17:02:11 <timsim> #startmeeting designate
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17:02:41 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:02:57 <daidv> o/
17:02:57 <timsim> hieulq: daidv  trungnv mugsie sonuk
17:02:58 <hieulq_> \o/
17:02:58 <trungnv_> o/
17:03:13 <sonuk> o/
17:04:13 <timsim> Gonna jump ahead here...
17:04:15 <timsim> #topic Stable Backport Triage
17:04:59 <timsim> Eh, I don't see much there.
17:05:11 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:05:22 <timsim> Anyone want to discuss anything?
17:05:32 <trungnv_> yep. I have.
17:06:10 <trungnv_> Do you and mugsie have any comments for us about OVO PS?
17:07:03 <trungnv_> did you and mugsie test these?
17:07:09 <timsim> I haven't looked, no.
17:07:36 <timsim> The next step for you all is actually figuring out how to do migrations with them, yes?
17:09:18 <trungnv_> yep. based on our OVO solution, we will do it.
17:10:35 <timsim> I'd be interested to see how what you've done actually makes that better/possible. If you want to help us, making a document that shows various API calls before/after the change would be helpful.
17:13:01 <daidv> timsim, surely, we will make it ASAP.
17:13:55 <timsim> Cool
17:14:01 <timsim> Anything else you'd like to discuss?
17:14:08 <hieulq_> o/
17:14:39 <hieulq_> the grenade gate died last week because devstack gate disable horizon by default
17:14:40 <hieulq_> we
17:14:54 <hieulq_> do we need to test upgrade with horizon?
17:15:26 <hieulq_> my patch was merged for fixing the gate but still want to ask the question
17:16:21 <timsim> If it was in there before, it probably should be. I assume we'd like to know that it works
17:16:37 <hieulq_> ok thanks
17:17:12 <hieulq_> otherwise, the bug for lots of timed out rpc message is from oslo.messaging
17:17:25 <hieulq_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/475273/
17:17:52 <hieulq_> all OpenStack projects affected and currently no fix from oslo team
17:18:23 <hieulq_> so I change the log level of oslo.messaging to INFO for eliminating this kind of log
17:18:35 <hieulq_> if you have time, please take a look
17:18:57 <timsim> ah, we weren't setting an "oslo.messaging" level?
17:19:43 <hieulq_> we set it to WARN
17:19:44 <daidv> hieulq_, may be just oslo_messaging
17:19:44 <hieulq_> ah ok
17:20:01 <hieulq_> sorry, a little bit sleepy
17:21:14 <timsim> Alright, sounds good, we'll have a look at it
17:21:16 <timsim> Anything else?
17:21:27 <hieulq_> last question
17:21:47 <hieulq_> did you read the ML thread regarding dropping Big Tent timsim ?
17:22:05 <timsim> I did
17:22:16 <hieulq_> how about Designate in next cycle?
17:22:32 <hieulq_> I saw Glance is in top 5 needed help projects
17:22:36 <hieulq_> Fuel retired
17:23:53 <timsim> Well, sorry, I read the initial post, not the whole thing
17:24:42 <hieulq_> ok thanks
17:25:03 <hieulq_> just want to ask about the future of Designate in next cycle
17:25:32 <timsim> I don't know that anything would change that quickly
17:26:09 <hieulq_> alright, that's all from me
17:26:20 <hieulq_> thank you Tim
17:26:27 <trungnv_> timsim, last couple weeks, we have a lot of PS on gerrit. Hope you have time for them. thanks
17:26:38 <timsim> We'll do our best
17:26:45 <trungnv_> yep. thanks
17:27:28 <timsim> Alright, last call?
17:27:34 <trungnv_> that's enough for me in today.
17:27:42 <daidv> No, thanks.
17:27:45 <trungnv_> yep.
17:27:59 <timsim> Alright, see you in #openstack-dns
17:28:01 <hieulq_> see you
17:28:03 <timsim> #endmeeting