17:04:30 <mugsie> #startmeeting Designate
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17:04:37 <mugsie> #topic Roll Call
17:05:26 <trungnv_> o/
17:05:33 <mugsie> #topic Bug Triage
17:06:27 <trungnv_> hom trc a cung bi vay
17:06:36 <trungnv_> vao FB dc nhung hexchat ko vao dc
17:06:45 <trungnv_> sorry.
17:06:46 <mugsie> no new bugs
17:06:53 <mugsie> #topic Backports
17:06:56 <mugsie> #link http://paste.openstack.org/show/617961/
17:07:25 <mugsie> Nothing of interest really there
17:07:32 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
17:07:49 <mugsie> anything off agenda  today?
17:07:51 <trungnv_> mugsie, I just got your comments in my specs.
17:08:41 <trungnv_> I want to ask you to add my detail information in the specific solution. like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/485135/7/doc/source/admin/upgrades/upgrade.rst
17:09:08 <Daidv> O/ sorry. I'm late
17:09:47 <trungnv_> I will append more detail on it which instead of on specs PS.
17:09:48 <mugsie> trungnv_: yes, info like that would be perfect in the spec
17:10:10 <mugsie> we can copy it into the docs later, but to begin with it should be in a spec
17:10:18 <mugsie> Daidv: o/
17:11:01 <trungnv_> I suggest keep current information on my specs and keep working on specific solution along with docs.
17:11:02 <mugsie> and detail about how we can use the DB triggers across different DB's as well, would be good
17:11:31 <trungnv_> yep. sure.
17:11:49 <trungnv_> I will add some examples on it.
17:12:17 <trungnv_> with trigger-less, I almost done with this solution.
17:12:56 <trungnv_> I will append the docs to explain more detail my solution on this solution PS.
17:13:16 <mugsie> gfreat
17:13:39 <mugsie> anything else ?
17:13:46 <trungnv_> How do you think to merge my specs along with current information?
17:14:20 <Daidv> I just want to ask again about ovo plan for designate ?
17:14:21 <mugsie> if you add that info to them we should be able to merge them
17:14:37 <mugsie> Daidv: aiming for Queens
17:14:54 <mugsie> early in Queens, so we can refvert it if it causes issues
17:15:58 <Daidv> Which priority of that? mugsie
17:16:12 <mugsie> high
17:16:36 <mugsie> When queens starts I will be full time on Designate, so I can do in depth testing on the patches
17:16:41 <Daidv> Nice
17:17:08 <trungnv_> the detail info will add in each solution PS of OSM. I think it will take time for this work at the moment.
17:17:30 <Daidv> mugsie  will you come back with openstack related job?
17:18:03 <mugsie> yeah it will be an OpenStack job
17:18:31 <mugsie> :D
17:18:53 <Daidv> Amazing!
17:19:23 <trungnv_> mugsie, I will add more info in each solution PS and reference from my specs into them. is it ok?
17:19:47 <Daidv> I think we will get more active contribute again for designate with new ptl who working on openstack ;)
17:19:57 <mugsie> I would like it in the specs - then in the docs we can reference the spec
17:20:04 <mugsie> Daidv: I hope so :)
17:20:06 <Daidv> S/contribute/contributors
17:20:45 <mugsie> any other topics?
17:20:55 <trungnv_> mugsie, Yep. I will.
17:21:15 <Daidv> Enough for me. Thanks.
17:21:22 <Daidv> See u
17:21:30 <trungnv_> that all for me. Thanks.
17:21:36 <mugsie> OK - see you all later
17:21:39 <mugsie> #endmeeting