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17:00:59 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:01:19 <hieulq_> o/
17:01:28 <sonuk_> \o
17:01:33 <timsim> ping mugsie kiall
17:01:52 <mugsie> o/
17:02:16 <timsim> well ok then bye kiall
17:02:26 <timsim> #topic Bug Triage
17:02:28 <timsim> https://bugs.launchpad.net/designate/+bug/1686060
17:02:29 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1686060 in Designate "NSD4 commands fails with new worker model+notify" [Undecided,New]
17:03:01 <timsim> If that backend does it's own notifies that probably needs to be fixed
17:03:08 <mugsie> yeah
17:03:26 <timsim> Medium?
17:03:37 <mugsie> sounds right
17:04:35 <timsim> mmm. I'm actually not sure there's anything broken, it doesn't do that.
17:04:47 <timsim> It might just be that person didn't have host/port set in their target options
17:05:05 <mugsie> humm
17:05:13 <timsim> I'll assign it to me to look before I confrim
17:05:52 <timsim> We don't have anything to backport...
17:05:52 <mugsie> ah - no the host and port are set to the nsd vaules
17:06:03 <mugsie> and worker model was sending notifies to that by default
17:06:04 <timsim> ohhhhh
17:06:07 <timsim> yeah
17:06:15 <mugsie> its a worker model probelm
17:06:39 <timsim> Yeah, or that backend should have different things that host/port for that control stuff, like rndc
17:07:01 <timsim> ok
17:07:06 <mugsie> yeah - we need to audit the options across backends and make them standard
17:07:11 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:07:14 <mugsie> s/we/someone/
17:07:35 <hieulq_> hi
17:07:56 <hieulq_> the patch for fixing the gate is on the floor https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451569/
17:08:16 <hieulq_> please review it
17:08:48 <mugsie> done
17:08:53 <hieulq_> I pin the eventlet version to 0.19.0 and bypass the openstack-requirements gate
17:09:13 <mugsie> OK - then we can work on eventlet 0.21
17:09:20 <hieulq_> no
17:09:39 <hieulq_> testing 0.21.0 still make UT fail
17:09:39 <mugsie> we can work on fixing designate for 0.21
17:09:47 <hieulq_> yes
17:10:03 <mugsie> hieulq_: is it still the nsd test failing with 0.21 ?
17:10:14 <hieulq_> mugsie yes
17:10:26 <mugsie> OK. I can take that this evening
17:10:36 <mugsie> that should be small enough
17:10:36 <hieulq_> sometime it passes, sometime it fails
17:10:49 * mugsie may remove it - its a terrible unit test
17:11:02 <timsim> Yeah that's fine by me.
17:11:07 <mugsie> it runs an external command and compares it to a static string
17:11:10 <hieulq_> mugsie great :(
17:11:13 <timsim> We obviously weren't testing that backend well enough to prevent bugs anyway :P
17:11:17 <mugsie> yeah
17:11:49 <mugsie> hieulq_: thank you very much for doing this work
17:11:51 <hieulq_> could we mock the nsd4 backend instead of creatong the eventlet fake nsd4 backend?
17:12:07 <timsim> Yes, we greatly appreciate it.
17:12:12 <mugsie> I think we could. I need to look at the test to be sure
17:12:27 <mugsie> nsd has never been well tested by us :(
17:12:42 <mugsie> we should have, as it is an open source server
17:12:42 <hieulq_> if so, I can rewrite the UT for nsd4 to make designate work with eventlet 0.21.0
17:12:54 <mugsie> cool - please feel free to do so
17:13:01 <hieulq_> ok, I will try :)
17:13:27 <hieulq_> nsd4 is very noisy to test
17:14:20 <timsim> Alright, anything else to talk about?
17:14:26 <hieulq_> there are no question from me
17:15:02 <hieulq_> my peer are still working on o.vo for his rolling upgrade work in designate
17:15:13 <hieulq_> but look like he can not attend today
17:15:33 <mugsie> OK, we can still itterate in the specs review
17:15:43 <hieulq_> thanks :)
17:17:01 <trungnv> o/
17:17:20 <timsim> Hi trungnv , we were just wrapping up, anything you'd like to discuss?
