto> PagliaccisCloud: I approved it for merge. I have one request...
16:16:06 <PagliaccisCloud> Sure thing
16:16:27 <adrian_otto> find the appearance of glance in our dev quickstart.rst and update that doc too?
16:16:45 <PagliaccisCloud> Sure, I'll be happy to!
16:16:45 <adrian_otto> as that may still be using the v1 glance syntax
16:16:50 <adrian_otto> tx
16:17:01 <adrian_otto> #topic Open Discussion
16:17:36 <strigazi> About the k8s cinder driver, has anyone tried it rexently with k8s 1.5.2?
16:18:09 <tonanhngo> Are you seeing problem?  I can give it a try
16:18:27 <strigazi> See patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445404/
16:18:45 <randallburt> strigazi:  sorta but its been a while
16:18:53 <randallburt> strigazi:  its still broken iirc
16:19:34 <strigazi> My colleague claims otherwise, didn't have a chance to do it again. Can you double check when you have time?
16:19:44 <tonanhngo> ok, will check it out
16:19:50 <randallburt> strigazi:  sure
16:20:15 <strigazi> And there is again the issue with hostname-overrride (use ip or not)
16:20:35 <strigazi> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445404/1/magnum/drivers/common/templates/kubernetes/fragments/configure-kubernetes-minion.sh@51
16:20:40 <randallburt> strigazi:  I couldn't get it to work with the ip. had to change the hostname to short and use that
16:21:06 <strigazi> For cidner yes, you need hostname (nova name)
16:21:12 <randallburt> right
16:21:18 <strigazi> What we should do?
16:21:19 <randallburt> and for the node to register
16:21:29 <strigazi> Have always hostname?
16:21:33 <randallburt> strigazi:  yes
16:21:42 <randallburt> at least that's what I found works
16:21:51 <strigazi> without proper dns in the cloud, kubectl exec won't work
16:21:55 <tonanhngo> There is support for DNS in K8s 1.5.2?
16:22:14 <randallburt> as long as the hostname matches what's in nova, it *should* work
16:22:56 <randallburt> oh, and for 1.5.x, you have to set another property so that exec and log works. can't remember off the top thought
16:23:01 <vijendar> strigazi: in devstack this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439906/ helped with k8s 1.5.2
16:23:07 <strigazi> I think if you are on an openstack  cloud that doesn't have DNS you'll have trouble with exec
16:23:16 <vijendar> randallburt: ^^ ?
16:23:17 <tonanhngo> kubectl exec requires DNS resolution
16:23:21 <randallburt> strigazi:  no, there's a fix for that in 1.5.x too
16:23:24 <yatinkarel> strigazi, there is one more patch for hostname-overide https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438321/
16:23:54 <randallburt> looking for it now
16:23:56 <strigazi> We can do it in the patch ^^
16:24:04 <strigazi> but we need to decide what to do :)
16:24:29 <strigazi> in 439906 we went for ip
16:24:53 <strigazi> no, sorry, in another patch, looking
16:25:11 <randallburt> strigazi:  set --kubelet-preferred-address-types=InternalIP,ExternalIP,Hostname" and that should sort getting exec and log to work
16:25:39 <strigazi> ok, I'll test. So we can have the hostname always, right?
16:25:45 <randallburt> strigazi:  yep
16:25:51 <adrian_otto> I'm not sure about that
16:26:05 <strigazi> Here we have DNS, we don't care. But for ther default, I don't know
16:26:06 <adrian_otto> I've seen patches earlier that introduce a conditional configuration
16:26:19 <randallburt> adrian_otto:  its the only way i found to get the openstack plugin to work properly
16:26:23 <adrian_otto> based on whether the cinder driver is loaded
16:26:27 <adrian_otto> is that relevant here?
16:26:29 <strigazi> if 439906 fixes it we can change
16:26:36 <randallburt> +1 ^^
16:26:46 <strigazi> adrian_otto yes it is
16:27:11 <strigazi> thanks vijendar, I'll do some tests
16:27:24 <vijendar> strigazi: np
16:27:35 <adrian_otto> ok
16:27:53 <adrian_otto> so there are two solutions
16:28:10 <randallburt> strigazi:  though setting that arg in the api doesn't technically hurt either way since it defaults back to using hostname
16:28:10 <adrian_otto> and one may now be obviated by 439906
16:29:11 <adrian_otto> I have a question for each member of our team. At the Boston OpenStack Summit there will be an "OpenStack Forum" part of the event, which is the replacement for the "OpenStack Design Summit" (not to be confused with the OpenStack Projects Teams Gathering [PTG]). Who is planning to attend, or will be asking for approval to attend?
16:29:59 <strigazi> I'll attend
16:30:03 <tonanhngo> I will be there
16:30:10 <adrian_otto> I'll go
16:30:26 <jvgrant_> i have a request for approval, but not looking likely :(
16:30:37 <adrian_otto> I expect that a number of us who attended PTG will not be approved for it
16:30:39 <yatinkarel> Not sure right now
16:31:50 <adrian_otto> ok, that gives me a sense, thanks!
16:31:56 <juggler> Not likely for me
16:32:25 <adrian_otto> ok, so if you do manage to get approval, please let me know so I can plan to expect you
16:32:52 <adrian_otto> I also want to explore what options we have for remote participation as well
16:33:47 <adrian_otto> anyone want to wrap up a bit early today?
16:34:15 <strigazi> fine for me
16:34:25 <juggler> thanks for exploring!
16:34:34 <adrian_otto> Our next team meeting will be at 1600 UTC on 2017-03-21 in #openstack-meeting-alt
16:34:48 <juggler> early wrap ok
16:34:49 <adrian_otto> thanks everyone for attending today, and for all your work on magnum!
16:34:56 <adrian_otto> #endmeeting