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21:03:38 <ttx> Our agenda for today:
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21:03:50 <ttx> #topic Status update on novanet2neutron
21:03:55 <anteaya> o/
21:03:58 <anteaya> hi there
21:03:59 <ttx> As promised we scheduled a status update to keep track of how that effort was doing
21:04:00 <jokke_> o/
21:04:08 <ttx> anteaya: floor is yours
21:04:10 <anteaya> so we have been working hard and making some progress
21:04:12 <anteaya> thanks
21:04:12 <jungleboyj> Ok.
21:04:23 <anteaya> we have meetings
21:04:26 <anteaya> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Nova-nettoNeutronMigration
21:04:33 <anteaya> the logs are attached to that page
21:04:43 <anteaya> we have merged part 1 of a two part neutron spec
21:04:53 <anteaya> the first part sets expectations for operators
21:05:18 <anteaya> emagma is going to start work on docs to have something ready for sdague to present at the operators mid-cycle
21:05:29 * SergeyLukjanov is here, hotel wifi isn't working ;(
21:05:36 <sdague> anteaya: much appreciated
21:05:44 <anteaya> now we are working on the second part, which some folks have requested proof of concept code to evaluate
21:05:56 <anteaya> we have a wip patch up for a db migration
21:06:09 <anteaya> #link https://review.openstack.org/148260
21:06:21 <anteaya> our group thinks this can be tested by itself
21:06:44 <anteaya> once we have a patchset that doesn't crash jlibosva and an op from yahoo will test
21:07:02 <anteaya> we also have a wip patch up for a proxy: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/150490/
21:07:09 <anteaya> which can use more eyes
21:07:15 <anteaya> so right now
21:07:33 <anteaya> we are looking for someone to work on docs with emagma that can attend tuesday 0900 utc meetings
21:07:37 <anteaya> since he can't
21:07:42 <anteaya> and more reviewers
21:07:45 <anteaya> comments?
21:08:23 <anteaya> did I lose the room?
21:08:40 <mikal> I'm here
21:08:43 <ttx> o/
21:08:44 * morganfainberg is here
21:08:44 <anteaya> mikal: thanks
21:08:47 <annegentle> we're listening
21:08:47 <asalkeld> anteaya, lots to look at
21:08:51 <anteaya> great okay so i'm done
21:08:54 <anteaya> asalkeld: great
21:09:02 <anteaya> unless there are comments or questions?
21:09:02 <mikal> anteaya: have you identified any code which needs to land in nova?
21:09:07 <bknudson> is the neutron-proxy something that's likely to get into nova?
21:09:19 <anteaya> mikal: I have not yet seen any code changes that need to land in nova
21:09:30 <mikal> anteaya: cool. please ping me if you do see any...
21:09:36 <anteaya> if someone from the migration group is here and can correct me speak up
21:09:45 <anteaya> mikal: thank you, will keep my eye out
21:09:51 <ttx> sdague: I'll be at the ops midcycle too, can help in presenting if needed
21:10:02 <anteaya> bknudson: my udnerstanding is that no, it is a neutron thing that will be in neutron
21:10:20 <anteaya> ttx sdague and emagma the author of the docs says he also we be there
21:10:39 <anteaya> bknudson: I stand corrected
21:10:52 <anteaya> bknudson: this proxy patch is proposed against nova: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/150490/
21:11:08 <anteaya> mikal: ^^ I'm wrong
21:11:20 <mikal> anteaya: are you making it to the ops mid-cycle?
21:11:25 <anteaya> the proxy patch has been proposed against nova
21:11:25 <mikal> anteaya: that might be useful if you can
21:11:30 * mikal looks
21:11:36 <anteaya> mikal: I am handing the torch, I'm mid-cycled out
21:11:47 <mikal> anteaya: fair enough
21:11:51 <sdague> mikal: I volunteered to be proxy for this info
21:11:56 <sdague> at the nova midcycle
21:12:07 <anteaya> mikal: will do all prep work I am able to make this an effective experience
21:12:11 <anteaya> but my cat needs me
21:12:12 <markmcclain> there's a reasonable chance I'll be there as well
21:12:13 <sdague> as long as the team keeps me informed enough
21:12:18 <anteaya> markmcclain: good
21:12:26 <anteaya> sdague: more than you want hopefully
21:12:30 <sdague> :)
21:12:38 <anteaya> anything more here?
21:12:44 <anteaya> or can I give the floor back?
