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21:00:53 <strigazi> #topic Roll Call
21:01:03 <strigazi> o/
21:01:05 <colin-> hello
21:01:15 <tobias-urdin> hello o/
21:02:02 <imdigitaljim> o/
21:02:40 <strigazi> Thanks for joining the meeting colin- tobias-urdin imdigitaljim
21:02:56 <strigazi> #agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Containers
21:03:11 <strigazi> #topic Announcements
21:03:41 <strigazi> Magnum 7.0.0 provides certified kubernetes
21:04:00 <strigazi> thanks to flwang that pushed the results to cncf
21:04:14 * strigazi is fetching the path
21:04:14 <colin-> awesome
21:04:18 <imdigitaljim> :]
21:04:21 <cbrumm> Congrats all
21:04:24 <tobias-urdin> cool, nice work
21:04:45 <strigazi> #link https://github.com/cncf/k8s-conformance/commit/263ea91efef9f1decd3c5f5437ee704f0a1af261
21:05:16 <strigazi> FYI, magnum queens was passing the conformance tests as well, we just didn't posted the results to cncf
21:05:29 <canori02> o/
21:05:38 <strigazi> Now it is more official
21:05:42 <strigazi> hi canori02
21:05:46 <imdigitaljim> are these just sonobuoy runs?
21:06:01 <strigazi> yes, nothing more nothing less
21:06:14 <imdigitaljim> SUCCESS! -- 143 Passed | 0 Failed | 0 Pending | 853 Skipped PASS
21:06:26 <imdigitaljim> i feel it a goal to improve the tests skipped
21:06:32 <imdigitaljim> (if applicable)
21:06:58 <imdigitaljim> it skips some tests when features arent present
21:07:08 <imdigitaljim> some it skips with alternative configurations
21:07:10 <imdigitaljim> so it depends
21:07:26 <strigazi> let's see if we can run more
21:08:29 <imdigitaljim> anyways nice job o/\o
21:08:35 <strigazi> 2nd announcement: magnum 7.0.1 is released, we will to more point releases in rocky
21:08:45 <strigazi> 2nd announcement: magnum 7.0.1 is released, we will two more point releases in rocky
21:09:15 <strigazi> Of course we can do more later if we find bugs
21:09:39 <strigazi> #topic Blueprints/Bugs/Ideas
21:10:00 <strigazi> I have pushed the patch to put kubelet on the master node
21:10:08 <imdigitaljim> looks good
21:10:29 <strigazi> And since I was trying to make it work with flannel on the master node
21:10:40 <imdigitaljim> when flwang finishes his part ill be pushing any of my remaining changes
21:10:47 <strigazi> I proposed a patch for making flannel self hosted
21:10:54 <strigazi> similar to calico
21:10:54 <imdigitaljim> :)
21:11:15 <strigazi> What is flwang's part?
21:11:19 <strigazi> on kubelet?
21:11:33 <imdigitaljim> not on kubelet, he was working on some remaining changes i believe
21:11:41 <strigazi> ok
21:12:29 <strigazi> If the flannel patch passes the conformance tests, I don't see a reason not to take, it cleans a lot of files.
21:13:06 <strigazi> thoughts? ^^
21:13:26 <strigazi> *take it in rocky
21:13:55 <colin-> i can't think of anything about flannel that would prevent it from working in that way; sounds good to me
21:14:48 <strigazi> I like the fact that it doesn't mess with docker config a lot like before. let's take this discussion in the review:
21:15:02 <strigazi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/597150/
21:15:20 <colin-> i'll take a look there
21:15:28 <strigazi> and two more items:
21:16:03 <strigazi> You can give input in flwang's patches for cluster health monitoting here:
21:16:20 <strigazi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/magnum+branch:master+topic:story/2002742-24593
21:16:38 <strigazi> I posted sample output of some possible cases here:
21:16:57 <strigazi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/572897/
21:17:36 <strigazi> I think we can take it this week. We will just need a client patch as well.
21:18:52 <strigazi> And last item, is regarding upgrades, I haven't pushed the UTs yet but the API will not change:
21:18:59 <strigazi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/514959/
21:20:17 <strigazi> Next, I think tobias-urdin wants to bring up some items
21:20:29 <tobias-urdin> sure
21:20:54 <tobias-urdin> i've pretty much went through what i through is missing to make it easier to run magnum in production
21:21:19 <tobias-urdin> magnum-ui is missing functionality, we cannot discover COE, volume drivers, network drivers etc
21:21:49 <strigazi> We adddress this issue by using public cluster templates ^^
21:22:07 <tobias-urdin> two other things I think is, two config options, one to select allowed coe engines and allowed volume drivers
21:22:13 <tobias-urdin> same like was done for the network drivers
21:23:13 <strigazi> We have an option in magnum conf to enable only some drivers
21:23:27 <strigazi> for volumes, let me check
21:24:01 <tobias-urdin> having something like glance implements, a discovery endpoint that then magnum-ui can use to populate causing it to not be hardcoded
21:24:12 <tobias-urdin> i think would benefit a lot
21:26:02 <strigazi> For disabling  COE's we have http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/magnum/tree/magnum/conf/drivers.py#n40
21:26:08 <tobias-urdin> another example would be swarm-mode completely missing in magnum-ui :)
21:26:31 <strigazi> and for ops we have magnum list-drivers
21:27:06 <strigazi> So, you proposal is to discover the configuration options with an API?
