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17:03:21 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:03:32 <sonuk> o/
17:03:33 <hieulq_> o/
17:03:35 <timsim> Anyone around mugsie kiall trungnv hieulq  sonuk
17:03:36 <trungnv_> o/
17:04:22 <timsim> Probably a quick'n today
17:04:32 <timsim> I don't see any bugs...
17:05:23 <timsim> no action items...
17:05:57 <timsim> Nothing to backport...
17:06:01 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:06:04 <timsim> I'll just open it up
17:06:24 <timsim> mugs and I will be at the summit next week.
17:06:30 <trungnv_> regard to my BP about rolling upgrade
17:06:35 <timsim> Hope to see some folks there.
17:06:39 <timsim> Sure trungnv_ go ahead
17:06:47 <sonuk> timsim: i will be there too at the summit
17:06:55 <trungnv_> this week, we have a holiday until yesterday. thus I have just some update about code base in my repo.
17:07:14 <hieulq_> timsim me too, hope to see you there
17:07:48 <timsim> Definitely come to the project update on Monday
17:07:55 <hieulq_> sure
17:08:13 <sonuk> yeah sure
17:08:50 <trungnv_> I have some issues for new objects which coded via OVO. I am trying to get best solution for it.
17:10:03 <timsim> trungnv_: If you can distill it into something that we can review, we'd be happy to take a look, that's certainly going to be hard. I'm with Graham on that you probably won't actually be able to use ovo, but rather will have to replicate the behavior.
17:11:48 <trungnv_> I understand what you say. But I think I believe my codes will be working...
17:12:09 <timsim> Fair enough.
17:12:24 <timsim> Anything else specific we'd like to discuss on this (or anything else) today?
17:12:37 <timsim> Graham (mug_sie) isn't able to join today.
17:12:57 <trungnv_> nope.
17:13:14 <trungnv_> I need more time to complete this issue.
17:13:28 <timsim> Cool, last call for discussion then!
17:13:31 <trungnv_> perhaps couple week.
17:13:35 <timsim> cool
17:13:42 <timsim> Shortest meeting ever going once....
17:14:05 <trungnv_> thanks
17:14:10 <timsim> twice!
17:14:18 <timsim> #endmeeting