13:00:56 <ShillaSaebi> #startmeeting docteam
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13:01:11 <ShillaSaebi> roll call...anyone here?
13:01:16 <katomo> Hi
13:01:26 <ShillaSaebi> hi katomo
13:01:58 <robcresswell> o/
13:02:04 <ShillaSaebi> hi Rob
13:02:39 <ShillaSaebi> ok lets go ahead and get started, looks like its just the 3 of us for now
13:02:42 <robcresswell> Hi there. Took over from the previous Horizon liason at the summit, excited to help out.
13:02:52 <ShillaSaebi> awesome!!! great news Rob!
13:03:11 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Action Items
13:03:25 <ShillaSaebi> lets go over the action items from the last meeting
13:03:50 <ShillaSaebi> Liberty specs in review #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
13:04:45 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Reviews in progress
13:04:50 <ShillaSaebi> Hi Scott!!
13:05:05 <Zucan> Good morning :)
13:05:38 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/191074 (Debian Install Guide)
13:05:50 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191041/ (Driver docs - requires discussion)
13:05:58 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191520/ (Install Guide RST conversion)
13:06:07 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191077/ (Install Guide Liberty update)
13:06:15 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/177934/ (API work)
13:08:37 <ShillaSaebi_> sorry got disconnected
13:08:50 <ShillaSaebi_> yes so if you guys can take a look at those links and review, it would be very helpful
13:08:58 <ShillaSaebi_> any questions?
13:09:21 <ShillaSaebi_> alrighty moving along
13:09:29 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Specialty teams
13:09:30 <katomo> not yet.
13:09:39 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/SpecialityTeams
13:09:48 <ShillaSaebi_> this is the page that lists all the documentation specialty teams
13:10:20 <ShillaSaebi_> there are 8 of them and if you want to contribute to a certain section, you can see their wiki page and get more details
13:10:50 <ShillaSaebi_> #info HA Guide - RST migration is currently underway
13:11:04 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/improve-ha-guide
13:11:29 <ShillaSaebi_> its my understanding that when making a change towards the HA guide, you should make the change with the XML and the RST for now
13:11:40 <ShillaSaebi_> since the conversion is in progress
13:12:08 <ShillaSaebi_> #info Install Guides - the specs are now up for review
13:12:21 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191077/ (Liberty update)
13:12:29 <ShillaSaebi_> and the install guide RST conversion is also underway
13:13:04 <ShillaSaebi_> #info Networking Guide - this is in the test & review phase. The blueprint/specs are to be created for the Liberty work soon.
13:13:32 <ShillaSaebi_> #info Security Guide - RST conversion is in currently in the planning phase
13:14:00 <ShillaSaebi_> #info User Guides - The cloud admin guide RST conversion is now underway and in progress
13:14:17 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Migrate#Cloud_Admin_Guide_Migration
13:14:22 <ShillaSaebi_> Hi Pratap!
13:14:31 <pratap> Good morning Shilla
13:14:46 <pratap> apologies for the delay  in joining
13:14:48 <Zucan> Are there links on RST or how to convert anywhere?
13:14:56 <Zucan> Or is it recommneded to just dive in.
13:15:08 <ShillaSaebi_> I would say dive in but also reach out to the ML
13:15:14 <ShillaSaebi_> the docs ML
13:15:24 <Zucan> ok
13:15:30 <Zucan> Probably can search the archives too.
13:15:36 <ShillaSaebi_> We can schedule some time to go over it because I'm sure that's where we will be heading with the ops guide
13:15:43 <Zucan> Exactly.
13:15:44 <ShillaSaebi_> which leads me to the next specialty team
13:15:44 <Zucan> :)
13:15:49 <ShillaSaebi_> #info Ops/Arch Guides - This is a new speciality team that was just formed last week!!!
13:15:58 <ShillaSaebi_> first meeting will be later this week
13:16:15 <ShillaSaebi_> and we were looking for volunteers, we seem to have a good amount but feel free to join in
13:16:17 <katomo> !!!
13:16:18 <openstack> katomo: Error: "!!" is not a valid command.
13:16:23 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/OpsGuide
13:16:44 <ShillaSaebi_> Hi MeganR!
13:16:47 <katomo> I want to join ops guide.
