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08:00:25 <huzhj> #topic RollCall
08:00:35 <huzhj> #info Zhijiang Hu
08:00:47 <zeyu> #info zeyu
08:01:15 <zhouya> #info zhouya
08:01:45 <luyao1> #info luyao
08:02:45 <huzhj> Today's topics
08:02:56 <huzhj> 1) Roll Call
08:02:56 <huzhj> 2) OPNFV: Daisy CI Progress
08:02:56 <huzhj> 3) AoB
08:03:04 <huzhj> #info OPNFV: Daisy CI Progress
08:03:11 <huzhj> #undo
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08:03:18 <huzhj> #topic OPNFV: Daisy CI Progress
08:06:18 <huzhj> anything to report?
08:06:23 <kongwei> hi
08:06:39 <kongwei> #info kongwei
08:07:10 <zhouya> we still have a little bug in deploy for we use the new kolla-image-newton-latest.tgz
08:07:46 <zhouya> And the latest test I have made report this errors.
08:07:47 <zhouya> 2016-12-23 08:03:18.951 28368 INFO daisy.api.backends.kolla.install [req-1583cc62-cba5-43e9-a562-8f2f566a7b15 - - - - -] kolla-ansible preckecks successfully!
08:07:48 <zhouya> 2016-12-23 08:03:39.664 28368 INFO daisy.api.backends.kolla.install [req-1583cc62-cba5-43e9-a562-8f2f566a7b15 - - - - -] kolla-ansible deploy failed!
08:08:33 <luyao1> why deploy failed?
08:08:59 <zhouya> we do not have a log to reference.
08:09:20 <luyao1> we have log in /var/log/daisy/kolla-cluster-id
08:10:08 <huzhj> zhouya: also, run kolla-ansible deploy --vvvvvvvv (I forgot how many v it is)     may give your more debug info
08:10:15 <zhouya> fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "The requested image does not exist:"}
08:10:49 <zhouya> I submit a commit https://review.openstack.org/#/c/414452/
08:10:55 <huzhj> we do not have centos-binary-heka:3.0.0, we probably have centos-binary-heka:3.0.1 or centos-binary-heka:3.0.2
08:11:04 <zeyu> -vvvv
08:11:17 <zeyu> four v
08:11:24 <huzhj> zeyu: thanks
08:12:39 <huzhj> zhouya: is your patch for resolving your problem?
08:13:07 <zhouya> resolving part of the problem
08:13:44 <luyao1> I  get it.opnfv's tgz after unzip is in tmp file.so we add tmp,right?
08:13:45 <huzhj> zhouya: run  docker images to find if you have centos-binary-heka:3.0.0 or not
08:14:27 <huzhj> luyao1: yes, there is one tmp dir deeper than before
08:14:46 <huzhj> caused by my kolla-build.sh
08:15:13 <huzhj> so zhouya's PS make scence
08:16:12 <zhouya> I just can read "kolla/centos-binary-heka"
08:16:21 <zhouya> do not get any version id
08:16:27 <huzhj> tag
08:17:59 <huzhj> zhouya:show us the line of the docker images output
08:18:49 <zhouya> [root@daisy kolla]# docker images
08:18:50 <zhouya> REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
08:18:50 <zhouya> registry            2                   88ecdbb5a908        8 months ago        171.1 MB
08:18:58 <zhouya> this is the images of daisy server
08:19:22 <zhouya> For we have not deploy successfully on target node
08:19:55 <huzhj> then where you got " just can read "kolla/centos-binary-heka" "?
08:20:35 <zhouya> curl
08:20:43 <luyao1> 3.0.2
08:20:50 <zhouya> on daisy server
08:21:16 <luyao1> not 3.0.0
08:24:58 <zhouya> Maybe centos-binary-heka has been updated?
08:25:25 <luyao1> all is 3.0.2
08:26:45 <zhouya> So the version of openstack should be 3.0.2?
08:27:03 <luyao1> I think so
08:28:56 <zhouya> The tar ball of kolla-image-newton-latest.tgz is updated?And our code is still 3.0.0?
08:31:05 <huzhj> zhouya: I think you should get 3.0.0/3.0.2 from glbal.yml
08:31:57 <zhouya> I have modify the code to get tag from global.yml
08:32:10 <huzhj> zhouya: or maybe global.yml  gives you erong version :)
08:32:20 <huzhj> wrong version
08:33:16 <luyao1> where  global.yml 's tag get from?
