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05:00:54 <ozstacker> hello shane congrats on the BoD seat!
05:01:12 <shane-wang> hello
05:01:14 <shane-wang> thank you
05:01:30 <rolandchan> First up. Lets have a rollcall. Can people state their real names and locations/timezones?
05:01:38 <rolandchan> Roland Chan, AEST, Aptira.
05:01:39 <ozstacker> this is tristan btw - former board sitter :-)
05:01:54 <rolandchan> oh, and you're affiliation if you have one :)
05:02:03 <ozstacker> Tristan Goode - Sydney Australia UTC+10
05:02:13 <ozstacker> Tristan Goode - Sydney Australia UTC+10 Aptira
05:02:34 <FleetDC> James Fleet Washington DC EST
05:02:48 <shane-wang> Shane Wang - Shanghai China UTC+8
05:03:25 <rolandchan> OK. That looks like everyone.
05:04:16 <rolandchan> The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that we include an APAC friendly meeting slot to discuss the Diversity Working Group progress
05:04:40 <rolandchan> Does everyone have a link to the minutes of the previous meeting?
05:04:54 <rolandchan> and the agenda for this one?
05:05:02 * ozstacker looks
05:05:09 <rolandchan> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Diversity#Agenda
05:05:10 <shane-wang> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenStackDiversity.1? and https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenStackDiversity.2?
05:05:28 <rolandchan> Yep. the first etherpad is the minutes from the last meeting
05:05:32 <ozstacker> ta
05:05:34 <rolandchan> the agenda is basically the same.
05:05:56 <rolandchan> I'm not taking notes in real time, I'm not that fast :)
05:06:15 <rolandchan> OK, so first item is discussion on the working group charter.
05:06:36 <ozstacker> ok
05:06:42 <FleetDC> ok
05:06:47 <shane-wang> ok
05:07:33 <rolandchan> the last meeting seems to have concluded that the top diversity focus areas are: gender, geograph and culture. And then religion, age, disability other areas of interest.
05:08:11 <ozstacker> Yes that looks right
05:08:20 <shane-wang> totally agree
05:08:47 <FleetDC> That was the hot topic
05:08:50 <rolandchan> I don't mind that being a priority list, I'm not sure we should be particularly limiting in the charter itself.
05:10:08 <rolandchan> the existing charter has a long list of ways people differ.
05:10:46 <rolandchan> perhaps it's a bit unwieldly, but in the absence of a counter-proposal that is inclusive but brief, I'm happy to accept the charter as written.
05:11:05 <ozstacker> Yes I think that's a great list, and would be happy to accept it as written.
05:12:03 <shane-wang> me too
05:12:15 <shane-wang> would be happy to accept it as written
05:12:37 <rolandchan> I don't think there's any call for votes at this stage. Shall we move on?
05:13:21 <shane-wang> yes
05:13:34 <FleetDC> yes
05:13:57 <rolandchan> OK. Second item was an update from Kavit on the Diversity Policy. Kavit is on leave, returning Monday.
05:14:11 <rolandchan> Unofortunately, I don't have an update to provide on his behalf.
05:14:23 <ozstacker> ok no worries.
05:14:46 <shane-wang> leave it to the next meeting:)
05:14:51 <rolandchan> Similarly the next item was on the Ambassador program, from Niki.
05:15:18 <rolandchan> so I think we'll have to move on from that as well.
05:15:53 <rolandchan> lastly, we had the summit demographic data
05:16:01 <ozstacker> We probably just need to engage the ambassadors there and make them aware of these meeting times.
05:16:04 <shane-wang> are we going to consider to change ambassador?
05:16:24 <ozstacker> I can alert the Ambassador list
05:16:25 <shane-wang> sorry, what is the Ambassador program?
05:16:45 <ozstacker> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Community/AmbassadorProgram
05:16:56 <shane-wang> @ozstacker, thank you
05:17:26 <rolandchan> There's a good geographical spread, so we should be able to get involvement in all the diversity meetings.
05:17:33 <ozstacker> yes
05:17:53 <ozstacker> I can ping the ambassador list
05:18:11 <rolandchan> ozstacker takes an action
05:18:12 <rolandchan> :)
05:19:28 <rolandchan> So, looking at the demographic data presented at the last meeting...
05:20:20 <rolandchan> The key points for me is that Euro and APAC attendances seem to site ~10% for out-of-region summits.
05:20:45 <rolandchan> and perhaps altanta wasn't a very popular destination ;)
05:21:49 <ozstacker> Yeah I didn't go to that one :-)
05:22:00 <shane-wang> I did go
05:22:13 <shane-wang> but it was a long trip from China
05:22:26 <rolandchan> Indeed.
05:22:32 <shane-wang> longer than west coast
05:23:37 <rolandchan> India, China, Japan seem to be strongly represented in out of region attendances.
05:24:00 <rolandchan> I think this is a good point, although having actual numbers rather than rankings would make me more certain.
05:25:22 <ozstacker> Yes. Data.
05:25:24 <rolandchan> any other comments on the summit data or the travel program information presented?
05:25:36 <ozstacker> Na
05:26:02 <rolandchan> OK. lastly the Women of OpenStack program data.
05:26:39 <rolandchan> there's a good upward trend there.
05:27:02 <shane-wang> :)
05:27:05 <rolandchan> noting that there was a lot of activity at Vancouver, it will be interesting to see what happens in Tokyo.
05:27:20 <ozstacker> Yes. It's been a well supported and publicised program.
05:28:12 <ozstacker> I guess our goal is to see other programs supported as well.
05:28:21 <rolandchan> I think the intern sponsorship program is important, in the sense that concrete actions are taken.
05:29:09 <rolandchan> I think action that directly affects people are something that a broader diversity program will have to do
05:30:03 <rolandchan> Any other business? I have one item.
05:30:19 <ozstacker> nothing from me
05:30:51 <shane-wang> no from me
05:30:57 <rolandchan> OK.
05:31:04 <ozstacker> Although I dont know why we dont have these meeting sin the meeting channels
05:31:16 <rolandchan> I don't know either.
05:31:35 <ozstacker> There's a bunch of folks lurking there and we could encorage participation just by being there?
05:32:00 <rolandchan> That's not my experience, but maybe.
05:32:03 <rolandchan> obviously attendance is a bit down on the previous meeting.
05:32:15 <ozstacker> Then for other general discussion, the openstack-community channel is quite idle.
05:32:54 <rolandchan> Other than pushing the diversity messages in the mailling list, what else can be done to encourage attendance from this side of the world.
05:33:38 <ozstacker> Make it a highlight topic at the upcoming summit.
05:33:49 <shane-wang> yes agree
05:33:55 <rolandchan> suggest to the ambassadors that the diversity program should become part of their message.
05:34:10 <ozstacker> I'm drafting the email to them right now.
05:34:23 <rolandchan> cool.
05:34:46 <rolandchan> anything else?
05:34:52 <ozstacker> nope
05:34:57 <shane-wang> diversity mtg should have more attendees
05:35:00 <shane-wang> no
05:35:38 <shane-wang> is this meeting log public?
05:35:39 <rolandchan> OK.
05:35:44 <FleetDC> nope
05:35:44 <rolandchan> yup
05:35:47 <ozstacker> yes
05:35:51 <shane-wang> ok
05:35:57 <rolandchan> it will be when I tell the bot to end the meeting.
05:36:11 <rolandchan> OK. Lets close then.
05:36:20 <rolandchan> Thanks everyone!
05:36:25 <rolandchan> #endmeeting