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00:30:45 <JRobinson__> Hello everyone, this is the APAC docs meeting,
00:30:49 <JRobinson__> who's here today?
00:32:15 <katomo> hi
00:32:31 <JRobinson__> katomo, hello o/
00:34:09 <katomo> hm, too few people
00:34:44 <JRobinson__> Yes it's quiet, I sent out a message to some of the Rackers.
00:34:55 <JRobinson__> looks like everyone is busy
00:35:58 <JRobinson__> I'll wait about another 3 to 5 minutes and see if anyone is able to meet today
00:37:56 <JRobinson__> I think that's three contributors now ?
00:41:36 <JRobinson__> bmoss, katomo with three docs contributors, I think that's enough to run through these points? I'm unsure if the quorum is 4 people or not
00:41:41 <darrenc> o/
00:41:54 <JRobinson__> darrenc, that's good timing :)
00:41:58 <bmoss> lol
00:42:02 <katomo> okay
00:42:07 <JRobinson__> okay, so...
00:42:14 <JRobinson__> #topic Action items from last meeting
00:42:23 <JRobinson__> And I can't see any on the agenda
00:42:31 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
00:42:38 <JRobinson__> Next topic
00:42:46 <JRobinson__> #topic specs in review
00:43:06 <JRobinson__> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
00:43:14 <JRobinson__> just two in review at the moment
00:43:46 <JRobinson__> #info these are release notes guidelines, and UI guidelines
00:44:18 <JRobinson__> both are currently undergoing discussion in the replies
00:45:02 <JRobinson__> Any comments on the specs?
00:45:54 <katomo> no
00:46:02 <JRobinson__> okay, next topic
00:46:16 <JRobinson__> #topic speciality teams
00:46:41 <JRobinson__> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Speciality_Team_Reports
00:47:13 <JRobinson__> Install guide progress is good - new guides published, and swift install up
00:47:33 <katomo> YaY
00:48:02 <JRobinson__> No updates from - Networking, security, User Guides, API, Hypervisor, or UX/UI teams at this time
00:48:03 <darrenc> nice
00:48:25 <darrenc> well, to the first comment :)
00:48:31 <JRobinson__> Some good progress on the Install guides, definitely :)
00:48:55 <JRobinson__> Ops and Arch guide has a ether pad up for tracking reorg progress
00:49:04 <JRobinson__> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ops-guide-reorg
00:49:40 <JRobinson__> darrenc, how is the ops reorg progress? Any updates to discuss?
00:49:50 <darrenc> in addition, I've added enterprise support docs information in the ops guide
00:49:53 <JRobinson__> (sorry, two questions at once there.)
00:50:17 <darrenc> there should be more content filtered through soon
00:50:59 <JRobinson__> That's good news.
00:50:59 <darrenc> mainly troubleshooting information which should be helpful for operators
00:51:41 <JRobinson__> And team members are joining in other ops meetings, and seeing if more contributors can help
00:52:07 <darrenc> yeah, we've done that, and the response has been lukewarm
00:52:20 <JRobinson__> #info Contact Darren or Shilla on the Ops team if you're interested in helping with the ops guide reorg
00:52:33 <darrenc> however, I have another cloud architect who wants to help with the arch guide
00:53:12 <JRobinson__> darrenc, I can also help out - one of the newton goals is User Guide and Ops content checking, and I need to make some progress on that one.
00:53:42 <darrenc> oh yeah, we should chat about that
00:54:07 <darrenc> thanks JRobinson__
00:54:19 <JRobinson__> It's been a while since I focused on comparing the two guides for content, so I'll need to have another read through.
00:54:37 <darrenc> np
00:54:51 <darrenc> likewise with the user guides
00:55:06 <JRobinson__> Config/CLI Reference - Feedback from Dolph Matthews, plus bugs closed and CLI reference updates
00:55:26 <JRobinson__> katomo, that sounds like more good progress there :) Any further items ?
00:55:49 <katomo> that's all. but it's good progress.
00:56:11 <JRobinson__> yes definitely,
00:56:26 <darrenc> John Garbutt mention the nova content needs updating
00:56:28 <katomo> darrenc, thanks to report the feedbacks
00:56:33 <darrenc> s/mention/mentioned
00:56:41 <darrenc> np :)
00:56:59 <JRobinson__> Training Guides - Unused pages from the training guides were removed, and the getting started sections have had some improvements.
00:57:47 <JRobinson__> Training Labs - the training-labs library scripts have had minor improvements, PXE features are finalised
00:58:16 <JRobinson__> Also, the POC parser to search the install-guides for BASH is close to being finished
00:58:31 <JRobinson__> I think this is related to a mailing list discussion recently^
00:58:55 <JRobinson__> Yes the "better way to display shell commands" thread
00:59:41 <JRobinson__> that's an effort to improve the code-block:: appearance
01:00:03 <katomo> yeah, looks good
01:00:22 <JRobinson__> Yes, good to have it. Okay, so I think that's all for speciality teams.
01:00:48 <JRobinson__> #topic countdown to release
01:00:57 <JRobinson__> #info 84 days til release
01:01:34 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/NewtonDeliverables
01:01:42 <JRobinson__> The Newton deliverables are proceeding.
01:02:12 <JRobinson__> I don't think there's anything else to add there except we are continuing to work on the goals.
01:02:44 <JRobinson__> #topic Open Discussion
01:03:33 <JRobinson__> One Item I have is the User Guide consistency plan
01:03:37 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/ReorganizeUserGuides#IA_Plan
01:03:57 <JRobinson__> That needs to be refined and then I'll start working on the items.
01:04:41 <JRobinson__> One item I need to add: Changing the legacy commands to OpenStack client commands in the User-guide
01:05:06 <JRobinson__> This appeared on the mailing list yesterday - Subject: user guide and openstack client
01:05:06 <katomo> ah, indeed.
01:06:50 <JRobinson__> So, just to check, these are the most recent openstack client commands?
01:06:53 <JRobinson__> - http://docs.openstack.org/cli-reference/
01:07:10 <katomo> yes
01:07:57 <darrenc> also, you need to have cloud environment running to check the command output
01:09:06 <JRobinson__> darrenc, katomo okay, thanks,
01:09:33 <katomo> np
01:09:45 <katomo> o/
01:09:55 <JRobinson__> that was all
01:10:19 <katomo> Docs team has a new core member JRobinson__. Congrats!
01:10:32 <JRobinson__> Thanks katomo :)
01:10:35 <darrenc> woohoo, congrats JRobinson__!
01:10:39 <bmoss> :) nice work JRobinson__ !
01:10:46 * darrenc fires the confetti cannon
01:10:58 <JRobinson__> I was saying to bmoss and darrenc that it was strange to mention that myself, so thanks for bring it up :)
01:11:05 <JRobinson__> ^bringing
01:11:18 <JRobinson__> and darrenc also thanks for the virtual confetti
01:11:19 <katomo> :)
01:12:28 <JRobinson__> I'll close the meeting then, thanks everyone!
01:12:42 <JRobinson__> #endmeeting