13:17:10 <ShillaSaebi_> katomo see the link above? feel free to sign up via the wiki page
13:17:22 <MeganR> Good morning
13:17:22 <katomo> got it.
13:17:28 <ShillaSaebi_> The whole guide is in XML, I'm sure we will work on migrating to RST
13:17:40 <ShillaSaebi_> lots of copy/editing to do as well
13:17:42 <katomo> thanks.
13:17:48 <Zucan> Sounds mind-numbingly nice :)
13:17:51 <ShillaSaebi_> also need to update the content to match the newer releases
13:18:05 <ShillaSaebi_> looking forward to it and thank you Katomo
13:18:18 <ShillaSaebi_> #info API docs - If you have time please review the spec #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/177934/
13:18:51 <ShillaSaebi_> #info Config Ref - Another new speciality team and thanks to Guavain for organizing it (I don't think he's here right now)
13:19:04 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/ConfigRef
13:19:45 <Zucan> Interesting...
13:19:53 <ShillaSaebi_> looks like as of now there are only 4 members on the team
13:20:02 <ShillaSaebi_> another good opportunity to sign up and help out
13:20:33 <katomo> hmmm
13:20:34 <ShillaSaebi_> especially operators and sys admins :)
13:21:02 <ShillaSaebi_> so those are all the updates I have for the specialty teams, hopefully will have more next week
13:21:02 <Zucan> Agreed
13:21:08 <ShillaSaebi_> especially once the 2 new teams kick off
13:21:35 <ShillaSaebi_> any questions/concerns or comments?
13:21:59 <ShillaSaebi_> alright
13:22:12 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Doc tools update
13:22:34 <ShillaSaebi_> I have no news or updates for this
13:23:31 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Liaisons
13:24:06 <ShillaSaebi_> just a heads up that we have lovely documentation liaisons: #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#Documentation
13:24:50 <ShillaSaebi_> these are our SMEs so if you need clarification on a subject you are writing about or any assistance what so ever, you can always reach out to them
13:24:56 <Zucan> That's handy
13:25:11 <ShillaSaebi_> yes, they can help with specialty information related to certain projects
13:25:28 <ShillaSaebi_> so if we need clarification on something, it is very helpful
13:25:49 <ShillaSaebi_> we have one of our very own liaisons in this meeting now
13:25:51 <ShillaSaebi_> thanks Rob!
13:26:39 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic APAC Meetups
13:27:03 <robcresswell> :)
13:27:09 <ShillaSaebi_> There are plans for an APAC OpenStack meet up in June, if you need any more information on it ping asettle & adahms
13:27:33 <ShillaSaebi_> I know we're already in the middle of June but I'm not sure what dates
13:27:38 <ShillaSaebi_> I know it hasn't already happened yet
13:27:49 <katomo> :-)
13:28:15 <ShillaSaebi_> Also there are plans for an APAC Docs Swarm on 13-14 August
13:28:26 <ShillaSaebi_> if you need anymore information on it ping Suyog
13:28:55 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Ironic Docs
13:29:36 <katomo> pshige here?
13:29:59 <ShillaSaebi_> Lana has been in touch with the ironic documentation team, and they're looking for some writing assistance on the ironic Installation Guide. In this case, some copy editing, and perhaps an architecture review, are required.
13:30:14 <ShillaSaebi_> I was able to get some work done on the install guide, I have a review out
13:30:22 <ShillaSaebi_> its mainly copy editing work and formatting
13:30:49 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191900/
13:30:55 <ShillaSaebi_> feel free to review it
13:31:33 <ShillaSaebi_> Gauvain and Nick are also going to be working on this. If you want to help and need more details, please ping Lana or send her an e-mail
13:32:09 <ShillaSaebi_> This is something we're doing as an alternative to bringing the guide into our repo. The docs will remain in the ironic repo which means the ironic dev team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the docs.
13:32:51 <katomo> o.k.
13:33:22 <ShillaSaebi_> any questions about that?
