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17:00:27 <kiall> Heya - Who's about?
17:00:30 <mugsie> o/
17:00:42 <tsimmons> Howdy from Texas.
17:00:43 <betsy> o/
17:01:07 <vinodmr> vinod here
17:01:31 <kiall> simonmcc / Capttofu ?
17:01:34 <eankutse1> Emmanuel here
17:01:45 <simonmcc> o/
17:02:00 <kiall> Okay .. That'll do :)
17:02:12 <kiall> #topic API v2.0 Discussion/Feedback
17:02:26 * CaptTofu is present
17:02:41 <kiall> So - I've got review up thats far from production ready, but it getting to large to continue adding more to :)
17:02:43 <kiall> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42859/
17:03:03 <kiall> This is a start on the /zones endpoint, and lots of the "bits" that make it work
17:03:30 <kiall> "Happy Path" CRUD+List operations are working nicely, and have tests etc
17:03:45 <kiall> So - Anyone wanting to start to play with it, please do :)
17:04:11 <kiall> Anyone happen to look it over and have any comments?
17:04:12 <betsy> okay
17:04:15 <tsimmons> Cool, we'll check it out.
17:04:24 <eankutse1> Not yet. Will do
17:04:58 <betsy> I've looked at it very briefly. I'll look at it more in depth and start playing with it
17:05:15 <kiall> Cool :) I'm wanting to get it merged sooner rather than later - It's just too "big" already and will be difficult to review as more iterations go on top
17:05:39 <simonmcc> I've looked & added some comments, mostly around documenting some bits
17:06:13 <kiall> Okay .. So..
17:06:33 <kiall> We updated the API v2 spec to replace the "old" pagination with the "new"
17:06:44 <kiall> Any more comments on that before someone starts implementing it? :)
17:07:12 <eankutse1> not from me
17:07:16 <tsimmons> Nope, I think it's good.
17:07:33 <betsy> +1
17:07:47 <CaptTofu> I agree
17:07:57 <kiall> Cool - Okay :)
17:08:38 <kiall> Anything from anyone else on APIv2 before moving over to Blueprints and Bugs? :)
17:09:06 <simonmcc> nothing from me
17:09:11 <tsimmons> or me
17:09:17 <kiall> #topic Blueprints and Bugs
17:09:18 <mugsie> nope
17:10:20 <kiall> We filed/cleaned yup a couple of blueprints/bugs this morning.. With an eye towards making sure there are pieces for people to grab and work on .. There's obviously lots more to add .. but it's a start
17:10:26 <kiall> The blueprints list https://blueprints.launchpad.net/designate
17:10:48 <eankutse1> Thanks Kiall for filing bugs and blueprints
17:10:59 <kiall> has a bunch of generally useful features - most of which should be easy enough to pick up and work on :)
17:11:08 <CaptTofu> bite-sized tasks++
17:11:23 <kiall> Some examples would be domain-import-export (from traditional bind/rfc zone files)
17:12:01 <betsy> kiall: so is that one for v1 or v2?
17:12:04 <kiall> caching-backend - which needs to be renamed to caching-storage ;) a small caching layer been the DB and DB Users ..
17:12:22 <betsy> I'm assuming these are all on v1. Is that right?
17:12:27 <kiall> We do lots of "GET where ID = 1234" that could easily not need to hit the DB
17:13:02 <kiall> betsy: generally speaking, we should stop adding to v1 .. But .. v2 isn't ready, so there's no harm ;)
17:13:18 <betsy> Yeah. That's where I was a little confused
17:13:24 <kiall> Anyway -
17:13:30 <kiall> ugh
17:13:34 <kiall> tried to delete that ;)
17:13:55 <kiall> There's also the bind9 and agent stuff we talked about during the week - they aren't filed
17:13:56 <simonmcc> caching-storage - sounds a little premature?  or something we should leverage in SQLA?
17:14:19 <kiall> But are generally in need of some love :)
17:14:57 <tsimmons> I was planning on filing a blueprint for that.
17:14:59 <kiall> simonmcc: possibly :) but it's still generally useful :)
17:15:21 <kiall> tsimmons: please do :) Anything anyone see's that they think is missing etc.. file one :)
17:16:16 <kiall> Anyway - The point of all this is :) myself / simonmcc / CaptTofu are figuring out what bugs/blueprints are missing, and are filing as we find them..
17:16:32 <eankutse1> Thanks for doing that
17:17:05 <kiall> No problem.. It's a change for us .. we're used to filing tickets in JIRA!
17:17:24 <betsy> I know. We have an internal tool, too
17:17:37 <kiall> Being split between two is awful :)
17:17:41 <betsy> Trying to figure out the best way to tie them together
17:17:45 <betsy> Exactly!
