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21:01:17 <strigazi> #topic Roll Call
21:01:18 <eandersson> o/
21:01:25 <strigazi> o/
21:01:29 <jakeyip> o/
21:03:17 <strigazi> Hey eandersson and jakeyip, let's get into it. I needs some reviewers :)
21:03:28 <strigazi> #topic Stories/Tasks
21:03:41 <eandersson> That's what we are here for! :D
21:04:08 <strigazi> 5 items, here it goes:
21:04:19 <strigazi> k8s_fedora: Deploy tiller https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612336/
21:04:19 <strigazi> [k8s_fedora] Add heat-agent to worker nodes https://review.openstack.org/#/c/561858/
21:04:22 <strigazi> [k8s] helm install metrics service https://review.openstack.org/#/c/632392/
21:04:25 <strigazi> Allow cluster template being renamed https://review.openstack.org/#/c/609174/
21:04:28 <strigazi> Add hidden flag to cluster template https://review.openstack.org/#/c/634948/
21:04:51 <strigazi> First two are mine, ready for review. I have mentioned them before.
21:05:12 <strigazi> Tiller in master nodes, and heat-agent in all nodes
21:05:43 <strigazi> Next, colleague Diogo works on deploying the metrics server with helm in 632392
21:06:08 <strigazi> And last two are useful for operators to advertise public CTs
21:06:45 <strigazi> Feilong proposed to allow CTs being renamed, like docker.io/ubuntu:latest
21:07:15 <strigazi> And ricardo has a complementary patch to add a hidden field in CTs.
21:07:46 <strigazi> You advertise a CT to users and when you want to put it away you hide like images.
21:07:47 <jakeyip> would love to help, actually looking at last two right now because that's something I was interested in :)
21:08:27 <strigazi> clusters can use a hidden public CT, but users shopping for a CT can not list it.
21:09:29 <strigazi> If the know the uuid they can use it. (bad for them, kind of). We can add a check to not allow creation with hidden CTs. Not sure we want this or if it is that important.
21:09:37 <strigazi> nice jakeyip
21:09:48 <strigazi> jakeyip: eandersson any questions?
21:10:09 <jakeyip> there's actually a similar thing in glance but it's called community (?)
21:10:17 <openstackgerrit> Spyros Trigazis proposed openstack/magnum master: k8s_fedora: Deploy tiller  https://review.openstack.org/612336
21:10:18 <openstackgerrit> Spyros Trigazis proposed openstack/magnum master: [k8s] helm install metrics service  https://review.openstack.org/632392
21:10:29 <strigazi> jakeyip yes, we thought about it
21:10:34 <eandersson> sounds straightforward enough
21:10:42 <eandersson> anything in particular that is of higher priority?
21:10:54 <strigazi> but we would have to deprecate public and make a new enum field. microversions etc
21:11:31 <jakeyip> honestly, I think this is easier to understand and less awkward, but just would like to know if making things similar across services was considered
21:11:42 <jakeyip> all good then
21:12:20 <strigazi> 1st 634948 and 609174 the other three are important too but can be cherry-picked :)
21:12:36 <strigazi> I mean downstream
21:13:14 <strigazi> Adding helm, will simplify things a lot. We want all the CERN specific things to become a single chart that we just enable
21:13:52 <strigazi> The heat agent can wait a bit but it is the simplest :)
21:14:06 <jakeyip> re: tiller, I wonder if anybody has done tiller in gitlab before? does this implementation break that?
21:14:33 <strigazi> jakeyip I had tried it. You can have many tillers
21:14:49 <strigazi> that is why I add tiller in magnum-tiller
21:15:15 <strigazi> the releases of helm live there
21:15:38 <strigazi> The only thing that would break if gitlab's tiller wants to deploy the same thing.
21:15:53 <strigazi> However I added the option to select the namespace
21:16:04 <jakeyip> I see. nice!
21:16:07 <strigazi> So you can install tiller in kube-system
21:16:28 <strigazi> only things is you would have to distribute tiller certs
21:17:23 <strigazi> jakeyip: how you deploy with gitlab?
21:17:26 <jakeyip> so you can install in kube-system and let gitlab detect it?
21:18:03 <strigazi> jakeyip: yes, it is the default but gitlab will need the certs to talk to tiller over tls. I haven't tried that
21:18:18 <strigazi> jakeyip: I'll give it a go.
21:18:19 <jakeyip> strigazi: a gitlab user can spin up their own cluster and attach the cluster to it their gitlab account
21:19:23 <jakeyip> strigazi: then they'll have the option to install tiller and it'll be able to pick up the jobs in CI/CD pipelines on a commit.
