17:02:22 <Kiall> #startmeeting Designate
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17:02:28 <Kiall> Hey all - Who's about?
17:02:32 <mugsie> o/
17:02:34 <vinod1> o/
17:02:34 <betsy> o/
17:02:35 <eankutse> o/
17:02:36 <Sukhdev> padkrish: switching to neutron channel
17:02:39 <rjrjr> o/
17:02:47 <Kiall> #topic Action Items from last week
17:02:50 <timsim> o/
17:02:59 <Kiall> 1st was rjrjr_ to incorporate periodic sync into SP manager spec
17:03:10 <Kiall> rjrjr: I saw a review a couple of mins ago, was it ^?
17:03:19 <timsim> Kiall: That was storage.
17:03:21 <rjrjr> should have the spec done today.  next couple of hours.
17:03:26 <Kiall> rjrjr: perfect :)
17:03:36 <Kiall> timsim: whoops! Haven't looked at it yet ;)
17:03:44 <Kiall> 2nd was Kiall to review j-3 viablity of TSIG BPs
17:04:02 <Kiall> We hit a bug in dnspython that made it impossible to implement TSIG :(
17:04:13 <Kiall> There was a fix, but it wasn't released until a day or so ago
17:04:34 <Kiall> So - I've pushed those to kilo-1
17:05:00 <Kiall> 3rd was mugsie look at the client release
17:05:13 <eankutse> Glad dnspython devs were responsive
17:05:23 <mugsie> yup - that was for betsy's SOA change
17:05:30 <mugsie> which wasn't the issue
17:05:37 <Kiall> eankutse: yep, he did the release the day after I emailed, but time was difficult!
17:05:54 <eankutse> cool
17:05:58 <Kiall> mugsie: OK, ekarlso's asking for a release too for the rally stuff he did.. I'll cut one today.
17:06:06 <Kiall> #action kiall to do client release today
17:06:22 <Kiall> #topic Release Status
17:06:26 <ekarlso> yay
17:06:29 <Kiall> #link https://launchpad.net/designate/+milestone/juno-3
17:06:46 <Kiall> j3 is tomorrow.. So, anything we don't land today is pushed!
17:07:03 <mugsie> and the gate is up to mad levels ;)
17:07:10 <Kiall> As always ;)
17:07:34 <mugsie> ttx emailed people and asked all projects to avoid any unessasary commits being +A'd
17:07:41 <mugsie> emailed the -dev list*
17:07:43 <Kiall> Anyway - I think we're in a good position - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/118436/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/118625/ would be nice to land, that's all I know of before hand
17:07:50 <Kiall> off hand*
17:07:58 <mugsie> yup
17:07:59 <Kiall> Anyone have any other reviews they feel need to land?
17:08:28 <mugsie> nope - but i think we should have a FF exception for the domain transfer btween tenant
17:08:31 <mugsie> s
17:08:54 <vinod1> what is FF exception ?
17:08:57 <Kiall> Yes, I think so too, have you had time to finish the rebase?
17:09:10 <mugsie> not yet - but the next few evenins should see it done
17:09:10 <Kiall> feature freeze exception.. i.e. landing a feature after j-3
17:09:18 <betsy> What about the remove priority in v2?
17:09:27 <betsy> That’s done, but I don’t see it in the list
17:09:51 <Kiall> betsy: also agreed, getting rid of that before juno proper would be great - as it's an API diff
17:10:15 <betsy> Or, did it go in j-2?
17:10:33 <Kiall> I didn't think it did! Can't remember off hand
17:11:08 <betsy> I didn’t think so either
17:11:16 <Kiall> #action Kiall to discuss FF exceptions with theirry during 1:1 tomorrow.
17:11:54 <Kiall> betsy: I'll check them out tomorrow, just in case it hasn't ;)
17:12:12 <Kiall> So.. Anything else on j3 before we move on
17:12:12 <betsy> kiall: thx
17:12:18 <Kiall> before we move on?*
17:12:48 <Kiall> I'm taking silence as a no!