17:18:17 <CaptTofu> perhaps just internal tickets for proprietary issues
17:18:21 <kiall> Anyway - Hopefully there's enough in the lists to last a few weeks ;)
17:18:31 <CaptTofu> if something designate-specific, public
17:19:10 <kiall> CaptTofu: yea, ideally *everything* designate related goes in LaunchPad .. :)
17:19:32 <kiall> There's also a second bug list for the client.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-designateclient/+bugs
17:19:57 <kiall> Although .. I know there are 50 or so bugs in the client that aren't filed. We'll port them from JIRA :)
17:20:35 <kiall> So, that's all we has listed on the agenda for today.. Nice and short!
17:20:36 <kiall> #topic Open discussion
17:20:41 <kiall> Anything else from anyone?
17:21:16 <CaptTofu> yes
17:21:26 <CaptTofu> I'm curious how other organizations using Designate are doing with their implementations
17:21:38 <CaptTofu> if what's worth discussing
17:21:53 <CaptTofu> if not, glad to take it offline
17:21:55 <eankutse1> We are Bind9 based
17:22:10 <eankutse1> so we are still working through some issues
17:22:17 <eankutse1> to get a Bind9 installation
17:22:30 <eankutse1> and then think of a migration plan
17:22:30 <CaptTofu> eankutse1: do you use any backing databases?
17:22:37 <kiall> eankutse1: I'd bet :) the bind9 support has lagged, and defiantly needs work
17:22:38 <eankutse1> yes we do
17:23:21 <CaptTofu> I updated mysqlbind recently and it works pretty well. You only have to re-write your zone conf file. I can discuss offline if you are interested.
17:23:27 <CaptTofu> very easy to use.
17:23:48 <tsimmons> Right now we're using a PowerDNS backend to get a small implementation up and running with a few environments so we can get an idea of what our eventual implementation will look like.
17:23:54 <eankutse1> CapTofu: that would be helpful
17:24:50 <eankutse1> We will get in touch with you - maybe tsimmons
17:25:03 <tsimmons> For sure.
17:25:21 <kiall> CaptTofu: maybe the best thing would be to add to the documentation? That way it's totally public etc :)
17:25:33 <eankutse1> Even better
17:26:05 <kiall> We should probably add a docs sections for each backend covering the backend specific stuff
17:26:29 <tsimmons> It would be helpful to have more specific instructions on setting up each one, yeah.
17:26:39 <simonmcc> +1 on that
17:27:48 <kiall> #action New doc section to be added for backend specific, starting with CaptTofu's mysqlbind docs..
17:28:28 <kiall> So - Are there any others areas you, as "new guys", have found lacking?
17:28:35 <kiall> doc areas*
17:29:01 <CaptTofu> :)
17:29:11 <CaptTofu> @kiall agreed
17:29:16 <CaptTofu> oops, not hipchat
17:29:20 <kiall> hah :D
17:29:29 <betsy> kiall: I haven't noticed any
17:29:43 <kiall> betsy: that sounds promising :)
17:30:14 <tsimmons> There could be more instruction on backend setup, like we've said here.
17:30:34 <kiall> #action Add doc section on plain bind9 backend, including agent limitations..
17:31:03 <kiall> #action Get a blueprint together discussing the future of the agent, and how it will interact with API v2's "server pools"
17:31:58 <kiall> ^ that one is likely to need input from everyone, HPs implementation is very different than I expect may others would be.. So getting that right for everyone is a meeting to itself
17:32:09 <kiall> many others would be*
17:32:50 <eankutse1> I agree
17:32:52 <kiall> Okay :) Anything else?
17:32:54 <tsimmons> #agree the documentation for agent could be fleshed out some more after that ^
17:32:54 <betsy> kiall: True
17:33:44 <tsimmons> Could we get some clarification on the designate client? Just a quick background on it?
17:33:53 <eankutse1> +1
17:34:06 <betsy> Looks like it hasn't been worked on since folsom?
17:34:18 <simonmcc> it's a python binding & cli client for the rest api
17:34:21 <kiall> betsy: "Happy Path" works perfectly :)
17:34:39 <kiall> If it runs into an issue, it's not very user friendly
17:34:46 <betsy> kiall: :)
17:34:48 <kiall> I use it daily.. More than I use the API by itself
17:35:02 <simonmcc> FM there are parts of the API not covered by it, but all the core stuff is there
17:35:02 <eankutse1> Cool
17:35:04 <betsy> cli clients are always handy
17:35:34 <kiall> Anyway - As simonmcc said, the tradition in openstack is to include both Python API bindings and a CLI that makes use of those bindings in a single package
17:35:36 <eankutse1> Sounds like there is some work to be done there as well
17:35:55 <betsy> We could probably use some documentation around that, too
17:36:05 <simonmcc> it'll need the v2 api added to it for a start :-)
17:36:06 <betsy> Unless I've just missed that
17:36:15 <kiall> eankutse1: I think the error handling is the main area .. and, when v2 comes out, we can make it MUCH more user friendly
17:36:30 <eankutse1> ok
17:36:45 <simonmcc> #action add usage example for python-designate cli
17:37:27 <kiall> Today, it's quite "awkward" to use
17:37:28 <kiall> e.g
17:37:29 <kiall> $ designate record-delete b1bbcb29-d2f7-4ec4-82e3-0bbb32230977 6d3bf479-8a93-47ae-8c65-3dff8dba1b0d
17:37:36 <kiall> first UUID is the domain, second is the Record
17:37:57 <kiall> The v2 api will make looking up domains etc by name doable
17:38:12 <kiall> (and actually works in the /zones review I mentioned earlier)
17:39:12 <kiall> Anyway, we have some docs on our internal wiki that explain how to use the CLI. We'll port those, and add docs on the python bindings aswell
17:39:32 <eankutse1> Great!
