11:03:42 <mugsie> #startmeeting designate
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11:03:48 <mugsie> #topic roll call
11:05:31 <diman> mugsie: hi
11:05:36 <mugsie> hey diman
11:06:14 <mugsie> I think it may just be us :/
11:06:23 <diman> ok...
11:06:24 <mugsie> #topic Open Discussion
11:07:14 <mugsie> For the PTG, I didn't get us a dedicated room - most people on the team who will be there will be spread across different groups. we will be able to book rooms ad-hoc ss needed
11:07:19 <mugsie> as needed*
11:07:53 <diman> well, I'm afraid I cannot make it to ptg...
11:08:13 <mugsie> diman: yeah, a lot of the designate contributors can't
11:08:39 <diman> mugsie: wanted to ask regarding https://review.openstack.org/#/c/598147/
11:08:52 <diman> seems like gate job fail here and there
11:09:40 <diman> with something like gzip: /home/zuul/workspace/logs/ara: No such file or directory etc
11:09:56 <mugsie> oh, that just got fixed
11:10:09 <mugsie> (there was a bad update to ara)
11:10:10 <diman> ah, alright, will do recheck than
11:11:11 <mugsie> i need to test somethign in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/589409/ today as well
11:11:27 <diman> mugsie: do you have any feedback about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/589409/
11:11:57 <mugsie> it looks good, I just want to test the format of the notifies it sends
11:13:15 <diman> ok, can attach my tcpdump, but we already run this in production :)
11:13:25 <mugsie> ah, OK :)
11:13:45 <mugsie> yeah, I am not sure how we can add an actual test for this :/
11:14:07 <mugsie> I would like to have a test to make sure we actually send it as we do more development
11:14:31 <diman> yes, extra test is always a good idea)
11:17:24 <diman> I'll double-check why did test failed at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/584024/
11:17:47 <diman> because the same tests in our ci succeed
11:18:09 <mugsie> oh? even the unit tests?
11:18:19 <mugsie> they should be self contained :/
11:18:34 <diman> mugsie: but, if you happen to have any feedback, let me know so I'll fix this sooner :)
11:18:41 <diman> yes, those 3 unit tests
11:19:06 <mugsie> OK, i will look today
11:19:17 <diman> mugsie: thanks)
11:19:23 * mugsie finally has a decent dev env in the office to actually run these tests
11:19:51 <diman> mugsie: are you coming to summit in Berlin btw?
11:19:56 <mugsie> I am
11:20:01 <diman> cool
11:20:04 <mugsie> it is a short trip from me
11:20:11 <mugsie> though not as short as yours :)
11:20:26 <diman> 15 mins drive, kkk :)
11:22:56 <mugsie> any other topics?
11:23:36 <diman> I guess, no. I'll write a tempest test for last PR if gate finally gets green :)
11:24:36 <mugsie> great :)
11:24:46 <mugsie> OK, have a great day
11:24:53 <mugsie> #endmeeting