21:13:04 <ttx> taht sounds good to me
21:13:05 * anteaya yields the floor back to ttx
21:13:08 <ttx> great progress actually
21:13:08 <anteaya> thanks
21:13:10 <eglynn> hmmm, the "Sideways" test ... an interesting use of grenade
21:13:20 <eglynn> neat :)
21:13:22 <ttx> next topic...
21:13:25 <ttx> #topic API_Working_Group update
21:13:59 <ttx> etoews is unfortunately unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, so I'll paste his update here
21:14:03 <ttx> #info WG has agreed to use 1 repo
21:14:08 <ttx> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-January/055687.html
21:14:13 <ttx> #info WG has agreed to use the api-wg repo
21:14:17 <ttx> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-February/056227.html
21:14:25 <ttx> #info Of course things can change in the future but, at this point in the API WG's life, we feel the above are the most appropriate. They were good suggestions that provoked some interesting discussion but we'll just have to be more diligent about engaging the CPLs
21:14:37 <ttx> much like kaufer did in:
21:14:41 <ttx> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145579/
21:14:52 <ttx> That is all... Comments on that update ?
21:15:15 <jokke_> thumbs up
21:15:32 <bknudson> looks like these are the docs: http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/api-wg/
21:15:42 <ttx> bknudson: yes
21:16:21 <ttx> #topic EOL stable/icehouse (a.k.a. "fixing stable branches for good")
21:16:31 <ttx> So there was a thread flagging the sad current state of stable branches and questioning our ability to support Icehouse for 6 more months
21:16:46 <ttx> actually, more like 4 more
21:16:53 <ttx> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-February/056366.html
21:16:59 <morganfainberg> yeah those threads were kindof all over
21:17:09 <ttx> Personally I think we are in a better shape than in recent years, thanks to the stable team restructure and the nomination of stable branch champions
21:17:20 <ttx> But even if it's occuring less often, the branches still get broken, like today
21:17:35 <ttx> One issue this thread revealed is the gap between the stable branch champions and the QA/Gate teams... In think those two groups should be working much more closely together
21:17:46 <apevec> from https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StableBranchRelease#Planned_stable.2Ficehouse_releases - 2014.1.5 - last planned, July 2015
21:17:50 <jokke_> ttx: ++
21:17:55 <ttx> Matt mentioned training more people to gate, I think those champions would be the first in line
21:18:00 <ttx> s/would/should
21:18:12 <ihrachyshka> ttx, we need better notifications + untangle stable branches from bleeding edge. and this is btw pretty unconnected to the whole EOL issue for icehouse, juno is as well affected.
21:18:23 <ttx> sharing the same IRC channels and the same status etherpads would also help
21:18:36 <jogo> so the disconnect seems to be no one from stable maint is proactively improving stable infra
21:18:38 <sdague> might I suggest that being on #openstack-qa is a strongly recommended activity for stable branch folks
21:18:44 <jogo> sdague: ++
21:18:48 <sdague> as this nearly always manifests as failing tempest tests
21:18:52 <ihrachyshka> ttx, I was actually going to ask QA people to do some TOI for silly stable maintainers, cool
21:18:53 <ttx> When we embarked on the 15-month support journey in Paris, that was with the promise that stable capping would solve all the illness in the world
21:19:01 <sdague> or other projects the qa team is typically responsible for
21:19:34 <jogo> TOI?
21:19:38 <ttx> do we still think that stable capping would avoid 95% of the issues ?
21:19:50 <ihrachyshka> 'transfer of information'
21:19:54 <dhellmann> ttx: it should still improve the situation, but is proving harder to implement than we thought -- and there's not currently an owner
21:19:58 <ttx> If yes, I wondered if we should not hold a virtual sprint to make fast progress on that
21:20:01 <jogo> ttx: honestly hard to tell. I hope capping non transient deps will help
21:20:06 <morganfainberg> you're still going to get occasional breakage
21:20:12 <dansmith> I think capping will help a lot
21:20:16 <morganfainberg> but it should help a lot
21:20:17 <ttx> since we can't seem to find an "owner" with the right skillset
21:20:43 <ttx> let's collectively fix that by working on it on the same day, rather than all in bits and pieces
21:20:56 <dhellmann> ttx: a sprint makes sense; jogo how much more do you think there is to do to get juno caps in place?
