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14:00:34 <annegent_> Let's kick it off!
14:00:41 <annegent_> #topic Action items from the last meeting
14:01:10 <annegent_> APAC met last, but I'll review the action items from this timezone
14:01:24 <annegent_> Sam-I-Am to ask about keystone v3 uptake for major ref architectures like RDO, Mirantis (Rackspace is going to v3)
14:01:31 <annegent_> any info there?
14:01:55 * nickchase will be right back
14:01:57 <Sam-I-Am> keystone ptl said use v3, other than that no info
14:02:18 <annegent_> ha of course he did
14:02:24 <annegent_> no prob Nick
14:02:33 <annegent_> Does Nick know?
14:02:38 <Sam-I-Am> supposedly it handles v2 too
14:02:47 <nickchase> bak
14:02:50 <Sam-I-Am> no
14:02:54 <nickchase> does Nick know what?
14:03:03 <Sam-I-Am> everything!
14:03:08 <annegent_> heh, does your Mirantis ref architecture include v3 keystone?
14:03:10 <nickchase> well, there's that. :)
14:03:20 <nickchase> .... good question.  I can find out.
14:03:30 <annegent_> all I can figure is that people using v3 keystone dont use domains
14:03:39 <annegent_> since that seems to be the last part that nova doesn't support
14:03:50 <nickchase> what is the actual question that I need to ask?
14:04:02 <Sam-I-Am> we can always include both for a while
14:04:04 <nickchase> I assume it's not "does Fuel use v3" :)
14:04:15 <annegent_> do you recommend v3 by default
14:04:19 <nickchase> ah
14:04:22 <nickchase> ok, checking.
14:04:41 <annegent_> nickchase: we're trying to see if we can convert all CLI commands to openstack CLI
14:05:04 <annegent_> ok moving onward
14:05:07 <annegent_> #topic Specialty teams reports: Networking, High Availability, Security, Training
14:05:17 <annegent_> Networking want to go ahead nickchase or Sam-I-Am?
14:05:27 <nickchase> sure.
14:06:21 <nickchase> So we sam-i-am et al have pretty much finished most/all of the scenarios and now we're in the process of putting things together and filling in the "here's what you needto know about neutron" portion.
14:06:23 <nickchase> Elke...
14:07:03 <nickchase> has been ill and is back, but despite a superhuman effort by Sam-I-Am to get her up and running I still haven't seen any content.  I hope to remedy that today.
14:07:08 <nickchase> Also...
14:07:12 <annegent_> ok
14:07:21 <nickchase> I have some intro material from megm to add in that I will get to today.
14:07:27 <annegent_> all the scenarios, let's take a minute to give high fives all around!!!
14:07:30 <annegent_> o/
14:07:37 <annegent_> \o
14:07:40 <Sam-I-Am> well mostly all :)
14:07:40 <annegent_> yeah!
14:07:40 <nickchase> Also (and I should have started with this) we decided to do RST
14:07:47 <annegent_> great
14:08:09 <nickchase> Yes, mostly.  Sam-I-Am and Phil are doing some variations on what we already have
14:08:18 <annegent_> that is great
14:08:22 <nickchase> and Sam-I-Am is working on diagrams
14:08:28 <Sam-I-Am> we also submitted a summit talk
14:08:28 <nickchase> Also ...
14:08:32 <nickchase> that. :)
14:08:44 <nickchase> Take it, Sam-I-Am?
14:08:53 <Sam-I-Am> sure
14:09:24 <Sam-I-Am> we want to use a panel to discuss our efforts
14:10:07 <Sam-I-Am> basically a "how to contrib" deal
14:10:34 <Sam-I-Am> people with different experience and skill sets putting the guide together
14:10:49 <annegent_> I like it
14:10:54 <Sam-I-Am> not necessarily docs people
14:11:18 <annegent_> ok next team?
14:11:24 <annegent_> Okay anyone here from the HA Guide team?
14:11:31 <annegent_> (keepin' it movin')
14:11:33 * nickchase sheepishly raises hand
14:11:37 <annegent_> hee
14:11:37 <Sam-I-Am> lol
14:11:39 <annegent_> go for it
14:11:49 <nickchase> OK, so we have decided to ...
14:12:14 <annegent_> I noticed this review is sort of neglected https://review.openstack.org/#/c/143910/
14:12:22 <nickchase> handle the "how does this relate to the install guide" question by summarizing the install guide steps and pointout which need special attention for HA.
14:12:40 <annegent_> yes, love that idea
14:12:58 <nickchase> So I was hoping to have a suggested TOC for tomorrow's meeting but the person who was going to do that was let go by her company (no names :() but I hope to take care of it anyway.