08:34:02 <huzhj> luyao: changed manually by developer
08:34:06 <zhouya> get from #openstack_version:'3.0.3'
08:34:12 <zhouya> global.yml file
08:34:56 <zhouya> I check the globals.yml file and find the tag version is 3.0.0
08:35:13 <luyao1> I get it
08:35:18 <huzhj> zhouya: yes, maybe we can not rely on global.yml
08:35:51 <huzhj> maybe ansible/group_vars/all.yml is beter
08:36:03 <zhouya> But from my side,I think the tag should be the same as build_images.
08:37:30 <zhouya> ####################
08:37:30 <zhouya> # OpenStack options
08:37:30 <zhouya> ####################
08:37:30 <zhouya> openstack_release: "3.0.2"
08:37:58 <zhouya> agree with you @huzhj ,the tag in  ansible/group_vars/all.yml is 3.0.2
08:39:08 <zhouya> This is the right tag of our images
08:39:25 <huzhj> zhouya: maybe not good enough
08:40:05 <zhouya> So,what is your opinion?
08:40:32 <huzhj> etc/kolla/kolla-build.conf  maybe better, it has #tag = 3.0.2
08:41:22 <huzhj> you do not have etc/kolla/kolla-build.conf though
08:42:01 <huzhj> I am wondering how this tag is generated by build sequence
08:42:50 <zhouya> So how can I get
08:42:50 <zhouya> So how can I get etc/kolla/kolla-build.conf file ?
08:43:03 <huzhj> You do not need to get it
08:43:23 <huzhj> let's find out why it has tag = 3.0.2 inside
08:43:39 <huzhj> Got it : cfg.StrOpt('tag', default=version.cached_version_string(),
08:43:48 <huzhj> in kolla/common/config.py
08:43:57 <zhouya> great
08:44:00 <huzhj> So the right way is using pbr
08:44:07 <luyao1> good
08:44:55 <huzhj> does anyone know how to run version.cached_version_string() in command line?
08:46:05 <huzhj> so we can get 3.0.2
08:46:52 <zhouya> Great
08:49:09 <huzhj> IIf it is hard to get it, I can store that info into version file
08:50:32 <zhouya> we can get it from all.yml file
08:51:30 <luyao1> agree.we can modify code to get for all.yml
08:51:36 <zeyu> the tag in ansible is right
08:51:47 <huzhj> I said, all.yml file may be not good enough
08:52:05 <huzhj> beause it is maintained manually
08:52:30 <huzhj> do we install kolla in our code?
08:52:36 <zhouya> no
08:52:41 <zhouya> we just copy the code
08:53:20 <zhouya> We get the version by different branch.
08:53:36 <zeyu> yes , but kolla will modify the tag in all.yml timely
08:54:33 <zhouya> Or maybe we write it in version file is more flexible for our code to seperate from kolla code.
08:54:49 <huzhj> zeyu: OK, zhouya: please use all.yml for the time being
08:55:06 <huzhj> I will consider store it into version file
08:56:29 <zhouya> OK, I will fix this bug and launch a unittest.
08:57:17 <huzhj> Or can we just run version.cached_version_string()  in kolla dir?
08:58:43 <zhouya> Does this can work if we just run this command in kolla dir?
08:58:54 <huzhj> yes
08:58:57 <huzhj> try it
08:59:00 <huzhj> import pbr.version
08:59:00 <huzhj> pbr.version.VersionInfo('kolla').cached_version_string()
08:59:44 <huzhj> [root@DaisyNode1 kolla]# python
08:59:44 <huzhj> Python 2.7.5 (default, Sep 15 2016, 22:37:39)
08:59:44 <huzhj> [GCC 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-4)] on linux2
08:59:44 <huzhj> Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
08:59:44 <huzhj> >>> import pbr.version
08:59:44 <huzhj> >>> pbr.version.VersionInfo('kolla').cached_version_string()
08:59:44 <huzhj> '3.0.2'
08:59:45 <huzhj> >>>
09:00:49 <huzhj> zhouya: try it in your code dir where you cloned and checkouted to the exact version
09:01:07 <huzhj> we are running out of time
09:01:08 <huzhj> #endmeeting