21:00:39 <strigazi> #startmeeting containers
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21:00:47 <strigazi> #topic Roll Call
21:00:59 <strigazi> o/
21:01:03 <ttsiouts> o/
21:01:11 <cbrumm> o/
21:03:48 <cbrumm> jim won't be able to make it today
21:03:53 <strigazi> Hello ttsiouts cbrumm, we will be cozy
21:04:05 <strigazi> flwang: will joing some time later I think
21:04:19 <strigazi> #topic announcements
21:04:59 <flwang> o/
21:05:13 <flwang> sorry, was in a standup
21:05:35 <strigazi> last week we added some patches from master to rocky with flwang, we'll do a point release this week I hope. I just want to add the flannel cni patch in this release.
21:05:53 <flwang> strigazi: i will review it today
21:05:55 <strigazi> the release will be 7.1.0
21:06:08 <strigazi> flwang: thanks
21:06:22 <strigazi> #topic stories/tasks
21:07:34 <strigazi> We worked with ttsiouts a bit on the spec for nodegroups and he updated it, so reviews are welcome. Shoot questions to ttsiouts if you want :)
21:07:46 <flwang> great
21:08:20 <strigazi> since Jim is not here we can discuss it all together in gerrit, to be in sync.
21:08:53 <ttsiouts> sounds good!
21:10:49 <strigazi> This morning (morining for me), we discussed allowing cluster template rename with flwang. We don't have a story for it, but flwang will create one right? flwang we can push a patch as docs or a spec to describe the change. I can do the doc if you want
21:11:26 <cbrumm> is this so that renaming templates doesn't have to require database actions?
21:11:41 <cbrumm> a manual database action
21:11:52 <strigazi> yes
21:12:06 <strigazi> the uuid and the values will remain immutable
21:12:35 <strigazi> the next will be adding a "deprecated" field in the CT object
21:12:39 <cbrumm> so we can cleanly call one "latest" or "deprecated"
21:12:44 <flwang> i do have a story, wait a sec
21:12:58 <flwang> cbrumm: or any tag you want
21:13:14 <cbrumm> nice
21:13:17 <cbrumm> thank you
21:13:29 <flwang> https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2003960
21:13:54 <flwang> i will update above story to reflect the requirements strigazi mentioned above
21:14:03 <strigazi> yes, thank you
21:14:29 <strigazi> to clarify, only the template name will change as a first step
21:15:23 <flwang> i just created 2 tasks
21:15:39 <flwang> one for name change, another one for 'deprecated' attribute
21:15:47 <strigazi> the second independent change is to add the deprecated field which will hide the template from listing and even if users know the uuid they won't be able to create new clusters.
21:15:57 <strigazi> flwang: exactly
21:17:43 <strigazi> cbrumm: ttsiouts the discussion starts here if you want to have a look http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/irclogs/%23openstack-containers/%23openstack-containers.2018-10-09.log.html#t2018-10-09T10:32:04
21:18:50 <strigazi> Final item for me, as discussed with flwang this morning, I'll publish a new heat-container-agent image tagged rocky-stable which includes the multi-region fix
21:18:57 <ttsiouts> strigazi:thanks
21:19:11 <strigazi> and the a patch to include the agent tag in the labels.
21:19:18 <strigazi> and then a patch to include the agent tag in the labels.
21:19:43 <flwang> strigazi: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585061/1/magnum/drivers/common/image/heat-container-agent/Makefile
21:19:54 <strigazi> that is all from me, any comments questions?
21:20:14 <flwang> above makefile could be useful for you
21:20:42 <strigazi> I'll have a look, other projects loci and kolla build with ansible
21:20:50 <flwang> no problem
21:21:04 <strigazi> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585420/16/playbooks/vars.yaml
21:21:30 <strigazi> we can add account there etc
21:23:09 <flwang> cool, no matter what's the way to build, i'd like to see we have a more stable process
21:23:18 <strigazi> any question, comment?
21:23:44 <strigazi> flwang:  also to solve, the "strigazi gets hit by a bus problem"
21:24:11 <flwang> what's your busy problem? missed the last one?
21:24:20 <flwang> bus
21:25:14 <strigazi> the process of building publishing the images is done by me only so far and it is not documented/automated
21:25:39 <flwang> cool, let me know if you need any help on that
21:26:17 <strigazi> I'll ping you for reviews on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/585420
21:26:27 <flwang> @all, Catalyst Cloud just deployed Magnum on our production as a public managed k8s service, so welcome to come for questions, cheers
21:26:38 <flwang> strigazi: sure, no problem
21:27:09 <strigazi> \o/
21:27:27 <flwang> strigazi: thank you for all you guys help
21:27:56 <strigazi> anytime, really anytime
21:28:09 <flwang> it wouldn't happen without your help and support
21:28:16 <flwang> such a great team
21:28:41 <strigazi> :)
21:30:16 <flwang> in the next couple weeks, i will focus on polishing our magnum and will do upstream first
21:30:56 <strigazi> do we need a magnum-ui release?
21:31:11 <strigazi> your fixeds are in?
21:31:20 <strigazi> your fixes are in?
21:31:34 <cbrumm> we have a few edits to the ui, mostly removal of user choices
21:31:49 <cbrumm> I'm not sure if their intended for upstream though
21:32:07 <strigazi> cbrumm: which option for example?
21:32:12 <flwang> strigazi: i would be good to have a new release for ui
21:32:42 <cbrumm> I would need to check with Jim. But our UI only asks for template and minion count
21:33:12 <strigazi> we could make this configurable i guess
21:33:22 <strigazi> flwang:  you need to backport to stable
21:34:34 <strigazi> flwang: you can test this image: docker.io/openstackmagnum/heat-container-agent:rocky-stable
21:34:34 <flwang> strigazi: yep, sure
21:34:44 <flwang> strigazi: ok, will do
21:36:17 <strigazi> Anything else for the meeting?
21:36:22 <flwang> i'm good
21:37:08 <cbrumm> good here
21:37:40 <strigazi> ttsiouts: if you need anything come to my office :)
21:37:54 <strigazi> see you next week have a nice day cbrumm flwang
21:38:02 <ttsiouts> strigazi: will do
21:38:06 <ttsiouts> :)
21:38:16 <strigazi> #endmeeting