15:59:09 <strigazi> #startmeeting containers
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15:59:21 <strigazi> #topic Roll Call
16:00:26 <slunkad> Sayali Lunkad
16:01:19 <strigazi> Hi slunkad, let's wait a few minutes to see if others show up
16:01:28 <slunkad> strigazi: sure :)
16:09:32 <strigazi> slunkad: I guess it is the two of us, thanks for joining :)
16:09:45 <slunkad> strigazi: yep!
16:10:12 <strigazi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Containers#Agenda_for_2017-08-22_1600_UTC
16:10:38 <DimGR> hi
16:11:12 <strigazi> strigazi to cleanup the blueprint list
16:11:39 <strigazi> I created an etherpad document to track the blueprint and decide on them
16:11:46 <strigazi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-queens-planning
16:11:58 <strigazi> It is not complete yet
16:12:25 <strigazi> I forgot to change the topic, just a sec
16:12:42 <strigazi> #topic Announcements
16:13:05 <strigazi> From announcements I only have that magnum 5.0.1 is out
16:13:14 <strigazi> wait for the release notes
16:13:35 <strigazi> #link https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/magnum/pike.html
16:13:39 <slunkad> strigazi: great!
16:14:05 <slunkad> strigazi: I think we have a bp for the opensuse work as well, we should probably add that to the list
16:14:20 <strigazi> Next topic that I stated before is:
16:14:27 <strigazi> #topic Review Action Items
16:15:19 <strigazi> strigazi to cleanup the blueprint list
16:15:46 <strigazi> As I said, partially done, we can add the suse bp in the next topic
16:16:01 <strigazi> Make Queens planning in the next two meeting and strigazi to send an email to the ML for Queens planning
16:16:26 <strigazi> This is done, but it didn't work very well, we can try again next week
16:16:36 <slunkad> ok
16:16:55 <strigazi> #action strigazi to send again an email for queents planning
16:17:09 <strigazi> #topic Essential Blueprints Review
16:17:55 <strigazi> slunkad: you wanted to add suse blueprint, go ahead! Is there another feature that you are interested in?
16:18:17 <strigazi> DimGR: Is there a missing feature that you are interested in?
16:18:49 <DimGR> not at the moment strigazi
16:19:12 <slunkad> strigazi: atm I think the work around getting the suse driver upto date would take most of my effort, I'm not sure if the 3rd party ci work needs a bp
16:19:31 <strigazi> I'll complete the list I started tomorrow and we can finalise the decisions in the next meeting.
16:20:44 <strigazi> slunkad: It helps in tracking the work but since you will be maintaining it and it won't block the ci, a bp or bug is just nice to have
16:20:45 <slunkad> and since you asked last week about something similar to fedora atomic we just announced kubic last week so we might want to integrate that but not sure we are ready to create a bp yet
16:21:10 <strigazi> slunkad: what do you mean? kubic is like the atomic utility?
16:22:47 <slunkad> strigazi: yes similar it was just not opensource so long but now it is
16:22:48 <slunkad> https://insights.hpe.com/articles/introducing-kubic-a-community-driven-container-as-a-service-platform-1708.html#.WZxMIUKX5mY.linkedin
16:23:40 <slunkad> this is the opensuse bp https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/k8s-opensuse-support
16:24:00 <strigazi> slunkad: cool I'll have a look in kubic
16:24:01 <slunkad> i will add it to the etherpad as well after updating it a bit
16:24:37 <slunkad> strigazi: also since pike has been cut we can move the opensuse driver to the main tree right?
16:24:44 <strigazi> slunkad: right
16:24:44 <rochaporto> hi everyone, sorry for being late
16:25:09 <strigazi> Hi rochaporto, it is me, slunkad and DimGR here
16:25:32 <slunkad> but we have some downstream patches to make the driver work so I am not sure if we want to integrate that first before moving it to the main tree
16:26:08 <strigazi> slunkad: if it is usable in the current state we can move it. If not let's merge your patches first
16:26:36 <slunkad> strigazi: it isn't so I guess let me create the necessary patches first!
16:26:43 <strigazi> slunkad: sure
16:28:01 <slunkad> I will create the bp for the CI also
16:28:05 <strigazi> slunkad: ok
16:28:55 <strigazi> slunkad: Move it to the top, "Targeted for Queens"
16:29:36 <strigazi> rochaporto: we have this etherpad document: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/magnum-queens-planning
16:31:43 <rochaporto> upgrades includes cluster healing? do we have a separate blueprint for that?