21:20:57 <ihrachyshka> I am open to join, but I'm not really into gate, so will be slow. jogo asked me to review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/147451/16 for the start, I'll start my day tomorrow with this one
21:21:01 <ttx> (There are a lot of people involved, each with a piece of the puzzle, and we may benefit from having them all focused on the same issue on the same day)
21:21:02 <jokke_> At least the capping would keep the stable gates together when there is something released that is not backwards compatible
21:21:13 <jogo> dhellmann: I *was* close until everything went kaboom
21:21:23 <dhellmann> jogo: that's what I thought
21:21:33 <ttx> the sprint can double as a good intro ion stable gate knowledge
21:21:49 <ihrachyshka> + for sprint and intro
21:21:51 <jogo> ihrachyshka: that is the crux of the issue. "I am not really into gate"
21:21:55 <sdague> ihrachyshka: so unless we're going to turn off tests for stable branch, it seems like being into the gate is kind of key requirement of stable folks
21:22:04 <ttx> jogo: or do you think a sprint wouldn't help ? You were probably the closest to the end goal, so you probably know
21:22:16 <apevec> sdague, could we also look at simplifying testing on stable: e.g. what do we gain with I->J grenade testing
21:22:20 <jogo> there is no one in stable that is working on gating infra/testing harness etc
21:22:22 <dhellmann> ihrachyshka: by "into" did you mean "interested in" or "already knowledgable about"?
21:22:34 <ihrachyshka> sdague, I repeat: I relate to it and open for getting more involved (enough for stable stuff, don't ask me to go deeper)
21:22:42 <ihrachyshka> dhellmann, 2nd, sorry
21:22:50 <dhellmann> apevec: that's the basic upgrade test, right?
21:22:53 <jogo> ttx: a sprint for capping juno won't help IMHO. just have a few people follow that patch and related patches is enough
21:22:57 <dhellmann> ihrachyshka: that's what I thought, but wanted to clarify :-)
21:23:14 <ttx> jogo: so maybe just a shared channel. #openstack-gate ?
21:23:20 <apevec> dhellmann, yes, but pointless between stable branches
21:23:22 <jogo> ttx: I prefer -qa
21:23:25 <dhellmann> jogo: is there more work to change the test job implementations for installing tempest in a virtualenv, or other things like that?
21:23:29 <jogo> we already are in there all the time anyway
21:23:30 <ihrachyshka> yeah, grenade for I->J is not critical and its removal would benefit a lot, untangling branches when they start to fall apart
21:23:32 <dhellmann> apevec: isn't that how people upgrade?
21:23:50 <jogo> dhellmann:  1 patch in the gate, at the top
21:23:55 <dansmith> apevec: why is it pointless?
21:24:00 <clarkb> grenade I->J is probably one of the more important tests
21:24:01 <ttx> dhellmann: they arguably have already upgraded
21:24:05 <dhellmann> jogo: cool, so maybe a sprint isn't needed
21:24:19 <dhellmann> ttx: if I'm running stable I, and I want to upgrade, I would probably choose stable J, right?
21:24:21 <clarkb> you are double checking backports dont break your ability to upgrade
21:24:22 <morganfainberg> apevec, i don't see why that would be unimportant. we want to amke sure upgrades from i->j aren't broken
21:24:26 * dhellmann double checks his alphabet
21:24:29 <clarkb> which you want to do if on I
21:24:32 <jogo> dhellmann: maybe a gate cruft crash course. on what the current state is and where we want it to go for stable
21:24:35 <morganfainberg> clarkb, ++
21:24:45 <dhellmann> jogo: ++
21:25:08 <dhellmann> jogo: having a good doc about how the devstack gate job tools work would be useful too (that might exist already?)
21:25:17 <ttx> dhellmann: I would say that grenade is more useful to catch breaking changes in last stable -> master, than between stable -2 and stable -1
21:25:19 <jokke_> dhellmann: ++
21:25:21 <jogo> dhellmann: so someone from stable maint can work on moving all stable branches to pinning all dependencies (including transitive). that is a passive effort
21:25:42 <dhellmann> jogo: good idea
21:25:44 <apevec> dansmith, pointless on current stable, it is important I->J worked at GA
21:25:47 <ttx> dhellmann: as in, I know it catched the first kind of issue on the past, not sure it ever caught such an issue in the latter
21:25:51 <dhellmann> we should put a list of these things in an etherpad somewhere
21:25:55 <jogo> dhellmann: hmm, I think there are a few docs not sure if there is any one.
21:26:00 <sdague> apevec: only if we don't allow backports to J
21:26:03 <ihrachyshka> ttx, +, we don't even consider patches for backport that are 'scary' or do db migrations or anything non obvious, so the chance smth slips in is negligible
21:26:07 <ttx> dhellmann: so cost of maintenandce might outweigh benefits
21:26:12 <dansmith> apevec: why? until I is EOL, we need to make sure i->J works, no?
