06:01:05 <loquacities> #startmeeting docinstallteam
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06:01:15 <loquacities> hi, who's here?
06:01:21 <AJaeger> o/
06:01:47 <strigazi> Spyros Trigazi (magnum)
06:01:56 <loquacities> hi strigazi
06:02:01 <AJaeger> welcome, strigazi
06:02:43 <strigazi> hi
06:03:03 <loquacities> anyone else?
06:03:05 <loquacities> katomo?
06:04:57 <katomo> hi!
06:05:02 <loquacities> ah ha!
06:05:10 <loquacities> ok, i think we can call that a quorum ;)
06:05:24 <katomo> :)
06:05:25 <loquacities> i don't have very much to go through
06:05:36 <AJaeger> I would like to discuss the index page
06:05:47 <loquacities> #topic Completed projects
06:05:53 <loquacities> #info Orchestration, Trove, and Zaqar are done
06:05:59 <loquacities> AJaeger: yep, that's on the agenda :)
06:06:15 <loquacities> and it seems swift is on the way, too
06:06:23 <AJaeger> http://docs.openstack.org/project-install-guide/database/draft/ and http://docs.openstack.org/project-install-guide/orchestration/draft/ are published
06:06:34 <katomo> yay!
06:06:42 <loquacities> yeah, real progress :)
06:06:59 <AJaeger> Zaqar is ready, just needs one change to merge (any!) and afterwards gets published. Infra change just merged
06:07:07 <AJaeger> swift change is under review
06:07:07 <loquacities> excellent :)
06:07:17 <loquacities> #topic Draft index page
06:07:25 <loquacities> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/331704
06:07:48 <loquacities> so i think we need to discuss how we want this to look
06:08:04 <AJaeger> and there are changes for magnum and manila for review
06:08:06 <loquacities> personally, i like AJaeger's idea of having them all in one index
06:08:27 <katomo> +1 for all in one index
06:08:30 <AJaeger> My idea is basically: Have one index page per version and link to that from the front pages
06:08:42 <loquacities> yep, i think that's the best
06:08:50 <katomo> agree
06:09:04 <strigazi> I like it too
06:09:13 <AJaeger> So, one index that looks like what we have today: It includes *all* Install material: Keystone, Glance, trove, zaqar, etc.
06:09:32 <loquacities> ok, to petr's other point about calling the project-specific guides 'tutorials' as well, i didn't really like that idea
06:09:35 <AJaeger> And that one is version dependent - so should now go into draft directory
06:09:51 <AJaeger> loquacities: there's some consistency with his proposal
06:09:53 <loquacities> yep, and be published for newton
06:10:05 <loquacities> yeah, i guess so
06:10:15 <loquacities> but these really are install guides in the true sense, i think
06:10:34 <loquacities> whereas we would never expect someone to run a production cloud using the method in the original book
06:10:52 <AJaeger> For me those are on the same level...
06:10:57 <AJaeger> At least with current content
06:11:14 <loquacities> hrm, ok
06:11:34 <loquacities> i guess we really don't expect someone to run a production cloud using *any* manual install, really
06:11:38 <loquacities> now i think about it ...
06:11:50 <AJaeger> I agree
06:12:45 <strigazi> I think these manual are like a guide on what are the most important configs and what you should adapt on your solution
06:13:17 <loquacities> ok, so the index page would have the usual manual install 'tutorials', and then a link to the project-specific index?
06:13:44 <AJaeger> loquacities: I would even add links to the chapters of the normal install-guide: Keystone, Glance etc.
06:13:57 <AJaeger> Having all of them together in one place gives the illusion of one guide...
06:13:57 <loquacities> oh, that's a good idea
06:14:12 <AJaeger> and then we would only link to that index page....
06:14:13 <loquacities> yeah, i think we need that
06:14:19 <katomo> AJaeger: +1
06:14:21 <strigazi> +1
06:14:22 <loquacities> it would definitely be easier for linkign
06:14:30 <loquacities> linking*
06:14:33 <AJaeger> I guess we need a few iterations on that...
