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03:01:01 <loquacities> #topic Action items from the last meeting
03:01:12 <loquacities> annegentle to write spec for docs site redesign/experience design
03:01:33 <Sam-I-Am> hello
03:01:37 <loquacities> hello!
03:01:41 <loquacities> annegentle: you there?
03:01:41 <dnavale> hi everyone
03:01:44 <sld> I'd love to see this... annegentle - can I see progress on this?
03:01:45 * annegentle waves
03:01:46 <loquacities> hi dnavale
03:01:50 <darrenc> hi
03:02:03 <annegentle> I have a draft, fifieldt and I need to meet to move forward on it
03:02:09 <sld> ah
03:02:26 <loquacities> ok, the other one was Anne to ask Sam Harwell to add docs-core to the clouddocs-maven-plugin review team
03:02:27 <annegentle> sld: what's your interest area?
03:02:34 <annegentle> that's done
03:02:41 <loquacities> thought so
03:02:48 <annegentle> whew!
03:02:59 <loquacities> #topic Blueprint reviews
03:03:00 <sld> annegentle: the proposed solutions, timeframe,  etc... all of it. :)
03:03:36 <loquacities> so i assume that means we need to do some?
03:03:48 <sld> BP reviews?
03:03:59 <loquacities> yeah
03:04:04 <sld> that's what I am thinking, based on that...
03:04:09 <sld> annegentle:  ?
03:04:11 <loquacities> (i read that as 'blood pressure reviews')
03:04:15 <sld> lol
03:04:25 <dnavale> ha ha
03:05:32 <loquacities> ok, moving on
03:05:42 <loquacities> #topic Networking Guide status
03:06:02 <loquacities> so i think that's still firmly in progress
03:06:17 <sld> yeah....needs a lot of work, but is in progress
03:06:18 <loquacities> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NetworkingGuide/TOC
03:06:21 <annegentle> absosmurfly
03:06:28 <annegentle> we need to all agree to the spec
03:07:23 <loquacities> #topic Website design and contributor experience status
03:07:39 <loquacities> do you have an update on that annegentle?
03:07:53 <annegentle> I talked to Tom at the Ops Meetup last week and he wants a longer conversation, so need to sync with him.
03:08:05 <loquacities> ok, cool
03:08:15 <loquacities> #topic HOT Template Guide status
03:08:22 <annegentle> the basic idea is to hire a contract designer to give us a page design (which would co-exist with book designs/experiences as well)
03:08:37 <loquacities> yep, i think that was the status last i heard
03:08:45 <sld> ..and then we just split it into includes, and customize it accordingly?
03:08:48 <loquacities> sounds like the HOT guide is still ongoing?
03:09:38 <Sam-I-Am> its hot
03:09:41 <sld> heh
03:09:43 <loquacities> toasty
03:10:13 <loquacities> #topic API docs status
03:10:58 <loquacities> i have no insight into this one
03:11:21 <annegentle> re: hot guide, was just looking into reviews, but don't see any
03:11:44 <annegentle> re: API docs, just wanted to say I emailed all 21 PTLs with the plan to remove WADL references from the long-form documents and have no input
03:11:52 <loquacities> heh
03:12:14 <annegentle> the networking API guide is particularly troublesome since it doesn't have complete WADL coverage and they have two LBaaS APIs
03:12:24 <sld> 21? woah...didn't know there were that many.
03:12:26 <annegentle> so the status is "slow"
03:12:49 <annegentle> sld: yeah but not that many APIs
03:12:50 <loquacities> sounds about right
03:12:55 <loquacities> #topic Doc tools status
03:13:02 <loquacities> maven plugin update?
03:13:58 <annegentle> Oh I was going to mention doc8
03:14:05 <loquacities> oh, right
03:14:06 <annegentle> it's a new separately installed tool
03:14:07 <loquacities> go ahead :)
03:14:40 <loquacities> what does it do?
03:14:45 <annegentle> if you have current openstack-doc-tools installed you need to pip install pep8, if you're working on a fresh system, you'll get it through requirements (right Sam-I-Am?)
03:14:50 <Sam-I-Am> throw a lot of errors :)
03:15:06 <loquacities> ouch ><
03:15:11 <Sam-I-Am> it'll build whenever you build tox stuff
03:15:17 <annegentle> it helps with niceness (whitespace) and line length and matching python pep8 standards
03:15:23 <loquacities> right
03:15:27 <sld> which is awesome.
03:15:29 <Sam-I-Am> if you build it a while ago, rebuild
03:15:32 <Sam-I-Am> built
03:15:38 <annegentle> right
03:15:42 <Sam-I-Am> otherwise it goes bork
03:15:55 <annegentle> rebuild which?
03:15:58 <loquacities> heh
03:16:24 <annegentle> as for the maven plugin, I want a new release with those items I mentioned in the ML post, but don't have a delivery date from the team who can release it
03:17:00 <annegentle> that's all I can think of for tools
03:17:10 <Sam-I-Am> annegentle: rebuild your tox... scripts?
03:17:39 <loquacities> thanks :)
03:17:43 <loquacities> #topic Doc bug day - 9 September
03:17:50 <loquacities> don't forget!
03:18:00 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/BugDay
03:18:04 <dnavale> will be there..