21:26:36 <apevec> sdague, backports do not include db schema changes by default, and if they do they must be backward compatible
21:26:49 <dansmith> apevec: what does that have to do with anything?
21:26:57 <dansmith> apevec: grenade tests a whooole lot more than db upgrades
21:27:02 <mtreinish> apevec: db migrations are not the only thing involved in an upgrade
21:27:29 <morganfainberg> i would be very hesitant to remove i->j genade
21:27:29 <apevec> what else? config changes? also not allowed in backports
21:27:47 <morganfainberg> i'd rather defer that until we have the other fixes in
21:27:51 <apevec> stable updates must work w/o updates
21:27:56 <apevec> i.e. yum update and all still works
21:27:57 <morganfainberg> if the maintenance cost is still too high, we can look at removing it
21:28:19 <jokke_> apevec: that's exactly why those tests are important there
21:28:23 <apevec> morganfainberg, looks like it is the main paint point afaict
21:28:39 <ihrachyshka> morganfainberg, we can start from pinning everything and see whether it makes us generally happy to maintain it as-is
21:28:52 <apevec> ihrachyshka, ack
21:28:53 <morganfainberg> ihrachyshka that is my point
21:29:01 <dhellmann> ihrachyshka: cap, don't pin, to allow for point updates with bug fixes
21:29:10 <dansmith> apevec: so you're saying it's not worth testing because the reviewers will make sure that the backports don't break anything? why do we test anything then? :)
21:29:11 <morganfainberg> dhellmann, ++
21:29:21 <ihrachyshka> dhellmann, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/147451/16 actually pins
21:29:33 <dhellmann> jogo: ^^ is experimental, right?
21:29:38 <apevec> dansmith, ok, let's not send more time on this, was just an idea to float around :)
21:29:45 <dansmith> apevec: alright :)
21:29:47 <morganfainberg> but yes lets cap, we can evaluate the benefit of keeping grenade until after we do the stable cap
21:29:55 <jogo> dhellmann: well it doesn't work yet ... but its not experimental
21:29:57 <ttx> So... how about we complete stable reqs capping, keep all hands on deck in #openstack-qa until that's achieved... and see how that flies.
21:29:59 <ihrachyshka> what about support term?
21:30:17 <dhellmann> jogo: it's not = though, it's ~= so those allow patch updates, right?
21:30:22 <ttx> If it crashes again, we can look into more dramatic options like removing grenade between stables, or shortening support cycles
21:30:29 <morganfainberg> ttx, ++
21:30:35 <jogo> dhellmann: yes
21:30:36 <dhellmann> ttx: ++
21:30:37 <ihrachyshka> ack
21:30:42 <jogo> well we just bounced the last fix from the gate  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154216/
21:30:55 <ttx> More generally, stable branch chapions should get more education on gates (and anyone who wants to join them)
21:31:04 <jogo> Unable to compute factors p and q from exponent d.
21:31:16 <ttx> jogo: sounds like bruteforcing RSA
21:31:18 <mtreinish> oh, haven't seen that one in a while...
21:31:20 <ihrachyshka> wow, sounds computer sciency
21:31:57 <bknudson> paramiko
21:31:57 <ihrachyshka> ttx, so what's the plan to get us educated?
21:32:01 <jogo> so I see two action items from here
21:32:08 <ttx> jogo, mtreinish: how does the shortterm plan I summarized work for you ?
21:32:24 <jogo> * get some stable maint people to step up and help with stable related tooling
21:32:51 <jogo> * reevaluate 15 month support for Kilo
21:33:01 <jogo> * oh and stable maint to use -qa
21:33:13 <dhellmann> and set up that training
21:33:17 <jogo> yes
21:33:22 <dhellmann> who's going to do that?
21:33:40 <ttx> I can take the reevaluate item
21:33:41 <jogo> ttx: wait another few hours to unwedge stable/juno and be able to work on pinning juno reqs
21:34:01 <mtreinish> ttx: yeah, but I'm still extremely skeptical about 15months
21:34:04 <jogo> dhellmann: training is the follow up to the first bullet point
21:34:10 <jogo> mtreinish: me too
21:34:26 <ttx> We need a wider discussion on how costly maintaining 3 branches for 3 months every 6 months is actually much more of a nightmare than 2 branches all the time
21:34:37 <ihrachyshka> mtreinish, me too, supporting 3+ branches in parallel is hard and honestly pointless from my side
21:34:40 <dhellmann> jogo: ok, but it would be good to know who is going to put together the training materials and docs
21:34:45 <ttx> like... when branches are broken, how often is it branch-specific ?