16:32:15 <strigazi> rochaporto: no, we need a new on
16:32:17 <strigazi> rochaporto: no, we need a new one
16:32:22 <rochaporto> ok, will add
16:33:00 <DimGR> strigazi i have upgraded magnum to stable/pike
16:33:02 <DimGR> :)
16:34:24 <strigazi> DimGR: cool, the next topic will be open discussion you can give us your feedback
16:34:40 <rochaporto> +2 DimGR :)
16:34:46 <rochaporto> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/cache-docker-images
16:35:03 <rochaporto> isn't this the same as the infra label we added recently?
16:35:24 <DimGR> i can give feedback as soon as i have the new cluster up and running which is not happening right now , the upgrade took me 2 days i only finished it today
16:35:37 <DimGR> 2 days because of googlng how its done :P
16:36:22 <slunkad> DimGR: maybe we should document it ;)
16:36:24 <strigazi> rochaporto: similar, this is about putting the cointrainer images in the qcow image
16:37:15 <DimGR> slunkad  yes we should because there is no correct way of doing this via openstac ansible  and its not recommended to have Pike sources in ocata
16:37:21 <strigazi> for the label about the container image there is: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/alternative-infra-images-registry
16:38:45 <rochaporto> at least for atomic with all the components moving to containers this is very similar
16:38:58 <rochaporto> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnum/+spec/cluster-healing
16:39:06 <rochaporto> i'll be a bit more verbose later
16:39:51 <strigazi> All related registry bps will be replaced by alternative-infra-images-registry which is almost done for kubernetes and I'll continue for the other drivers.
16:39:57 <strigazi> rochaporto: thanks
16:41:05 <strigazi> slunkad: DimGR Did you have a look to: Add Federation API specification https://review.openstack.org/#/c/489609/ ?
16:41:32 <DimGR> checking
16:42:24 <DimGR> should i document there the process?
16:42:31 <slunkad> strigazi: I can review it soon
16:43:07 <strigazi> DimGR: The process to uprgade magnum with Openstack ansible can be a document magnum/doc/source
16:43:12 <strigazi> DimGR: The process to uprgade magnum with Openstack ansible can be a document in magnum/doc/source
16:43:45 <strigazi> DimGR: Documenting how to uprgade a service in pike with ocata sources doesn't make sense though
16:44:05 <strigazi> We can check if OSA has an upgrade guide.
16:44:13 <DimGR> ok i can have this how to ready whenever you want it . how to upgrade to magnum pike if you are on openstack ocata
16:44:26 <DimGR> they do not have and they do not recommend this
16:44:44 <DimGR> but i built magnum outside of openstack dependancies
16:45:51 <strigazi> Let's finish this topic and move to open discussion
16:46:43 <strigazi> #action strigazi to review existing BPs and complete the list for Queens blueprints
16:47:01 <strigazi> I'll finish the list tomorrow and I'll send again email around.
16:47:07 <strigazi> Sounds Good?
16:47:20 <rochaporto> yes, thanks!
16:47:30 <slunkad> strigazi: yep!
16:47:59 <strigazi> If there are no objections for any of the items, I'll approve the list of BPs and specs by the end of the next meeting.
16:48:39 <strigazi> Or we can do one more week since the PTG ends is September 11-15, 2017
16:48:45 <strigazi> thoughts?
16:48:55 <slunkad> strigazi: one more week sounds better for me
16:49:03 <strigazi> rochaporto: ?
16:49:15 <rochaporto> sure, one more week sounds good too
16:49:36 <strigazi> ok then
16:51:28 <strigazi> #agreed to decide all features targeted for Queens during the PTG week and after our meeting on 2017-09-12
16:51:44 <strigazi> #topic Open Discussion
16:52:25 <strigazi> DimGR: Do you have any problems  with magnum Pike that are not related to ansible?
16:52:37 <strigazi> slunkad: rochaporto Do want to discuss anything?
16:53:07 <DimGR> strigazi not at the moment because i have not yet trid to create a new cluster . i was going to later today
16:53:25 <slunkad> strigazi: no I think I have what I need to work on for now
16:53:26 <rochaporto> the only thing was getting the federation spec reviewed, but was already mentioned
16:54:13 <rochaporto> for cluster healing, do we need a spec?
16:54:40 <rochaporto> i'll extend the bluepring, maybe that's enough?
16:54:46 <strigazi> rochaporto: we continue asking for feedback and then we can approve it during the PTG.
16:55:04 <strigazi> rochaporto: that was for federation ^^
16:56:37 <strigazi> rochaporto: since it will be very similar to upgrades a blueptints sounds enough to me. However, we can clarify things during the this and next week.
16:56:42 <strigazi> slunkad: cool
16:57:28 <strigazi> DimGR: you can give it a go, it should work
16:57:46 <strigazi> Time is up folks
16:57:51 <strigazi> Thanks for coming
16:57:57 <slunkad> bye!
16:58:01 <strigazi> #endmeeting