13:33:38 <katomo> none
13:34:04 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Spotlight bugs
13:34:22 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1195875 Controller Callbacks
13:34:23 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1195875 in openstack-manuals " Controller Callbacks" [Medium,Invalid]
13:34:41 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1201978 Pluggable Remote User
13:34:42 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1201978 in openstack-manuals " Pluggable Remote User" [Medium,Confirmed]
13:34:50 <ShillaSaebi_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1204566 Stop and delete operations
13:34:51 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1204566 in openstack-manuals " Stop and delete operations should give guest a chance to shutdown" [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Olga Gusarenko (ogusarenko)
13:36:14 <ShillaSaebi_> if those can get some attention, that would be great
13:36:50 <ShillaSaebi_> thats all i got folks
13:36:55 <ShillaSaebi_> #topic Open Discussion
13:37:03 <ShillaSaebi_> anything anyone wants to bring up or talk about/discuss>?
13:37:24 <Zucan> I don't have anything.
13:37:32 <katomo> none
13:37:35 <robcresswell> I had a question
13:37:40 <ShillaSaebi_> sure
13:38:04 <robcresswell> w/ regards to out of repo docs, like Horizon, and Ironic it seems, whats is the review process?
13:38:19 <robcresswell> Should I be asking for docs cores to look over before merging into Horizon etc
13:38:25 <ShillaSaebi_> you can
13:38:35 <ShillaSaebi_> i have made changes to the dev docs in sahara, ironic, horizon, cinder
13:38:58 <ShillaSaebi_> I find that every project has been very appreciative of any doc changes we put in
13:39:24 <ShillaSaebi_> I have had to pull in a core before to discuss formatting, or stuff the project team was unclear about
13:39:31 <ShillaSaebi_> a doc core that is
13:39:54 <ShillaSaebi_> I would say work on it and then you can post the links during the meetings or send to the ML if it's not making any traction
13:39:57 <robcresswell> Awesome. I have some work coming along, so should I just use the mailer to ask for reviews, or is IRC preferred?
13:40:17 <ShillaSaebi_> either is fine, probably ML since not everyone is watching IRC
13:40:29 <robcresswell> Sure thing. Thanks.
13:40:39 <ShillaSaebi_> anytime!
13:41:13 <ShillaSaebi_> any other questions?
13:41:37 <Daviey> Hi, the calendar schedule suggests the doc team meeting starts in 19 mins.. Is it wrong?
13:42:13 <ShillaSaebi_> Hi Daviey, yes the meeting started at 9:00 AM ET (1:00 PM UTC)
13:42:28 <ShillaSaebi_> which calendar did you look at?
13:42:51 <Daviey> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Documentation_Team_Meeting
13:42:55 <Daviey> (and the generated ical)
13:43:38 <ShillaSaebi_> wow you are right about that
13:43:42 <ShillaSaebi_> it says 1400 UTC
13:43:48 <katomo> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting
13:43:52 <ShillaSaebi_> I will talk to Lana and have her modify it
13:44:32 <Daviey> great
13:44:36 <katomo> thanks
13:44:48 <ShillaSaebi_> in the meantime you can get the details for today from:  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/MeetingLogs
13:44:53 <ShillaSaebi_> once I do the logging at the end
13:44:58 <ShillaSaebi_> sorry about that Daviey
13:45:03 <ShillaSaebi_> Ill make sure to send an email to Lana immediately
13:45:14 <Daviey> no problem, thanks
13:45:23 <robcresswell> I changed the wiki
13:45:30 <robcresswell> The other page I'm not sure how
13:45:51 <katomo> :)
13:45:59 <ShillaSaebi_> thanks rob
13:46:25 <ShillaSaebi_> The IRC meetings schedule is driven by the openstack-infra/irc-meetings repository apparently
13:46:39 <robcresswell> Yeah, just putting up a patch
13:46:56 <ShillaSaebi_> yeah ok we can get it modified
13:47:21 <ShillaSaebi_> ok anything else anyone wants to bring up?
13:47:53 <katomo> nothing
13:48:09 <ShillaSaebi_> alright I guess we can go ahead and call it. Thank you everyone for joining!
13:48:22 <pratap> thank you
13:48:27 <ShillaSaebi_> #endmeeting
13:48:51 <katomo> Thanks, see you.
13:49:30 <robcresswell> Thanks everyone
13:50:09 <ShillaSaebi_> #endmeeting
14:00:24 <Sam-I-Am> hello
14:01:34 <Sam-I-Am> ShillaSaebi_: hello?
14:01:57 <ddutta> hi
14:54:50 <anteaya> #endmeeting