17:12:52 <Kiall> #topic Server Pools - Minidns finalize outstanding comments (vinod)
17:13:00 <Kiall> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/112688/1/specs/juno/server-pools-minidns-support.rst
17:13:22 <Kiall> vinod1: you're up
17:13:59 <vinod1> I wanted to clarify the comments on poll_for_serial_number
17:14:11 <vinod1> In particular the return status
17:14:38 <vinod1> My reasoning on having the different return values was "If there are multiple updates in a short time, we could end up with 2 or more outstanding poll requests. So a response could potentially have a serial number newer than the one we are looking for. So if return a SUCCESS_NEWER, the pool manager can update all the outstanding requests till the returned serial number"
17:14:47 <vinod1> Does this make sense?
17:15:38 <Kiall> It does, but can then same not be done with a simple return of (SUCCESS, serial) rather than (SUCCESS_NEWER, serial) ?
17:15:43 <eankutse> so what if there is more than 2 outstnding?
17:15:54 <timsim> Shouldn't a successful return automatically set all of the ones with a lower serial?
17:15:54 <rjrjr> should we return the serial number?
17:16:02 <Kiall> timsim: exactly :)
17:16:36 <Kiall> rjrjr: The proposal does, it returns 2 values - a status and the serial. I think the comments are questioning what the possible statuses should be
17:16:48 <vinod1> How about for the error case?
17:17:12 <vinod1> ERROR_LOWER
17:17:12 <vinod1> expire time has elapsed. The actual_serial number from the last SOA response is returned.
17:17:31 <vinod1> ERROR_TIMEOUT
17:17:31 <vinod1> expire time has elapsed. There was no SOA response at all from the nameserver. In this case the serial number returned is invalid and should not be used.
17:18:11 <vinod1> Do we need 2 different ERROR values or do we have a special serial number to indicate the ERROR_TIMEOUT case?
17:18:21 <Kiall> I guess I wonder what value we get from distinguishing between ERROR_TIMEOUT and ERROR_LOWER, from a user of the API, they really should only have to care if it worked or not
17:18:25 <rjrjr> not sure why we need status outside of serial number.  return the serial number.  if there is an error, throw an exception.  the calling side will know what to do with the serial number.
17:18:28 <timsim> I feel like either way it's going to be in ERROR and be retried anyway right?
17:19:05 <Kiall> rjrjr: good point actually, we use exceptions to indicate a failure rather than a return value
17:19:29 <vinod1> With the ERROR_LOWER case, we could update all the pending up to the serial number returned with a success
17:19:35 <mugsie> well, this is an out going call
17:19:53 <mugsie> so throwing an execption in mdns wont let central know
17:20:01 <mugsie> s/central/pool manager/
17:20:39 <rjrjr> seems we are encapsulating logic in this call that should be on the calling side.  i thought server pools was making this call?
17:20:40 <Kiall> vinod1: well, pretend we only returned the serial number for a minute.. With just that, we can already update everything that's completed
17:20:47 <Kiall> mugsie: yes, it will be returned over RPC
17:21:00 <mugsie> this is an out going call from mdsn-> pool manager
17:21:46 <Kiall> mugsie: that's not how I read the spec?
17:22:08 <mugsie> thats what was dicussed in Seattle
17:22:18 <mugsie> as it is a long running operation
17:22:18 <rjrjr> also, timeout, retry, expire should just be timout and retry.
17:22:25 <vinod1> If we make the poll_for_serial_number as non-blocking (i.e. as an rpc cast) then we would need an outgoing call
17:22:34 <mugsie> so we cast the request to do it, and the mdns calls back with the result
17:22:50 <rjrjr> tim mentioned this in my server pools spec.  the expire is not needd.
