17:01:11 <timsim> #startmeeting designate
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17:01:17 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:01:48 <timsim> mugsie trungnv hieulq
17:01:55 <trungnv_> o/
17:01:55 <mugsie> o/
17:02:54 <timsim> i don't see any new bugs/bp-worth items
17:03:02 <timsim> #topic Open Discussion
17:03:40 <trungnv_> mugsie, Do you have any update for OVO testing?
17:04:08 <mugsie> trungnv_: no - I was on vacation last weekend, so i did not get to finish testing
17:04:30 <mugsie> and we were quite busy doing a release
17:04:45 <mugsie> but I think things are quieting down a bit soon
17:04:47 <trungnv_> yep. I am understand your situation now.
17:04:48 <timsim> Oh that reminds me, I think P3 is friday
17:05:18 <trungnv_> yep.
17:05:29 <timsim> Tomorrow, actually.
17:05:32 <timsim> Guess I better do that
17:05:38 <mugsie> :D
17:05:40 <mugsie> yes
17:07:24 <trungnv_> mugsie, I got your comments in OSM PS. I am still working on it.
17:07:40 <mugsie> great
17:07:52 <trungnv_> How do you think about trigger-based solution for Designate at the moment?
17:08:38 <mugsie> I am not convinced - it looks quite complex
17:08:52 <mugsie> is it used anywhere else?
17:09:18 <trungnv_> yep. you can look at keystone, glance
17:09:58 <mugsie> OK - maybe seeing how they use it might be OK
17:10:05 <trungnv_> quite 2 approaches in this case
17:10:20 <trungnv_> I still keep normal upgrade
17:10:30 <trungnv_> on migrate-repo
17:11:15 <trungnv_> and I will separate 3 new repos for upgrade with zero-downtime
17:11:32 <trungnv_> *separate created
17:11:33 <mugsie> no - we need to have one way to upgrade
17:11:49 <mugsie> I will look at the keystone + glance - and see how they did it
17:11:58 <trungnv_> yeo. sure.
17:12:21 <trungnv_> keystone use both.
17:13:03 <mugsie> really? that seems .... dangerous
17:13:13 <mugsie> OK - I will look at it
17:14:11 <trungnv_> Yep. please let me know your comments with my solution when you look at them on other project.
17:14:54 <mugsie> OK
17:14:55 <trungnv_> I also a schedule to working on OVO solution for OSM which named trigger-less.
17:16:36 <trungnv_> but this solution need to merged OVO code-base first.
17:16:48 <mugsie> yeap
17:17:27 <trungnv_> mugsie, Please understand then trigger-based which use to upgrade with zero-downtime.
17:18:15 <trungnv_> and current solution via migrate-repo which use to upgrading with downtime(have downtime)
17:19:52 <mugsie> I will look at it
17:20:03 <trungnv_> yep. thanks.
17:20:55 <mugsie> is that everything?
17:21:17 <timsim> Going once...
17:21:21 <trungnv_> In the next time, OVO and OSM could be next future of Designate when you talk in summit?
17:22:19 <mugsie> yeah - they could be
17:22:27 <mugsie> the summit is a while away :)
17:22:37 <mugsie> it may be "the current" designate
17:23:30 <trungnv_> wow. thanks. :)
17:24:17 <timsim> Alright, anything else to discuss?
17:24:33 <trungnv_> no. thanks.
17:24:51 <mugsie> nothing from mew
17:24:52 <mugsie> me*
17:25:11 <timsim> Alright, see you all in #openstack-dns
17:25:14 <timsim> #endmeeting