17:17:28 <trungnv> yes
17:17:49 <trungnv> We are implementing OVO on Designate project then test these codes with local workstation. then we will implement the items for Rolling upgrade.
17:18:15 <trungnv> Everything are working fine at the moment with our code-base. my colleague who named hieuld will F2F with you at submit about this feature for Designate.
17:18:36 <mugsie> trungnv: do you have any code you can show so we can see what you are trying?
17:18:43 <trungnv> I just talk about our status with OVO at the moment
17:18:49 <trungnv> yes
17:19:16 <trungnv> I am just test with small case with my code in https://github.com/trungnvfet/designate_ovo
17:19:52 <trungnv> that is tests_filters
17:20:40 <trungnv> I am trying to convert whole object into OVO then test them with rolling upgrade
17:20:56 <mugsie> OK
17:21:29 <trungnv> I know that some class in OVO is not suitable with Designate code
17:21:48 <trungnv> I am still working to get solution for some issues at the moment
17:21:52 <mugsie> OK
17:22:15 <mugsie> let us know when you have something to show
17:23:02 <trungnv> yes. every week I will push new code to my github and will discuss with you via IRC
17:23:18 <mugsie> trungnv: is there any of the new code in that repo now?
17:23:45 <trungnv> not yet. I am just test with my repo.
17:24:01 <trungnv> I will push whole code when I complete them.
17:24:26 <trungnv> pushing into gerrit.
17:24:42 <mugsie> OK, if you push small bits to https://github.com/trungnvfet/designate_ovo we can look at it in advance and give advice
17:25:04 <hieulq_> https://github.com/trungnvfet/designate_ovo/blob/master/designate/objects/zone.py
17:25:06 <trungnv> yes, thanks.
17:25:31 <hieulq_> trungnv the zone object is in o.vo now?
17:25:51 <trungnv> yes.
17:26:39 <mugsie> OK - that will not work (at all)
17:26:46 <hieulq_> yes
17:26:51 <mugsie> have you tried to run zone.validate()
17:27:09 <trungnv> not yet
17:27:39 <mugsie> as I said before ovo will not work with our objects - especially if you try to make them OVO objects
17:28:10 <mugsie> you need to separate the versioning from ovo and just use the versioning code
17:28:26 <mugsie> not try and use OVO as is
17:28:59 <trungnv> I will try both.
17:29:24 <trungnv> thanks so much.
17:29:37 <trungnv> I will try and ask o.vo team.
17:30:34 <timsim> Alright, anything else?
17:30:51 <hieulq_> yes
17:31:01 <timsim> Go ahead
17:31:15 <hieulq_> timsim mugsie have you tried devstack desinate with master branch?
17:31:23 <mugsie> heh - no
17:31:32 <mugsie> does it explode ?
17:31:34 <timsim> I don't use devstack.
17:31:53 <hieulq_> ok, another boom ..
17:32:20 <hieulq_> I guess new worker model cause all services always receive rpc timeout message
17:32:25 <trungnv> yes. master branch a have big problem now.
17:32:38 <mugsie> If you file a bug with the details it would help
17:32:44 <mugsie> but - the gate does use devstack
17:32:49 <mugsie> so it is passing :/
17:33:13 <hieulq_> yes frankly I dont know why
17:33:28 <hieulq_> that's why I dont file the bug
17:33:49 <hieulq_> will take a look deeper tomorrow and file a bug if need
17:34:01 <hieulq_> thanks, that's all from me
17:34:57 <trungnv> me too. thanks
17:35:12 <mugsie> I am good as well
17:36:13 <timsim> Just as a general note, re: devstack. Designate only really depends on Keystone, and that's easy enough to run alongside Designate without devstack. You can also turn on the noauth auth provider, and you don't need keystone, just for basic testing of the API.
17:36:25 <timsim> But for things like the gate, grenade, etc, it's necessary.
17:36:37 <timsim> Just throwing that out there in case it helps you all.
17:36:52 <timsim> Ok, see you all in #openstack-dns
17:36:55 <timsim> #endmeeting