17:00:18 <timsim> #startmeeting designate
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17:00:27 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:00:31 * timsim hopes he has the right time this week
17:00:42 <sonuk> \o
17:00:50 <timsim> ping mugsie kiall
17:00:59 <mugsie> o/
17:01:21 <timsim> #topic Action Items from last week
17:01:57 <timsim> #action timsim to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/designate/+bug/1668290
17:01:57 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1668290 in Designate "First call to designate-worker raise error" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Tim Simmons (timsim)
17:01:59 <timsim> I didn't really do that.
17:02:04 <mugsie> :)
17:02:25 <timsim> #topic Bug Triage
17:02:53 <timsim> https://bugs.launchpad.net/designate/+bug/1674565
17:02:53 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1674565 in Designate "openstack recordset create does not throw any error when Zero TTL Values are specified" [Undecided,New]
17:03:03 <mugsie> hum
17:03:09 <mugsie> I thought we fixed that
17:03:12 <timsim> I think this is the only new one. I've asked for more logs, I'd like to see what the API is responding with
17:03:29 <timsim> Did we do something in the client for that?
17:03:35 <mugsie> https://github.com/openstack/designate/blob/master/designate/objects/recordset.py#L128
17:04:05 <mugsie> no, in the API afaik
17:04:15 <timsim> Yeah that's why I'm wondering what the API is responding with
17:04:47 <mugsie> its treating it as none
17:04:49 <mugsie> i think
17:05:05 <mugsie> based on the CLI output
17:05:28 <mugsie> but the raw curl will show what is happening
17:05:38 <sonuk> timsim: i think it should throw error message but its not
17:06:02 <mugsie> yeah, it should return '0' is not a valid 'ttl' or something similar
17:06:07 <timsim> Yeah for sure
17:06:19 <timsim> I'll give them a week to post some more logs, if not I'll look at it
17:06:22 <mugsie> k
17:06:31 <mugsie> they also seem a bit confused by ttl in general
17:07:01 <timsim> Yeah, I'll post a comment to follow that bit up
17:07:09 <mugsie> :)
17:07:21 <timsim> #topic Stable Backport Triage
17:07:37 <timsim> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/603796/
17:08:06 * timsim doesn't see anything worth backporting there.
17:08:10 <mugsie> I cant see anything
17:08:35 <timsim> cool
17:08:37 <timsim> #topic Doc Structure
17:08:52 <timsim> So asettle proposed this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446079/
17:08:54 <timsim> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/446079/
17:09:00 * asettle swans in
17:09:02 <asettle> Hello frands
17:09:07 <timsim> hiiiiiiii
17:09:17 <asettle> timsim: how be the other side?
17:09:18 <asettle> Loving it?
17:09:26 <timsim> Still on vacation :D
17:09:27 * mugsie finds somehting to nitpick about
17:09:32 <timsim> I'm wondering what people think of this structure?
17:09:39 <asettle> mugsie: yo bro it's perfect
17:09:43 <mugsie> I like it over all
17:09:56 <timsim> I know, for me, I like having lots of things on the main page so I can Ctrl+f
17:09:58 <mugsie> but - I would move the supported drivers up to the front page
17:10:02 <asettle> So, I admit it's fairly barebones, but it's just a proposal. It can be edited further.
17:10:04 <timsim> But that's probably because I know what I'm looking for.
17:10:15 <asettle> Also, I seriously cannot for the life of me work out why you have the title as a contents section
17:10:21 <asettle> There has to be *something* wrong in your conf.py
17:10:21 <mugsie> timsim: yeah - most people presented with a wall of text run away
17:10:22 <asettle> But I can't see it
17:10:33 <mugsie> asettle: my conf.py is perfect
17:10:34 <mugsie> :D
17:10:37 <asettle> Hahhahahaha
17:10:42 <asettle> It's beautiful, much like my patch
17:10:45 <asettle> We are perfect :D
17:10:59 <mugsie> :)
17:11:30 <timsim> Is the link to the install guide gone?
17:11:35 <timsim> Should that be on the front page?
17:11:52 <timsim> oh wow
17:11:53 <timsim> reading
17:11:56 <mugsie> what do you think about adding a few links to the client, dashboard, and tempest plugin?
17:11:58 <asettle> Oops, went to the wrong meeting room
17:11:59 * timsim goes straight to the list of links
17:12:29 <asettle> Heh, timsim I mean, if it would work better to have it in the 'contents' can do
17:12:39 <asettle> mugsie: if you wanna. But I moved that into the dev docs because... well... bit more devy, no>?
17:12:44 <asettle> But that was just rearranging. it's just an idea.
17:12:55 <mugsie> tempest probably is alright
17:13:07 <mugsie> the client feels a bit usery
17:13:40 <mugsie> but, we can merge, and iterate
17:13:43 <timsim> Alright, so I think in general we're cool with the structure, we just want to nitpick a bit and move a couple things around.