14:13:25 <nickchase> And then we figure we'll point back to the HA guide in the install guide.
14:13:29 <nickchase> End of status report.
14:13:31 <Sam-I-Am> nick maybe i can help a bit
14:13:38 <nickchase> that would be great, thaks
14:13:44 <nickchase> I will be talking to megm today
14:13:49 <nickchase> I'm hoping she can help as well.
14:13:58 <annegent_> doh.
14:14:01 <annegent_> that's always tough
14:14:17 <nickchase> yeah :(
14:14:25 <annegent_> can anyone contact Kenneth at Galera to see what he wants to do with the pre-hols patch?
14:14:28 <nickchase> fortunately she can still contribute.
14:14:45 <annegent_> oh, he's not a galera, sorry
14:14:59 <annegent_> I wonder if someone should just pick it up
14:15:36 <Sam-I-Am> pre-hols?
14:15:52 <annegent_> It came in 12/24
14:16:34 <annegent_> I wish it could get merged before the ops midcycle since HA Guide was quite the topic last time
14:16:55 <nickchase> when is that?
14:17:03 <Sam-I-Am> i think ha will be easier this time aroind
14:17:25 <annegent_> March 9-10
14:17:27 <annegent_> #link http://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-ops-mid-cycle-meetup-tickets-15319934336
14:17:36 <Sam-I-Am> mainly because neutron has come a long way
14:18:14 <annegent_> ok, I know Brian Payne can't make this early morning meeting, anyone else with Security Guide updates?
14:18:28 <annegent_> Training?
14:19:00 <annegent_> I will mention that at yesterday's TC meeting we decided to enable teams to apply to become project teams again.
14:19:14 <annegent_> We (TC) will review them in line.
14:19:39 <annegent_> Look for a post from Thierry if you're interested. I think Security, Training, Translations should investigate.
14:20:41 <annegent_> ok
14:20:51 <annegent_> #topic User Guides new specialty team
14:21:12 <annegent_> Lana sent an email to the mailing list suggesting a new specialty team, for the User Guides.
14:21:44 <annegent_> I know SUSE is making edits upstream to use to ship with their products, so I invite any other downstream teams to join in if you support end users.
14:22:08 <annegent_> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2015-February/005811.html
14:22:18 <annegent_> Any questions on that?
14:22:34 <nickchase> No questions, but ...
14:22:41 <annegent_> sure
14:22:55 <nickchase> I've used that to recruit the Fuel guys use the HA guide in their docs.
14:23:04 <nickchase> (Hence getting their cooperation.)
14:23:15 <annegent_> oh yes
14:23:22 <annegent_> I want to say Redhat does the same reuse
14:23:47 <annegent_> open licensing for the win
14:24:20 <annegent_> ok let's see
14:24:29 <annegent_> #topic Doc tools latest: Sphinx theme progress
14:24:52 <annegent_> yesterday I made a change in the theme that will change how code and ini snippets are line numbered
14:25:04 <annegent_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/154699/
14:25:18 <annegent_> basically, the javascript solution was broken and adding line numbers
14:25:21 <Sam-I-Am> you fixed that weirdness?
14:25:30 <annegent_> so, it means we need to add :linenos: to the examples
14:25:34 <annegent_> snippets
14:25:53 <annegent_> Sam-I-Am: I had a javascript dev on my team look at it, and he advised against a post-load solution
14:26:00 <annegent_> so we'll do it the Sphinx way
14:26:07 <Sam-I-Am> cool
14:26:08 <annegent_> I've added the info to our Conventions
14:26:42 <annegent_> Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who's reviewing the migrations in progress AND signing up for more migrations.
14:26:46 <annegent_> Much appreciated.
14:26:48 <alexadamov> btw, my new colleauge Lena Logvinova suggested fix for nested RST numbering here
14:26:55 <alexadamov> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/152582/
14:27:02 <annegent_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Migrate
14:27:22 <annegent_> thanks alexadamov
14:27:59 <alexadamov> How we can take a piece of work you need help with?
14:28:15 <annegent_> Here are the remaining Spinx theme bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bugs/?field.tag=openstackdocstheme
14:28:26 <alexadamov> Ok, Lena can help you with RST review and even translation to RST
14:28:29 <annegent_> alexadamov: sign up on that Documentation/Migrate wiki page
14:28:35 <annegent_> great thanks!
14:28:42 <annegent_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bugs/?field.tag=openstackdocstheme
14:29:06 <taroth1> since the user guides currently use profiling for audience (enduser/adminuser), any ideas yet and what to do with that in RST?