17:23:26 <mugsie> we said we were goign to make it a cast as it could be a quite lng runnign operation
17:23:45 <Kiall> mugsie / vinod1 - Okay, I see what your saying now. poll_for_serial_number is a PoolMgr->mDNS call, as discussed. But the *response* from that is a separate mDNS->PoolMgr call
17:24:04 <mugsie> yeah
17:24:05 <vinod1> rjrjr: I put in timeout, retry, expire to mimic the soa.  if we remove expire, then we would need a number_of_retries
17:24:45 <rjrjr> timeout, retry interval, number of retries.  expire seems strange to me.
17:25:14 <vinod1> i will remove expire and add a number_of_retries
17:25:52 <rjrjr> also, why make it a cast?  just have server pool make the call and handle it.
17:26:18 <mugsie> rjrjr: its too long running
17:26:26 <Kiall> rjrjr: So, poolmgr will need to make N of these each time a change happens, if you use a call, you have to do them in serial rather than parallel
17:26:39 <timsim> rjrjr: It also involves DNS protocol (ie checking if something is active) which we wanted to isolate in MiniDNS
17:26:50 <Kiall> If we could fire them all off, and then wait for all to complete, that would be fine IMO
17:26:53 <rjrjr> we could kick off threads for each of the requests?
17:27:37 <Kiall> rjrjr: True, we could.
17:27:57 <rjrjr> that makes more sense to me than having a cast (callback?)
17:28:01 <Kiall> So - If this was a call rather than cast, does the issue go away?
17:28:33 <Kiall> I think it does, since the method can just return the serial, or raise an exception.
17:28:52 <mugsie> but, on a busy pool manager, this could present a problem
17:28:59 <mugsie> kicking off 100s of threads
17:29:01 <vinod1> how well can we scale up in the pool manager having calls vs casts?
17:29:10 <timsim> Out of the Pool Manager-to MiniDNS? I feel like that could fall over if a lot of the DNS servers were unresponsive.
17:29:11 <Kiall> mugsie: greenthreads, so virtually no overhead
17:29:33 <mugsie> but there is an upper limit...
17:29:43 <rjrjr> won't minidns have the same issue though?
17:29:45 <mugsie> I am not sure what the problem with the callback solutiion is
17:29:53 <timsim> mugsie: me either.
17:30:36 <mugsie> there is no real problem.... just disagreements about a functions arguements
17:30:39 <timsim> With the large number of these that could get kicked off, it seems cleaner to me to just fire them off, not wait for them.
17:30:55 <Kiall> mugsie: Well, as rjrjr said in not so many words, it's a break from the norm in Designate.. And, as a result, we're trying to figure out how best to handle "callbacks" rather than worrying about implementing the feature ;)
17:31:04 <mugsie> not really
17:31:18 <Kiall> (I'm not saying callbacks are bad, or that we should change our minds, simply discussing the options)
17:32:04 <timsim> Should we vote?
17:32:08 <mugsie> yeah - we went around this rabbit hole for 30 mins in seattle, and decided it was a better option to do the callbacks.
17:32:26 <Kiall> timsim: Yea, I do agree - Fire and forget is certainly cleaner..
17:33:02 <rjrjr> so, this function returns nothing then?
17:33:09 <rjrjr> sorry, method?
17:33:18 <mugsie> in minidns? no
17:33:25 <Kiall> rjrjr: correct
17:34:02 <Kiall> It call's back out to poolmgr whenever it's ready and has something useful to report
17:34:55 <vinod1> so I am assuming 'cast' it is
17:35:03 <betsy> sounds like it
17:35:13 <rjrjr> seems like we are deciding on a solution to a problem that may or may not exist.
17:35:20 <Kiall> Okay, So back to the issue at hand ;) Regardless of if it's a callback or not.. the data passed back to central would be the same - the Q is what should that data be
17:35:34 <Kiall> what that data should be*
17:36:05 <timsim> If you have the serial in hand, I don't see a reason not to pass it back?