21:35:04 <ttx> We could easily reduce to 12 months and avoid the 3 parallel
21:35:27 <ihrachyshka> ttx, maybe pinning up versions and recent untangling of tempest will make it effortless, we need some time and work to do before being sure
21:35:35 <ttx> From a consumer standpoint it just feels weird to drop support at the release date without giving any time for the transition, hence the 15 months
21:35:40 <mtreinish> ttx: I would support that
21:35:42 <lifeless> sorry if this is offtopicish, but do we do a postmortem [and then the remedial work to stop that class of failure occuring again in future, when we have one of these fails] ?
21:35:46 <morganfainberg> ttx, ++ i agree
21:35:58 <jogo> ihrachyshka: don't forget maintaining tooling. that takes effort as it changes over time
21:36:05 <lifeless> speaking to the cost
21:36:05 <dhellmann> it would also be useful to know how the test job reconfiguration we've done affects how breaks in one branch impact other branches, esp. master
21:36:06 <ttx> but if 3 branches is a lot more work than 2 (and I'm not convinced of that), then 12 months is definitelky an option
21:36:15 <mtreinish> lifeless: yes, and everytime we start to go and fix it the same problem wedges us...
21:36:20 <mtreinish> which is what is happening now
21:36:30 <dhellmann> lifeless: most of the causes of the failures have been different instances of the same issue lately
21:36:42 <lifeless> ok, I'll dig into this with one of you after the meeting
21:36:59 <jogo> lifeless: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/wedged-stable-gate-feb-2015  should explain it
21:37:08 <ihrachyshka> another stable-ish point I wanted to raise is lack of ACLs for stable-maint to actually merge stuff
21:37:17 <jogo> or at least some of it
21:37:23 <ihrachyshka> no devstack, no tempest, no requirements/master
21:37:33 * ttx joins #openstack-qa to help where I can
21:37:33 <ihrachyshka> no grenade either
21:37:51 <dhellmann> ihrachyshka: that will come naturally when it's clear that the people doing the work have the right backgrounds in those areas, no?
21:37:56 <jogo> ihrachyshka: yeah that is a fair point. This a bit of a chicken and egg issue though
21:38:19 * jogo wonders who else here is an active stable maint member?
21:38:21 <dhellmann> in the mean time, there are people able to do the needed reviews
21:38:23 <morganfainberg> ihrachyshka if "you aren't really into gate" i'd say the transfer of knowledge needs to come first on those fronts
21:38:27 <ihrachyshka> dhellmann, I think we should trust people not to merge unreasonable stuff even while they catch up.
21:38:30 <thingee> jogo: o/
21:38:30 <ttx> ihrachyshka: also if there is more communication, +2 is not really that needed
21:38:44 <ihrachyshka> morganfainberg, grenade - maybe, but devstack or requirements?
21:38:47 <sdague> I don't see stable folks reviewing devstack or grenade? Honestly, I fast approve fixes there when needed
21:38:59 <ttx> it's blocking you currently because we don't communicate that much between groups
21:39:02 <mtreinish> sdague: +1
21:39:07 <morganfainberg> sdague, +1
21:39:12 <ihrachyshka> ttx, afaik most of +2 owners are not in my or apevec timezone
21:39:15 <jogo> sdague: well we need to get out of the putting out fire mode and get in front of the issues
21:39:23 <jogo> but we are trying to do that now (pinning deps etc.)
21:39:25 <ttx> ihrachyshka: that's a fair point, TZ doesn't help
21:39:27 <sdague> jogo: oh, agreed as well
21:39:43 <ttx> part of "not communicating" is due to not being oon the same TZ at all
21:39:50 <ttx> not just us being dense
21:40:16 <sdague> well we do have a devstack +2 in .eu with chmouel, so he should be reachable then
21:40:24 <jogo> if stable maint wants to help put out fires, they need people available at all times.
21:40:34 <ttx> jogo: stable-maint is a bit more diffuse now, we have project specific teams and stable-maint-core to bind them all
21:40:52 <jogo> so stable-maint-core needs good timezone coverage
21:41:11 <chmouel> yep!
