19:05:30 <ShillaSaebi> #startmeeting docteam
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19:05:40 <ShillaSaebi> hello anyone here for the docs team meeting?
19:06:06 <strigazi> o/
19:06:14 <ShillaSaebi> hello strigazi
19:06:44 <rcaballeromx> Hello
19:07:01 <ShillaSaebi> hi rcaballeromx
19:07:20 <rcaballeromx> Hi ShillaSaebi!
19:07:35 <ShillaSaebi> alright lets give it another minute and then we can get started
19:07:52 <ShillaSaebi> agendas looking pretty light today
19:08:11 <lbragstad> o/
19:08:22 <ShillaSaebi> hi lbragstad
19:08:39 <ShillaSaebi> ok looks like its the 4 of us
19:08:47 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Action items from the last meeting
19:08:53 <ShillaSaebi> there are none
19:09:24 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Specs in review
19:09:27 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
19:09:34 <ShillaSaebi> feel free to take a peek at these
19:09:38 <ShillaSaebi> review if possible
19:09:44 <Sam-I-Am> hello
19:09:50 <ShillaSaebi> hi Sam-I-Am
19:10:01 <ShillaSaebi> we were just discussing the action items from last week, which were none
19:10:04 <ShillaSaebi> and now specs in review
19:10:08 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
19:10:24 <Sam-I-Am> just a bit late today
19:10:41 <ShillaSaebi> no worries
19:11:10 <ShillaSaebi> we have a couple of specs out
19:11:43 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Speciality teams
19:11:56 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Speciality_Team_Reports
19:12:11 <ShillaSaebi> #info install guide testing should be in progress
19:12:20 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/NewtonDocTesting
19:12:33 <ShillaSaebi> any updates from other speciality teams?
19:12:39 <Sam-I-Am> networking guide...
19:12:42 <rcaballeromx> I am part of the install guide testing.
19:13:01 <rcaballeromx> If any of you have tips or any feedback I am open to suggestions.
19:13:08 <Sam-I-Am> working on restructuring the deployment scenarios, but a lot of new content is pouring in ahead of newton feature-freeze... thus i've been busy with it.
19:15:22 <Sam-I-Am> dont see many other specialty teams
19:16:08 <rcaballeromx> The personas content was updated with gender neutral names.
19:16:16 <rcaballeromx> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/362337/
19:16:30 <ShillaSaebi_> sorry got d/c
19:16:37 <ShillaSaebi_> anyone have anythign else to add on specialty teams?
19:17:11 <Sam-I-Am> not i
19:18:30 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Countdown to release:
19:18:55 <ShillaSaebi> #info 35 days until release
19:19:03 <Sam-I-Am> sure comes up quickly
19:19:05 <ShillaSaebi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/NewtonDeliverables
19:19:07 <ShillaSaebi> sure does
19:19:55 <ShillaSaebi> anything else on that?
19:20:03 <Sam-I-Am> newp
19:20:11 <rcaballeromx> Not from me.
19:20:13 <ShillaSaebi> #topic Open Discussion
19:20:22 <ShillaSaebi> I am very curious to know what happened at the ops guide session at the mid cycle
19:20:25 <Sam-I-Am> i went to the mid-cycle ops meetup last week
19:20:30 <ShillaSaebi> Sam-I-Am you were there for that right
19:20:34 <ShillaSaebi> how did that go?
19:20:40 <Sam-I-Am> there wasn't a specific session about the ops guide, but documentation in general
19:21:01 <rcaballeromx> Anything interesting?
19:21:02 <Sam-I-Am> the tl;dr is that documentation is hard to find and isn't necessarily up to date
19:21:22 <Sam-I-Am> there's an etherpad from the discussion...
19:21:34 <Sam-I-Am> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/NYC-ops-Documentation
19:21:38 <ShillaSaebi> thank you
19:21:45 <ShillaSaebi> ill catch up on that in a bit
19:21:55 <Sam-I-Am> there's also some versioning issues... clients vs. services vs. things like APIs
19:22:24 <ShillaSaebi> ok
19:22:32 <rcaballeromx> Ok
19:22:39 <rcaballeromx> I am happy to say that I will be going to Barcelona.
19:22:44 <ShillaSaebi> me 2
19:22:53 <Sam-I-Am> there were also some devs present, so i floated the idea of more docs going into repos... or at least giving them the option. whatever works best, as long as the presentation is the same.
19:22:57 <Sam-I-Am> i'll probably be there too
19:23:04 <rcaballeromx> We can look further into these topics.
19:23:07 <ShillaSaebi> was there a lot of interest in the docs session? just curious
19:23:40 <rcaballeromx> I think the idea of project repos is great, as long as the content of the project repos use the same guidelines to ensure consistency and reusability.
19:23:51 <ShillaSaebi> +1
19:23:56 <strigazi> +1
19:24:00 <ShillaSaebi> consistency is key
19:24:13 <Sam-I-Am> there werent too many people at the session. however, it conflicted with the osops session
19:24:20 <Sam-I-Am> which, arguably, is a form of docs that operators want
19:24:26 <rcaballeromx> Yes, developers provide content and the docs team ensure consistency...
19:24:35 <Sam-I-Am> so the conclusion there was that our ops guide should reference the osops stuff
19:24:50 <ShillaSaebi> ok
19:26:05 <rcaballeromx> Ok. I am looking forward to meeting you guys.
19:26:27 <ShillaSaebi> yeah ditto
19:26:42 <ShillaSaebi> once we get closer to the summit, we should have room # and info
19:26:49 <ShillaSaebi> we can meet at the working sessions
19:26:57 <ShillaSaebi> I look fwd to it as well
19:26:57 <rcaballeromx> Absolutely.
19:27:04 <ShillaSaebi> does anyone have anything else to bring up?
19:27:12 <Sam-I-Am> not me
19:27:18 <rcaballeromx> Nope
19:27:20 <strigazi> me neither
19:28:04 <ShillaSaebi> ok well thank you all for joining
19:28:07 <ShillaSaebi> meeting adjourned
19:28:09 <ShillaSaebi> #endmeeting