17:36:22 <Kiall> I'm a fan of a simple status - SUCCESS/FAILURE, along with the current serial number (if known)
17:36:31 <mugsie> yeah: ++ ^
17:36:37 <timsim> Kiall: +1
17:36:51 <vinod1> In the case of ERROR_TIMEOUT what do we return for the serial number - a null value?
17:37:28 <Kiall> vinod1: Yea, None would make sense where it's unknown
17:38:02 <vinod1> Okay - I will update the spec to reflect this discussion
17:38:20 <Kiall> The code on the far side needs to be able to deal with that anyway (it's either `if serial is None` or an `if status == "ERROR_TIMEOUT" or status == "ERROR_BADPACKET" or .. ` etc
17:39:28 <rjrjr> how many of these casts do we have?  trying to fit the server pool spec to this spec is why i'm wondering.
17:40:00 <rjrjr> sorry, pool manager spec.
17:40:04 <vinod1> rjrjr: Do you mean how many functions?
17:40:14 <Kiall> rjrjr: every time the content of a zone change's multiplied by the number of backend DNS servers
17:40:28 <Kiall> changes*
17:40:43 <rjrjr> correct.  i've been following  your spec for specifics in my spec (hence my using expire as a parameter).
17:41:18 <rjrjr> is this the only callback i need to add?
17:41:55 <vinod1> yes - that is the only callback.  notify_zone_changed is also a cast - but in this case, there is no callback
17:41:55 <mugsie> i think so...
17:41:57 <rjrjr> does python allow me to pass the callback method as an argument?
17:42:36 <mugsie> you won't need to do that, just have an externally face rpc api method that mdns calls
17:42:45 <mugsie> s/calls/casts to/
17:42:50 <mugsie> with the logic in it
17:42:55 <Kiall> rjrjr: so, these are less like JS callbacks where you pass a function reference and more along the lines of the mDNS method making an outgoing RPC call to poolmgr
17:43:38 <Kiall> And, to answer the first Q - Yes, I believe this is the only method where the CB pattern is used
17:44:06 <rjrjr> and we are absolute sure we need/want it?
17:44:16 <mugsie> I think so
17:44:20 <timsim> Yessir.
17:45:47 <mugsie> we ok to move on then?
17:45:48 <Kiall> rjrjr: I think we could live without it. But, It's defiantly cleaner for this kind of thing. If the implementation turns into a rats nest, we can circle back. For now, let's stick with the agreed plan!
17:45:59 <rjrjr> +1
17:46:29 <Kiall> Okay, moving on :)
17:46:31 <Kiall> #topic Server Pools - what items can we start next? (vinod)
17:46:35 <Kiall> And.. Pools again :D
17:47:01 <vinod1> I thought once the Server Pools -mdns spec is approved, I can start working on it
17:47:16 <mugsie> yup - but it will be hard to test it
17:47:41 <mugsie> but i think that work can happen
17:48:01 <vinod1> Yes - but since I have time now to work on the next item - I thought I will get started on it
17:48:13 <mugsie> as can the work of getting the manager started (in a basic form) as well
17:48:24 <Kiall> We're a day off j3, which is feature freeze.. So we can't land any of these in master.. But, We can A) submit WIP reviews.. (Hard to collaborate tho), or B) Fork to a shared GH for those working on it, then submit once master opens to new features again
17:48:39 <vinod1> Which brings to the next agenda item
17:48:42 <vinod1> Server Pools - do we have a branch to work on next?
17:48:46 <timsim> No feature branch, eh?
17:49:07 <Kiall> None of the other projects do that, so, I'd prefer not to start a new trend ;)
17:49:28 <mugsie> i would prefer to ;)
17:50:02 <rjrjr> we can always remove the branch when we are back in the master with the work.  are there things that would prevent us from branching and working?