06:14:40 <loquacities> yeah, i think so
06:14:49 <AJaeger> Then each chapter can say at the end: Go back to this central index page ...
06:14:56 <loquacities> +1
06:15:07 <loquacities> ok, i might ping petr with the log of this chat, so he's aware
06:15:09 <katomo> +1
06:15:42 <loquacities> #action loquacities to ping petr regarding https://review.openstack.org/#/c/331704
06:18:34 <strigazi> Open discussion?
06:18:56 <loquacities> yep, looks like it's time to move on
06:19:02 <loquacities> #topic open discussion
06:19:16 <strigazi> I want to share our WIP https://review.openstack.org/#/c/315165/
06:19:17 <katomo> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/326190/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/326193/ need approval :)
06:20:04 <loquacities> strigazi: yay!
06:20:22 <loquacities> strigazi: did you see i updated the steps in the contributor guide? i'd like your feedback
06:20:31 <AJaeger> loquacities: I have already blessed katomo's changes - could you review them as well, please?
06:20:55 <loquacities> yep, will do now
06:21:06 <AJaeger> strigazi: great, thanks
06:21:24 <katomo> strigazi: looks great work
06:21:35 <strigazi> thanks
06:21:40 <strigazi> one question
06:21:56 <strigazi> heat has a file for every distro
06:22:21 <strigazi> could we have a file setup-db.rst and include it in all files?
06:22:44 <AJaeger> strigazi: see how I've done it for trove
06:23:22 <AJaeger> strigazi: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/330540/3/install-guide/source/common_prerequisites.txt
06:23:29 <AJaeger> and then an include of it in several places
06:24:10 <katomo> yeah, good practice. let's add it to cokkiecutter :)
06:24:10 <AJaeger> strigazi: if that's a model to follow, changes for the cookiecutter are welcome;)
06:24:30 <strigazi> That's what I was thinking
06:24:46 <loquacities> good plan
06:25:11 <loquacities> ok, any other items?
06:25:29 <strigazi> off topic question for andreas
06:25:30 <AJaeger> who will do the change for the cookiecutter? strigazi do you want to do it? Or katomo ?
06:25:31 <katomo> nothing from me today
06:25:39 <strigazi> I'll do it
06:25:46 <AJaeger> thanks, strigazi.
06:25:50 <katomo> strigazi, thanks.
06:25:56 <AJaeger> strigazi: ask, it's open discussion ;)
06:26:14 <strigazi> AJaeger: suse packages are drawn from openstack-packages?
06:26:45 <AJaeger> strigazi: yes, AFAIK.
06:26:49 <strigazi> magnum has suse packages for mitaka, these are synced from openstack-pakcages/magnum?
06:26:52 <strigazi> ok
06:27:39 * AJaeger just checks
06:27:45 <strigazi> and can I build suse packages form deloean?
06:27:50 <strigazi> *from
06:28:07 <loquacities> delorean is fedora, isn't it?
06:28:11 <AJaeger> there are magnum packages published at http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Cloud:/OpenStack:/Master/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/noarch/
06:28:37 <AJaeger> and http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Cloud:/OpenStack:/Mitaka/openSUSE_Leap_42.1/
06:28:49 <strigazi> cool!
06:29:21 <AJaeger> sources at https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/Cloud:OpenStack:Master/openstack-magnum
06:29:41 <AJaeger> strigazi: feel free to ping me if you need more pointers and I get you in contact with our packging experts
06:30:19 <strigazi> Since there are recent builds, that will do
06:30:26 <loquacities> cool, anything else?
06:30:34 <strigazi> AJaeger: thanks
06:31:28 <AJaeger> strigazi: thanks for documenting magnum!
06:31:41 <loquacities> +1
06:31:44 <AJaeger> loquacities: nothing from my side for today
06:32:01 <strigazi> I'm good
06:32:37 <loquacities> ok, i think we're done
06:32:45 <loquacities> #endmeeting