17:01:17 <timsim> #startmeeting designate
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17:01:22 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:01:51 <timsim> mugsie: trungnv: hieulq:
17:01:53 <trungnv_> o/
17:02:41 <timsim> Might be a small crowd
17:02:50 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:03:34 <trungnv_> as my promise in last meeting about RPC issue when upgrade
17:03:41 <trungnv_> this is my video and log https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yP7mE-pouM&list=PLVMnqzl_peRHxBtRUK9Ynm2w0DjW9gZ5O
17:03:47 <mugsie> o/
17:04:02 <daidv_> O/
17:04:40 <trungnv_> perhaps this issue when I perform upgrade from mitaka to newton and ocata
17:05:14 <mugsie> trungnv: ok, I will look at that tomorrow
17:05:23 <trungnv_> mugsie, yep.
17:05:38 * mugsie is on a cell phone, so may be slower at typing
17:06:00 <timsim> Yeah I'll give it a look at some point
17:06:14 <trungnv_> I also work on OSM which a part of in my BP about rolling upgrade.
17:06:53 <daidv_> How about your OVO testing? mugsie
17:06:57 <trungnv_> I hope I can finish this solution as soon as possible.
17:07:05 <mugsie> It's going slowly
17:07:24 <mugsie> But I do not think we should merge this before we release ocata
17:07:36 <mugsie> Pike even
17:07:57 <timsim> Yeah, the pike feature freeze is next week I think.
17:08:01 <mugsie> Yeah
17:08:04 <trungnv_> perhaps is Queen.
17:08:08 <mugsie> And it is a huge change
17:08:12 <mugsie> Yeah, eary
17:08:15 <trungnv_> yep.
17:08:21 <mugsie> Early in the cycle*
17:08:27 <daidv_> Yes. We know that
17:09:04 <trungnv_> OVO and OSM both will works fine in designate in the next time.
17:09:04 <daidv_> But just want to see your commeny about plan for that
17:09:11 <daidv_> If it is possible
17:09:36 <daidv_> s/commeny/comment
17:10:08 <mugsie> Sure, I saw the DB h
17:10:12 <mugsie> Change*
17:10:23 <mugsie> I need to read the docs for how it is supposed to work
17:10:55 <mugsie> I didn't think we need 3 sets of migrations in different folders
17:11:14 <mugsie> Can you link to docs in the commit?
17:11:24 <trungnv_> yep. I will.
17:12:50 <trungnv_> mugsie, the link to how to migrate or anything like that?
17:13:12 <mugsie> Yeah, explain why we have the 3 folders, and what tools we are using
17:13:20 <mugsie> And how a migration will work
17:13:35 <trungnv_> yep. sure. I will do it.
17:15:08 <trungnv_> this PS still on WIP thus It will have a lot of change until complete.
17:15:25 <timsim> Cool. We'll be interested to see how it comes along.
17:15:35 <mugsie> Yeap, that's cool
17:17:15 <trungnv_> I just want to ask again about centralize config BP --- Could I doing them and ignore this BP?
17:17:41 <trungnv_> s/and/or
17:17:55 <mugsie> I don't think it is worth it
17:19:19 <trungnv_> yep.
17:20:50 <trungnv_> perhaps this BP should ignore at the moment and set low priority for it.
17:21:01 <mugsie> Yeah, that would be a good idea
17:22:37 <trungnv_> I will ask you about it again when we have suitable time.
17:23:00 <daidv_> No. Thnam
17:24:28 <daidv_> Sorry.
17:24:39 <trungnv_> mugsie, timsim Could I ask you about PTG event?
17:24:44 <timsim> Sure
17:28:50 <mugsie> trungnv: was there a specific question?
17:32:53 <trungnv_> sorry. my network have a problem.
17:33:07 <mugsie> Ah, I was wondering :)
17:33:36 <timsim> trungnv_:  "Could I ask you about PTG event?" was the last thing we got
17:35:56 <mugsie> trungnv: what is your question?
17:38:27 <daidv_> mugsie may be, trungnv_ want to ask something about desgnate room in PTG?
17:38:47 <daidv_> And who will join in it?
17:38:50 <mugsie> There will not be a room
17:39:05 <mugsie> I do not know if I can get funding for the travel
17:39:32 <timsim> I'm not sure if I'll be there either
17:39:35 <daidv_> Humm.
17:40:10 <daidv_> Ok. Thanks.
17:41:24 <mugsie> Anything else?
17:41:58 <daidv_> Enough for  me. See u two nextweek.
17:42:39 <mugsie> Bye /
17:42:48 <timsim> o/
17:42:51 <timsim> #endmeeting