07:59:54 <huzhj> #startmeeting daisycloud
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08:00:04 <huzhj> #topic Roll Call
08:00:12 <huzhj> #info Zhijiang Hu
08:00:35 <huzhj> today's topic
08:00:46 <huzhj> 1) Roll Call
08:00:46 <huzhj> 2) China Telecom Support (Storage & Bare Metal)
08:00:47 <huzhj> 3) OPNFV: Daisy CI Progress
08:00:47 <huzhj> 4) AoB
08:00:55 <kongwei> #kongwei
08:01:20 <huzhj> kongwei: U should use "#info kongwei"
08:01:26 <huzhj> :)
08:01:56 <kongwei> #info kongwei
08:02:07 <kongwei> 😓
08:02:27 <zeyu> #info zeyu
08:03:01 <zhouya> #info zhouya
08:03:30 <huzhj> I need to catch a home bound train  half an hour later
08:03:50 <huzhj> kongwei: could you please take the chair later?
08:04:18 <kongwei_> yes
08:04:37 <huzhj> #topic China Telecom Support (Storage & Bare Metal)
08:05:11 <huzhj> #info we got a chance to deploy OpenStack on a cluster provide by shanghai telecom
08:05:20 <zhouya> great
08:05:36 <kongwei_> good news
08:05:50 <huzhj> we need to config the storage
08:05:55 <zeyu> sounds good
08:06:30 <huzhj> kongwei: it seems that kolla only support two types of backend
08:06:39 <huzhj> iscsi and lvm2
08:07:04 <huzhj> I do not know the exact differences between the two
08:07:09 <kongwei_> the KS3200 is iSCSI
08:07:44 <kongwei_> the tecs use iscsi and ceph
08:07:45 <huzhj> iscsi config is a little bit easier?
08:07:54 <huzhj> compared to lvm
08:08:25 <huzhj> if use iscsi, we should add some config options into the kolla global.yml
08:08:25 <kongwei_> i do not know lvm
08:08:26 <zhouya1> so we need to modify globals.yml file?
08:08:28 <zhouya1> enable_cinder_backend_lvm: "yes"
08:08:31 <zhouya1> this section
08:09:01 <zhouya1> enable_cinder_backend_iscsi: "yes"
08:09:04 <zhouya1> or  this
08:09:44 <kongwei_> i am in USP project for five years. :)
08:10:00 <kongwei_> so the config maybe easy for me.
08:10:51 <kongwei_> there are some info must be config
08:10:51 <zhouya1> It would be great help of wei to help
08:10:56 <huzhj> kongwei: yes. you are guru in this field
08:11:15 <huzhj> zhouya1: no, we need enable_cinder_backend_iscsi\
08:11:32 <huzhj> enable_cinder_backend_lvm is only for lvm backend
08:12:13 <zhouya1> OK
08:12:19 <kongwei_> 1: iscsi iqn of host
08:12:20 <huzhj> As the latest plan, Yao and I will go to shanghai next monday
08:12:48 <kongwei_> 2: config iscsi target
08:13:05 <luyao2> ok
08:13:19 <huzhj> #chair kongwei_
08:13:20 <openstack> Current chairs: huzhj kongwei_
08:13:26 <luyao2> time not enough
08:13:27 <kongwei_> add host's iqn to target, and alloc vol for host
08:14:02 <kongwei_> today, luyao config daisy with me.
08:14:13 <kongwei_> so luyao can do this job.
08:14:14 <huzhj> zhouya1: wether we need lvm or iscsi still not sure
08:14:29 <kongwei_> oh~
08:14:44 <zhouya1> I just get the config file from http://docs.openstack.org/developer/kolla/cinder-guide.html
08:15:16 <huzhj> They use HDS AMS2300
08:15:30 <huzhj> which is not supported by any driver
08:15:40 <huzhj> so we need lvm, right ?
08:15:51 <huzhj> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/kolla/cinder-guide.html
08:15:58 <kongwei_> zhoya1, i think it is difficult to config the storage target.
08:16:07 <huzhj> kongwei_: can you take a look at the link above
08:16:16 <kongwei_> ok
08:16:48 <kongwei_> the title is "Cinder in Kolla"
08:17:27 <huzhj> some text in it I really do not understand. for example , what is tgtd used for. why it act as a bridge between cinder-volume service and LVG server
08:17:39 <kongwei_> i think the "ZTE cinder driver" can do it
08:17:55 <huzhj> and what is LVG sever. IMO it is just the storage node right?
08:18:08 <kongwei_> if we use other iscsi device
08:18:34 <kongwei_> we should use the cinder driver about the device
08:19:06 <huzhj> I need to go now, kongwei_ please help to arrange and finish the meeting.
08:19:07 <kongwei_> and there are common "driver lvm cinder driver"
08:19:08 <huzhj> Thanks
08:19:19 <kongwei_> ok.
