14:00:25 <mugsie> #startmeeting Designate
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14:00:32 <mugsie> #topic Roll Call
14:01:07 <bnemec> o/
14:01:33 <mugsie> lets give people a few minutes to jump in
14:04:40 <mugsie> frickler: simon-AS559 daidv courtesy ping
14:05:27 <mugsie> bnemec: looks like it is just you and me :)
14:05:44 <bnemec> :-)
14:05:49 <mugsie> I don't have much, I have been out of work sick since last week
14:06:22 <mugsie> apart from needing someone to run the meeting next week, as I am going to on vacation
14:06:29 <mugsie> or we could skip the meeting
14:07:00 <mugsie> i can send a message to -dev asking for someone to step up
14:07:00 <bnemec> I'm still pretty much focused on deploying Designate with TripleO.
14:07:32 <mugsie> cool - is there anything your finding that we need to fix>
14:07:33 <mugsie> ?*
14:08:00 <bnemec> Not at the moment.  My current problems are the poor state of TripleO container docs.
14:08:25 <bnemec> I've actually got it deploying on baremetal alright.
14:09:46 <bnemec> I expect I'll have some questions when I start trying to do ha and such.
14:15:23 <mugsie> OK - if you need anything, just shout :)
14:16:14 <mugsie> I think that may be it for today :)
14:16:21 <mugsie> #endmeeting