21:41:12 <ttx> so hard to tell. From -core, apevec, ihrachyshka are here
21:41:13 <ihrachyshka> jogo, wanna relocate me? :D
21:41:26 <jogo> ihrachyshka: talk to mordred
21:41:29 <ttx> we migth want other -core to step up as well
21:41:45 <ttx> ok, I think we need to move on
21:41:49 * mtreinish wonders where adam_g is
21:41:53 <ttx> we seem to have a path forward
21:41:56 <jogo> ttx: yeah, not enough people involved is sorta the issue
21:41:56 <jokke_> I think we need some coverage matrix from stable maint, devstack, etc. Just to see whom you can expect responding and when
21:42:03 <dhellmann> we deal with the TZ issue for reviews in other parts of the project. If we can get to the point where having one stable branch broken doesn't also break master, the urgency to get fixes merged within minutes or hours should go away and we can deal with this more calmly.
21:42:06 <jogo> still waiting for stable maint to sign up to help
21:42:21 <jogo> dhellmann: ++
21:42:33 <ttx> ok, let's move on
21:42:37 <ihrachyshka> dhellmann, ++
21:42:38 <mtreinish> dhellmann: that's only on some projects though. Tempest has to gate on all the stable branches too
21:42:52 <ihrachyshka> jogo, I already stepped up to look into tooling
21:43:18 <ttx> ihrachyshka: I think jogo meant "the other members". Obviously you and alan are here :)
21:43:26 <apevec> mtreinish, adam_g is US west coast afaik
21:43:33 <ttx> but there are 6 people in that team
21:43:36 <dhellmann> mtreinish: we should think more about that, maybe when a branch is broken we disable those tests
21:43:46 <sdague> so that's a good reason to be in #openstack-qa, because for 3 of those 4 projects approvers are there
21:43:54 <dhellmann> sdague: ++
21:44:05 <mtreinish> dhellmann: then we just open ourselves to breaking it more
21:44:09 <jogo> ttx: yup, 2 is a good start but not sure if its enough
21:44:28 <dhellmann> mtreinish: tradeoffs
21:44:33 <jokke_> is it easy to drop those tests to non-voting temporarily?
21:44:34 <ttx> jogo: I can takle the action to explain that stable-maint-core is not just to fasttrack backports in all projects
21:44:56 <ttx> #action ttx to ask stable-maint-core to get incolved in stable gate maint
21:44:58 <sdague> and if we need to grow review teams we should also talk about that as well
21:45:09 <mtreinish> dhellmann: heh, fair enough
21:45:16 <jogo> ttx: thanks. And I will send out a follow up to arrange for a time to do a knowledge transfer
21:45:20 <ttx> alright, really moving on now
21:45:26 <ttx> #topic openstack-specs discussion
21:45:35 <ttx> * CLI Sorting Argument Guidelines (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145544/)
21:45:40 <ttx> This one looks ready to move to TC rubberstamping.
21:45:47 <ttx> All affected PTLs +1ed it (nikhil +1es an earlier patchset)
21:46:02 <ttx> objections?
21:46:25 <ttx> #action ttx to add https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145544/ to next week TC agenda
21:46:32 <ttx> * Add TRACE definition to log guidelines (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/145245/)
21:46:44 <ttx> Looks like this one may need one more draft before lining up the +1s, but only to fix nits
21:47:03 <ttx> So it's really close to rubberstamping
21:47:17 <sdague> would be good to get the PTL content votes in there, then we can do a final typo scrub
21:47:21 <ttx> review it now or forever hold your peace
21:47:34 <ttx> * Cross-Project spec to eliminate SQL Schema Downgrades (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/152337/)
21:47:43 <ttx> This one is the result of http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-January/055586.html
21:47:45 <dansmith> omg really?
21:48:03 <ttx> really wat
21:48:11 <dansmith> really going to ban sql downgrades
21:48:23 <ttx> ban might be a bit string
21:48:25 <ttx> ong
21:48:35 <ttx> But agree this one needs a lot of PTLs attention, since so many projects currently provide downgrade
21:48:49 <ttx> Also needs some operators feedback. The thread for that is there:
21:48:51 <dansmith> I'm just so in favor of making the downgrade method print "Seriously?"
21:48:51 <bknudson> grenade tests downgrade?
21:48:53 <ttx> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2015-January/006082.html
21:49:01 <mtreinish> bknudson: no
21:49:06 <sdague> bknudson: nothing tests downgrades
21:49:12 <ttx> AFAICT general feedback from -operators is that nobody relies on downgrades
21:49:16 <morganfainberg> dansmith, that's mostly what will happen.
