17:02:03 <mugsie> #startmeeting designate
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17:02:36 <mugsie> is everyone here?
17:02:40 * CaptTofu is here
17:02:43 <betsy> here
17:03:00 <msisk> here (sorta -- in a Chef training class)
17:04:16 <mugsie> kiall is not around today, so I am going to chair for him
17:04:29 <betsy> vinod is out today too
17:04:38 <mugsie> we should have a quick one today, not much to talk about
17:04:38 <eankutse> here
17:04:46 <mugsie> #topic Review action items from last week
17:05:05 <mugsie> eh, there is none, outstanding, so moving on
17:05:22 <mugsie> #topic BP meeting
17:05:26 <simonmcc> o/
17:05:58 <mugsie> looking at what people have filled in, it looks like this time next week is the best time to do the bp meeting
17:06:10 <mugsie> are people ok with replacing this meeting with that one?
17:06:19 <betsy> works for me
17:06:21 <simonmcc> I'm happy with that
17:06:36 * shakayumi shakayumi == alex b :D
17:06:38 <eankutse> good for me
17:06:47 <jmcbride> did everyone get you their google hangout accounts?
17:07:00 <mugsie> nearly everyone
17:07:29 <mugsie> I will update the Hangout event, and the launchpad page
17:07:32 <shakayumi> ok
17:07:48 <eankutse> cool
17:07:53 <mugsie> if anyone has not sent me the details, my email is graham.hayes@hp.com
17:08:16 <mugsie> reemember to submit any blueprints you think should have special attention, so we can read uo in advance
17:08:56 <mugsie> I think we will go over them all, but there may be ones people want to get into detail with, and we would be better with everyone reading them in advance for that
17:09:10 <mugsie> sound ok?
17:09:15 <tsimmons> Cool
17:09:18 <eankutse> k
17:09:21 <shakayumi> k
17:09:28 <betsy> agreed
17:09:32 <simonmcc> yep
17:09:38 <mugsie> cool.
17:09:46 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
17:10:03 <mugsie> anyone have any AOB?
17:10:18 <simonmcc> nothing from me
17:10:28 <eankutse> AOB?
17:10:29 <betsy> I'm good
17:10:37 <simonmcc> Any Other Business
17:10:41 <eankutse> :-)
17:10:54 <mugsie> cool.
17:10:59 <mugsie> fastest meeting ever
17:11:05 <betsy> a new record
17:11:09 <simonmcc> schweet
17:11:14 <eankutse> thx
17:11:19 <mugsie> #endmeeting