17:00:24 <mugsie> #startmeeting Designate
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17:00:41 <mugsie> #topic ROll Call
17:00:48 <mugsie> #topic Roll Call
17:01:02 <mugsie> who is here?
17:01:06 <trungnv__> o/
17:02:12 <mugsie> #topic Bug Triage (timsim - recurring)
17:02:29 <timsim> o/
17:02:34 <timsim> I'm on
17:02:42 <timsim> My phone. Can you take this mugsie
17:02:44 <mugsie> :D
17:03:10 <mugsie> no new bugs
17:03:31 <timsim> Nailed it
17:03:33 <mugsie> #topic Stable Backport Triage
17:04:16 <mugsie> no new patches
17:04:26 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
17:04:47 <trungnv__> Hi mugsie
17:04:47 <mugsie> any off agenda topics?
17:05:47 <trungnv__> When you start OVO test again?
17:05:55 <mugsie> next week
17:06:00 <trungnv__> yeah.
17:06:47 <trungnv__> I am waiting any comments in my specs which I had pushed.
17:07:07 <mugsie> I am still thinking about the trigger based solution
17:08:27 <trungnv__> trigger base for now?
17:08:53 <mugsie> I am not sure about trigger based at all - I do not like the idea of DB triggers
17:09:14 <trungnv__> yep.
17:10:11 <mugsie> any other topics?
17:10:19 <trungnv__> triggers-base don't control them at the moment.
17:10:55 <trungnv__> with trigger-less then we will change a lot of code-base
17:11:04 <mugsie> yeah
17:11:35 <trungnv__> we must move storage driver into oslo.db driver.
17:12:02 <mugsie> really?
17:12:17 <trungnv__> yeah.
17:12:35 <trungnv__> Maybe not need.
17:12:59 <trungnv__> We can keep storage driver in code-base
17:13:42 <trungnv__> for Openstack project should change them into oslo.db and objects will affected to DB.
17:14:23 <trungnv__> Could you look at my specs and give me more comments?
17:14:30 <mugsie> yeah, I will
17:14:37 <mugsie> any thing else?
17:14:46 <trungnv__> and please suggest me one of two OSM solution
17:15:05 <timsim> I'm good
17:15:10 <trungnv__> I will change specs which just one OSM solution.
17:15:19 <mugsie> ok
17:15:29 <trungnv__> that's all for me.
17:15:31 <trungnv__> Thanks
17:15:49 <mugsie> ok, see you all later!
17:15:53 <mugsie> #endmeeting