21:20:12 <strigazi> jakeyip: I'll give a go again, it is been some time. The option to insall tiller in magnum-tiller ns is totally compatible
21:20:16 <jakeyip> I think it's fine if it's different NS
21:20:45 <jakeyip> the annoying thing is that gitlab doesn't let you choose NS :P
21:21:00 <jakeyip> your implementation is superior
21:21:54 <strigazi> jakeyip: I implemtented all the best practices mentioned in the docs
21:22:15 <strigazi> jakeyip: only thing I couldn't avoid is make tiller sa very powerfull
21:22:45 <strigazi> jakeyip: the metrics server chart needs to create cluster level roles and bindings
21:23:02 <strigazi> jakeyip: it was unavoidable
21:23:22 <strigazi> jakeyip: eandersson have a look into this: https://github.com/stefanprodan/gitops-helm
21:23:47 <strigazi> better than pushing to the cluster. The cluster pulls instead when you push code.
21:24:12 <eandersson> cbrumm_, ^
21:25:01 <cbrumm_> thanks @eandersson: I'll review later
21:25:26 <strigazi> Ricardo had implemented a similar method but this one is more mature
21:26:07 <strigazi> eandersson: this one https://gitlab.cern.ch/helm/plugins/crd-release/tree/crd
21:26:30 <eandersson> interesting
21:27:07 <strigazi> we didn't know about the gitops thing before
21:28:21 <strigazi> eandersson: the only depressing thing is that it is the same pattern as our puppet deployment, soooo it might bite later? who knows :)
21:30:12 <jakeyip> strigazi: how's your puppet deployment like?
21:31:56 <strigazi> jakeyip: in short: you push to repo, puppet-master picks up the changes, puppet agent runs every 60mins (unless you tell it to run) and applies the config
21:32:58 <strigazi> jakeyip: so similarly, with gitops, you push the chart to repo, cluster listens to webhook (or cronjob) and it applies the chart
21:33:01 <strigazi> jakeyip: makes sense?
21:33:42 <jakeyip> are you using puppet to update helm charts?
21:34:13 <strigazi> jakeyip: no
21:34:38 <jakeyip> sorry, I mean to run the updated charts; update containers in your cluster
21:36:51 <strigazi> jakeyip: at the moment each team has each own method. Some do it with helm by hand
21:37:33 <strigazi> others with gitlab, but without the integration, just in gitlab ci the ci knows how to talk to the cluster
21:39:34 <jakeyip> strigazi: which integration is this referring to?
21:40:07 <jakeyip> (I think we can take this topic offline if necessary, I don't want to hold up meeting time)
21:41:48 <strigazi> eandersson: do you have anything to add? Do you need any further clarifications for the patches I mentioned before?
21:41:53 <strigazi> jakeyip: same ^^
21:42:24 <eandersson> I'll take some time towards the end of the week to go through them
21:42:35 <eandersson> and I'll let you know if I need anything else
21:43:28 <strigazi> Thanks
21:44:05 <jakeyip> same. I'm new so not that familiar with magnum code base, but I'll try to help.
21:45:50 <strigazi> thanks jakeyip
21:46:42 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/magnum master: Allow cluster template being renamed  https://review.openstack.org/609174
21:47:15 <strigazi> eandersson: jakeyip so Feilong was did it :)
21:47:44 <strigazi> flwang1: you can also review Ricardo's patch, Allow cluster template being renamed https://review.openstack.org/#/c/609174/
21:48:12 <strigazi> I think you will need that to not have a huge list of CTs
21:48:44 <flwang1> strigazi: which one?
21:48:55 <strigazi> two line above
21:49:14 <strigazi> wrong link
21:49:21 <strigazi> correct:
21:49:22 <strigazi> Add hidden flag to cluster template https://review.openstack.org/#/c/634948/
21:50:04 <flwang1> strigazi: oh, yep, we had similar idea for glance public images
21:50:20 <flwang1> it's quite annoying when the number is big
21:50:41 <strigazi> flwang1: the idea comes from there. We use community images in our cloud to not have a massive list of images
21:50:59 <flwang1> i will review that
21:51:22 <strigazi> I explained above that we didn't use the same thing to not have to deprecate the public field.
21:51:42 <strigazi> Also IMO hidden makes more sense than community
21:52:20 <flwang1> strigazi: yep, generally, user/admin just don't want to see them in the list
21:52:20 <strigazi> When the cloud admin marks an image community, it is strange
21:54:21 <flwang1> i agree
21:54:37 <flwang1> personally, i like the 'hidden' idea
21:54:53 <strigazi> sweet \o/
21:55:02 <strigazi> let's do this :)
21:55:11 <strigazi> I need to review it actually first xD
21:55:54 <strigazi> Let's end the meeting? Anything else to discuss?
21:57:05 <strigazi> said once
21:57:22 <strigazi> said twice
21:57:34 <strigazi> See you around!
21:57:38 <strigazi> #endmeeting