06:09:26 <loquacities> #startmeeting docinstallteam
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06:09:39 <loquacities> #topic Testing: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/NewtonDocTesting
06:09:46 <loquacities> #link Debian: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2016-August/009006.html
06:09:53 <loquacities> #link Ubuntu: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2016-August/009008.html
06:10:08 <loquacities> there we go
06:11:16 <loquacities> strigazi: so, to answer the question: just step through the install guide here: http://docs.openstack.org/project-install-guide/draft/
06:11:21 <loquacities> so yes, two nodes
06:11:47 <strigazi> yes, but in practice you fake them right?
06:11:52 <loquacities> yeah, absolutely
06:12:57 <strigazi> Any other  advice on that?
06:13:23 <loquacities> i'm not an expert, i'm sure i'll get better at this as we go on ;)
06:13:50 <bmoss> howdy
06:13:57 <loquacities> i've just asked brian to join, he's had more hands on experience than me :)
06:14:08 <strigazi> So far I was testing magnum against devstack
06:14:10 <loquacities> bmoss: strigazi was just looking for advice on testing
06:14:12 <strigazi> hi bmoss
06:14:19 <bmoss> hi :)
06:15:40 <strigazi> To have the environment rewuired by the install guide you fake two nodes and fake two nics. Do you have any advice before starting?
06:17:04 <bmoss> well, if you're installing your nodes on vms, it is probably a good idea to have a network services layer to firewall your nodes
06:17:51 <dguitarbite> loquacities: ping
06:18:01 <loquacities> yep?
06:18:17 <dguitarbite> Ohh, I just did not see any activity.
06:18:35 <loquacities> yeah, i was letting strigazi and bmoss discuss :)
06:18:49 <dguitarbite> :)
06:19:20 <bmoss> strigazi, so a network services layer is a good idea. Also, type very carefully. ;) There is a lot of config and small mistakes cause big headaches.
06:20:11 <strigazi> bmoss, I'll give it a go if I have any specific issue I'll ping on irc
06:20:40 <loquacities> cool, ok, dguitarbite did you have an update on the parser?
06:20:43 <bmoss> to be honest, there probably isn't much more to say. The Install Guides are pretty good at taking the reader through the steps. And if something isn't clear, then it is probably a bug with the guide. Well, unless it has missed something new from openstack.
06:21:09 <dguitarbite> Yes, I do have an update :D. It is a couple of hours more work away from being ready to be used by us.
06:21:13 <bmoss> strigazi, good luck, and thanks for testing! Fresh eyes are the best for catching problems.
06:21:16 <loquacities> woohoo!
06:21:25 <loquacities> #topic install guide testing parser
06:21:45 <dguitarbite> I have a meeting with Andreas this Thrusday where I would present him the running version of the parser and discuss how to move ahead.
06:21:51 <loquacities> cool
06:21:57 <loquacities> i'm looking forward to seeing it in action!
06:22:19 <strigazi> we'll update in this release?
06:22:25 <dguitarbite> loquacities: There are some changes to the install guides from my side though.
06:22:31 <loquacities> such as?
06:22:55 <dguitarbite> #link https://github.com/dguitarbite/openstack-manuals/commit/dd14956679969856a02201fe44098c3a2ef6eebf
06:23:45 <dguitarbite> loquacities: These small syntax changes should not impact install guides generated HTML pages. They just are for reducing the complexity otherwise writing this parser would be a full time job for a team.
06:23:57 <loquacities> right, so they're non-printing?
06:24:08 <loquacities> ah, yep, i see
06:24:10 <dguitarbite> loquacities: Nope, but they are critical for the parser to function.
06:24:57 <dguitarbite> There should be few more minor changes to the syntax, I have 1-2 minor challenges to match.
06:25:03 <loquacities> ok
06:25:04 <dguitarbite> *challenges to face.
06:25:21 <loquacities> so how does the parser show that it's passed/failed?
06:26:20 <dguitarbite> So, I will be writing custom exception class which invokes/throws exceptions at different points. This should allow us to add some strings to give failure indications.
06:26:34 <loquacities> right
06:26:55 <dguitarbite> https://github.com/dguitarbite/rst2bash/blob/master/parser.py#L271
06:27:01 <dguitarbite> Something on a similar line.
06:27:27 <loquacities> right, makes sense
06:27:32 <loquacities> cool! i'm really excited about this :)
06:27:42 <dguitarbite> There is another change that I would like to introduce. To create a variables file at the start of the install guides.
06:27:51 <dguitarbite> Me too :).
06:28:14 <AJaeger> sorry for coming late to the party
06:28:17 <dguitarbite> This variables file should allow us to keep things flexible and use the variables like $keystone_user_password etc.
06:28:24 <dguitarbite> AJaeger: hi
06:30:04 <dguitarbite> loquacities: Something like this but more user friendly: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/training-labs/tree/labs/osbash/config/credentials
06:30:22 <loquacities> oh, that's clever
06:30:58 <dguitarbite> So for the users, they can copy paste this at the start of the install guides or just use their values when they see $nova_admin_password.
06:31:08 <loquacities> yeah, like a kickstart
06:31:15 <dguitarbite> loquacities: Yes.
06:31:21 <loquacities> very cool :)
06:31:39 <dguitarbite> I want to finish it soon :).
06:31:44 <AJaeger> agreed
06:31:47 <AJaeger> please do ;)
06:31:51 <loquacities> +1 :)
06:31:56 <dguitarbite> AJaeger: Haha, yes.
06:32:00 <loquacities> ok, any other business?
06:32:03 <loquacities> #topic other business
06:32:41 <dguitarbite> loquacities: I cannot find the wiki page we use to track the progress of install-guides.
06:32:52 <loquacities> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/NewtonDocTesting
06:33:07 <dguitarbite> loquacities: And also for working on SLE/openSUSE, I would like to start fixing it from next week.
06:33:18 <loquacities> that'd be great :)
06:33:37 <loquacities> i'm hoping to have everything (well, as much as possible) tested by the end of september
06:33:39 <dguitarbite> But I am not yet sure if the packages for any of these distros are already shipping Newton.
06:33:43 <loquacities> that's a week before release day
06:33:56 <loquacities> i haven't got an update on suse packages, yet
06:34:28 <dguitarbite> Update as in reply to your email on docs ML?
06:34:29 <AJaeger> dguitarbite: our SUSE packages are ready, aren't they?
06:34:35 <loquacities> yeah
06:34:54 <dguitarbite> AJaeger Yes, we have it as master branch for sure.
06:35:00 <loquacities> AJaeger: if that's true, can you post something to the ML?
06:35:09 <dguitarbite> Not sure about the other distros though.
06:35:34 <loquacities> i have b2 repos for debian and ubuntu
06:35:35 <AJaeger> dguitarbite: can you send the email with details, please? You're closer to that
06:35:39 <loquacities> nothing for rhel yet
06:35:56 <dguitarbite> AJaeger: Yes, for sure. Shall I send it over the Docs ML itself?
06:36:17 <loquacities> you can reply to my email, subject "Install Guide Testing in 3 ... 2 ..."
06:36:21 <loquacities> that way it's all together
06:36:41 <dguitarbite> loquacities: Done.
06:36:44 <loquacities> yay!
06:36:46 <loquacities> thanks :)
06:36:55 <loquacities> ok, thanks for a great meeting everyone (despite the slow start!)
06:37:22 <strigazi> bye
06:37:28 <dguitarbite> bye
06:37:32 <loquacities> cya o/
06:37:40 <loquacities> #endmeeting