21:27:10 <tobias-urdin> ok, how would the disabled_drivers look if specified?
21:28:01 <strigazi> magnum has these drivers enabled by default: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/magnum/tree/setup.cfg#n60
21:28:27 <tobias-urdin> thanks
21:28:29 <strigazi> in the magnum controller node the admin can do:
21:28:35 <strigazi> magnum list-drivers
21:28:46 <strigazi> and see which are enabled
21:29:13 <strigazi> using disabled_drivers the operator can opt-out from using some of them
21:29:42 <tobias-urdin> then that is exactly what i'm looking for, i then think that is something we should expose using API so that the UI can consume it
21:30:59 <strigazi> we decided not give the end users this option, one it adds complecity and second the clients don't need access to such low level info about magnum.
21:31:22 <strigazi> What we actually tried in the past was
21:31:38 <strigazi> to allow operators intriduce more drivers more easily
21:32:13 <strigazi> but continue to provide the users with public cluster templates
21:33:03 <strigazi> what we could invesigate is, having magnum-ui consume some of the configuration options in the magnum.conf?
21:33:23 <imdigitaljim> magnum-ui may not always be on the same location as magnum.conf
21:33:37 <tobias-urdin> yeah :(
21:33:38 <strigazi> imdigitaljim: 99% is not in the same place
21:33:41 <imdigitaljim> so i'd say magnum-api should still provide it and ui consume it
21:34:02 <imdigitaljim> by same please i mean even same machine*
21:34:31 <strigazi> I think end users should only consumes the cluster API
21:34:36 <strigazi> I think end users should only consume the cluster API
21:34:52 <strigazi> not the clustertemplate api
21:35:08 <imdigitaljim> we also agree with that sentiment
21:35:25 <imdigitaljim> we have modified our ui to only allow cluster creation and not template creation
21:35:34 <strigazi> the massive hole we have on the cluster template API is labels
21:35:37 <imdigitaljim> not just by policy but we've simplified the ux
21:35:57 <imdigitaljim> yeah labels are a feature-gate but eventually need to be turned into actual features :P
21:36:05 <strigazi> labels can not be consumed by the API atm
21:36:15 <imdigitaljim> i think we should convert to consuming config files
21:36:29 <imdigitaljim> have a config file map to a template
21:36:35 <tobias-urdin> my users is mostly ui based, so we'll be doing the same, which is what i'm wanting to prevent
21:36:42 <imdigitaljim> instead of openstack coe cluster template create --amillionthings
21:36:55 <tobias-urdin> dont want to modify downstream, instead have it supported upstream the ways operators want to use it
21:37:16 <imdigitaljim> we're looking for ways to make the new content upstreamable
21:37:24 <imdigitaljim> but still just consuming it as downstream for now
21:37:41 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: if you provide users with public cluster templates? Doesn't this help?
21:38:57 <tobias-urdin> yes but it doesn't address all pain points that the ui currently has, you never know which coe, volume/network drivers is supported (and recommended) by the operators
21:39:18 <imdigitaljim> this is how simple our create panel is
21:39:19 <imdigitaljim> https://imgur.com/a/Y7acH9X
21:39:39 <strigazi> but these parameters are not exposed in the cluster api
21:40:14 <imdigitaljim> id like to add some kind of configurable traits to simplify the user experience on the ui
21:40:31 <imdigitaljim> as an option at least
21:41:16 <strigazi> ours look like this: https://imgur.com/a/Sqk56Zw
21:41:20 <tobias-urdin> i think we've come to the conclusion that we have something to look at atleast :) i'm very satisfied disabling drivers was possible, which i probably should have checked better myself
21:42:06 <strigazi> user need only to select the cluster template and the size of the cluster, flavor, num_nodes, docker-volume-size
21:42:23 <strigazi> s/user/users/
21:42:59 <tobias-urdin> when we are on the magnum-ui subject, i would like to propose a change to add swarm-mode to the hardcoded COE list in magnum-ui, backport it
21:43:23 <strigazi> https://imgur.com/a/xx5DnnO
21:43:23 <tobias-urdin> and request a new magnum-ui release for queens to release that change and bug fix https://review.openstack.org/#/c/595245/
21:43:38 <strigazi> we will do both
21:44:28 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: imdigitaljim what we discussed in the community before was:
21:45:05 <strigazi> have cluster template or another api object that operators use for configuration parameters and to set the allowed values
21:45:58 <strigazi> the end users would consume the cluster templates, fork them and edit them but being restricted by the operator
21:47:13 <strigazi> it required a lot of effort on the API and we lacked man power to do it.
