17:01:13 <timsim> #startmeeting designate
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17:01:25 <mugsie> o/
17:02:11 <timsim> #topic Roll Call
17:02:29 <timsim> Anyone else here trungnv daidv
17:03:03 <mugsie> daidv was asking about the meeting this morning
17:03:38 <timsim> Isn't it like 2am where they are
17:03:43 <timsim> This is probably a terrible meeting time
17:03:53 <mugsie> yeah :/
17:04:11 <mugsie> #action mugsie to send poll on new meeting time
17:04:29 <timsim> I would love if it wasn't during my lunch time always.
17:04:34 <mugsie> :)
17:04:40 <timsim> Do we want to just skip then?
17:04:43 <mugsie> or when I should be cooking dinner
17:05:00 <mugsie> you don't want to hang out with me anymore ?
17:05:03 <mugsie> *cty*
17:05:08 <mugsie> cry* damn ikt
17:05:21 <timsim> I mean. We're buds.
17:05:24 <mugsie> but yeah, if it is just the 2 of us, lets skip
17:05:24 <timsim> But I'm so hungry
17:06:16 <timsim> hm. Should we be doing RCs or something right now
17:06:24 <mugsie> I did them :P
17:06:30 <timsim> <3
17:06:53 * timsim is absent in his duties
17:06:55 <timsim> sorry about that
17:07:03 <mugsie> np - it didn;t take long
17:07:16 <mugsie> we will have an RC2 for horizon I think
17:07:24 <mugsie> for translations
17:07:41 <timsim> cool cool
17:09:06 <mugsie> so, call it for today?
17:09:17 <timsim> yeah I think so
17:09:19 <timsim> byee
17:09:22 <timsim> #endmeeting