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17:01:03 <Kiall> Heya - Who's about?
17:01:05 <elarson> o/
17:01:06 <vinod1> o/
17:01:09 <timsim> o?
17:01:37 <Kiall> #link https://launchpad.net/designate/+milestone/kilo-rc1
17:01:37 <Kiall> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/designate-kilo-rc1-reviews
17:02:04 <Kiall> So, we've got a few things left on the board before we cut rc1 - I think the 2 we care about most are:
17:02:10 <Kiall> bug 1441283
17:02:11 <openstack> bug 1441283 in Designate "API v2 allows editing of managed=True records" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1441283 - Assigned to Graham Hayes (grahamhayes)
17:02:16 <Kiall> bug 1441286
17:02:17 <openstack> bug 1441286 in Designate "X-Sudo-Tenant-ID has disappeared" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1441286 - Assigned to Graham Hayes (grahamhayes)
17:02:27 <Kiall> and the "Mark API v2 Stable" BP
17:02:57 <Kiall> Graham has those 2 bugs in progress, 1 has a review up, the other is nearly up AFAIK
17:03:14 <Kiall> So - 1st Q - Are we missing anything critical off the board?
17:04:11 <Kiall> Should I take that as a no? :D
17:04:27 <vinod1> yes
17:04:40 <elarson> nothing else critical that I know of
17:05:12 <mugsie> o/
17:05:13 <Kiall> lol - just realized mugsie isn't here.. shouted over the partition at him ;)
17:05:29 <Kiall> Repating the Q for mugsie.. So - 1st Q - Are we missing anything critical off the board?
17:05:47 <Kiall> known critical being the 2 bugs your working on now, + mark v2 stable BP
17:06:17 <mugsie> missing - no
17:06:29 <mugsie> we have some on the board we probably want to kick
17:06:50 <Kiall> Agreed - Lower than Critical, we can push IMO
17:07:02 <mugsie> ++
17:07:18 <Kiall> Okay - So, The Second Q is.. Are we ready to Mark V2 Stable?
17:07:35 <mugsie> well.... PUT vs PATCH
17:07:43 <mugsie> I am ok with what we have
17:07:50 <Kiall> mugsie: too late at this point, will annoy me forever, but whatever ;)
17:08:00 * mugsie does the happy dance
17:08:05 <Kiall> lol
17:08:26 <Kiall> others - thoughts? Are we ready to commit to the API + backwards compat?
17:08:47 <vinod1> i wanted to test of the new pools api a bit before committing to that
17:08:58 <vinod1> s/of/out
17:09:15 <timsim> Yeah it seems like the Pool API might change a bit, as more of that stuff gets into the database
17:09:16 <rjrjr> do we have documentation for the new pool API?
17:09:27 <Kiall> Okay, So we'll cut rc1 with EXPERIMENTAL, and cut an rc2 with STABLE over the next few days?
17:09:34 <Kiall> ttx: is that an acceptable thing ^
17:10:09 <mugsie> i think we should do an RC2 with one extra commit
17:10:22 <Kiall> rjrjr: API hasn't changed much, I just just couldn't get that part in in time :( But, the main piece (split of nameservers -> targets + nameservers) landed
17:10:23 <mugsie> (the turning v2 stable, and v1 depricated)
17:11:59 <Kiall> So - Assuming Thierry agrees it's acceptable, seems he's AFK, we'll hold off marking V2 stable and cut an rc2 with either just that, or that + any new bugs.. Everyone happy with that direction?
17:12:27 <timsim> I'm assuming you don't want to get https://review.openstack.org/#/c/170612/ in Kilo?
17:12:37 <rjrjr> Kiall: +1
17:13:09 <timsim> Otherwise, sounds good.
17:13:14 <Kiall> timsim: it's really just too late I think, unless it's fixing a critical bug :(
17:13:21 <timsim> Yeah, not really.
17:13:27 <timsim> Totally fine.
17:13:33 <vinod1> +1 for kiall's suggestion
17:13:48 <Kiall> (Unless we can classify sending too many NOTIFY's as a critical bug, which could easily be argued for)
17:14:53 <timsim> I don't think it is.
17:15:11 <mugsie> ok, seems we are agreed
17:15:33 <Kiall> Okay, Great. Assuming Thierry agrees, let's prioritize getting those last 2 bugs merged.. then we cut rc1 and open Liberty :)
17:16:45 <Kiall> Sorry - Distracted by a phone call ... back
17:17:49 <Kiall> Beyond that, we're in good shape I think.. Myself, ekarlso, mugsie will be in Norway for all next week .. We'll be spending a good chunk of time on testing the k release.. So I expect we'll have a pile more bugs then.
17:18:05 <Kiall> Ideally, others can dig into the RC once we cut it too :)
17:18:40 <Kiall> Anyway, Since we're fairly happy with K, and V2 stable, we're out of agenda items.
17:18:56 <Kiall> (18 mins is a record length to get through planned agenda ;))
17:19:09 <Kiall> Any other topics / concerns / etc ?
17:19:26 <vinod1> none from me
17:19:31 <mugsie> talk planning
17:19:39 <mugsie> do we want to do it?
17:19:45 <mugsie> (like previos years)
17:19:55 <timsim> Definitely.
17:20:17 <mugsie> how does later in week work for people?
17:20:22 <mugsie> in the*
17:20:33 <mugsie> for the inital kick off
17:20:49 <timsim> Works fine for me
17:21:07 <mugsie> who else is down for the workshop?
17:21:07 <rjrjr> works for me.
17:21:24 <vinod1> i'm down for the workshop
17:21:26 <Kiall> Yep, week is pretty jammed but I'll make a slot when people are free.
17:21:44 <mugsie> ok, will send something out after this
17:21:53 <Kiall> mugsie: cool - thanks
17:22:10 <Kiall> I have another quick one - Liberty Cycle PTL elections are happening.. I've nominated myself, as always, anyone is free to nonimate themselves.
17:22:10 <Kiall> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTL_Elections_April_2015
17:22:10 <Kiall> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-April/060928.html
17:22:13 <vinod1> kiall: do we need to do a +1 for your ptl candidacy?
17:22:52 <Kiall> vinod1: Nope, not unless another candidate nominates themselves, and if they do, you will get a link to vote Apr 10th ish
17:24:02 <Kiall> Okay - So, any other topics or do we all get 30 mins back? :)
17:24:25 <elarson> just a fyi, the hook api is in a reviewable state
17:24:31 <elarson> no rush of course
17:24:36 <mugsie> elarson: cool
17:24:47 <elarson> post release is totally fine, but I did want to let folks know if they were curious
17:24:51 <mugsie> that will be post rc1 cut and the new branch cut
17:24:52 <bharath_> what workshop is this ?
17:25:04 <mugsie> bharath_: for the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver
17:25:23 <bharath_> I might make it and so do count me in
17:25:37 <mugsie> great :)
17:26:48 <Kiall> Okay, guess that's it so! Thanks guys, looking forward to curtting RC1 :) Keep an eye on https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/designate-kilo-rc1-reviews for the second bug review to show up ;)
17:26:59 <mugsie> its up ;)
17:27:04 <Kiall> Not on the list ;)
17:27:30 <Kiall> Thanks all! Cya at the workshop planning session later this week :)
17:27:34 <mugsie> o/
17:27:35 <Kiall> #endmeeting