21:49:18 <sdague> the closest we have is unit tests that try to downgrade an empty database
21:49:22 <ttx> which is kind of making the point
21:49:31 <Rockyg> thank you sdague  you said it shorter than I would have
21:49:32 <dansmith> morganfainberg: can't wait :)
21:49:53 <morganfainberg> dansmith, "Seriously!? sys.exit()
21:49:55 <morganfainberg> ;)
21:50:17 <dansmith> morganfainberg: or "Your license to run openstack has just been revoked. kthx"
21:50:24 <morganfainberg> dansmith, AHAahaha
21:50:41 <ttx> "Nice try. Try restoriung from backup instead"
21:51:15 <mikal> ttx: restoring from backup doesn't work either though
21:51:17 <Rockyg> You have entered the land of know return.
21:51:19 <ttx> anyway, if you want it to happen, talk your fellow cores and local PTL into reviewing that one
21:51:22 <bknudson> looks like it'll be oslo.db that will reject the downgrade, so that should make it consistent.
21:51:22 <mikal> I think the spec is currently overly simplistic
21:51:26 <Rockyg> no
21:51:57 <dhellmann> http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/59033410.jpg
21:51:57 <mikal> I think a lot of operators also _think_ that downgrades work
21:52:05 <mikal> So we're trying to solve an education problem with a policy
21:52:07 <dansmith> dhellmann: perfect
21:52:08 <mikal> Which seems odd to me
21:52:14 <sdague> mikal: really? because that's not what I've heard at any summit
21:52:16 <morganfainberg> mikal, i'd like to get more insight into the realities of downgrades on the spec, - because downgrades don't really work.
21:52:25 <Rockyg> Only operators with no db experience
21:52:27 <ttx> sdague: nor on that -operators thread for the matter
21:52:38 <morganfainberg> mikal, even if people think they do
21:52:43 <mikal> sdague: my recollection of the ops meetup last time was there was surprise
21:52:44 <Rockyg> Let's query the operators at the midcycle
21:52:45 <morganfainberg> Rockyg, ++
21:52:53 <morganfainberg> Rockyg, please do!
21:52:57 <morganfainberg> i'd love that feedback
21:53:01 <mikal> I'm not saying downgrades are great, but I am saying that dropping them doesn't solve our actual problem
21:53:11 <jogo> even of some people are using it, I like the idea deprecating with scary warnings first
21:53:15 <bknudson> if operators need it then we'd add an anti-grenade test?
21:53:18 <dhellmann> mikal: your case where the APIs are left up and continuing to allow changes during the upgrade is valid, but I'm not sure we can code around that.
21:53:21 <dansmith> mikal: it solves the problem of not spending time on them and still having them not work :)
21:53:27 <sdague> mikal: I wasn't at the last ops meetup, but at the ops tracks at the last 2 summits that wasn't the vibe I got
21:53:30 <Rockyg> No. convincing developers that willy-nilly changing the schemas is what has to happen
21:53:36 <morganfainberg> mikal, well it does solve *a* problem. we support it and it could irrevocably destroy someone's install
21:53:57 <Rockyg> Sorry that it's bad to change them willy-nilly
21:54:09 <mikal> dhellmann: well, what worries me is it might take the operator some time to realize they need to roll back
21:54:12 <morganfainberg> mikal, and there is very very little use/testing of the edge cases with them / any cases
21:54:17 <dhellmann> mikal: fair
21:54:29 <mikal> dhellmann: i.e. shut apis down, do upgrade, test and thing everything is ok, turn stuff back on, run for a while, realize they're screwed
21:54:53 <lifeless> mikal: so if dropping the downgrade doesn't solve our problem, what do you think the actual problem is ?
21:55:15 <mikal> I think the spec needs to explore the state change issue more
21:55:22 <morganfainberg> i've never heard of a single operator actually using a downgrade in production / real deployment. please lets find thos operators
21:55:29 <mikal> And we need to have an alternative path proposed
21:55:47 <dhellmann> it would definitely be useful to have a recommendation for dealing with this case
21:55:48 <morganfainberg> mikal, if something is that broken that justifies a rollback, do you really trust the data from the new code?
21:55:53 <mikal> morganfainberg: I've certainly met operators who have had to do manual db cleanups post upgrade
21:56:01 <mikal> But that's rolling forward, which I think is reasonable
21:56:04 <jokke_> morganfainberg: and educate them using testing + production?
21:56:05 <morganfainberg> mikal, that is a different thing.
