17:00:15 <mugsie> #startmeeting Designate
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17:00:26 <mugsie> #topic Roll Call
17:00:27 <Kiall> o/
17:00:33 <timsim> o/
17:00:33 <sonuk_> o/
17:00:39 <rsyed> o/
17:00:49 <mugsie> federico3: ekarlso pglass courtsey ping
17:00:56 <pglass> o/
17:01:09 <mugsie> #topic Announcements (if any)
17:01:35 <mugsie> The openstack/designate-tempest-plugin repo is being created :)
17:01:55 <mugsie> so, when it works throuigh the config management in -infra it will be live
17:02:27 <mugsie> as part of that, I was going to suggest a new core group - designate-tempest-core
17:02:43 <mugsie> I would suggest it contains the current designate-core + pglass
17:02:49 <federico3> o/
17:02:59 <mugsie> do people agree?
17:03:07 <timsim> Definitely.
17:03:09 <rsyed> makes sense to me!
17:03:11 <sonuk_> I  also want to work on tempest plugin
17:03:27 <mugsie> sonuk_: yeap - anyone can submit code
17:03:33 <pglass> i'm fine with this.
17:03:40 <mugsie> this is about who can merge the code
17:04:00 <Kiall> re agree - yet
17:04:01 <Kiall> yewp*
17:04:03 <Kiall> yep**
17:04:13 <Kiall> (one day, I'll learn this keyboard thing)
17:04:24 <timsim> Kiall must be on his laptop
17:04:34 <mugsie> pglass's reviews on functional tests have been very good, and as we move on that group can grow as people have good reviews
17:04:37 <Kiall> lol, I am... but with a real keyboard ;)
17:04:52 <timsim> mugsie: ++
17:05:02 <mugsie> #topic Action Items from last week
17:05:20 <mugsie> there was none, - it was a massive 2 hour bug triage meeting :P
17:05:28 <mugsie> well done everyone btw
17:05:46 <mugsie> #topic Bug Triage (timsim - recurring)
17:05:59 <mugsie> seen as we have not done enough recently :P
17:06:14 <Kiall> lol
17:06:24 <timsim> https://bugs.launchpad.net/designate/+bug/1563904
17:06:25 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1563904 in Designate "Periodic Recovery attempts to create ERROR'd secondary zones" [Undecided,New]
17:06:56 <mugsie> huh
17:07:00 <Kiall> timsim: wasn't that one you were looking at already? ages back?
17:07:10 <timsim> I just reported it last week
17:07:33 <Kiall> right, ages back :)
17:07:38 <timsim> lol
17:07:40 <mugsie> anyway - H, n1
17:07:52 <mugsie> not sure about the solution
17:07:58 <timsim> Yeah, that's the question
17:07:59 <Kiall> Yea, Q on it
17:08:03 <Kiall> 4. You will see that the process attempts to create the zone. Which, in BIND will fail, because there are no NS records.
17:08:12 <Kiall> As in - rndc addzone fails if there are no NS records?
17:08:21 <Kiall> (and SOA etc I assume)
17:08:21 <timsim> Yeah
17:08:33 <timsim> Well
17:08:40 <mugsie> I would hate to have a "if SECONDARY && transfered_at is None:" line
17:08:42 <timsim> If you have an agent that writes a zonefile
17:08:59 <Kiall> That kinda feels like expected behaviour then, I think, in order for it to eventually recover?
17:09:07 <mugsie> timsim: any idea what happens for normal people? :P
17:09:48 <timsim> Not 100%, but I think it's the same type of thing.
17:09:54 <Kiall> Also, we already synthesize a partial zone to keep things happy. Maybe add the default NS's while were at it?
17:10:11 <Kiall> (We create just a SOA right now from memory)_
17:10:54 <timsim> I think it'd go ACTIVE if you did that though, even though it never transferred?
17:11:07 <mugsie> yeah, it probably would
17:11:17 <mugsie> which is not good
17:11:29 <Kiall> mm, maybe. anyway, I assume you're looking into it?
17:11:57 <timsim> Yeah. I'll assign it to myself + N1
17:12:06 <Kiall> K
17:12:08 <timsim> https://bugs.launchpad.net/designate/+bug/1566911
17:12:10 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1566911 in Designate "Zone Export size quota doesn't show ERROR state" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Tim Simmons (timsim)
17:12:19 <timsim> me = dumb
17:12:31 <timsim> Just wanted to make sure we don't want to bp this to mitaka?
17:12:48 <mugsie> yes. we should
17:12:48 <timsim> Quickly, anyway.
17:12:50 <Kiall> that feels like a backportable bug
17:13:00 <mugsie> but I will -2 until next week
17:13:01 <timsim> Before the release?
17:13:03 <mugsie> no
17:13:04 <timsim> ok
17:13:07 <timsim> yeah that's what I figured
17:13:45 <timsim> That's all :)
17:13:49 <mugsie> sweet :)
17:13:56 <Kiall> We should skip BPs today, we've kept on top.
17:14:03 <mugsie> :)
17:14:19 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
17:14:47 <mugsie> I have one
17:14:52 <mugsie> just digging out a link
17:15:01 * Kiall unplugs mugsie's ethernet cable
17:15:08 <mugsie> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-design-designate
17:15:24 <mugsie> I need to update the design summit sched today
17:15:32 <mugsie> and we have 2 topics :)
17:15:46 <Kiall> Where did the time go -_-
17:15:47 <mugsie> I think the upgrade WM will be 2 anyway
17:16:10 <mugsie> and the Fishbowl is the "cross project / users come shout at us" session
17:16:16 <elarson> o/
17:16:25 <mugsie> and that elarson guy is terrible
17:16:26 <Kiall> elarson: you're late ;)
17:16:28 <elarson> sorry folks, had to head home
17:16:29 <mugsie> oh, cra
17:16:32 <mugsie> crap *
17:16:34 <mugsie> he's here
17:16:35 <elarson> what!!!
17:16:37 <elarson> ;)
17:16:43 <mugsie> elarson: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-design-designate
17:17:18 <timsim> errr, what else do we want to talk about?
17:17:25 <timsim> "Beers"
17:17:49 <Kiall> On the spot, I can't think of any. But - I know theres a couple I had in my head a week or two ago.
17:18:11 <mugsie> OK. 13:00 UTC tommorrow is the deadline
17:18:11 <elarson> it would be good to consider smaller concrete steps for the worker model
17:18:25 <mugsie> I will make the choice then
17:18:35 <mugsie> and that will be it :)
17:18:51 <elarson> that is slightly different from the upgrade b/c it is focused on how we get there via the code
17:18:59 <timsim> That works
17:19:03 <mugsie> elarson: yeah, sure
17:19:08 <rsyed> that time is the deadline for topic suggestions?  as in, the agenda is fixed?
17:19:31 <mugsie> rsyed: yea, after that I will have the agenda
17:20:13 <mugsie> honestly DNSSEC has 0 chance of being a session
17:20:25 <mugsie> as does IXFR
17:20:34 <mugsie> we know *what* we need to do
17:20:34 <Kiall> Not noticed the :troll: at the end mugsie? ;)
17:20:46 <mugsie> I figured that was for the "Nope.js"
17:20:55 <mugsie> which is a brilliant Name for node
17:21:18 <mugsie> OK, any other agenda items?
17:21:34 <mugsie> or non agenda items even L)
17:21:48 <Kiall> not from me...
17:22:02 * elarson is good
17:22:24 <mugsie> OK then :)
17:22:32 <mugsie> #endmeeting