07:59:18 <huzhj> #startmeeting daisycloud
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08:01:36 <huzhj> #topic Roll Call
08:01:47 <huzhj> #info Zhijiang
08:01:54 <zhouya> #info zhouya
08:02:00 <kongwei> #info kongwei
08:03:04 <huzhj> How is the week? :)
08:04:11 <huzhj> @luyao are you there?
08:04:40 <zhouya> we still have many work to do to deal with some error
08:04:46 <luyao> yes
08:04:55 <huzhj> OK #info luyao
08:05:08 <luyao> sorry ,IForget
08:05:14 <huzhj> #topic Daisy Call Graph doc CI documentation
08:05:44 <huzhj> I've just uploaded the call graph doc to the repo.
08:06:12 <huzhj> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/351476/
08:06:17 <huzhj> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/351476/
08:06:50 <huzhj> Hope it can help us to understand the code arrangement more easily
08:07:31 <huzhj> And what about the CI env doc? @kongwei
08:09:36 <huzhj> Hope we got good progress on that, can't wait to read it:)
08:10:04 <kongwei> The ci doc was finished
08:10:32 <kongwei> I am writing the FAQ about our ci env.
08:11:21 <kongwei> Can I post the doc to wiki?
08:11:43 <huzhj> Sure
08:12:11 <huzhj> Do you have permission to modify our wiki? I think so
08:13:24 <huzhj> althrough the wiki server has some kind of problem with my account, I can not managed to log into it for a long time since last successful login
08:13:39 <kongwei> I try it.
08:14:57 <huzhj> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Daisy
08:15:38 <huzhj> #info Zhijiang has merged the call graph doc , Kongwei will post ci doc to the wiki page above
08:16:11 <huzhj> well , i thkn we can move to the next topic
08:16:43 <huzhj> #topic Git tag sync between Kolla code and images
08:17:21 <huzhj> As we know, currently we just sync Kolla code the right image version
08:17:38 <huzhj> for example uses 2.0.3 code to deploy 2.0.3 images
08:18:37 <huzhj> but, I am afraid we need to do one step further
08:18:46 <huzhj> that is sync to the right tag
08:19:45 <huzhj> sorry I mean currently we only sync at branch level
08:20:19 <huzhj> In futture we need to sync at the version tag level
08:20:27 <huzhj> what do you think?
08:21:05 <zhouya> great
08:21:11 <luyao> good
08:21:26 <luyao> I think so
08:21:47 <kongwei> yes
08:22:28 <kongwei> @huzhj, I can modify the wiki page. I will post ci doc to wiki ASAP.
08:22:35 <huzhj> otherwise we may uses 2.0.4 code to deploy 2.0.3 image which seems is wrong
08:22:50 <huzhj> Thanks for the confirm @kongwei
08:22:51 <zhouya> yes
08:23:26 <luyao> I agree
08:24:24 <huzhj> for the version spin thing, we'd best also consult it with kolla team
08:24:53 <huzhj> I will send a email to ask them for the idea.
08:25:39 <huzhj> #info team agree on doing version spinning , but it is better to ask kolla team to make sure.
08:26:08 <huzhj> OK next topic
08:26:14 <huzhj> #topic How to get backend type and the use cases
08:26:58 <huzhj> I think Ya and Jing are working on implementing a general interface for getting backend type
08:27:39 <huzhj> which then can be used for weu ui presentation and business logic such as applying rules
08:28:29 <zhouya> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/351030/
08:29:05 <huzhj> @Ya do you know which patch impl the general inteface? How the above one?
08:29:27 <zhouya> we use the api of role-list to get backend
08:29:41 <huzhj> Greate
08:30:49 <huzhj> But according to the patch, the general inteface is implemented in the web ui level but not the daisyclient or daisy-api level which are more general.