14:29:34 <annegent_> taroth1: I have been researching it, and I think the solution lies in http://sphinx-doc.org/ext/ifconfig.html
14:29:43 <annegent_> taroth1: but I would love help researching solutions
14:29:51 <taroth1> I will have a look, thanks
14:29:57 <annegent_> #link http://sphinx-doc.org/ext/ifconfig.html
14:30:16 <annegent_> #info Still have output bugs from Sphinx, see link.
14:30:27 <annegent_> #info Need research on conditional output, see http://sphinx-doc.org/ext/ifconfig.html
14:30:44 <annegent_> taroth1: remind me, is it entire chapters that are conditionally included?
14:31:11 <taroth1> not sure, would need to check
14:31:18 <taroth1> so far; I remember sections
14:31:20 <annegent_> ok I won't side track :)
14:31:55 <annegent_> I do think we should make a decision about size of conditionals -- file at a time or at the para/chunk level
14:32:16 <annegent_> Ok any questions on the migration or Sphinx theme?
14:32:18 <annegent_> Oh I have one.
14:32:24 <taroth1> :)
14:32:25 <annegent_> Does anyone know if tox is meant to work with Windows?
14:32:41 <taroth1> no idea
14:32:50 <annegent_> I've been working with Laurel and it works then stops working. Quite flaky.
14:33:10 <berendt> at least a Windows version is available (https://tox.readthedocs.org/en/latest/)
14:33:14 <annegent_> Once I get the latest theme released, I want to get the tox builds working with the new theme.
14:33:22 <berendt> "cross-platform: Windows and Unix style environments"
14:33:30 <annegent_> she said one of her Windows devs gave up on tox
14:33:34 <annegent_> :)
14:33:43 <annegent_> ok that's all of my questions :)
14:34:00 <annegent_> #topic Installation guide: 2/12 deadline for a Debian plan
14:34:33 <annegent_> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2015-February/005824.html
14:34:43 <annegent_> I posted that on a Friday afternoon so I wanted to be sure to bring it up here.
14:35:19 <annegent_> The bugs are still marked "Undecided" "New" so I don't know if anyone has looked yet.
14:35:34 <annegent_> Well, correction, I think 2 have been triaged.
14:35:36 <nickchase> reading...
14:35:52 <annegent_> yeah, long post sorry :)
14:36:24 <alexadamov> haven't looked at bugs, but I will
14:36:46 * annegent_ does some tagging
14:36:48 <annegent_> thanks alexadamov
14:36:50 <alexadamov> there is no any reference in manuals on proper Virtualbox configuration for that.
14:36:56 <nickchase> (done reading)
14:37:00 <alexadamov> Do we need to adress this issue in install guide?
14:37:14 <nickchase> Ultimately, yes.
14:37:15 <annegent_> alexadamov: all I'd like by next Monday is a plan written up
14:37:36 <annegent_> alexadamov: but yes, the technical issues need to be addressed in the plan
14:37:55 <Sam-I-Am> its a combination of packaging and install guide issues
14:38:18 <annegent_> I don't know if zigo has had a chance to review either, but maybe alexadamov you and zigo and nickchase can put your heads together
14:38:30 <alexadamov> :)
14:38:47 <nickchase> you bet
14:38:54 <annegent_> thank you :)
14:39:09 <annegent_> okay
14:39:23 <annegent_> #topic Open discussion
14:40:01 <annegent_> I've sent in our request to the Foundation/Thierry for 4 fishbowl sessions, 2 working group sessions, and a half-day hacking space for the Vancouver summit.
14:40:12 <nickchase> nice.
14:40:12 <Sam-I-Am> cool
14:40:50 <annegent_> Also, the product managers for OpenStack at various companies are collecting roadmaps for Kilo, Liberty, and M release from all the PTLs.
14:40:57 <annegent_> So I'm working on that.
14:41:03 <annegent_> oh yes, Liberty is the l release
14:41:09 <nickchase> (When did we name the Liberty release?)
14:41:14 <annegent_> yesterday
14:41:26 <annegent_> Apparently it was very close between Liberty and Lizard
14:41:27 <nickchase> don't remember a vote or anything, did I just miss it?
14:41:35 <annegent_> you must have missed it, the vote went out last week
14:41:35 <berendt> lizard was my first choice :(
14:41:38 <annegent_> heh
14:41:39 <nickchase> thanks
14:41:45 <Sam-I-Am> it was quick
14:42:14 <annegent_> Also the APAC meeting is moving 2 hours earlier, to 0100 UTC
14:43:13 <annegent_> anything else?
14:43:47 <Sam-I-Am> not from here
14:43:59 <nickchase> nope
14:44:01 <taroth1> nope
14:44:10 <annegent_> okie doke!
14:44:24 <annegent_> Chat with you all in #openstack-doc, thanks for attending!
14:44:27 <annegent_> #endmeeting