21:56:11 <dansmith> since downgrade doesn't work today, removing them doesn't seem to change where we are, and improve it if anything. Then we can talk about other strategies, right?
21:56:29 <mikal> dansmith: that's true
21:56:38 <mikal> But think like an operator...
21:56:39 <sdague> yeh, I'm with dansmith on this. The current path is so massively untested, and not really right
21:56:43 <morganfainberg> dansmith, it does lighten our test load and prevents irrivocable harm.
21:56:49 <dansmith> it's actually worse than downgrade being a no-op
21:56:58 <mikal> If we throw away rollbacks (which I am ok with), we also need to provide clear guidance on what to do when you experience a problem
21:57:02 <sdague> so it's like saying the first time you're going to test your HA env is when you get a blackout
21:57:06 <dansmith> er, I mean downgrade being a no-op is safer
21:57:09 <mikal> I want to see that discussion happening now so that we actually do that bit
21:57:21 <lifeless> it sounds like we're saying that we don't provide guidance now, and that we need to.
21:57:22 <morganfainberg> mikal, sure. this is why the spec and threads are posted :)
21:57:32 <lifeless> but AIUI we already do provide guidance - we say to backup the system
21:57:40 <mikal> lifeless: backups don't work either
21:57:42 <ttx> sdague: right, I fail to see how preventing them from shooting themselves in the foot would be a bad idea. That doesn't mean we shouldn't work on educating them about safer weapons, tbut that feels like an orthogonal thing
21:57:54 <dansmith> ttx: exactly
21:57:54 <lifeless> mikal: I recognise that
21:57:56 <morganfainberg> providing the right guidance is part of the spec. but claiming we support something that we shouldn't should be addressed.
21:58:00 <sdague> ttx: yes, I agree
21:58:00 <Rockyg> Sounds like we should have a session at the midcycle + on the operators list
21:58:02 <mikal> So, my problem is that the spec doesn't present a workable alternative
21:58:04 <morganfainberg> ttx, ++
21:58:11 <dhellmann> mikal: ++
21:58:22 <mikal> I'm not trying to be difficult
21:58:26 <mikal> I feel I am explaining this poorly
21:58:32 <morganfainberg> mikal, i'm not sure what the alternative would be.
21:58:34 <sdague> mikal: so until we have a robust rollback, we should leave code in that probably destroys their environment?
21:58:36 <morganfainberg> or how you'd tool that
21:58:43 <mikal> I want to use the desire to drop rollbacks as a lever to provide a better long term solution
21:58:43 <sdague> that... seems suboptimal
21:58:45 <dansmith> why does a workable alternative have to be a prereq for removing something that actively does harm?
21:58:54 <lifeless> this is our current guide - http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ops/content/ops_upgrades-roll-back.html
21:59:00 <jogo> dansmith: when you put it that way
21:59:06 <dhellmann> sdague: no, not until we implement that, but until we actually provide guidance to operators who thought rollback might have been what they would use
21:59:13 <mikal> dansmith: because we haven't solved this problem for several years, and this is how I force people to think it through
21:59:25 <ttx> I think mikal can take an action to phrase his objection in a clearer manner on that spec
21:59:30 <ttx> we need to close this meeting
21:59:31 <dansmith> mikal: by holding other people's data hostage? :)
21:59:32 <sdague> dhellmann: like http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ops/content/ops_upgrades-roll-back.html ?
21:59:39 <ttx> So we don't have time anymore for the last one:
21:59:40 <mikal> dansmith: be nice
21:59:43 <ttx> * Testing guidelines (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/150653/)
21:59:44 <sdague> thanks lifeless for the link :)
21:59:46 <mikal> dansmith: we've had that data lock in a basement for ages
21:59:50 <ttx> Please read it and provide feedback on it, it's a pretty fundamental piece
21:59:51 <mikal> dansmith: I'm told it likes it there
21:59:57 <dhellmann> sdague: maybe?
22:00:04 <dansmith> mikal: hah
22:00:05 <ttx> #topic Open discussion & announcements
22:00:27 <ttx> Will just paste the 1:1 syncs log, focused on the early kilo-3 plans
22:00:31 <ttx> Logs at: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ptl_sync/2015/ptl_sync.2015-02-10-09.22.html
22:00:33 <ttx> We'll skip 1:1s next week.
22:00:46 <ttx> quick last words before I endmeeting?
22:01:37 <ttx> Sounds like a no
22:01:40 <ttx> #endmeeting