08:31:15 <zhouya> the function get_backend_type_by_role_list is the role-list api linked to horizon
08:31:25 <huzhj> So it may not be able for us to use it in other place such as CLI
08:31:40 <zhouya> yes
08:33:05 <zhouya> I still work on this to get a general api for other place such as CLI
08:33:12 <huzhj> So do you have further plan to move it to low level? Anyway I think it satisfy me currenly
08:33:29 <huzhj> Greate
08:35:04 <zhouya> I think I can add backend key and value to host-detail to get to the low level
08:35:40 <zhouya> next time we can get backend from host-detail
08:36:04 <luyao> good
08:36:23 <huzhj> do you mean to modify the database table desigh?
08:36:47 <zhouya> no,just get the value from db
08:37:04 <huzhj> #info Ya and Jing have impl the interface for obtaining the backend type info
08:37:14 <huzhj> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/351030/
08:38:30 <huzhj> #info Ya has a further plan to add backend key and value to host-detail , then we can move such interface to the low level which can be used ont only by Web UI but also CLI
08:38:46 <huzhj> Good
08:39:15 <huzhj> Really a good example to dig more deep into the core code
08:39:55 <huzhj> any other things before we move to next topic?
08:41:23 <huzhj> #topic Image 2.0.3 login problem
08:42:00 <huzhj> After we deployed the 2.0.3 image, we can not login to the Web UI
08:42:07 <huzhj> #info After we deployed the 2.0.3 image, we can not login to the Web UI
08:42:35 <huzhj> #info the problem seems the same as https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/26705
08:42:35 <openstack> Django bug 26705 in Internationalization "DjangoTranslation instance has no attribute 'plural'" [Normal,Closed] - Assigned to Unknown
08:42:54 <zhouya> yes
08:43:42 <huzhj> but as the bug described , it only occured when we using a language which dejango do not support
08:43:53 <huzhj> we are using english right? :)
08:44:14 <zhouya> yes
08:44:30 <huzhj> That is why it is confused
08:44:59 <zhouya> we did not involve other languages
08:45:58 <huzhj> #info the problem in the bug has not been solved in the Mitaka RDO repo
08:46:31 <huzhj> can we modify code manually to see if the patch can help?
08:47:19 <zhouya> we could try to modify the code to deal with this problem
08:47:41 <zhouya> just have to modify the Django code
08:48:01 <huzhj> is it possible to modify the code in the container?
08:48:25 <huzhj> Not easy to rebuild images
08:49:24 <zhouya> have not tried ,could do it this time
08:49:48 <huzhj> Well lets try it offline
08:50:09 <zhouya> I think restart the container will be OK
08:50:36 <huzhj> #info need to verify if the patch for the bug can really solve our problem
08:50:48 <huzhj> OK
08:51:03 <huzhj> #topic Daisy4nfv related status update
08:51:47 <huzhj> as the last topic I would like us to discuss something about daisy4nfv
08:52:28 <huzhj> kongwei, any update form your side? about escalator?
08:55:25 <huzhj> Ok, let's discuss it through mailing list:)
08:55:49 <zhouya> OK
08:56:28 <huzhj> another thing I would like to discuss is about the error during multinode deploying
08:56:51 <huzhj> something like Client Error: Conflict for url: http+docker://localunixsocket/v1.23/containers/create?name=openvswitch_vswitchd, I think Yao know more about this issue
08:57:30 <luyao> I meet this error when multinode deploy
08:58:02 <huzhj> But we do not have time, @loyao could you pleae filre a bug to the Kolla launchpad?
08:58:14 <luyao> yes
08:58:22 <huzhj> if can not make it through
08:58:40 <huzhj> Thanks
08:58:44 <luyao> ok
08:59:12 <huzhj> I think it is the time to call it  a meeting
08:59:24 <huzhj> have a good weekend
08:59:30 <luyao> thanks
08:59:38 <zhouya> the same to you
08:59:53 <huzhj> thanks all, bye
09:00:02 <zhouya> bye
09:00:03 <kongwei> bye
09:00:08 <luyao> bye
09:00:12 <huzhj> #endmeeting