21:47:31 <tobias-urdin> which is fine and working good, i'm simply talking about the population of the fields for cluster templates
21:47:52 <strigazi> So, at least at CERN, we decided to have a set of supported Cluster Templates and tell users consume those
21:48:00 <tobias-urdin> it's no big deal really, but a simple thing like the swarm-mode COE is not even present in the list there
21:48:25 <strigazi> advanced users that want more features should open tickets or experiment with the api.
21:48:49 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: swarm-mode should be there, we missed that.
21:49:16 <tobias-urdin> which takes me back to :)
21:49:16 <tobias-urdin> 23:33 < tobias-urdin> when we are on the magnum-ui subject, i would like to propose a change to add swarm-mode to the hardcoded COE list in magnum-ui, backport it                         |
21:49:21 <tobias-urdin> 23:34 < tobias-urdin> and request a new magnum-ui release for queens to release that change and bug fix https://review.openstack.org/#/c/595245/
21:49:50 <strigazi> please cherry-pick it
21:49:58 <strigazi> to rocky and queens
21:50:14 <strigazi> I'll approve and release
21:50:47 <strigazi> for swarm-mode propose a patch and will take it, backport it and release it
21:50:52 <strigazi> sounds good?
21:51:09 <tobias-urdin> yeah, thanks
21:51:41 <strigazi> Anything else for today?
21:52:00 <tobias-urdin> i have one more, unless somebody else have anything
21:52:12 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: where are you based? Europe? Sure, go ahead
21:52:33 <tobias-urdin> yes gmt+1
21:52:58 <canori02> Just my coreos patch for me. I  believe I have the cert issue sorted out. Just need reviews again
21:53:03 <tobias-urdin> i've been testing around to see what works, are there any support matrix COE vs OS version etc
21:53:16 <tobias-urdin> kubernetes pretty much worked on first attempt, seems the most maintained
21:53:35 <strigazi> Fedora Atomic 27 works with kubernetes and swarm-mode
21:53:52 <tobias-urdin> docker swarm is broken on fedora 27, etcd is not in fedora atomic but is run as container, which i saw a commit
21:54:05 <strigazi> os_distro=fedora-atomic coe=swarm-mode|kubernetes
21:54:27 <tobias-urdin> docker swarm-mode on fedora 27 almost works, it's missing tcp port 2377 so minion node cannot join swarm cluster
21:54:47 <tobias-urdin> is fedora 28 working at all?
21:55:04 <strigazi> it does
21:55:08 <canori02> Works with k8s for me
21:55:19 <tobias-urdin> to fix swarm-mode we need to push port 2377 for security group
21:55:22 <tobias-urdin> here i think https://github.com/openstack/magnum/blob/master/magnum/drivers/swarm_fedora_atomic_v2/templates/swarmcluster.yaml#L244
21:55:27 <strigazi> got it
21:56:16 * strigazi is thinking how swarm-mode works in devstack
21:56:23 <tobias-urdin> same there, would appreciate a backport for such a fix
21:56:30 <strigazi> +1\
21:57:01 <tobias-urdin> without even googling my guess is 2377 is TLS swarm endpoint and 2375 is non-tls which perhaps, unfoutunately, the testing uses?
21:57:22 <strigazi> 2375 is behind tls
21:57:30 <tobias-urdin> i added 2377 to sec group after I saw that was executed in the magnum-swarm-manager script
21:57:34 <strigazi> AFAIK 2377 is not
21:58:08 <strigazi> 2377 is the default port for the swarm-mode inter-node communication
21:58:58 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: in your cloud, magnum creates a private network per cluster?
22:00:35 <tobias-urdin> unsure
22:00:51 <strigazi> tobias-urdin: just push a patch for the security group and we take it. Just add a story in storybaord
22:00:54 <tobias-urdin> think that example used an existing private network
22:01:18 <strigazi> we can take the discussion there
22:01:25 <tobias-urdin> sure
22:01:28 <strigazi> anything else? it's time
22:01:48 <tobias-urdin> sorry for the lengthy meeting, would like to be more involved in magnum but don't have the time currently :(
22:01:51 <tobias-urdin> i have nothing
22:01:59 <colin-> thanks for hosting strigazi
22:02:21 <strigazi> canori02: I haven't forgotten you, I'll leave comments in your coreos patch
22:02:23 <tobias-urdin> yea, real thanks for clearing a lot of stuff up!
22:02:31 <strigazi> thanks colin-
22:02:46 <strigazi> Thnaks for joining colin- tobias-urdin canori02 imdigitaljim
22:03:04 <strigazi> See you
22:03:14 <strigazi> #endmeeting