08:19:51 <zhouya1> have a good trip
08:20:00 <kongwei_> no thanks
08:20:24 <zeyu> bye
08:20:37 <kongwei_> bye
08:20:57 <zhouya1> I think the time is tense
08:21:58 <kongwei_> ok, let's continue
08:22:03 <luyao2> ok
08:22:37 <kongwei_> i think the kolla can use storage via cinder.
08:22:40 <zhouya1> ok
08:23:02 <kongwei_> so we should get the driver of the device.
08:23:36 <zhouya1> agree
08:23:45 <kongwei_> the config about the storage device will be written in cinder.conf
08:25:24 <kongwei_> but we should have a look at the "HDS AMS2300"
08:26:29 <kongwei_> we can use ks3200 to test iscsi link.
08:27:24 <zhouya1> great
08:27:35 <kongwei_> do we have anything else to discuss?
08:28:06 <zhouya1> so I think we should modify the config file to let kolla use cinder
08:28:42 <zhouya1> and the globals.yml file should modify to tell cinder what backend we need
08:28:56 <zhouya1> iscsi or lvm
08:28:58 <kongwei_> yes
08:29:01 <kongwei_> #agree
08:29:10 <zhouya1> I think I should discuss with luyao
08:29:39 <zhouya1> And find if daisy have some interface to pass the para to globals.yml
08:29:51 <kongwei_> yes
08:30:02 <kongwei_> daisy can config cinder
08:30:20 <zhouya1> Because we do not know which backend shanghai telecom support.
08:30:27 <kongwei_> so it is maybe a simple work.
08:30:49 <kongwei_> yes, we need get this info firstly.
08:31:08 <zhouya1> If daisy can config cinder ,it will be much more easier
08:31:52 <kongwei_> daisy can translate the config to tecs, and tecs can di the config.
08:31:56 <zhouya1> I think tanlinfeng know about this?
08:32:20 <kongwei_> daisy should use the same code todo it.
08:33:15 <zhouya1> absolutely
08:33:41 <kongwei_> let's move to next topic.
08:34:01 <zhouya1> OK
08:34:20 <kongwei_> #topic OPNFV: Daisy CI Progress
08:35:10 <kongwei_> zeyu, are you here?
08:35:16 <zeyu> yes
08:35:32 <kongwei_> how about the daisy ci in opnfv?
08:36:11 <zeyu> so far ,daisy CI has verify and merge job
08:36:30 <kongwei_> great job
08:36:38 <zeyu> funtest has not realized
08:36:55 <zeyu> because it needs virtual POD
08:37:14 <kongwei_> do we have any POD?
08:37:23 <zeyu> and our POD has not related to OPNFV community
08:38:04 <zeyu> we have ,but now it only used offline
08:39:00 <zeyu> When we debug completed offline, we will relate the POD to community
08:39:25 <kongwei_> ok, let's discuss it offline.
08:39:32 <zeyu> ok
08:39:50 <kongwei_> we need fengxiaowei to help us
08:39:56 <zhouya1> yes
08:40:05 <zeyu> yes
08:40:11 <zhouya1> we could send a email to feng
08:40:15 <kongwei_> how about the escalator's ci job
08:40:26 <zeyu> she is good at this
08:40:51 <zhouya1> Do escalator need POD?
08:40:59 <zeyu> i have commited the ci code to releng project
08:41:01 <zhouya1> Does escalator need POD?
08:41:04 <zeyu> no
08:41:28 <zeyu> it related daisy
08:42:08 <zeyu> if daisy's POD has completed,the escalator will run well
08:42:22 <zhouya1> OK
08:42:45 <kongwei_> i think we can do the unit test of escalator
08:43:00 <kongwei_> so we can get a fast feedback
08:43:44 <zhouya1> agree
08:43:56 <zeyu> agree
08:45:52 <kongwei_> ok, let's move to next.
08:46:26 <kongwei_> #topic AoB
08:46:36 <kongwei_> what is AoB?
08:46:44 <kongwei_> er~~
08:46:52 <zhouya1> ...
08:46:54 <kongwei_> I do not konwn
08:47:31 <zeyu> same question with you
08:47:51 <kongwei_> i ask hu now
08:47:58 <kongwei_> just a momonet
08:48:12 <zhouya1> OK
08:49:42 <kongwei_> there is no answer. :(
08:50:40 <zhouya1> that is all right
08:50:50 <kongwei_> do we have any other topic?
08:50:50 <zeyu> let us discuss offline
08:50:54 <kongwei_> yes
08:51:23 <zeyu> no
08:51:25 <kongwei_> hu said: AoB means 'others':)
08:51:45 <kongwei_> ok, let's end the meeting.
08:52:04 <zhouya1> OK
08:52:17 <zeyu> Any Other Business(AOB)
08:52:24 <zeyu> 0.0
08:52:40 <kongwei_> have nice weekend.
08:52:43 <kongwei_> bye
08:52:55 <zhouya1> bye
08:52:58 <kongwei_> #endmeeting