17:39:40 <betsy> Awesome
17:39:57 <kiall> #action Document designateclient python bindings..
17:40:30 <kiall> Starting the cycle again :D Anything else?
17:40:54 <CaptTofu> not from me.
17:41:04 <simonmcc> should we pypi the client?
17:41:10 <kiall> I have 1 last one :)
17:41:28 <kiall> simonmcc: yea, all we had to do to make that happen is tag to repo
17:41:42 <kiall> Jenkins will build the package based on the and upload it to pypi
17:41:51 <simonmcc> ok, doh, we've talked about that before :-)
17:41:58 <kiall> :)
17:42:03 <simonmcc> so, what's your "one last thing" ?
17:42:09 <CaptTofu> nifty!
17:42:23 <kiall> What would you change about these meetings?
17:42:32 <CaptTofu> more people.
17:42:47 <CaptTofu> just so we have more project involvement
17:42:56 <CaptTofu> but that's an external issue
17:42:57 <betsy> CaptTofu: we're trying :)
17:43:25 <tsimmons> Make them in person :D
17:43:41 <betsy> Road trip to Ireland!!
17:43:45 <kiall> I want to make sure time is well spent by everyone .. If we're not covering stuff people are interested in talking about .. or any other issues. Lets fix it :)
17:44:11 <eankutse1> I think we are doing well so far
17:44:18 <betsy> +1
17:44:19 <eankutse1> useful
17:44:46 <eankutse1> in the future
17:44:51 <eankutse1> we might be able to
17:44:53 <kiall> Cool - For anyone who hasn't sat in on some of the other OpenStack meetings that go on .. Do.. :)
17:44:53 <eankutse1> publish
17:44:59 <eankutse1> agenda ahead of time
17:45:22 <kiall> I knew that was going to come up ;)
17:45:36 <eankutse1> :-)
17:45:38 <kiall> The agena is on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Designate
17:45:45 <kiall> But .. It was only updated this morning ;)
17:45:52 <kiall> i.e. no good.
17:45:59 <eankutse1> Cool. Thanks for letting me know
17:46:11 <kiall> Also - everyone can edit that page, and add items..
17:46:22 <betsy> Okay
17:47:00 <kiall> Doesn't matter what it is! Maybe you want to dicuss how to implement some feature, or general project direction, or .. those are all things you can just add
17:47:38 <tsimmons> Is there/should there be a designate mailing list where we could send out the agenda/other info to people, perhaps get more people involved?
17:47:41 <kiall> #action Update agenda as soon as items are thought of!
17:48:20 <kiall> tsimmons: generally, the other openstack projects share the openstack-dev list, and publish meeting stuff in advance to there.. We probably should too :)
17:48:38 <kiall> #action Start publishing meeting schedules/agenda to the openstack-dev list.
17:48:55 <tsimmons> I see, that should help drive some traffic to the project/meetings.
17:49:06 <mugsie> do we need to register as a topic on that list?
17:49:19 <kiall> I'm not sure there should be a designate specific dev list, there used to 1 for each project.. and they go removed :)
17:49:42 <kiall> mugsie: no, just prefix designate stuff with "[Designate] My Subject Here"
17:49:59 <simonmcc> the problem with the -dev list is that it's getting to be hight traffic ;/
17:50:15 <kiall> simonmcc: yea, that's the idea behind the prefixes :)
17:50:34 <kiall> you can move [Nova] to somewhere else, but let [Glance] and [Designate though..
17:50:39 <simonmcc> kiall :-0
17:50:42 <kiall> (using your email client's tiles)
17:50:48 <kiall> rules*
17:51:00 <mugsie> kiall: there is a filter option in the mailing list software now
17:51:10 <kiall> Oh, really? News to me
17:51:15 <mugsie> that has a load of projects as "topics"
17:51:40 <kiall> #action mugsie to look into if we need to register as a "topic" :)
17:52:06 <kiall> Starting the cycle again :D Anything else?
17:52:58 <eankutse1> Not from me
17:53:02 <simonmcc> not from me
17:53:03 <mugsie> nor me
17:53:04 <kiall> Okay I guess not, thanks everyone :) I think there's plenty of useful feedback buried in the logs!
17:53:36 <CaptTofu> thanks!
17:53:39 <simonmcc> cheers!
17:53:46 <eankutse1> Bye
17:53:51 <kiall> No wonder my IRC is so laggy: 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 5999ms
17:53:55 <kiall> 100% -_-
17:54:01 <kiall> #endmeeting