03:18:10 <loquacities> ah, thanks JRobinson__
03:18:13 <JRobinson__> np
03:18:15 <loquacities> i just went to go looking for it ;)
03:18:27 <sld> a week from today.
03:18:33 <loquacities> looks like we need more 'mentors' in that table, too
03:18:39 <annegentle> yes thank you for reminding!
03:19:16 * Sam-I-Am signs up for all 24 hours
03:19:20 <Sam-I-Am> at this rate...
03:19:27 <loquacities> lol
03:19:38 <loquacities> that's dedication, right there ...
03:19:41 <sld> I can do some night hours, but not sure what to think of the table, since the time zone is all over the place there.
03:19:54 <Sam-I-Am> its utc time
03:19:55 <loquacities> it's in UTC
03:19:59 <Sam-I-Am> we're -5
03:20:12 <sld> whats with the eastern / central / etc... on there for then?
03:20:19 <sld> confusing.
03:20:21 <loquacities> sld: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html is your friend
03:20:30 <loquacities> that's the working hours in that tz
03:20:35 <Sam-I-Am> not sure what that is for... maybe region coverage?
03:20:51 <loquacities> which is why you see my name in the 'australia' bits
03:20:56 <sld> ah
03:20:59 <annegentle> Sam-I-Am: who to ask for help during those times
03:21:30 <sld> so right now it is 3am utc?
03:21:45 <loquacities> yep, 3:20
03:22:12 <loquacities> ok, that's all i have on the agenda
03:22:15 <loquacities> #topic Open discussion
03:22:17 <sld> n/m... i see you (loquacities) on a bunch of the hours i could help with... so no need to add me i guess, but i can help *additionally* for a lot of the same hours, if needed.
03:22:34 <loquacities> i don't think there's a limit of one person/hr
03:22:38 <sld> hehe :)
03:22:39 <annegentle> sld: yeah feel free to double up for sure
03:22:40 <loquacities> so just add your name next to mine
03:22:43 <sld> k.
03:22:50 <loquacities> that way we can cover for each other
03:22:54 <Sam-I-Am> annegentle: i was just wondering about the third column. now i know :)
03:23:06 <Sam-I-Am> and somehow i read it as 'timezone hangover'
03:23:10 <loquacities> lol
03:23:17 <loquacities> you need more sleep, Sam-I-Am :P
03:23:18 <sld> WRT Guides - I was talking to a trainer (here at RS) who is interested in putting a lot of work into these - http://docs.openstack.org/training-guides/content/
03:23:18 <annegentle> heh
03:23:30 <annegentle> sld: cool
03:23:31 <loquacities> oh, cool!
03:23:50 <JRobinson__> RE: Opendiscussion - not sure if this was covered earlier in the API discussion, but does the Lbaas still need v1 and v2 wadls in the repo?
03:23:51 <annegentle> sld: the training team is a separate team, somewhat "incubating" in the docs program
03:23:56 <sld> he is out this week, but i'll email him next week to see how soon we can set him up as a contributor :)
03:24:01 <sld> heh
03:24:08 <annegentle> JRobinson__: yep... the v2 LBaaS needs to be marked "experimental" as of last week
03:24:21 <annegentle> sld: cool. they have a training team meeting on Mondays at noon Central
03:24:28 <loquacities> oh, we should probably mention summit too
03:24:29 <sld> k. i'll let him know.
03:24:32 <loquacities> who's going?
03:24:32 <JRobinson__> annegentle, ok
03:24:35 <Sam-I-Am> not me!
03:24:36 <annegentle> yeah summit! me.
03:24:38 <sld> i wish i could!
03:24:41 <asettle> me!
03:24:43 <asettle> :D
03:24:43 <sld> i want to so bad :(
03:24:54 <asettle> sld, i'll pack you in my suitcase?
03:24:55 <loquacities> i'll be there
03:25:00 <sld> i wish
03:25:05 <Sam-I-Am> sld: we can party it up in SA
03:25:06 <darrenc> moi
03:25:11 <loquacities> annegentle and i are giving a talk
03:25:16 <sld> ah
03:25:21 <JRobinson__> I'll be there
03:25:22 <sld> let me help, so i can go too. hehe
03:25:28 <loquacities> and so is asettle
03:25:43 <asettle> JRobinson__, you're coming to summit?!
03:25:49 <loquacities> actually, asettle has two talks
03:26:00 <asettle> Yeah, the talk lord all of a sudden. Ha.
03:26:00 <loquacities> JRobinson__: openstack summit
03:26:00 <Sam-I-Am> i'm waiting for the stateside one
03:26:09 <dnavale> wow.. way to go asettle :)
03:26:14 <JRobinson__> sorry, was confused - will be in us in two weeks not OS summit
03:26:15 <asettle> dnavale, you say that now.
03:26:20 <asettle> :p
03:26:23 <loquacities> heh
03:26:45 <JRobinson__> all the meetings begin with "s" - summit, swarm, sprint
03:26:59 <asettle> We like to S it up
03:26:59 <loquacities> lol
03:27:13 <asettle> That could be taken as 'we like to sit up' *chuckles to self*
03:27:17 <loquacities> heh, ok, on that note, let's SUM it up
03:27:24 <loquacities> (haha, i crack me up)
03:27:30 <asettle> Between the two of us dude :p
03:27:38 <loquacities> \o/
03:27:39 <sld> lol
03:27:41 <loquacities> #endmeeting