17:14:00 <asettle> timsim: feel free to take the patch on that one and move it
17:14:02 <asettle> i'm not precious
17:14:02 <mugsie> ++
17:14:11 <asettle> I"m getting Andreas to take a look at the contents weirdness
17:14:19 <mugsie> cool
17:14:35 <mugsie> he knows where to find me if he has questions
17:14:49 <timsim> Alright cool. We'll give it a bit more time and then probably merge it close to as is.
17:14:55 <mugsie> sweet
17:14:58 <asettle> Sweet as :)
17:14:59 <asettle> Thanks dudes
17:15:10 <mugsie> I am trying to get some openSUSE install docs for us as well
17:15:19 <timsim> thanks asettle, I appreciate your ubiquitousness
17:15:33 <mugsie> which will get us a tick in the project novigator
17:15:43 <asettle> Ohhh nice!
17:15:47 <mugsie> asettle: we can just back port those, and have them show up right?
17:16:01 <mugsie> docs team doesn't want to review ocata changes?
17:16:15 <asettle> mugsie: in the docs repo?
17:16:22 <mugsie> in our plugin in our repo
17:16:28 <asettle> Don't think so?
17:16:33 <asettle> I mean, I would need to see waht you mean
17:16:36 <asettle> But I don't htink so
17:16:54 <mugsie> I know we can do it, justy dont want to bypass any extra review s you do on branched docs
17:17:56 <asettle> Let's say no for now, and not chase me down with a pitch fork when I turn out to be wrong
17:17:59 <asettle> How about that? :)
17:18:00 <asettle> :p
17:18:03 <mugsie> sounds like a plan
17:18:19 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:18:34 <mugsie> we kinda wentthat way did nt we :)
17:18:41 <timsim> Anyone have anything, I have a couple gate-related things?
17:18:51 <mugsie> nothing from me right now
17:19:08 <asettle> Nope
17:19:17 <sonuk> are we also planning to remove log translation thing
17:19:17 <asettle> Other than Ed Sheeran's new album is super annoying
17:19:30 * timsim spit takes
17:19:38 <mugsie> asettle: well, duh
17:19:45 <asettle> *shrug* I expected more, ya know?
17:19:49 <mugsie> sonuk: I think so
17:19:55 <timsim> His lego house came falling down
17:19:58 <mugsie> the i18n team will not be translating them
17:20:20 <sonuk> yeah.
17:20:21 * timsim feels like he should know what you are talking about
17:20:50 <asettle> mugsie: translating Ed Sheeran?
17:20:52 <mugsie> timsim: we are removeing all the _LE( , _LW( etc
17:21:18 <mugsie> as the team does not find value in translating them
17:21:26 <mugsie> (the translation team)
17:21:37 <mugsie> asettle: heh - that would be a terrible job
17:21:43 <timsim> mugsie: How did I miss that?
17:22:32 <mugsie> I am not sure what list it went to
17:23:03 <timsim> I think it's -dev, I see a reference to it in another ml post
17:23:13 <timsim> Must have come in the meantime between be signing up my personal email addr
17:23:33 <mugsie> yeah, I have a gap between my HPE email and my SUSE one
17:23:51 <timsim> Alright, coolio
17:24:04 <mugsie> makes things cleaner anyway
17:24:14 <timsim> Do we have an oslo messaging problem? Been seeing a lot of these in the gate logs http://logs.openstack.org/90/447290/1/check/gate-tempest-dsvm-designate-pdns4-worker-model-ubuntu-xenial/b9fe6a3/logs/screen-designate-central.txt.gz#_2017-03-19_13_27_15_915
17:24:32 <timsim> and I think mugsie thought it was responsible for the occasional 504's we were seeing?
17:24:42 <mugsie> i think we do
17:24:53 <mugsie> I can dig into it, but it will be friday
17:25:34 <timsim> I'll try and do that as well.
17:25:39 <mugsie> cool
17:26:06 <timsim> Also I think the mitaka gates are dead too http://logs.openstack.org/21/428621/1/check/gate-designate-dsvm-powerdns-ubuntu-trusty/9a58c24/console.html#_2017-03-16_06_43_12_622188
17:26:19 <timsim> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/428621/ ^ from <
17:26:26 <mugsie> crap
17:26:38 <mugsie> how long do we have before killing mitaka?
17:27:39 <mugsie> timsim: I think I know what that is
17:27:49 <mugsie> I can look quickly later on
17:28:59 <timsim> Coolio.
17:29:03 <timsim> Oh it EOLs 2017-04-10
17:29:05 <timsim> NICE
17:29:18 <timsim> https://releases.openstack.org/
17:29:19 <mugsie> 20 is days
17:29:22 <mugsie> ish*
17:29:25 <mugsie> \o/
17:29:39 <timsim> Just in time 👍
17:29:43 <mugsie> aye
17:29:58 <timsim> Alright, well that's all I have
17:30:25 <timsim> Anything else? Going once
17:30:44 <timsim> twice
17:30:48 <timsim> o/
17:30:50 <timsim> #endmeeting