06:04:13 <loquacities> #startmeeting docinstallteam
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06:04:31 <loquacities> ok, this'll be quick, i don't really have anything to report
06:04:43 <loquacities> #topic testing
06:04:53 <loquacities> so i'm planning on kicking this off next week
06:05:16 <ildikov> I was a bit out from this activity so I thought to catch up on where we are now
06:05:20 <loquacities> which means i'll go through the bug list, etc
06:05:53 <loquacities> ildikov: ok, let's go through status on the next agenda item
06:06:02 <loquacities> any questions/comments on testing first of all?
06:06:08 <ildikov> loquacities: cool, tnx
06:06:31 <katomo> none
06:06:42 <ildikov> do we have people to test or how does it usually work?
06:06:47 <loquacities> i admit i'm not properly into release mode yet, but i promise to start next week, once i've gotten some other work out of the way
06:07:01 <loquacities> ildikov: i'll contact the package maintainers, and our cross project liaisons
06:07:12 <loquacities> i'll also ping the usual suspects ;)
06:07:24 <ildikov> a-ha, ok, sounds good :)
06:07:29 <loquacities> :)
06:07:32 <loquacities> ok, let's move on
06:07:41 <loquacities> #topic Work Items
06:07:48 <loquacities> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/InstallGuideWorkItems
06:08:01 <loquacities> so, in terms of the project-specific guides, everything is in place
06:08:08 <loquacities> many projects have their guides up
06:08:20 <loquacities> we just need to review the core services guide, which is smaller than previously
06:08:40 <katomo> \o/
06:09:21 <loquacities> i would like to get a comprehensive list of which projects have guides ready to be published for newton, but i haven't done that thing yet
06:09:56 <ildikov> Is there any draft published version out already?
06:10:09 <ildikov> Or it's the next step to compile all these guides into one?
06:10:13 <loquacities> you can see it on /draft for each project repo
06:10:18 <loquacities> we have the index page up
06:10:25 <katomo> #link http://docs.openstack.org/project-install-guide/draft/
06:10:40 <loquacities> it can probably do with another patch to improve it, but that's cosmetic
06:10:42 <loquacities> thanks katomo
06:11:09 <ildikov> katomo: thanks!
06:11:54 <ildikov> loquacities: sure, I just wanted to see the structure in the sense of how readable that is at this stage
06:12:31 <ildikov> loquacities: when you start the cosmetics phase that can be a never ending story, so I would not want to force that :)
06:12:48 <loquacities> yeah, that will be ongoing, anyway, so i'm really not worried about it
06:13:01 <katomo> :)
06:13:15 <ildikov> loquacities: +1
06:13:22 <loquacities> so about the only actual work item outstanding is the testing automation
06:13:26 <loquacities> and i'm not holding my breath ;)
06:14:07 <loquacities> anyway, that's about all i have
06:14:13 <loquacities> any other comments?
06:15:12 <katomo> nothing from me
06:15:14 <loquacities> i'll take that as a no ;)
06:15:18 <loquacities> ok, thanks katomo
06:15:26 <loquacities> thanks for stopping by, both of you :)
06:15:28 <ildikov> I'm still waking up :)
06:15:42 <katomo> :)
06:15:44 <loquacities> ildikov: lol, i'm about done for the day ;)
06:15:52 <ildikov> so sorry for my quietness and dumb questions, I'll improve for next time! ;)
06:15:59 <loquacities> heh, it's all good
06:16:02 <loquacities> go have a coffee!
06:16:03 <loquacities> o/
06:16:07 <loquacities> #endmeeting