17:50:10 <mugsie> yeap
17:50:13 <vinod1> we already have branches for earlier stable releases - so logically makes sense to have branches for future unstable ones too
17:50:14 <Kiall> rjrjr: yep, all the Gerrit ACLs prevent us
17:50:36 <timsim> WIP Reviews are probably fine at first. Once they're ready to land we can put them in a fork or something.
17:50:37 <Kiall> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Branch_Model
17:50:38 <mugsie> we can ask in infra to have those permissions opened,
17:50:40 <rjrjr> didn't know.  make sense then.
17:50:56 <mugsie> I will ask if there is any problem doing it
17:51:07 <rjrjr> seems like branching should be allowed by the core team at least.
17:51:08 <mugsie> nova is discussing doing it as well on the mailing list
17:51:32 <timsim> It kind of seems like something people would want to do, I'm surprised it hasn't been done.
17:52:01 <mugsie> yeah - I think there is some philisophical objection to it in openstack
17:52:05 <Kiall> mugsie: BTW come Sept 25th, master is open to new features again..
17:52:14 <Kiall> 3 weeks ago
17:52:15 <rjrjr> i'm with vinod1.  specs aside, i'm ready to start coding pieces of this as well.
17:52:16 <Kiall> away*
17:52:41 <vinod1> rjrjr: Some of us have some spare cycles too, do you need any help with the pool manager etc stuff?
17:52:48 <mugsie> yeah - but some of this will have to happen in tandem, and a feature branch will make a colaboration much easier
17:53:20 <Kiall> Also - The *intent* of feature freeze is to shift developers focus from new features to stabilizing a release.. Creating a feature branch and moving everyone there somewhat defeats that purpose
17:53:26 <rjrjr> vinod1, i'd love to talk to you about IXFR.  it is absolutely need by us.
17:53:52 <timsim> rjrjr: We'd be happy to take one of the coding pieces off your plate, it you'd like.
17:53:59 <mugsie> yes - but if people have cycles now, to do feature work, we should be using them.
17:54:02 <rjrjr> sure, IXFR.
17:54:05 <Kiall> And - We're talking about 3 weeks here, which isn't 6 months etc
17:54:27 <timsim> rjrjr: We're more thinking the bits that can be done right now, Pool Manager, Storage, etc?
17:55:08 <timsim> Realistically, it'll probably be at least 2 weeks before anything is ready to merge, we can probably wait another week to merge stuff?
17:55:54 <vinod1> Kiall: To your point of 3 weeks, as timsim suggests, we can start off with WIP and then if it is ready to merge before that - come back to this discussion again
17:56:13 <Kiall> vinod1: Yep - Agreed.
17:56:29 <rjrjr> timsim, let's chat afterwards.
17:56:34 <rjrjr> vinod1, +1.
17:56:55 <timsim> rjrjr: ok.
17:57:26 <Kiall> Okay - Moving on so :)
17:57:31 <Kiall> #topic Open Discussion
17:57:42 <rjrjr> paris talks.  any updates?
17:57:44 <mugsie> 3 mins ;)
17:57:47 <Kiall> ;)
17:57:55 <mugsie> only one got in
17:58:02 <Kiall> rjrjr: did you not get the email etc for yours?
17:58:03 <rjrjr> which one?
17:58:27 <mugsie> https://openstacksummitnovember2014paris.sched.org/event/d375ee7f87608f12d1dfb0868f0eb826
17:58:46 <mugsie> and sched is down already
17:58:54 <mugsie> the general overview of designate
17:58:55 <Kiall> lol - loaded for me
17:59:02 <Kiall> refresh, and it fails.
17:59:21 <rjrjr> wow.  guess i'm not going to paris. 8^(
17:59:31 <Kiall> rjrjr: no chance without a talk?
17:59:37 <rjrjr> none.
17:59:47 <Kiall> Urgh.. Annoying!
17:59:55 <Kiall> Okay.. Well, times up. SlickNik will start getting abusive if we don't clear out! ;)
18:00:03 <Kiall> #endmeeting